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-I)fiCKMBUlV 10, 1819,
BBj3iiTiilliWlhl rti
i :: : -
'i the
f We desire
its. Grove,
nds. We
. una v
i st. Jo
I -.
, ' .-IV,
smpp r n.QPn m-jF?!&TMAS' ALL DAY i
JT I . -u-n,.
- J....3,-.BMW:Mr.., .MJL,.,,..i.ig.mi.H..,.ii'rt..iiy
Many More Specials for the Week:
20 p.c. Cash Discount on
Coat Suits, Coats, Skirts,
Wool and Silk Dresses.
10 p.c. Cash Discount on
Shirt Waists, Sweaters,
Kimonos, Outing Gowns,
Bath Robes and Knit
10 p.c. Cash Discount on
Wool Dress Goods, Silks,
Velvets, Comforts and
25 p.c.Cash Discount on
Silk and Wool Dress
Trimmings and Heavy
Table Linens
and Napkins
as Gifts
Beautiful line, new
patterns and exception
's, value. "
Lace Curtains
as Gifts
Fine line and decided
ly big values.
For Gifts
Children's Handker
chiefs; 3 in attractive
box, 15c and 25c.
a jLadies.' Handkerchiefs
Xmas box, 25c, 50c -V,
$1.00, 1.25,""i.50,
rTOO to 3.50.
" 5 in Xmas Box, 35c,
50c, 75c, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00
to 3.50.
6-in Xmas Box, 75c,
1.00, 1.50, 2.00 and 3.00.
Beauty and
Belt Pins
25c, 35c, 50c and 1.00.
Fancy Linens
As Gifts
Scarfs, Centre Pieces, Doilies
etc., 5c to $1.00.
Short Kid Gloves
As Gifts
White, Black, Tan, Grey and
Chamois, $1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and
12 and 16 button length,
White and Black. $2.95, 3.45
and 3.75.
Short Silk Gloves, Black,
White, Navy, Brown, Grey,
50c and 75c.
On Monday,
Dec. 22nd, every
little one coming
in our store with
their paru
ft.iia or nurse, m
will be presented M
with a pretty
little picture
book FREE. Tell
all your little
friends and come
to the store for
it as they
not sent out.
25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
to 5.00.
Novelty Clocks,
as Gifts
50c to 1.50.
as Gifts
A beautiful line with
special values attached.
Hand Bags - '
"""Beautiful line, special
values, Leather, Mesh
and Beaded, 25c to 7.50.
Ladies' Scarfs
For Gifts
Chiffon, Crepe and Silk
50c to $3.00.
Fancy Sash
For Gift
t City ripenings and $
Miss Annie Stenhons will arrive
this week to spend tlio holidays at her
i home.
Mrs. J. H. Randolph of Baltimore,
Aid., is visiting hur parents, Dr. and
Mrs. E. S. Grill.
Mrs. Howard Trucman is the guest
of hor sister-in-law, Mrs. T. J. Bur
nett. ' ,
W. S. Fry, the jeweler, has an auc
tion sale of high class jewelry on dai
ly till Christinas. A chance to buy
hip;'i-jrade jewelry at your own price.
Mi n. Chss. P. Ccoper and little son,
Edward Grill, will arrive tomorrow
to spend the holidays with her parents
Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Crill.
Mrs. E. W. Elliott of Pensacola will
f'.rnva tomorrow tovspend the Christ-
I mus holidays with her mother, Mrs.
' F. D .Ackerman.
I A party of Palatka young people
I enjoyed an oyster roast at Dunn's
I Creak landing last Monday night in
1 honor of Miss Katie Barstow.
I Miss Dorothy Davis of Sanford' has
arrived in the city to spend the holi
uhy season with her grandmother,
F. D. Ackerman.
I Mrs. J. A. Bryan, wife of the well
! known Atlantic Coast Line conductor,
'row seriously ill, was taken to a Jack
sonville hospital on Wednesday.
Mrs. W. it. Markhum of Tallahassee-
is expected here for the holiday
son and will be the gue.-it of her
Barents. Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Crill.
John A. Crosby of San Mateo, who
mada his money in t.ie newspaper bus
incss and retired before it was swal
lowed up in the same venture has just
purcnased a new btudebaker bix
taurine csr. This is only Mr. Cros
by's third car.
W. I.ungdon C'heeves went to Jack
smiville yesterday to meet his step
diuightfr, Miss Ida Leib, who arrived
there last evening and who will lirst
make n visit with relatives in Fer-
luimiina and then come for a short
visit to this city. Since her return
from Paris, Miss Leib has been teach
ing music in Beuna Vista College
Miss Winifred Barstow entertained
the West End Five Hundred club on
Wednesday. Magnificent roses from
Federal Point perfumed the air and
twelve of Palatka's fairest flowers
rracad the card tables. Miss Claire
Hoc e and Mrs. Elmer Collins won the
prizes, i hen there appeared a won
derful repast Persian coffee, creamed
crab, soume cassonade, sandwiches
and as one guest admiringly exclaim
od, "Oh, how delightful it all was
three cheers for such a. hostess.
The child doesn't live who can look
at Kowton's store front when illumi
nated in tne evening, and not get
renewal of faith in old Santa Claus
Kowtons, always headquarters fo
l -alatka, for this old patron of Christ
mas, has excelled itself this year in
the extent and variety of toys. A look
into the window will make the mast
dignified man forget his dignity and
wish himself a child again. So when
the kid gets excited over the sight,
don't blame him. Mr. Rowton buys
in car lots, so that he can supply the
Sunday schools of the countv for thoir
urisunas xrees.
Last week because of the space giv
n to the County Fair and the heavy
Not for After-Christmas Pains - .
But for Bef ore-Christmas v Worries .
Most people are in '(be habit of " putting off" buying their Christ
mas gifts until the last day or so and then tax their brain in ah effort
to think cf some likely gifts that will please their friends. ; Most stocks
have bean Well picked over by those who realize that early shopping
is best, leaving but a meagre choice for the late comers. , We are not
unmindful of this faci, and have prepared a splendid stock for the
last-minute shoppers. No need to -worry. Let us attend to your
case. You can choose such a gift at our store as will appeal to the
fancy of any boy or man. You could buy him any of theses ,
Combination sets of Hose, Tie,' Handker
chief; ormin ation sets Hose Supporters and
.Suspenders; Ties, Handkerchiefs, Pyjamas,
Underwear, Bath Robe, Club Bag, etc.
demand on our
the N
space lor adpertising
j news was onnired tn bjivp nut
tome tnree columns ot local news mat
lui '"uirii iu our regrei. The same is
true again this week, and this is lawn.
i.v tiue lo ine Jact that advertisers
wait until the last hour before making
their requests for space. They can
not be denied the space, for they de
pend on News advertising to reach
tne people. We hope they will cyi
timiu to find their advertising in this
paper profitable. The News reaches
!1 parts of the county and has a gen-
;rai circulation in each. Wo
i the State so thoroughly cn"
and E. M,
Our Christmas stock is. an exceptionally good one goods of depend'
able quality. Remember there are only five more shopping days
We- l"1:c- this opfwrtiuiihj of wishing our patrons
am-tj Mrrij , Yin as and a bright, prosperous 191.
nllIVT Clothier and Furnisher
Men Who Know.
t0 '"'it
Mrs. Georpe Docker of Atlanta is
the guest of Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Crill.
Hon. S. J. Ililbuin is t,i Atlantl
this week on legal busmen.
The Ford Sales Co. of this city Iv.'.s
sold a total of 54 Fold autos during
the past year, and the appetite is
growing. .
The Woman's Club will hold its
next regular meeting at the Athletic
Club house this afternoon at 3 o'clock,
ind it will be a social meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Williams an
VIrs. H. McVay of Cleveland, Oh;o,
n-e at the . Saratoga Hotel am", wili
spend the entire winter thei-3.
Miss Ruby Yelverton, a school pu
ail in St. Augustine, is expected home
Lomonow to spend the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Yel
verton, Jr.
The Tilghman Hardware Co. is sug
gesting some useful household neces
sities and luxuries as holiday gifts,
including one of their malieable steel
ranges. What could be better?
The County school board will spung
the bonding issue on the Pal ilk a
-school district enrly next month. Tlv
purpose is to bond for a new Palatini
nigh school building, something inis
;-itv needs mare than any other thinr
Mr. and Mrs. Zart and three chil
dren of Detroit, Mich., arrived in tne
it v during the pn:;t week and will
l, Vin,-, Ml- r(,H
-nunc men mum. in i i'.i. ..m.w .
connected with the Florida WoojljTlfl
rt; i in
! - : ' ,-' '
i nni i q i nni 'i q i
iifiivii i ii ii i . i : II
mmwtM.mil n iumimb wfww ' immmmmww II
: .
I . I
ware Co.
Mrs. C. C,
--uoffic ol
S!nb otgMr. Slade'i
ind her gnesg the week in Pa-
The latest
$1.00 to 2.50.
Chamoisette and
Leather Gloves
Long and short lengths, 25c,
50c, 75c and $1.00.
For Gifts .
Fine Lisle Hose, per pair,
25c, 35c, 50c,
Lisle Hose
Three in box for $1.00 and
Silk Hose
Per pair 50c, 75c, $1.00 and
16 button lengths,' White
and Black, $1.00 and 1.50.
50c and 1.00.
Elk Skin
Indian Slippers
11.50 and 1.75.
For Gifts
All styles and leathers, 1.50
to $5.00.
$2 m
May your
Christmas be a s
I happy one.
m And the New m
1 Year
prosperous. s
ocal fieid as does the
Jf course its ailv-iiifian
-.w among the prominent
i.v.rance workers to represent
ioiida at the creat Catherine in
Washineton last week, and when over
2,000 representatives of the American
Anti-Saloon League and over
i.ouO women, representing the Wo-
.tedman's Christian Temperance Un
on visited the Natioal capital in a
?ody and presented a monster petition
asking that the Cogrcss submit to the
vote of the several states an amend
ment to the United States Constitu
tion prohibiting the manufacture, sale
and imporation of alcoholic liquors
for beverage purposees. Get Bill
Tilghman to describe the scene to you.
On his return from Washington Mr.
Tilghman went direct to Tallahassee
to attend the closing sessions of the
Florida Annual Conference of the M.
15. Church, South.
RenforuWrnf Mr. Slade, one of the
iitieiTempolyes of the Palatka Wood
en ware Works.
.Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wood are verv
much pleased with the masque hall
recently given, esnecianv vmn
large number present. Kotit. r.veis.
Miss (julhns ana Mrs. munis wun ui?
nrizes. They hope to make it even
more pleasant for everybody next
No wonder Louis Kalbfield don't get
rich. Once or twice each week he
shows some wonderful picture of a
high-class play which cost him mo
than the possible gate receipts at the
Kalbfield Grand for the night. Last
Wednesday night the picture of clns
was Daniel Frohman's presentation of
Henry E. Dixey, supported by Lau'v
Sawyer and House Peters in an origi
nal drama of the um'erworl ', "Ohrl
sf 7750." The audience showed it
appreciation both in numbers an1'
complimentary commarls. A-d pr
nreciation seems to please K-ilbfieh'
fully as much as the vulgar dollars.
Glance over the fGl'owUi? :
New arrival! of new crop Cerealt,
Buckwheat Floor, plain and pre
pared, Pancake Flour, Farina Gra
ham Flour, Wh de Wheat Flour,
Yellow Corn Meal, etc
Large itoclc and great variety of
new pack Canned fruits and vege
table! very best brands at lowest
All kinds of Dried Fruits, new and fresh. Also Frenh Fruits, Nuts,
Raisins and Cranberries. New Cane Syrup in new barret
Phone 84. "
Corner Kirby and
Ask Your Doctor.
Now opened at Rowtons. " ur
whole second "floor devotgt.0 Toys
and Dolls. T35--
-rjtills direct from Ger-,
Wfiflherefore can give you the
best prices. Come and see bur dis
play, everything for the little folks.
Express Wagons, Velocipedes and Tricycles,
Doll Carriages and Go Carts, Boys' and Girls'
Bicycles, Toy Automobiles, Rocking Horses,
Children s Desks, Chairs and Blackboards, Toy
Furniture, Tool Chests and Garden Tools,
Trunks and Drums, Games and Books- Xmas
Tree Decorations and thousands of other
toys for the little folks.
Come and see them, bring all the children.
An experienced toy man in charge, who will" be
pleased to show the little ones through. " See Santa
Claus in our window two weeks before Christmas.
Special discounts to Sunday Schools. :
Palatka's headquarters for Santa
Claus, 208 Lemon Street. See bur
window next Monday.
The Car of the American Family
i nWvMnrto be bio , r-"v'- '
Is Now on Display at Our Show Rooms.
The new Hupmobile is, we believe better, than anything that has
ever before come to us from the factory. - .
' ' "
Five Passenger, with Westinghouse Electric starting and lighting,
over size tires, Electric Horn, rain vision ventilating Wind Shield, Silk .
Mohair Top, Jiffy Curtains, Cocoa Mat and other additional equipment.
JLet us show you the Hupmobile to-day. We Would particularly
like to give you a demonstration of one of the 1914 models. No cest or '
obligation, call 152 and a car will be at your door. ' " a
nnarv Ath.
id 10 i oiH-iifKl lit ten o'clock, t.
trrt rservliis the rlvht tn
all Bid. .
- , ., HNRV HrTrHINSON, Clerfc
Psl.'Uo oveinb;r iHlh, lmrf. ,
For sale byv
aa Automobile & Supply Co.
r - . ,-57

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