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FRIDAY, JUL 17, 191,
1 1
Under Act of 1913 legislature State
Bonds for $1,000,000 Have
Been Issued.
Principal and Interest of Bonds Will
Be Levied on Lands
Tallahassee. Under authorization
of the legislature of 1913, the state
drainage board has prepared advertise
ments asking for bids for 1.0u0.uu'J
of state bonds, the money from which
will be used in forwarding the state's
work of draining overflowed lands .n
the Everglades.
Under the act of the legislature the
bonds. The taxation for interest as
well as principal on these bonds will
be levied on the lands benefited.
Y&t, Us j
Reverend O'Brien Will Be Vicar Gen
eral and Rev. Creede Chancellor
and Secretary.
Strenuous Efforts Will Be Made to
Land 1915 Convention for
This State.
. -, .. . ,:,i1 bl Augustine. Since his consecra-
Tallahassee. "The National Real rjarbajai Said 10 Be llie Man MO Hill t,on and assuming the duties as head
Estate Exchanges convention for Flor- i . u :... TemnnrarY of the diocese of St. Augustine, the Rt.
ida in 1915," is the slogan which the, oisn,ieinyiM J j r j Curley D D., has made
Florida delegation to the convention, i President j a number of appointments of his as-
in session in nusuuig, uamcu sistants in the diocesan worn ""
them, and if enthusiasm and earnest I
efforts will prevail there is little doubt
but that the real estate men of the
i nl lsn his chancellor and secretary.
i United States will be influenced to sub-Secretary Estava-Ruii Gives Out . Bishop Curley has appointed Very '
: come to i-lonaa next year, ineiea.c, interview Telling of Latest Plans Rev. John O'Brien, D. D., vicar general
1 several Florida cities who want the j of Dictator. nf the dioeese and Very Rev. J. G.
convention. I j creede as chancellor and secretary.
It is expected when the day for the Vera Cniz To gave his country
choosing of the meeting place for next fanbw horrors o civl, war and
vear arri;s, a spirited fight will be ... . ,
made as there are three cities who his capital from capture and per
have 'sent delegations to the conven-1 haps sack, General Huerta intends to
don, with the instructions to bring ' resign the provisional presidency and
UaL& IUC uv-i. j
South there is Atlanta, which has a
Both of these priests are wen quali
fied for the honors and duties that
have been imposed upon them and
their appointnnts are wise and will
meet with approval of both the priests
and laity throughout the diocese.
PAii-.JiaaifcX ... -""--
...nnr .cnroaantatirtn whilP tllP WeSt-
.. u;,u r. ik. t Pirt. ,., 'a i 1 retarv of foreign affairs
m rm. nii'iam f - grn CUies, oeaiue uuu uua iiut,.-, - ,..! fit-a
f hm reacnea vera cru uum ..i. v.,
nn ins wav iu cuiuuc. "-w'
can .ell K.m.W of these "P "
tmDIWT 1 1 1 ran., ivi ,
This statement has been made by
nni.ortn r.Btavn.Rniz Mexican sub-sec-i City Comptroller Arrested,
who has ' Louisville. Ky. faamuei n. v nnue,
city comptroller and prominent in the
The leaders of the Florida real es-
' t.. k- . 1- ' tua 'ca"c' . sair1 will surrender the government
now r -rr tate men is a. J. cutis, secieuuj uU ,..v,, 0. m(,st.r f m.v f,,nrts. following a renort
lO r railClbCU laiuajai, tii..... mrui v. -
Louisville Club and in social circles,
was arrested charged with embezzle-
Is Defense of Men Charged With Pho
tographing Canal Fortifications.
San Krunci-ro The d'-fense of
Charts K. Field, editor of a
usasaziii"-. and of t!:" three others ac-cus'-d
with hin. of having disclosed
military .-eer ts by the publication of
an iUuKiKd artic:..- revealing Pan
an.a cat.al lortilicati'.ns, wi.l be that
the pirtuies were taken and the aero
plane rtit-ht across the isthmus was
made with the permission of Col.
G-ort:e W. Goethals, ill command of
the Panama zone. Tiiis was stated
when the men appeared before a
United .States commissioner.
d ambassador to Francs. treasurer of the Jacksonville x-
change. Other numbers of the dele-
, ter Warrington, H. H. Richardson,
GENERALS CARRANZA AND VIL. R. V. Reynolds and J. D. Rooney.
feel lazv. out of sorts
. and yawn a good deal in the daytime,
United States Troops Fear Attack J.QU can cnarge it to a torpid liver
From Huerta Troops Who Have 1 which has allowed the system to get
Mutinied From Federals. .full of impurities. HERBINE cures
I all disorders produced by an inactive
Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. Gen. Ve-;!iver jt oWengthens that organ,
nustiano Carranza has been recogniz- j cieanse the bowels and puts the sys.
of foreign affairs, who, in turn, will by expert accountants that they had
step aside for a provisional president,
acceptable to the Constitutionalists.
"The president did not make me his
confidant," Estava-Uuiz declared, "nor
did 1 have much time to talk with
him after it was determined I should
leave the cabinet."
Attack on San Luis Potosi.
Saltillo, Mexico. Fighting already
has commenced at San Luis Potosi.
Engagements of outposts, designed by
the Constitutionalists to establish the
federals' strength and position, are of
daily occurrence, according to reports
received here by General Carranza
discovered a shortage of approximate
ly $14,500 in the comptroller's office.
New Minister From Venezuela.
Washington. Santos A. Dominci has
been appointed minister from Venezue
la to the UnHed States succeeding the
late Minister Rojas.
Will Endeavor to Complete Trust Leg
islation This Week.
Washington. Trust legislation to
complete the administration's legis
lative program will be und'-rtaken in
earnest in the senate, and ljemocrats
and U'-publica:is alike are straining
at the bU to g-t a; the tusk and
complete it as sp-.dily as t:.wous?h
consideration of the proposed meas
ures to supplement the Sherman law
and regulate i.-suanee of railroad se
curities will permit.
ed as first chief of the Constiutionalist tem jn good healthy condition. Price
revolution, and General Francisco 50c. Sold by Ackerman-Stewart Drug Tnese actions are careful reconnois-
Vil'.a is subordinate to hin. This con- Co.
confirmation of the relative positon of j -
the two was regarded as the most mi- j
portant step taken at the parley held !
here to reunite the Villa and Carranza ;
Hope Is Again Revived, j
Washington Reports from lorreon
that the Viha-Carranza peace confer
ence has ended and that differences
in the Constiutionalist ranks had been
adjusted encouraged Washington offi
cials and Constiutionalist agents here.
who hone mediaton of the Mexican
' imbroglio soon may be successfully
U. S. Troops Are Threatened.
Washington. Brigadier General
Funston confirmed reports of a mu
tiny among General Huerta's forces
before the American outposts at Vera
Cruz in a dispatch to the war depart
ment. General Funston reporteu uie
sections of the sixth federal reserve
district are gathering in Montgomery
for the meeting to be held for the
purpose of considering candidates for
the board of directors of the federal
reserve bank at Atlanta.
Magazine Editor, Aviator, Photographer
And Writer Arrested For Disclosing
Military Secrets.
Were Taken From Aeroplane First
Prosecutions Under New National
Defense Act.
San Francisco. Warrants for the ar.
rest of Charles K. Field, editor of a
magazine; Robert J. Fowler, an avia
tor; Riley A. Scott, a writer, and Ray
A. Duhem, a photographer, were is-
Admiral Georoe Dewey has been in- ued at tne request of John W. Pres-
I vlted by Secretary of the Navy Dan- Unlted states attorney here. The
charge against all lour is tne disclos
ure of military secrets. The penalty
is ten years imprisonment or a $10,
000 fine for such disclosure if made
abroad and one year, or a J1.000 fine,
if made in the United States.
In April, a magazine published an
article entitled "Can the Panama Ca
nal Be Destroyed From the Air?"
Reproductions of photographs taken
from an aeroplane and showing some
of the fortifications of the canal zone
and of the San Francisco Presidio ac
companied the text. As soon as a
copy of the number w as called to the
attention of the war department it re
quested Preston to investigate.
First Arrests Under New Law.
Washington. The arrests at San
Francisco marked the beginning of
the first criminal prosecution under
the national defense act of March
3, 1911, for disclosure of military se
crets. ' The war department in the
past has warned some publishers,
but because the element of intent to
do mischief was lacking, no attempt
was made to prosecute.
l , -I .4
lelt to resume command oi nn du
flagship Olympla at the time of tne
great naval display marking the for
mal opening of the Panama canal. The
Olympia, It was decided, will share
honors with the battleship Oregon
and If Admiral Dewey cannot go to the
Isthmus It Is hoped he at least will
visit the cruiser at the San Francisco
Bankers Gather in Montgomery. I WHEN CONSTITUTIONALISTS
Montgomery, Ala. Bankers from all ! REFUSE MEDIATION.
Rebel Chief Says He Will Establish
a Military Government
in Mexico.
For Sinking of Empress of Ireland
When Many Lives Were Lost.
Quebec . Tiie collier Storstad is Mexican commander had informed him
held to blame for the Empress of Ire- of the uprising and of the threat of
land dr-a-ter in the findings of the the mutineers to attack the American
wreck commission, handed down. The lines. If an attack should be made it
commission holds that the disaster w as i would not be regarded as "an attack
due to tiie Storstad's change of course under orders" because of Huerta's no
ordered by the third officer without , tification.
instructions from the first officer who , Man Held for Ransom Killed,
was in charge of the collier at the yera Qru2 Delay in tne payment of
' a ransom of 1,000,000 pesos has result-
The Empress was sunk in the
Lawrence on May li!) with a loss
more than one thousand lives.
Surplus Continues to Grow.
Washington. Income and corpora
tion tax receipts for the first ten days
of July airgreirated SD.lUO.lOvSU and
raised the receipts from that source
for the fiscal year to $76,626,204.98.
The estimate of Secretary McAdoo
was that the total incorporation tax
collections would be only $70, 000,000.
ed in the execution by Zapatistas of
Juan Velasco, manager of a cotton
manufacturing concern, who was tak
en prisoner near Atlixco, state of Pueb
la. according to Velasco's brother, who
left Vera Cruz to obtain his release,
but returned from his unsuccessful
Comptroller of Currency Testifies Be
fore Investigation Committee.
Washington. John Skelton Williams,
comptroller of the currency, told a
special senate committee he had never
had any financial interest in the gold
mine at Gold Hill, N. C, the promo
tion of which, through use of senate
stationery, is being investigated by the
committee. The comptroller said that
; Walter G. Newman, who promoted the
finine hard work in a bent or stoop- mine, had offered him some stock,
Timber Lands Owned by Few.
Washington. Concentration of tim
ber lands in the United States in the
hands of a few owners is diseased at
length in the second and third parts
of the report of the bureau of corpo
rations on the lumber industry,
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unlit si
dmoarrassmq Moment.
ne moments when a man
iier be anywhere than where
Rain Grasshoppers in New York.
Gloversville, N. V. Grasshoppers in
constantly increasing numbers are in
festing Fulton county. A constant
rain of the hoppers is falling on the
main street, and stores are filled with
them. First noticed four days ago.
they have become so numerous that
farmers fear there soon will be not
a blade of grass left. The state agri
cultural department has been petition
ed for aid.
Yes, Wake Up!
See Things!
A $20,000 a year efficiency engineer would turn this old town inside out
and may be it wouldn't be as good as it is now at that
But he'd do things.
We must get a bump on. buckle down to the Job of booming, get our
united shoulders to the wbeel and push.
If we do it with a punch we'll succeed better than a dozen efficiency en
gineers We can do these things:
Start a live improvement organization.
Clean up our town fifty-two weeks in the year.
Spend our money here and cut out seductive mail order temptations.
Patronize the parcel post
Work for a new station or a new park or some other definite town Im
provement Invite our friends here and boost and talk and write about the borne place
til the time.
Get a Move On!
Laredo, Texas. The Constitutional
ists are unlikely to accept the offer
of the Niagara mediators for a con
ference with representatives of Gen
eral Huerta, to arrange a provisional
government in Mexico. This an
nouncement, coming from unquestion
ed sources, reached the border here.
It was declared by arrivals here that
the generals of the Constitutionalist
army to whom the question was sub
mitted for advice by General Carran
za had, with the exception of the
generals of Obregon's division who
have not yet had time to report, very
strongly opposed any such conference.
Carranza Promises Peace.
General Carranza, it is said, lxas
given assurances that if the Tampico
gateway is opened and he can ob
tain through that port arms and am
munition and supplies, he will take
Mexico City within a very short time,
establishing peace on a firm basis un
der military rule until it is possible
to hold a fair election.
Wilson Supports the Appointment of
Jones and Warburg.
Washington. Declaring it would be
unfair to regard the Democratic party
as the enemy of big or little business,
President Wilson has given out a
statement in support of Paul War
burg of New York and Thomas D.
Jones of Chicago, his nominees for the
federal reserve board.
"It would be particularly unfair to
the Democratic party and to the sn
ate itself to regard it as the enemy of
business, big or little. I am sure that
it does not regard a man as an object
of suspicion merely because he has
been connected with great business
enterprises," said President Wilson
Waycross, Ga., Woman Found
Relief in Vinol.
Did you ever cough for a weekT
Then just think how distressing ii
must be. to have a cough hang on for
two years.
Mrs. D. A. McGee, Waycross, Ga.,
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two years, and felt tired all the tlma
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chitis at the same time building up
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Try a bottle of Vinol with the un
derstanding that your money will be
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PalatlU. Florida.
T.ike the case of the young man wbo
was Miking with an heiress wbo can
write i ln-. Us with five figures.
Wlm-li do mi c-mitidtT the most
ondii'-ivi' to tiappliieiM. Mr. Giggles-
worth, money ur beiiiityV" she asked.
What cmi ii In. say V
Tin- h'Mivss is as plnin as the law
f'Winits bti: t-s'S to he.
If t lie- veiling man said "beauty" the
Imly wniiW I..- iillVnilcd If he said
'ijcn.-y" -in- n i i --1 1 1 cuii-idcr It a pro
IiikmI. Thi-n he lal'i.'it
ilavitiL' n.i'li.T" he snlil. "I'd rath
,.r 1 1 , T be iit"ti-'l " - 'le elanil I'liiin
I leilliT
He Saw tie Joe.
hi-am rnlh tlad l'iiUm HlTlhist
t rhi' ;tiin nf ttifr- H-tiHrmaii
all- tin .ai'-e ofi ttii- lake
v. Iie'v In' had g""it an k i-n: h nli-k In
flu' Mile of his lioal "Allniist ariillnd."
fur the ling Nlinmn sat solemn mid si
lent About live minutes later, how
ever, be invoke with a roar of laughter,
anil when asked the trouble, replied:
"Well, wouldn't It be a corking good
Joke if that fisherman got a different
bout the next time he went out!"
New Bridge Definitely Decided Upon.
Early Action by Commissioners
Pensacola. At a recent meeting of
Florida Will Have Two Districts, With
Headquarters at Tampa and at
Washington, D. C The United
States customs headquarters tangle
I who t
the board or county commissioners oi ; ,n Florlda nas been golved anu the
Santa uosa county tne construction ui
a bridge connecting Escambia and
Santa Rosa counties was decided upon.
With this action a long standing mat
ter is brought to a close. Agitation
for a bridge between Santa Rosa and
Escambia counties over the Escam
bia river during the past two years
has resulted in nothing until this time.
Whenever the subject was put to the
voters, the vote was always adverse.
Salaries Are Boosted in Accordance
With the Receipts of Their Re
spective Postoffices.
Nitroglycerin Hauled in Auto Explodes
With Fearful Results.
Findlay, Ohio. Charles Armstrong
and P. H. Longabaugh, oil well shoot
ers, were Instantly killed by the ex
plosion of several hundred quarts of
nitroglycerin which they were taking
to Buckland to shoot an oil well. The
men were literally blown to atoms and
only a small piece of the axle of the
automobile in which the explosive was
being transported could be found.
Several houses nearby were wreck
efl and thousands of panes of glass
in the vicinity were broken.
Bill Provides New Federal Buildings
for Georgia and Florida.
Washington. Special appropriations
because of the Mexican crisis ngure
prominently in the general deficiency
bill reported to the house. It pro
vides a $25,000 emergency fund for
the state department; another 25,-
000 for movements of diplomatic and
consular officers under Secretary Bry
an's orders, and $5,000 for returning
home bodies of officers and enlisted
men of the American forces on Mexi
can soil. For the Mexican prisoners
along the border $170,000 will be ap
propriated. Other items included the
Georgia Canton, postoffice site, $o,-
000; Dawson, site and commencement
of postoffice, $5,000; Douglas, site and
commencement of postoffice, $5,000;
Forsyth, postoffice site, $5,000; San
dersville, postoffice site, $5,000;
Waynesboro, postoffice site, $5,000;
West Point, Ga. (including Lanet,
Ala.), site and commencement of
postoffice, $10,000.
Florida DcFuniak Springs, postof
fice site $5,000; Key West, postoffice,
court house and customs house site,
$70,000; Kissimmee, postoffice site,
$6,000; Sanford, site and commence
ment of postoffice, $7,500.
Ulsterites Prepare to Resist Horn
Rule Government.
London. Predictions by the Union
ist press that the last few days would
see developments in the Ulster situa
tion have not been fulfilled. Sir Ed
ward Carson, Ulster Unionist leader,
arrived at Belfast, and was accorded
a reception of a military character,
after which the provisional govern
ment held Its first formal meeting
and passed a series of resolutions, au
thorizing the executive to take steps
to enforce Ulster's opposition to home
lution calling for the erection of a
bridge across the Escambia and Black
water. Now that Santa Rosa has de
cided to build a bridge, it is expected
that the Escambia commissioners will
order the construction of a bridge
across the Escambia, possibly at Fer
ry Paiis.
Would Have Mad No Difference.
When the baby is suffering the dou-
requested to let the bill with the new
" ' , , . , , , I UIVMOIUU IIIOCI ICU Bu ""WBU ' " '
Sir F.dward Cook in his "Life of Die amicuon oi not weatner ana dow- , when Jg rted t0 that body trom
Flora e Nightingale" tells a story of e!? senate. By creating two districts
a wounded soldier who picked up an- feverish condition, corrects the J and placing headquarters in both of
other wounded soldier and stumbled gtomach and checks looseness of the : the contending cities it is hoped by
back into camp with him. bowels Price 25c and 50c per bottle, the members of the senate committee
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gem-ral. nn less, and when he went to , i and DOtn cities will have been satis-
see his rescuer in nospjtai tne latter , g Petersburg.-The Pinellas coun-1 Red.
Tallahassee. There is a pleasing
smile on the faces of a number of post-
nooiora in FlrtHHn for word has been
United States senate committee has , recelved from Washington, D. C, that
adopted a change in the bill, which haye beeQ accorded an increase
would move the present headquarters ; Jn their suries However, there is
from Jacksonville back to Tampa, and , Qne tmaster who did not fare so
if the bill goes through the house as j . , , d)d not receive.
an increase but one hundred dollars
was clipped from his present salary.
The readjustments were based on post
office receipts.
Among the postmasters who will re
ceive an increase in their pay are:
Tampa, which was raised from $3,500
to $3,600; Bradentown from $,100 to
$2,300; St. Petersburg from $A800 to
$3,000; Fort Myers from $2,300 to $2,
400; Wauchula from $2,000 to $2,400;
Daytona from $2,500 to $2,600, and
Tallahassee from $2,600 to $2,700. The
salary of the postmaster at St. Au
gustine was decreased from $3,100 to
amended, there will be a customs
headquarters located at both Tampa
and Jacksonville.
What is believed by Its author as a
partial solution of the problem is a
he Inserted in the sundry
The commissioners adopted a reso- clv appropriatlon blll, now before the
senate appropriation committee, which
would divide the state of Florida into
two districts and a headquarters be
placed at both Tampa and Jackson
ville. Key West and Pensacola will be
assigned to the Jacksonville district,
according to the new' provision.
The leaders of the house have been
St Petersburg. The Pinellas coun-
tv hnnrri nf traAm 1a now a rilllv find
"I n, clad I didn t know It was your , incorporated body. President
h.in.ir Hut if I d known It was you y Straub haT,ng Bppeared before
I d have saved you all the same!" clrcu,t Judg(J p ,n Tampa
and received from him the final de
Bad Ailment. ' cree t0 tnat end, and Peerless Pinellas
Young Author-I don't know what's once more adds to it fame for the
the mutter with me. doctor. I've Just newegt ul mot progressive tn Ideas
published my new book, and I thought and works, this organization being the
maybe the strain- Thyslrinn-I can ,,,, U kind in all Florida if
see. A bsd cane of new writis.-Bal not , .j, y,, country,
tlmore American.
Tallahassee. The Florida supreme
court has held the "blue sky law" reg
ulating the sale of stock in companies
to be constitutional. A test case was
made by C. H. Taylor of Jacksonville,
who was refused a permit by the
comptrollers to sell stock of a certain
company Id this state which had not
complied with the stringent provisions
of the law.
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Circumstances and Cases,
The Clubmnn Circumstance alter
cases, yon know. The Lawyer-Tea.
and I few good case would materially
alter my circumstances. Boston Transcript.
Loving hearts art Ilka poor folks-
they ar contented with whatever la
given to them. Swetcblne.
Fire at Tuscumaia.
Birmingham, Ala. Fire originating
In a tailoring establishment at Tus
cumbia, a small town in northern
Alabama, destroyed three blocks of
buildings and entailed a loss estimated
at $60,000. Seven store rooms with
several offices were included in the
Washington. Items included in the
general deficiency bill follows: Flori
da DeFuniak Spri'ags, postoffice site
$5,000; Key West, postoffice, court
house and customs house site, $70,000;
Kissimmee, postoffice site, $6,4)00; San
ford, site and commencement of post
office, $7,500.
Investigation Is Completed.
Washington. Committee investiga
tion into use of senate stationery in
promotion of a mine at Gold Hill, N
C, practically has completed their
work. George Walter Newman, pro
moter of the mine, and John Skelton
Williams, comptroller of the currency,
again were before the committee, am
plifying points In their previous testimony.
Crop Damaged by Hail.
Charlotte, N. C Reports coming in
from the country districts show last
night's storm to have been severe in
many places
Wllliston. At the municipal elec
tion held recently, Hon. R. L. Waff
was elected mayor over the praeent
incumbent, Dr. J. N. Red.lick, by ten
Battleship Nevada LaumtJ,
Quincy, Mass. The battleship w
Vada, sister ship to the new Oklaho
ma, was launched here. Secretary Dan
iels of the navy department and Tas
ker L. Oddie, governor of Nevada,
were among the distinguished guests
present at the ceremonies.
Britain's Interest In Canal Denied.
London. A flat denial that Great
Britain had brought pressure on the
United States in connection with Pan
ama tolls was made at the banquet
of the American Society by Lord
Walks in Sleep Killed.
Washington. Col. Frank L. Denny,
retired, of the marine corps, was al
most instantly killed when he fell
over a balastrade in his home to the
floor below. The report to the police
said he was walking in his sleep.
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Ulster Volunteers Called Home.
London. A special dispatch from
Cairo, Egypt, says the Anglo-Egyptian
members of the Ulster volunteers have
received cablegrams calling them
back to Ulster.
War on Rats in Mobile.
Mobile, Ala. Surgeon General Ru
pert Blue of the United States public
health and marine hospital service,
win come to Mobile in a snort ume
to plan a rat survey of the river front
and city. In answer to an invitation
extended by the local health authorities.
Another Victim of Plague.
New Orleans. Another death from
the bubonic plague was announced by
the public health service officers, mak
ing a total of four cases

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