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and Advertiser.
'.,.r olm?iV VOT. YVTTT MO 'jo
t f I
Won the
Automobile 1
Anrl Mr. S. A.
u 4
F all
Baker or beville
was the lucky man.
The Contest is over,
1 but our Big Sale of
! Summer
I Clothing
is still on.
Our fir. F. J. Fearn
side writes us from
New York that he has
purchased the most
up-to-date line of
mens furnishings and
clothing for the com
ing fall ever brought
to this section of the
state, therefore we
must make room for
Every Piece of
Summer Clothing
in our house must
be sold at Factory
This Sale will last for
one week more.
It's worth your while
to investigate.
Remember, we sell
the only Guaranteed
Patent Leather Shoe
sold in Putnam
"If It Comes From
Fearnside's, g
Its Guaranteed"
iu contractors.
The Board of Trustees for Putnam
County Bonds will receive sealed b
for the construction of five miles of hard
,V. a,n,d on ,Ilat day, at 10 a. m., wil
publ.ckly open and read same a he
The work contemplated commences
at a point in the Public Koad about one
ha f mile hast of Florahome, Fla., and
extends Vestwardly ,ronKh Grai'.din
McttfSr I,a"-I''l3-.-d -vards
Those interested will obtain all neces
sary information concerning the project
named upon application to It. F. F.nsev
County Engineer, Palatka, Fla
One Night Only
P. J. Bucks.
Raxdam. Wi-.i.r.s.
Becks S Wells,
iteai testate and
City and Country properties, Ormi!
Uroves, Peach Orchards, General
Farms, Potato Farms. Houses
and Lots, Winter Homes,
Stores, Hotels and Un
improved Lands of
all descriptions.
lne, Cypress, Hardwood Timber and
i npentine ideations a Specialty.
Tell Us Your Wants-We Have It,,
uo yon own ! lorida property that
j uu wuum iiKe to sein It so list it
witn us we nave a buyer for it.
Office opposite Court House,
H. O. Box ir,l, 'Phone No. 135
If you are going
to get a
New Plow
or any kind of Farm
ing Implement this
Fall, you had better
get the best. There
are none better than
All the latest Improve
ments. Guaranteed
Sole Agent. PALATKA, FLA.
) Own Your Home. )
We can sell you a HOME V
1 for what you are paying J
) nit. Call in and let us S
V tell youjiow. f
I H. Finley Tuckers Bro.
Heal Estate ami y
Insurance, S
Opp. Court House,
) 'Phone 128, f
i Palatka, Florida.
Cor. Lemon & 7th Sts ,
is offering some rare bargains
in Press Gooils,
Shoes, and Hats.
Here are some of them :
Fruit of the Loom, 36 I Qg
Inch wide at ' MU
Homespun at
10 to 20 per cent reduction
on all Dress Goods, and 25
to 50 per cent on Ladies'
Como and get some of
these bargains they won't
last long.
Onyx Hosiery.
Best Ladies',
Misses and Childrens
Hosiery on the market
today. Full line at the
riillinery store of
Miss Kate Lucas.
If yon haven't the time to ' exercise
regnfarly. Dean s Results will prevent
constipation. They .mince a mild,
easv, healthful action of J?'?
without griping. Ask your druggist
for them. 85 cents.
OCT. 6th.
Miss Janet Wald orr
And a company of
Selected Players in
A Ciiannini' Stane
of .Southern
from the Famous
By Augusta J. Evans.
to $1.50.
Mr. Gillett, who for several weeks has
been seriously ill, has now so far im
proved that he is able to snend a few
hours each day at his place of business.
R. T. Riddcll of Lancer. Mich., is now
with the Millards at their beautiful home
on Manner's Lake, where he will prob
ably spend the coming winter.
Mrs. Eva Holdridgc of Grove Tark
was in town for a day or so on business
bent and was registered at the Brown
Mrs. J. Hutchison, accompanied by
her daughter, Mrs. Dora Brittle and her
two children, returned to Daytona Mon
day, after a pleasant stay with the family
of Judge Wimberly.
Messrs. Edwin Bcal and H. P. Scckler
of Pennsylvania have been sojourning
at the Lake View this week while mak
ing arrangements to move to their newly
acquired property located in the terri
tory of the New South Farm & Home
A. W. McMillan of West Tocoi, F. II.
Milliard of Carraway and F. Higgins of
Mannvillc have been business visitors
here this week.
Several new pupils have been enrolled
at the public school this week and the
educational work at that institution is
moving along finely. It might he an en
couragement to the teachers and the
pupils as well, if interest enough could
be awakened in public improvements to
apply a fresh coat of paint to the school
buildings which are painfully shabby in
Mrs. J. Fraser, accompanied her daugh
ter, Miss Clarcne, as far as Palatka last
week, returning home Saturday.
The winter season promises to open
earlier than usual in Intcrlachcn, and the
homes and grounds of our winter resi
dents are now being put in order ready
for early occupancy. From all points
comes this statement, "We want to
come earlier than ever, this year," and
Intcrlachcn will be glad to welcome
them all "home again." The street
cleaning brigade has not yet made its
appearance, but every day the sandspurs
and weeds outlining our walks are get
ting nearer ready for the harvest, and it
is hoped the good work will not be
much longer delayed.
Capt. Henry Anderson and Mrs. An
derson arrived in town Tuesday and are
guests at the home of Capt. G. W. An
Temperance Rally.
The people of the Pcnicl section will
hold a grand temperance rallv at the
Peniel Baptist church on Thursday even
ing, Uctober JOth. to which all arc cor
dially iuvited. Entertaining speakers
will be present.
Larsen, Dare Devil, Shoots Niagara's
Whirling Rapids in Small
Motor Boat.
Cleveland Sailor, Buffeted by Waves, Dashes
Miles and Half Through Mad Waters From
of Cataract.
The most daring water trip ever attempted was successfully made at Niagara
Falls recently by Capt. Klaus P. Larsen, who shot the Niagara Whirlpool rapids
in an IS ft. motor boat, which at times was tossed twenty feot Into the air by the
churning swirl of tho waters.
Four and one-half miles of the roughest water In the world was covered In
llftven minutes, during which time tho Cleveland dare-devil was thought to be a&
e,ood as drowned two or throe times,
Several times the little launch was up-ended, often It came perilously near
mountains of rock that poked through the swift running waters, and once it
mounted a great wnvo, shot twenty feet into the air, turned a complete somer
sault, and lauded right side up with the engine still running.
Finally after safely passing through tho upper rapids and the whirlpool, the
eight horsepower motor, submerged with water, becamo useless and tho boat
drifted until It was caught in an eddy and carried to the Araorlean shore, whore
Larsen clambered out, unhurt with the exception of a small cut od tho hand.
Despite tho fact that the Canadian j still. But Larsen was still master of
mid American authorities signilled their ; the boat. The engine was working and
intention of preventing the trip on the the boat swerved Into the shore eddies,
grounds of attempting suicide, a crowd avoiding entirely tho stronger currents
of tifty thousand filled every available of the whirlpool, which would have
vantage point along both sides of the j meant certain death.
river before starting time. Larsen was Tho water that was taken In during
! the stormy passage through tho rough-
Making Fourth to Move Here
Since Tampa Strike.
Wednesday arrangements were made
oy v. i.oano Dons L-o., Havana cigar
manufacturers ot 1 ampa, to open a fac
tory here on Monday.
This firm secured a lease of the top
floor of the Canova building at the cor
ner of Lemon and Second streets, and
slated that they would be ready to begin
the manuiaclure of cigars hero by the
first of the coming week.
F. Lozano Sons Co's faclorv at Tampa
has employed soma 200 cigar makers,
but the room secured here will not ac
commodate much above 75. But it was
the only available place. The room
was formerly used as a fraternity hall.
1 his makes the fourth faclorv to move
from Tampa to Palatka during the pres
ent strike. The three already located
are well pleased wilh the place and are
getting along in fine shape. The men
all appear to be well pleased wilh Palat
ka and arc not slow in slating that fact.
As a result additional cigar makers are
coming from Tampa every day and arc
given work as soon as thev arrive. Dome
50 additional cinr makers had arrived
here this week up to Thuisday morning,
most of them going to the Ilalbin Bros's
and the Jose Kscalanle factories. The
three factories now running arc operat
ing with about 75 cigar makers each,
but arc looking for addilions to their
working forces daily.
The Tampa strike is no nearer settle
ment now than it was three weeks ago,
and the business interests of the big ci
gar city arc suffering great loss.
Carried a Concealed Weapon.
Will Kigdon of Peniel a former rural
mail carrier connected with the Palatka
post office was arrested yesterday morn
ing charged with carrying a concealed
weafv. He had the weapon (a modern
repcsicr oi ,'ie finest make) on his per
son when arrested.
On his examination before Justice
Marshal!, Rigdon made ro defpim; ex
cept lo stale that he had secured a li
cense from the county commissioners
and had executed a bond before Judge
Coxe, which gave him permission to
carry the gun.
Justice Marshall held that said bond
did not give permission to carry a weap
on concealed, and the judge imposed a
fine of $100 and costs or three months
in the county jail. Rigdon declined the
services of an attorney, saying that no
one could state his case better than him
self. . He paid the fine.
Proper Barrel for Corn.
Editor Palatka N i:v.s:
I take the liberty of asking (he News,
being a subscriber and more than inter
ested in its welfare, to decided an argu
ment in the next issue. I wish to know
the proper barrel corn is sold by in this
couny direct from the field with the
shuck on. I will consider this a great
favor. Thanking you in advance, I beg
'e remain, 1 oars very truly,
East Palatka, Se; f. 2 ,tii.
The corni'. f?:;-r barrel, or three
tti:o! barrel, is tlie rule. This barrel
v.el! filled r.r.'.' shri'.on twice wilh slip
;:.: shucked corn is said to shell a bush
el and is generally sold for a bushel.
The potato barrel, being of straight
staves is said to contain but 11 pecks.
1 he editor of the News did not know
the answer to the question propounded
by "A Subscriber," but he has been dil
igent in asking those supposed to know,
and with one accord their reply is as
late starting and all kinds or stories
were In circulation among the crowd,
one to the effect that he had been ar
rested by authorities. The stories had
iin effect and when Larsen did go only
iibout oue-llfth of the original number
saw him.
At about 5 o'clock Larsen started his
engine and as the Ferro shot out into
the stream a mighty cheer arose from
tho crowds In the parks on both sides
of the river and on the upper steel Arcn
est part of the rapids settlod Into the
fly wheel pit when smoother water was
reached and was thrown by Its revolu
tions to the spark plugs and Ignition
equipment, thereby short circuiting tho
current and stopping the engine.
The Ferro then drifted a short dis
tance until caught by a short eddy that
carried it to the American shore and
lodged It firmly betwoen the rocks.
Larsen wanted to free the boat and
Bridge. Hardly had the "There he nuisn nis Journey to iiewlston, but he
goes !" died away than thousands watch-; was advised to abandon the mile and a
i"ng on the river Dank taking up the cry, j half trip through comparatively calm
"lie's con.ing!" Through the still i water, and was soon persuadod to laud,
waters between the starting point and A Gorge car carried him to Lewiston,
tho Lower Arch Briuge the Ferro travel-1 w here at the hotel a irreat crowd was
eii !'OUt six miles an hour. As the lit-, waiting. Larsen wns cheered to the
tlel . ' caught the ilrst breaker of the I echo as he stepped from the car. He
U ; i ho wiii tossed back. But only ! changed his wet clothing and when he
for " coud. With her engines work- again appeared the ovation was re
inc f, l ull speed the Ferr.) caau to her j peated.
ov. ., crossed the first of the white-1 From Lewiston, Youngstown and
eai-pad combers and the race with death Niagara Falls every car brought a crowd
was on. As the Ferro entered the Bap-j and for nearly an hour tho conqueror
' ii inl 'htv ch-er arose and hundreds ; of the whirlpool was busy shaking hands
of cameras were focused on the little and reeeivlna congratulations Iiemands
ii-litte sneek. now cresting on a wave, i tor a upeecn were luiiue. out jjrsen
A "Nose for News."
The Jacksonville Metropolis evidently
has a "nose" for news. That is to say,
it is able to smell it from afar. Bui only
after the news gets to be ancient historv
after mortification has set in is it de
tected by the Metropolis, and then only
by the nose.
For the past several weeks under the
head of Palatka happenings the Metrop
olis has copied verbatim on Wednesday
evening many of the leading items from
the Palatka News of the Friday before.
hat enterprise !
The News really has no objection and
does not complain at the Metropolis' lack
of courtesy in neglecting to give this pa
per proper credit. Pilfering of this sort
has been the policy of the Metropolis,
in so far as this paper is concerned, for
many years, and any other course sud
denly assumed might induce paralysis.
But wc do submit that it requires a
heap of nerve on the part of this "jrc.il
metropolitan daily," wilh a clientage that
comes near covering every kitchen and
stable in Jacksonville, and is making
such heroic efforts to cover the same
field here, to feed its patrons on stale
rather than fresh news the kind they
are paying for.
Has Fine Storage Plant.
A little west of the old G. S. 8c F.
depot the Gulf Refining Company of
which II. M. de Montmollin is the Pa
latka agent, has recently erected a large
and completely equipped bulk storage
plant. Alongside the track is a large
warehouse iuto"which pipes reach from
three large storage tanks of 20,000 gal
lons capacity each. From these pipes
barrels and drums as well as the larger
cans for local use arc filled.
The contents of the tank cars is trans
ferred to these big storage tanks through
pipe lines. The cars are pushed up on
an incline the top of which places the
iiottom of the tank car on a level with
the top of the storage tanks, the pipe
e oil unloads
now submerged and now tossing from j seemed more afraid of ' the crowd than ,. ; , ' b d
breaker to breaker. the rapids and modestly retired to his iscf
Haruly had the ferro got iuiu m
had the
nnnids before it was caught on a wava
can led into the trough of the wave and
lost to sight. In a twinkling it Was
again lu 6iht anil hardly had the
' There he is !" of the crowd burst forth
than "He's gone again !" followed in a
chorus. Larsen was sticking to his
post and was iu complete ceutrol of the
little boat Once the Forro was caught
and tossed fifteen feet Into the air.
W hen it struck the water again It was
almost on Its side and for fifty yards
Larsen skidded from wave to wave, his
head hut a few luche from the water.
at f h Verm soon nirntea nerseir, ana
Hardly had the Ferro been tied up at
the 1'ltz dock when hundreds rushed to
see the little craft Ponkuives were
whipped out and in a few minutes the
Fotro lost more to souvenir hunters than
it had lost In its encounter with the
waves and rocks.
When docked the Ferro was In perfect
condition, except that the engine was
submerged in water that had leaked
through the canvas which Larseu bad
tied from the gunwale to his waist.
When we stand and look at the Nia
gara Rapids It seems almost a miracle
that a boat and engine could have en-
like a shot plunged lorwaru IU uuuquwr umcu luwo uvuoiwmo niuno, iui
the yet unmet dltliculties. ' even a minute, and In making his won-
Onee just before the whirlpool was j derful trip Larsen certainly detnoostrat
reaehed. the ferro turned a compute i ed that manufacturers are progressing
somersault The ballast brought the i along the lines that insure the utmost
lilt le boat down keel first and Larsen ; safety to lovers of the healthful sport of
continued on his trip. When first the , motor boating.
Ferro met the shitting waters ui iue i ma vyueui tuoiur mai is lor oniv iu
whirlpool the Ferro faltered, awung i this city by the Palatka Automobile t,
around and for moment wag almost supply company.
The tanks arc numbered 1, 2 and 3,
one being for kerosene, one for naptha
and one for gasoline. Col. dc Mont
mollin states that he is now selling more
naptha than gasoline; that launch men
claim it is a better fuel and that it is'two
cents a gallon cheaper than gasoline.
The buildings, the tanks and the sur
rounding Icnce are painted an Fast
Coast yellow, and presents an appearance
of up-to-now convenience for storage
and economical handling.
Col. de Montmollin has represented
the Gulf Refining Company in Palatka
for some time and has built up a large
business not only in fuel and lighting
oils, but in lubricating oils as well. His
business includes machinery, and saw
mill supplies, of which he has a large
trade in all this section of the state.
LOST, or Stolen, flat bottomed row
boat 16 feet long, when lost was painted
mottled yellow. Finder notify S. C.
Warner, Palatka. and gel reward.
S 12 tf
By S. A. Baker of Seville Who
Held Ticket No. 37,600.
The hour for Ihc Fearnside Clothing
Co's prize automobile drawing was set
for 12:30 Monday noon the 26th Inst.
At that hour there was a steady down
pour ot rain which prevented many
from attending. However there were
several hundred ticket holders present,
completely Idling the big store and
stretching out onto the walks in front.
The thousands of coupons were well
shaken in Ihc deposit boxes and then
dumped into a big pine box on top of
the big oak clolhing case; then the mat
ter of the drawing was left to the ticket
holders themselves, with Ihc recommen
dation that they select a committee to
oversee it.
The crowd selected Col. S. J. 1 1 ilbtirn,
K. T. Lancaster and M. J. I lames as the
committee. These gentlemen mounted
lo the lop of the big clolhing case in
plain sight of the crowd and proceeded
to stir the tickets so that the numbers
would be thoroughly mixed. Then
they selected a Utile boy Harland Hick-
enlooper from the audience, blindfold
ed him and rolled his sleeves up lo the
shoulder, showing a bare arm. Thus he
was led up to the box and told to reach
in it and draw one ticket. This he did,
handing it to one of the committee, who
announced the number to the crowd
1 he other two members of the com
mittec also in turn read aloud the num
ber which proved to be
NUMBKR 37,600.
That there was an anxious scrutiny of
the tickets held in the crowd goes with
out saying, but no one in the big crowd
made the "joyful noise" which would
naturally follow a discovery that they
possessed the lucky ticket. Others came
in, examined their lickels, and gradual
ly the crowd dwindled.
Presently, however, the big good na-
turcd form of S. A. Baker, the sawmill
man of Seville, entered the door. He
looked at the posted number, then start-
to examine his tickets, then there was
And sure enough Mr. Baker held tick
ct No. 37,000 and the automobile was
his. Hundreds ol people congratulated
him, and he congratulated himself.
Mr. Baker held about 300 tickets
which he had secured with purchases
stretched through the summer. Like
many others lie had frequently been
heard to say that he was going to win
the machine.
lie spent Sunday at Daytona Beach
When he left that resort Monday morn
nig lie remarked to a friend that he was
"going to Palatka to get that Fearnside
automobile." He got it.
Last Friday the Fearnside Company
pojted a notice that the company would
give $500 to the winner, in case the
money was preferred to the automobile.
There are only a few people who
would know what to do wilh an auto
mobile. There are a few more who
would know what to do with the money.
The prize machine is a Brush Racing
Model. Mr. Baker already bad a Brush
Roadster, very much of same appearance.
He hesitated for a time and then decided
lo take the $500. A check (or that
amount was given him and he deposited
it to his credit In the bank, after which
he took the 3:1S train for home.
There were sonic incidents in connec
tion with the drawing that illustrates the
thought that one may be near and at the
same lime far. For instance
A little colored boy named Capers, son
of former Palatka barber, held ticket
No. 37,509. When he saw that he was
but one removed from the lucky number,
he went out in the middle of the street,
laid clown on the pavement and howled.
Will Walton held ticket No. 37,597
and 37,602 three too few and two loo
A lady at Florahomc held ticket No.
The News has never heard of such a
valuable trade prize being given in Flor
ida. The prize was first offered on March
26th. Just six months from that day the
drawing took place. During that time
the Fearnside Co. issued nearly 90,000
tickets, one ticket for each 50 cents
spent at the store. That means $45,000.
When it is considered that the trade rep
resented by these tickets was during the
summer season, when business of all
kinds in Palatka is at its lowest ebb, it
will be seen that the Fearnside Co. does
a monster retail business in the course
of a year, the coming six months of
which will be much greater in volume
than the six months which closed on
The bulk of the fall and winter as
well as the springe and summer purchas
es of clolhing will be made during the
coming six months.
Stops earache in two minutes; tooth
ache, or pain of burn or scald in live
minutes; hoarseness, one hour; muscle
ache, two hours; sore throat, twelve
hours Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, mon-
The Fate of L. M. Gallagher
Was Well Known in
In full view of a great crowd of peo
ple on the pier and beach, L. M. Galla
gher a well-known traveling salesman
lor the Cable riano Co. of Jacksonville,
was swallowed by the turbulent waters
of Ihc Atlantic breakers and his body
carried out to sea at Daytona Beach last
Sunday afternoon.
Gallagher, who was stopping at the
Troy House in Daytona, went to the
beach in company with W. H. Stiling,
to enjoy the surf bathing. Both, 'tis
said, drifted into one of the numerous
deep holes made by the recent high
tides. It is said that Mr. Stilings first
got beyond his depth and that Gallagher
went to his rescue, but the testimony
on this point is conflicting.
The tragedy occurred near the end of
the pier, which was filled with people.
Above the roar of the ocean thev heard
Gallagher's pitiful cries for help.
capt. It. i. now of this city who
was on the pier and witnessed the
drowning, stales that a rope was secured
and several attempts were made to throw
it so that Gallagher could catch hold.
but that each attempt failed. Capt.
Snow threw the rope once, and S. A.
Baker at another time.
George Sweeney started in the surf
for the drowning man but became so
weakened that he was obliged to turn
back and had lo be placed under medi
cal care. Before Mr. Sweeney reached
Ihc shore the drowning man had disap
peared. The drowning occurred in full view
of the crowd at (he Casino and of guests
on the piazzas overlooking the beach.
Gallagher's body was washed ashore
at Seabreeze, nearly two miles north of
ihc place where he was drowned on
Monday afternoon. The body was
turned over to the undertaker, and after
being embalmed was shipped to the
home of his parents. Mobcrlv. Mo.
Gallagher was a single man.
Lawrence M. Gallagher was well
known in Palatka. Crescent Citv and
other places in Putnam county, where
he placed many pianos for his company.
He was at the Saratoga Hotel here only
five days before the drownintr. He was
a pleasant gentleman and had many
friends, all of whom
his tragic death.
are saddened by
Mrs. C. C. Middleton and son. Don
ald, are spending Ihc week with Mr.
Middleton at St. John's Park. Mr. C.
C. Middleton is manager of a turpentine
plant near that point.
Those visiting Palatka recently were
Messrs. W. S. Middleton. I. D. & I. H.
Wyclh and Miss Ii. V. Wycth.
C. II. Piplar was in Jacksonville one
day last week on business.
Mrs. L. W. Smith and Mrs. C. H. Pio-
lar relumed home Monday after spend
ing ten days in Jacksonville.
Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Tucker are receiv
ing congratulations over the arrival of a
fine ten pound boy.
Dr. Maine from Welaka was in town
several times last week on professional
calls. The doctor expects to have an
auto before long which with telephone
connection will put him in close touch
with Pomona and other near by points.
W. M. Williams spent Saturday and
Sunday in town visiting his daughters
Mrs. . S. Middleton and the Misses
Florence and Mary Williams.
Miss Beatrice Wade visited friends
in Palatka over Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Edith Krook is cxncctcd Satur-
lay to resume her work as book-keener
for W. S. Middleton. Miss Krook has
been spending her vacation in the
mountains of New Hampshire wilh relatives.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam
Ceunty and All Other Good Citizens
of the County:
I make my announcement as nn Indo
t'iKtciit candidate for the Legislature in
he coinlni.' election, to be held on the 1st
Tuesday after 1st Monday in November.
next. and I ask Hie stiooni-t of nil niv frlenilH
as 1 (lo think I am qualified liy a life of long
xperlencu. I solicit your support.
Yours fraternally,
State and County Licenses for 1911 will
be due October 1st, 1910. Please be
governed accordingly.
Tax Collector.
Palatka, Fla., Sept. 29, 1910. 3t
nrch over pain.
WANTED Slronjr, sober man for
farm work. Good steady position.
Write A. J. Gruvcr, Moultrie, St. Johns
Co., Fla., giving full particulars. 9-30-3t
The "FQOS" Gasoline Engine.
This is the ideal engine for irrigation. "Foos" Users are "Foos" Boosters,
Ask them. Catalogue for the asking.
' ' "" -j-a'
State Agents.
Simple in construction. Absolutely dependable. TROUBLE-PROOF, assuring
the Maximum service at the Minimum cost
Palatka Auto & Supply Company,
Local Agents PALATKA, FLA '

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