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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year..
8 iy
For State Senator.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Co. Fin.
I hureny rospucuuily unnuuuen myself an
acnnclidute tor tlie Suite Hi'nulu trom Put
nam county, subjuct to the action of the
Dcinocnitlo urlmury noon lo be called In
llils county, lr you think I have been faith.
iui in me lew tilings intrusted to me as a
member of the House ol Kepivsentattve, I
simu we jjwiiscu to uuve your support.
Palatka, Fla., Feb. 10th, lull).
To the Democratic voters of Putnnm On;
I hereby auiiounce mvsoll n ciindldnio for
the olllce of Htnte Ki'iuitor from this 2(ith
Hentitoiinl District, subject to the action of
the democratic primary election. Permit
me to say I am a Democrat anil seek the of
llce uninfluenced by any faction, trust or
corporation, and should I become your
juimiu nervuiit, i can nerve you wnuout lear
orjuvor, Kespectiuilv,
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnnm Oo
I will ben candidate In the tippronching
primary for the oiliee of KeprestiiiUttive in
the Leglslnture, tor which oil ice I rspect
tully solicit your Hupport. In the event ol
I will strive earnestly to sifrveyour iiiiurewtw
ana tuoseoi ine state of Moriciu intelligent
ly, riilthiuliy and in harmony with Demo
cratic meuia. W. A. KUHBHJL.li.
To the Voters of Putnnm county;
I hereby announce my cundiducv for Rep
resentative of Putnam county, subject to
the coming Democratic primary, and re
Hpectiully solicit the support of my friends
turuugiiuui. me county.
To the Voters of Putnnm Countv:
I will be a candidate .la the approaching
ptiraury for the olllce oi Repretjentatlve tu
the legislature. My plntlorni is the Etonian
Drainage and that implies agriculture and
luime improvement. Ke-fpectiully,
G. h. ttlPPKliILL,
Flornhome, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnnm Cm
Yielding to the urgent retjucsis of a nuin
uer 01 irienus ixirouuuout the countv l am
a candidate lor reoresentatlve in the LeuU
mmiw.auujwt tu luu iiiiucrniio pimiar.
Believing that my lnmlllarity with legisla
tive a (fairs, my acquaintance with public
men auu Knowienge ui tne reuiurvmei.ts oi
my constituency will be of material lieiieflt
ana wiiuan enrnest desire to serve you,
respectfully solicit vour sunnort. Ifnoml
imieu anu eie reu my very best e torts wi 11
l given to the Interests of Putnam countv.
and I shall be cv. mindml to guard, to the
vtry Deat oi my aoi ity. ine weiiare oi tat-
people. very itespecituiiy,
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commissioner
DlstricL No. 1:
I Will be a candidate in the ftnnrmichlnu
Democratic primary tor the olllce of County
.oiuiiiiMiioner noni uistricc ino. i, i nave
tried to serve the neoule Inltlifullv In the
past and their endorsement of my candida
o will he greatly appreciated.
Slsco, FebV 10, HUO.
I hereby announce myself a candldnte for
reetectlon to the ollice of t 'ouutv (.'ominls-
sloner from District No. 2. subject to the
i emocrauc primary, iroieettd l snail con-
inue tne (iiscaarue or tne duties oi the po
sition to the very bestoi my ability. Thank
ing my menus lor past support, and asking
ior inelr continued endorsement of my oi
llcial course, I am. Very respectfully,
To the Democratic voters of Oommlsloner's
District .Mo. 4:
I hereby announce myself a enndtdate foi
reelection to the olllce ot Uounty Commls
sioiicr from District 4. subject to the Dem
ocratic military. If elected I hlwill continue
i lie oincihiiv oi nit? unties oi ine position to
uib very iwmioi my amiiiy. ltiaiiKing my
rienus ior oust support, i win ue ptetised to
have your support In the coming primary.
very respHi-tuuiv,
To the Itemocrntlc Voters of District No. 1.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate ioi
!ouniy Oon.mtss.oner, subject to tlie aclloi.
if the Democriitic pnmury. and solicit youi
suppurt, 1 1 elected, will servo ou to the
iesi oi niy auiiuy.
Very respectfully yours,
I-'rultland, Fla., Mnr. 3, l.-lo
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioner
District INo. 4:
Numerous friends In the district have
askt-d ttmtliigiifn become a ctiuditlate ior
ountv k omnussioiter trom t lis district.
and I have consented todoo. subject to the
tpproval ot my iellow democrats in the
coining primary. I will greatly appreclati-
ttie support oi an democrats in the district,
promising that In the event oi my election
to serve ail parts ol the district and county
faithfully, and In line with progress.
Bos t wick, Fla , Mar. a. iWO.
To the Voters of Commissioners Dlst. No. 1:
i will be a candidate in the com inn uri-
mary for t'ounty Oommlssiouer irom dls-
ici i, anu res pectiuuy ask tne sunuort
of democratic voters. In the event ot inv
election I will endeavor to see that this end
ol the county gets what Is coming to it In
ine way oi roan worn ana otner punuc im
provements, or oe uuie to give ou a reason
"or lallure. K. O.-MIDDLKTON,
Crescent OUy, March 10, 101U,
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District rir, 6:
I will 1kj a candidate for bounty l.'onimis
sloner from District No. 5. In the approach
ing primary, anu respectiuwy asK tint sup
port oi Democratic voters.
Melrose, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 5:
I hereby announce that I will be a candidate
for (Joiiniy Commissioner from District No. b
in the Com in IT democratic primary, and will
appreciate tiie support of all democrats of the
district, in event ot mv election i will serve
you faithfully and eiiieiemly.
JJ. V 1UL.1AA1S. I
McMeekln, Fla., March 24th, 101U. ;
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners '
Disti ict No. 4:
1 will be h oandtdate forCounty Commission
er from this Fourtb) L'ommissUmer's Dis j
triot in tne appmucning democratic primary, i
na i resiieciiuny smigh vour sun port, it Br-
lected to represent this district, 1 will faithful- ,
v strive to servo u sections, j.j.ukken.
B ird'.n, Fla., Mar. Slat, 1910.
To the Democratic Electors ot Commissioners
District No. 2:
I hereby announce myself as a candlaate for i
ounty Commissioner from the 2nd DI trlct,
subject to the rules of the primary election
called for May 10, lido. I respectfully solicit
vour suffrage, feeling 1 can serve yon efficient
ly. J. L. HURT.
To the Democratic Voters of Commission
ers District No. 5:
I will be a candidate forCouuty Comniis- ;
sioner imm District No. Sin the approach-
ng pr.mury,and will ureatly appreciate the
uouort o. the deiitocruts of this district. In
.he event of my election I will do my utmost
to ierve the Interests of this district and the
county eflleicnily and intelligently.
M. a. liAivrn.
Keuka, Fla, April Bth, I10.
For Tax Assessor.
I shall again he a candidate for the office
f Tux Assessor, and ak your support in
ming primary, l appreciate itiiiv pnst
lavors, and ieel that I have always been
onscientlous and luir with nil in my mist
w irk, nnd I promise the smiie in the luture.
ir. dv tair juuumeni you mum meueserviun.
then help me In agalu thut I may serve at
least one term In our nrw court house, 1
Very resneet.ully,
For Snnrvtftnr of Retristratlon.
This Is to announce that lam aetindldate
Miiporvis'or oi rv'iu n uuii iji ruiimm
ounty, anu soiumi me vmt's oi mi
temocrnts In tlw coming primary. The of
ten is an lniHrtnut one. tinil I hope to
lumrH niiu to uit einire snuNriiciiMn ut
puiinc. i iiti ntviiiK imic mii ' nil iui sup
l in the past, I rem mi. Yours to i-erve.
hc mh i i i u m m n .
For County Trfannrrr.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Co.
I am now serving my first term as your
rturil v Troiuiiimp nn ittftif wtiii-h T holfl Uv
your suffrnge and ior the honor of which I
nave always leit pariicumriy grnieiui io
vou It Is a trust I shall he H'de to return to
von nnlmiHiired nl the nnd of mv tvrm. and
one that, wit h your approval. I should again
like to ftwvtime. 1 therefore toke mis oppor-
tnniivln uiiv ihni T will nt'nln t h enntll
date in tlin coming prltuiuy and respect-
full ftss your support.
For Tax Collector.
To the Pomocratlo Voters of Putnam Co.:'
I hereby annonnoe myself as a candidate
for the olllce of Tux Collector of Putnuni Oo.
If my service, since atlptilnted, baa been sat
isfactory, I will appreciate your support In
the approaching primary.
v For School Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of District No. 1 :
I once more announce myself as a enndt
date for Hchool Commissioner of Putnam
County, District No. 1. I thank you for pnst
iuvors, anu again oner my services in un
varying the educational interests of my
jjisirict. county and Htute. I tiave hereto
fore done the best I have known, and shall
continue to do so should you see fit to give
me the position in the coining primary
mucLiou, xours truiy,
To the Democratic Voters of School District
wo. a:
I hereby announce my candidacy for
Hchool Commissioner for District No.
subject to the approval of the voters In t he
coming prlinnry. I stand for better school
facilities for the children of the rural dls
tricts; for giving them an equal chance
with the children of the towns. I want
every white boy and girl in Putnam county
to have the opportunity for an education,
Harlem, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Bchool District
wo. a:
I will again be a candidate for Bchool
Commissioner from District No. 8, and re
specttutly solicit the support of voters in
ia upproacning uemocrauc primary.
To the Democratic Voters of School Commis
sioners D strict No. 2:
I announce my candidacy for member of the
v on mv ecaooi wara irom saia aisinci, buo-
jeci w tue acuon oi ine approacning primary ,
Respect fully,
List of Inspectors,
The following is the list of precinct
inspectors and clerks appointed to con
duct the democratic primary in Putnam
counly, May JUih, 1V1U:
No. 1. I. L. Burton. T. F. Allen. 1
iE. Lorick, jas. Coward, clerk.
No. 2. E. M. Anger, J. 0. Melzer,
Johnson 1 ucker, K. Causey, clerk.
No. 3. Gabe Jones, G. C. Parmenter,
Joe Joiner, J. McBard, clerk.
No. 4. R. B. McLeod, S. J. Saunders,
vv. a. lUrklaiid, John Uallow. clerk.
No. 5. H. A. Perry, C. C. Sullivan,
U. a. Kaybon, U. b. Uusenberry, clerk.
No. 6. J. M. Tucker. OUie Alver.
Jno, Tyler, J. W. Tucker, clerk.
No. 7. r. V. Owen, II. W. Chalfinch,
A. H. Payne, C. A. Curtis, clerk.
No. 8. B. R. Turner, Mathew Solana,
VV. F. Rogero, J. A. Crosby, clerk.
No. 9. Julius Hannah, Frank Brown
ing, W. A. Walker, J. J. Gould, clerk.
No. 10. G. W. Atkinson, S. I. Mer-
win, B. B. Dancv, Jno. Atkinson, clerk.
No. 11. C. H. Williams. L. DuDree.
O. W. Williams, J. T. Danforth, clerk.
JNo. 1Z. N. U. Davis, Peter Gardner,
Morris Lamon, W. Edw. Wattles, clerk.
INo. U. A. G. Phillips, M. M. Vick-
ers, H. h. Merryday, L. Kalbfield, clerk.
No. 14. Tom Rav. H. R. Estes. E. E.
Dodge, J. A. Bear, clerk.
No. 15. I. A. Graineer. los. Price, ir.
Clarence Konnerly, A. R. Canova, clerk.
INo. lb. W. H. Walker, VV. H.
Woods. T. B. Hoffman. J. H. Wylie.
No. 17. Chas. M. Livingston, Adna
Johnson, Wriiliam Abraham. Charles
Johnson, clerk. i
Wo. 18. M. A. Fowler, A. Price, W. I
M. Hammontree, W. M. Price, clerk. -
JNo. V). Harley Scott, G. L. 1 ucker,
Lawrence Brantley, Allen Brantley,
No. 20. WT. A. Williams, W. T. Bryan,
J. R. Wilkinson, L. B. Varnes, clerk.
Wo. 21. John W. Glisfion. N. C
Crews, sr.-, Dave Register, D. P. Han
cock, clerk.
No. II. Geo. W ethersbee, Silas
Motes, P. R. Cannon, E. T. Gale, clerk. !
No. 23. Tom Holden, Jno. Melsom,
O. W. Pearce. A. M. Haughton. clerk.
No. 24. Jno. Beal. Robt. Cairnes,
Mlas !5milh, J. JJ. Jeffords, clerk.
No. 25. C. Buddintrton. J. A. Goza.
H. R. Gordon, C. H. Wigg, clerk.
No. 26. Jno. L. Chesser, J. W.
Blunt, J. D. Osteen. J. D. Livingston,
No. 27, G. L. Knight. Tack Strick
land, W. HHolloway, j. D. Cotting
ham, clerk.
No. 28. J. P. Buie. A. D. Groover,
L. L. Shcrhouse G. F. Schmidt, clerk.
F. J. FEARNSIDE. Chra. Dem.
Ex. Com. J. N. BLACKWELL, Scc'y.
Notice of Application for Tax Peed.
Notice is nereny uiven inai w. j.
Weathersbee, purchaser of Tax (Vrtllh-ate
No. dated the 5th day of Au., A. I). 18-6,
has Hied tmid certificate In my olllee, and
hits made application for tax deed to issue
n accordance wun law. warn cenincaie
mhraees the rol lowing lescrlled pre net tv
situated in Putnam county, Florida, to-wit:
ljot z, seotiou 12, lowuKiup v s, range ss
rti acres.
The sii id land being ossessed at the date of
he issuance of aueh certlllcate in the name
of Unknown. Unless said certKU'itte
shall he redeemed according to law, tax deed
will issue thereon on the 2frd day of May
Wltnessmy official slirnoture and seal this
22d day of April. A. I). 1910.
ineaij HbnKY hihi'hinmuh,
Olerk Circuit ('-mrt Putnam (Jo., Fla.
By Henry Hutchinson. Jr. D.O.
C. F. Canova,
Architectural & Civil Engineers.
Qualify for ft Position.
' If you wish to qualify for a position at
hp least cost, address for particulars,
Wilbur R. Smith, Lexington, Ky.
) Own Your Home. )
C We can sell you a HOME
I for what you are paying J
J rent. Call in and let us S
v tell you how. C
! l.ieililef6fi
? Real Estate and S
Insurance, S
Opp. Court House,
'Phone 128,
i Palatka, Florida.
For South Third and River
Street Paving.
The board of bond trustees fot the
city of Palatka held a meeting on Tues
day afternoon with all the members
present Messrs. Crill, Gay, Wilson,
Canova and Cyrus.
The matter of street paving material
was the subject up for discussion, and
before the board adjourned the follow
ing resolution offered by Dr. V. H.
Cyrus and seconded by Geo. E. Gay
was put and carried:
"Resolved, that the board of bond
trustees recommend lo the city council
that South Third street from the cross
ing of Lemon street, and River street to
the large gate beyond the office of the
Wilson Cypress Co. at Osceola street,
be paved with vitrified brick."
The motion was supported by all
members of the board except Mr. A. E.
Wilson, who voted "nay."
The board went over the streets Wed
nesday and is now preparing estimates
to be submitted with the above recom
mendation at the next meeting of the
city council.
At the meeting on Tuesday afternoon
the board also discussed the paving of
other streets with other material, but
took no definite action.
Nearly Everybody
A Busy Man
has no time to spend in a tailor
shop having his clothes"fitled"
and "altered" the undent
methods employed by V.-.o
small local tailor.
All this can be avstf? d fcy
having your clothes raad e to
order by
All you need to do is to step
into our store and ielect a pat
tern from their beautiful new
Spring line of line wookr.s, kt
us take your measure, ard i:i
a very short tin-:e you will re
ceive a suit perfect in eve-y
Absolute satisfaction guar
anteed or no pay.
Let us derno: .s.vratc!
We are getting in daily, a large
line of
the Latest fad out in foot toggery.
Come in and aee for yourself.
Sotlcoof Application for Tax IVoct.
Notice Is herehy Riven thut T. S. Jnrvls,
puroliastT of Tux OertilW'iitH No, Pft, dated
the Hrd day of July. A. I) IWrt, lias Mttul suld
certlllcHte In mv ollU-e. and hits mad nnpll
vi t ton for tux deed to Issue In nceordnnre
with law, Hiitd eertinVrtte embrace the fol
IowIiik described property situated tn Put
nam countv, Florida, to-wit:
N of Rif of Sei of Ne4, section 14, town
ship It s, range 27 o. !0 acres.
The said land belnc assessed at the date of
the Issuance of siw.h certificate In the name
of ,Jas. Padgett. Unless said certifi
cate shall b redeemed according to law,
tax deed will Isntie thereon on the 8th dav
of May, A. P. lult.
Witness mv otttclnl Ojrnntnrennd seal this
the Hib dav of Anrll. A. t 1 to.
Olerk Circuit Ooiirt Putnam Co. Fla.
Bv Henry Hutchinson. Jr., D. O.
W .-irk M
vt' J- -h. .
Judge M
, I. Coxe, Matter
Tuesday, April 26th, wa9 Memorial
Day, and all over the south the people
came together to honor the memory ol
those who wore the Gray. In Palatka
appropriate and beautiful services were
hold in the Howell theater, under the
auspices of Patton Anderson Chapter.
U. D. C, and afterwards the eraves ol
nil the soldiers, both Confederate and
federal, who lie in our two cemeteries
were decorated with flowers and ever
the services at the theater were at
tended by a representative gathering ol
the townspeople, and the sweet old
songs sung by a well-trained chorus, the
addresses, and the solo by Miss Moragne
were all greatly enioyed.
Judge Coxe called the meeting to or
der and said in part:
"Ladies and Gentlemen: On the 26th
of every April since the "surrender" it
has been the custom of the friends of
the lost cause all over the south to
gather at their various cemeteries, un
der the auspicies of the Daughters of the
Confederacy and the United Confeder
ate Veterans, to commemorate the an
niversary of the close of our great civil
war, and to scatter flowers over the
graves of our dead heroes lying asleep
out yonder in the neighboring ceme
Away back in 1861-1865 these heroes
were in the prune of young manhood
full of life and vigor, with all the hopes
and aspirations that animated those of
us who lived at that time and that in
spire the living to-day. But one by one
they yielded up their lives to diseases
incident to the long service and to the
cruel bullets of a relentless enemy, li
is therefore but right and proper that we
should give one day in each year to
their memory, to decorate their last rest
ing places with garlands of flowers, eu
logize their unselfish sacrifices, their
patriotism and their many deeds ot
After these few remarks. Rev. Wil
liam Wiley lead the invocation, and the
chorus sang, "Tenting To-night on the
Old Camp-Ground." Then Rev. Mr.
Foster delivered the principal address of
the occasion, and his stirring and elo
quent-words will be long remembered
by those present.
This was followed by a vocal solo.
"He Givcth His Beloved Sleep," by Miss
Louise Moragne, and few sweeter or
more affecting songs have ever been
heard in Palatka.
Another song by the chorus of ladies'
voices, "Crossing the Bar," made a fit
ting end to the program, and the crowd
adiourned to the cemeteries to show
their respect and loving rememberance
of the dead heroes by garlanding their
lowly graves once more.
The King Gambler Taught the Small
Fry a Lesson.
Some years ago, when St. Louis was
wide open, Put Sheedy, king of gam
blers, was sitting lu the corridor of
the Planters' hotel- with a friend. Two
strangers took seats nlongside of Shee
dy and very shortly turned the conver-
! satlon to poker bands. They had never
seen Slieedy before nnd did not know
him, but be looked the part of a pros
perous "sport" and at the same time
appeared like "easy money."
"It's too bad," one of the straugen
said, "that we haven't another mitti
here. We might get up a little game of
draw poker."
"Wouldn't mind sitting In myself,"
aid Sheedy. with a nudge to tils
friend. "I haven't played poker for
some time."
"Suppose we play a little showdown
$1 or $5 limit?" one of the strangers
"I'm agreeable," Sheedy replied, "and
I guess my friend Is. Muke It a five
dollar limit for au hour or two."
Introductions under fictitious names
on h th sides followed, and the four
men went to Sheedy's suit. On the cut
for the first deal the Rpeaklng stranger
received the honor. The way he hau
died the cards showed that be was
used to that careless obundon method
that can only come from years of
practice by a professional gambler.
The suspicions of Sheedy and his
frleud were verltled by the first baud
shown. Isbeedy received three kings,
his friend a small full house, the deal
er's friend u pair of tens and the deal
er an ace full. The betting was very
light on the part of Sheedy and his
The next deal was Sheedy's. He
took a long while arranging the cards.
When they were dealt every one In
the party bad fours, Sheedy's baud, of
course, being the highest. The betting
was fast, aud when the bands were
shown the speaking gambler suddenly
remembered a long distance telephone
call for bli .self aud friend was await
ing them. They departed hurriedly,
and Put Sheedy, turning to his friend,
"Sly boy. It's been twenty yearn
since I had to do that for a living."
St. Louis Post-Dlspntcb.
Good Advice,
"Life." said the pessimist. "Is a
dreadful bore. 1 don't know what
happiness is."
"Life is all right." rejoined the op
timistlo man. "if you ouly look upon
the bright side of it."
"Rut my life has no bright side."
protested the other.-
"Then." said the optimist, "get busy
and polish up one of the dark aides."
Chicago News.
vore than nine ont of every ten cases
of rheumatism are simply rheumatism
of the ninseles, due to rolil or damp, or
chronic rheumatism Insnyh cases no
internal treatment is required. The
free application of Chamberlain's Lini
ment is all that is needed, and it is cer
tain to give quick relief Give it a
trial and see for yonrself how quickly
it relieves the pain and soreness The
medicines usually given internally for
rheumatism are 'poisonous or very
strong medicines. They are wore
than useless in cases of chronic and
mnscu'ar rheumatism. For aale by
Aekerman-Slawart Drag Oa.
Being Planned for Florida Anti-
Saloon League.
The Florida Anti-Saloon. Leaugue
will open the campaign for the state
wide prohibition amendment with a
slate convention to be held in the city
of Jacksonville on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, May 17th, 18lh and l'hh.
The first session w ill be held on Tues
day night and the closing session Thurs
day night. In a circular issued last
week, Rev. C. L. Collins, superintend
ent of the Florida Anti-Saloon League,
Ihe convention will be held at
Jacksonville, nil sessions to be in the
First Christian church, Rev. J. T.
Boone, pastor. The church is in the
very center of the city and has been
most kindly placed at our disposal.
the program will be of the highest
excellence. Several speakers from
abroad will be in attendance including
the inimitable Rev. George W. Young,
D. D., ol Louisville, who is Assistant
National Superintendent of the Ameri
can Anti-Saloon League; and Hon. Win.
H. Anderson, of Baltimore superintend
ent of the Maryland State League and
Chairman of the Permanent 1 emperance
Committee of the Methodist Episcopal ,
church. i
'Many of the best speakers H the
slate will give addresses including
Senator James E. Broome, of Quincy;
Senator Don C. McMullen, of Tampa;
President Lincoln Hulley of Stetson
University: Rev. R. V. Atkisson, D. D.,
of Live Oak, and many others.
Owing to the pending campaign for
state prohibition, the convention will
be of especial importance and all sec-
lions of the state should be well repre
sented. Delegates should be appointed
at once from all bodies in the state that
wish Stale Prohibition. The following
are entitled to TWO UiiLEGAlES
EACH: Each church; each Sundav
school; each Young People's (church)
Society; each local . C. T. U.; each
local temperance organization; each
newspaper that favors the objects for
which the Anti-Saloon League stands.
Let these delegates be appointed at
once and proper credentials given them
to bring to the convention.
All members of county campaign
committees in charge of the pending
prohibition campaign are delegates, ex
officio. AH preachers are delegates, ex-
Remember the dates. May 17. 18. and
19, and come. All will be welcome.
PASTORS are urged to read this
notice to their congregations at first op
portun ty and see that delegates are ap
pointed." From Mr. Hammontree.
I was the first candidate for Countv
Commissioner to make announcement
from District five. I also am the first lo
be knocked out, in the first round, and
that before being allowed to enter the
ring. 1 plead, purely, ignorance of the
law or in fact, that there was such a
law. I was not notified by Mr. l-'earn-
side, or by any one else as to that mat
ter, of the lime limit ol April 11th being
the final day for paying assessment, and
1 was caught 3 days late as I did not re
mit mine till Thursday.
1 had one thing especially in view if
elected and that was to put every effort
forward and use all of the energy that
1 could bring forth to make the best and
most useful commissioner possible to
all the citizens of this District and this I
tried to make plaiu in my announce
ment. Respectfully,
J. H. Hammontree.
Best Treatment for Colds.
"Most ordinary colds will yield to
the simplest treatment," says the Chi
cago tribune, inoderative laxatives
hot foot baths, a free perspiration and
an avoidance of exposure to cold and
wet after treatment " While this
treatment is simple, it requires con
siderable trouble, and the one adopting
it must remain in doors for a any or
two, or a fresh cold is almost sure to
be contracted and in many instances
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colds and can always be depended
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Drug Co.
St. James' Methodist Church,
Next Sunday is Mission Day in our
unday school. It ought to be the best
we have ever had. We can make it so
f we will. 9:45 a. m. is the hour.
Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
The Lord's Supper will be administered
at the morning hour.
Epworth League at 6:45 p. m.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dyspep
sia and constipation weakens the
whole system. Doan's Regulets (25
cents per box ) correct the liver, tone
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To Be Launched at New York
Navy Yard May 12th.
The new battleship "Florida" will be
launched at the New York Navy Yard on
May 12th, and Gov. Gilchrist has select
ed Miss Elizabeth Fleming, daughter of
the late Gov. F. P. Fleming to be sponser
for the Florida, and she will be attended
by the daughters of former governors,
senators, members of congress, members
of the supreme court and cabinet officers
of the state, who will act as maids of
In a letter to Col. H. M. de Montmol
lin of this cily, who is a member of Gov.
Gilchrist's military staff. Adjutant gen
eral J. Clifford R. Foster savs;
It is intended by the Governor to
make this launching a function of such
dignity and importance as will reflect
credit upon Ihe slate and indicate the
appreciation of our people for the honor
conferred by , the authorities at Wash
ington in selecting Ihe name Florida
for this great battleship. The Governor
will be present and wishes to be attend
ed by his entiie military staff. He di
rects me to invite and urge you to ac
company him, and to ask that vou nolifv
ihis office as early as possible whether
r not you can do so. He would like
:he members of the staff to be accom
panied by their wives and members of
their families if possible."
The Florida official party will make
its headquarters while in New York at
the Hotel Savoy, where a special rate of
$1.50 per day, American plan, has been
The party will spend a day or two
"sight-seeing" in New York, and will
then pay a visit to West Point.
In Explanation.
The editor of the Palatka News is be
tween the "old boy himself" and the
"deep sea" of politics this week. The
county campaign committee has made a
list of appointments for the county can
didates which takes him from the office
every day this week, and there is noth
ing lor him to do but go. Mr. Vickers
is so busy in the job printing depart
ment that it is impossible for him to
give much attention to the editorial de
partment, and in consequence the paper
will have to be gotten out in a slip-shod
manner. The same condition will pre
vail next week, then will come the pri
mary, after which we'll know "where
we are at." From then on the New
will take its accustomed place as a pur
veyor of the news, and all the news
that's to be had. In Ihe meantime the
editor asks the indulgence of his readers,
and, white he is at it, will not forget to
say that he will also appreciate the sup
port of all those who are qualified elec
tors, in the coming primary.
Pioneer Citizen Dead.
Mr. Isaiah Williams, one of the oldest
and best known citizens of the county,
a man much above 84 years, died at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Green, at
Bardin last Tuesday morning. Mr. Wil
liams' wife died some 15 years ago, since
which time he has made his home with
his children. Mr. Williams is survived
by two daughters, Mrs. Sarah P. Green
ol Bardin and Mrs. D. P. Hancock of
Bostwick; four sons, Luke and W. A.
Williams of this county, W. T. Williams
of Texas, and D. Williams of Alaska.
The funeral was held at the Banner
ville Primitive Baptist church on Wed
nesday and was largely attended by old
friends and neighbors.
Palatka Woman's Club.
The last meeting of Ihe Woman's
club was well attended, and all were
highly entertained by a most excellent
lecture on William Shakespeare by the
Rev. William Wiley, who so ably han
dled his subject.
A motion prevailed that a committee
be appointed to further aggitate the
question of keeping streets clean, and
bills from being thrown recklessly
around the premises of private homes.
Saturday, April 30th, the domestic
science department will hold their dem
onstration in the club rooms, the com
mittee appointed being Mrs. Geo. E.
Gay, Mrs. John Walton, Misses Susie
Walton and Irene Gardner. With such
fine cooks as these, all may expect
something good to cat; therefore, we
trust that all club members will bear the
date in mind and be present on this oc
casion; also all those who wish to join
the club through this department.
The next meeting of the club will be
a musical on May 6th. Press Reporter.
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