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- - i SUMMER HAVEN'. I ., , , . - ,u. u - , , , , .1 j. 11 wm 1 l
Get Your Membership In This
Glub Now Save One-Fouth
TOMORROW we open our final and last Refrigerator
Club of this year. Our opening Club was taken
up within a few days, and we made many new and
pleased customers by giving them the opportunity to
get any refrigerator in our stock at the low CASH
PRICE payable upon the Club Terms of One Dollar
Per Week.
We now have about twenty high grade refriger
ators left which we wish to clear out of our stock
quickly, and in order to do so, we have again reduced
the prices lower than ever, and will no doubt fill this
Club of twenty very quickly.
If you have need for a refrigerator, do not let this oppor
tunity to get one at a very distinct saving, and upon the easiest of
terms, pass you. Your selection is delivered immediately upon
the payment of only $1.00 and there is no interest. You simply
pay the agreed price of the refrigerator.
Furniture, Stoves, Ranges. Refrigerators
companied with some young people
from Crescent City, went to Mt. Roy
al and Fort Gates Thursday.
Miss Claire H. Bray, who has been
visiting Miss Charlotte Gutteridge at
fort Orange for two weeks, reurned
Miss Miriam Skilton who has been
the guest of Mrs. Annie Robinson,
has returned to her home at DeLand.
-TnVr T-T ht rvi t v wlm Vi-ics Virion cnanit.
inn- thn wept at st Ainmst.infi. has home Thursday.
returned to his home. I Many people are glad to learn of
Mrs. W. L. Gable and son Willie, the capture of Ezra Johnson, murder
have gone to Mt. Vernon, N. Y., where ; er of Isaac Williams, which occurred
they will spend some weeks visiting I" ..J,1?13 vicinity a year ago last April,
relatives and friends. Williams wife met Johnson on the
t.i- r.r i... -r t. m.. street in Tampa, she notified the po.
Kennedy went to Tampa and brought
a recent visitor in town,
Mr. and Mrs. Dearborn, who have
been at Maitland, are occupying their
home here for a short time.
Services were held at the M. E.
Church Sunday morning. We were
pleased to see some of our Pomona
neighbors present. Mrs. E. P. Hughes
led the Epworth League meeting in
the evening.
Numerous croquet parties are be
ing enjoyed by our young people.
D. E. Dusenberry was a recent vis
itor at Palatka.
Mrs. E. F. Sullivan autoed to Pa
latka this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sills and little
son, Joe, returned last week from
Fellsmere, Fla., where they have
been on a visit for two weeks.
Mrs. Chas. Sikes was shopping in
Palatka on Friday.
Miss Ruth Bray returned home last
Johnson to Palatka.
A number of our people attended
service at Satsuma Sunday evening.
When you yawn a good deal in the
daytime, feel dull, achy and want to
stretch frequently it is an unmistak
able symptom of malaria, and unless
you do something at once you are
booked for a spell of chills. HER
IilNE is a chill medicine that will pre
vent or cure the disease. It drives
out the impurities on which the mala
rial germ thrives, strengthens the
liver and cleanses the bowels. Price
50c. Sold by Ackerman-Stevvart Drug
Mrs. R. E. Padeett and daughter.
Nettie Lillian of HallandaJe, stopped
in Grandin for a brief visit on their
way home from Frostproof, where
they have been staying with rela
tives. W. P. Green of Jacksonville was In
town for a few days this week.
After a pleasant visit with rela
tives in West Florida, G. L. Tucker
returned home on Wednesday.
The V. I. A. had a call meeting-
Capt. Wm. M. Mijler and family of
Crescent City are fn the Bryant cot
tage for, the rest of the season. Car..
Miller came all the way from Cres
cent City in his launch, the Regul,
and Mrs. Miller and the children came
as far as St. Augustine with Mr.
Midiileton in his touring c;.r.
E. T. Clark of Crescent City spent
the week end with friends at- bum
mer Haven. This was Mr. Clark's
first visit to our attractive little re
sort and he expressed himself as very
much pleased with the place.
The old fisherman, Pierce Redick,
who is a "landmark" of this plane,
caught a small octopus, or devilfish,
recently, ihis is the second devilfish
ever seen here, and while it was quite
a curiosity it was not given a very
hearty welcome.
The entire community was shocked
and grieved to learn of the death of
T. D. Evans of Palatka. Mr. Esfans
and his family spent last summer at
Summer Haven and made many sin
cere friends while here.
George Miller of Crescent City is
at the Bryant place again after a
brief visit to his mother.
Benj. I. Gay has returned to Pa
latka; he has spent his entire vaca
tion at the Bryant place and does not
seem at all enthusiastic about leav
ing. Col. G. T. Graham has decided to
take his family back to Crescent Cily
and they are planning to leave on the
Mr. and Mrs. Clester Middleton of The members of Lagonda Camp
Crescent City are stopping at the ; Fjre gave, on Wednesday afternoo.i,
Bryant place. They came as far as a "Welcome Home" dinner at the
St. Augustine in their automobile. I home of the Guardian, in honor of
L. F. Jackson has returned to his Misses Alice Bradstreet, Clarine Fr
Palatka home, but his friends are ser nd Ethel Gillett The tooth-
looking forward to having him re-: some viands for the feast were all
turn in September lor tne pass nsn- preparea oy tne gins memseives. me
qnp I long kauie, Willi liS snuwy nttueiy, umu
i 1 . : u:u:..p
Sheriff Perry of St. Augustine ""
spent a while at Summer Haven iast ti i""11""' y,lw j Til J 1
Monday. . J nresented a very pretty picture. The.
Two boatloads ot at. Augustine ,ace cardg( desi d and executed by
people spent last Sunday at the south one of the c were decorated with
End. Capt. Crowder's cottages are handpainted butterflies, lightly poised
very popular with these week-end and dded an ajry Krace to the table
parties. i The dinner, like all Lagonda Camp
Mr- nnrl Mrs. Robt. Mills and Will, Ti "jlnin'a" nt a thnrfillD'hlv fn-
spent Sunday at their cottage on the j0yable affair.
beach. Owing to illness in the fam- j Misses Alice Bradstreet and Ach
ily Mr. and Mrs. Mills will not open gah Moteg were hostesses at a chicken
their cottage this season, out win .au Friday evening at the hall,
come down every Sunday in their GameSj nlusic and dancjnf, were the
launch. - i order of the evening, and later on, by
Thn Kriof hlnw of Thursday drove tha rlnncino- Hirht. of a hnnfirfl. the ni-
away the mosquitoes and brought the iau was enjoyed.
fish into tne river, ior wmcu ! ; Rev. S. J. Townsend was absent
pie of Summer Haven are duly thank- Sundav. having gone to Oka-
ful- . . humnka.
Miss Ruby Dupont has returned to Jameg Davjs t(Jok advantaKe of tna
her home after a very Pleasa" VISlt CXCUrsion to Tampa this week, and Is
with her aunt, Mrs. J. M. Bryant. enjoyjn a mucn needed vacation
The young people were entertained by rlen(is in that city.
Mrs. Bryant in nonor 01 m .., 7
Dairy Cows on a Pjitnam County Farm.
Bassett and Pulled Pathos
from Houl Davis;
Nerve-a Neiw.ch to Knock
recrnsiue to Filbbuster.
Ganas of Hun
at the Currie
i.. i,afn hr. rlpnartiire. 1 Mr. ana Mrs. w. n. torn are visu-
on u.e '" V;-- - ing relatives in Baldwin this week.
Maior W. 0. Vertrees has been very .,,.. t
busv durmg the past week with his , Miss Winifred Wyl.e is now m Pa
" nt brush; and as the result of his latka, where she has accepted a tern-
labors Jessica has a dainty new cress w .
of red and white, which is very be- Mr. and Mrs. J. F
mmin? to her dark beauty. Who Is ington, were guests
Jessica? Well, the only definite an- home last week.
swer we can give is come and see. , Misses Clara and Helen Lamoree of
Major Burton's friends are pleased Chicago, with their parents, have just
to see that he is feeling well enough terminated a delightful two weeks'
to be at his old fishing grounds on the visit at Mariners Lake, where they
point, where he always makes things were guests of Mrs. Sherman,
lively for the yellowtails and quite Rev yV. y. Bethea enjoyed a brief
often catches a good string of sheep- hut very mucn appreciated visit from
head. his mother and brotner over sunuay
repair by the grantees herein 1st their
expense, provided that the minimum
! charge shall not be more than one
&PI1WFR FRMCHIflFi Section 7. The grantee shall not be
I UIILIl I "'W"'Lvequired to furnish electricity oras
. : for light or power to any consume
That drew Eluqueiice trom,who shall refuse to comply with any
i reasonaoie ruies ana regulations
I adopted by the said company and
approved by tne City Council of the
huy of Palatka, for the conduct of
Its business.
i Section 8. The grantee shaH at all
' times be subject to the City ordinances
now in existence and which may be
The Palatka News publishes below hereafter passed relative to the use,
the light- and power franchise which ; of the streets in the City of Palatka
is just now occupying the center of i and said grantees and their agents
the carpet in Palatka. The ordinance I and employes shall be under the
was presented and had its first read- same police regulations and liable to
ing by a vote of 10 to 4. The News j tne same fine and imprisonment as
publishes the ordinance as a matter i other persons violating the ordinances
of news. The ordinance will come up ' of the City of Palatka.
for its second reading (at which time Section 9. Said grantees shall in
lt can be amended) at the meeting 1 demnify against and assume all lia
of the council on Tuesday night, the bility for any and all damages that
lth inst. may be suffered by said City to its
An Ordinance. property, or to which said City may
Granting To The Palatka Gas Light becorae ufhle in any manner for dam
& Fuel Company, its Successors agf to the person or property of
and Assigns Certain Rights, Fran- Mhera on account of or through the
chise and Privileges: carelessness or negligence of said
BE IT ORDAINED,' By the Mayor grantees, their officers, employes,
and City Council of the City of Pa-: agents or servants, or on account of
latka, rlorida: I tn.e failure of said grantees to comply
Section 1. That the Palatka Ga ' " utuuiwice ui win uijr
Mrs. Emory Green returned to her
Light & Fuel Company, a Florida
Corporation, its successors and as
signs, hereinafter called the Gran
tees, is hereby given and granted a
Franchise, Right, Privilege and Au
thority to construct, own, operate
and maintain, in the City of Palatka,
Florida, a plant or plants, for the
manufacture, sale and distribution of
Electricity, Gas and other illuminants
or products for light, power, fuel, and
the said Grantees, are hereby author
ized and empowered to lay such mains,
fiipes and fixtures, under the streets,
anes, alleys, sidewalks, and bridges
of said City, and to erect all necessary
poles, lamp-posts, wires and appli
ances, for the transmission of elec
tricity and power, along, through, over
Thursday evening. The pp. are ' ; Ue Monda - after a
anxious to get busy and keep buy " Jav sit with relatives. Miss
calnTathlng W0''th Wh'le 18 Lelta will prolong her stay -for a eon-
State Oollege For Women.
The Florida State College for Wo
men, advertisement of which appears
aVIiss xtutn rsray returned nome ia m another coIumn offers Literary and
week from Crescent City where she s ipnt;fil, ronrses. Courses for Teach-
has been visiting the past month. prg and Home-makers, Courses in Mu-
Mr. and Mrs. John r ink, and Mr. ! s;c. Art and Expression such as are
offered in the best colleges and Uni
versities in the country. The equip
ment is first class, and the location ex
cellent. The campus is one of the
and Mrs. Sills and son Joe, were vis
itors at Mt. Royal Thursday after
noon. Mrs. Julien de Nazarie and little
daughter. Florence, spent Sunday in ; hichest elevations in Florida and is
Palatka. j therefore unusually healthful. There
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Paine returned is no longer any need for a young wo-
home in their car from Jacksonville man to leave riona in oruer iu st
Mrs. Sipprell and Mrs. Gilland of
Florahome were in Grandin, Thurs
day. The Misses Ina Rogers, Essie and
Irene Wall and Mr. Bill Weathersbee
of Putnam Hall, were in Grandin
Friday, enjoving the ice cream served
by Mrs. T. B. Green.
Jim Strickland, turpentine man of
Georgia, was in town this week.
Grandin has been well represented
in the county seat this week. Pa
latka has great atractions for our
people, and we are glad we are still
in Putnam county.
Messrs. Crowell and Wells return
ed to Palatka Saturday after a few I
days with E. W. Watkins.
Fred. Green and Sylvester Johnson
have gone camping. Warm summer
days make camp life the most attrac-
e just now.
i f ,iToo .-o sneni iner tne time u
the homes of W. M. Williams and W.
ty, and Ivan iionannon were visitors
to Palatka on Saturday.
The Sunday school at Providence
' li-ch was well attended on Sunday.
S. Middleton. 1 The prayer meeting on bunciay mgnt
Mrs C. I. Rogers, Miss Marjorle was aiso well attended. It was con
P.ogers, Miss C. H. Eccles and Mrs. ducted by H. Pruitte.
C. A. Smith all attended services at; Ben Pruitte and wife visited at the
the Welaka Episcopal church Sunday. j1Qme of L Bohannon on Sunday.
Miss C. H. Eccles has sold net; w J. McRae was a visitor to Pa
driving horse to Alec
W elaka
rodder pulling is aDout compieieu. : nH ra ch 5trpta. lsmo m.
J. G. Minton and sister, Miss Nan- , .idowalks and hrido-es nf said
sold her
tfashtora oi ... nn ir.,a.,
Ivan Bohannon is getting out shin-
W. S. Middleton left luesday morn-1 es tQ cover his hf)Use
iwir in his car lor tiortense, uu., '"';,., . . .
a few days visit. Enjoying the trip ! Ben Pruitte and wife were in Pa
tith him are his three childm., latka Monday on a shopping expedl
ririo Voator and Aline, iuiss riui-uuii.
ence Williams, and R. C. Middleton ot
Crescent City.
Mr and Mrs. C. H. Pipplar lose1
their home Tuesday for a two months
vacation trip; Mrs Piplar going to
visit relatives in South B orida and
Mr Piplar to North Carolina for a
well-earned vacation
J. E. Manning was a visitor to Pa
latka on Tuesday.
R. F. Link has been ill, but is able
to be out again.
which he ex-
Saturday, where
month of July,
they spent the
Misses Louise and Ruth Bray ac- i an's college.
cure a first class college or profess
ional education in a first class wo-
offers unparalleled advantages in many departments :
THK (iKAHUATE HC'Hl iO..-L'ouiVh KaillliK to the dearies Musters ol Arts
TH ""'oi.l'.r'liK OK 1.1 II K II At. ARTS. Htniuliirds the Mime as those of lenillns
women's I'dl'eues of t he eounlry. ,
(II K THAI II K Ks' l 'i il. 1. 1 ,i 1'i'eetienl trill nlnt' under exeellent instruetors.
sneeesvful t aeiiitm mIuihiiI.
THK SCIlonl, i"K Ml HK'.-l.lU'ne fneulty of artists.
tut.' si'Hool. nK FINK AU'l'H.- one o t Hi lending artists In ehnrue.
THK HCIIool. OK llnrsKHOI.il Kl'ONOM ICS.- Ketuliireours.'. Fine tenehers.
me dormitories under careful ninnimement. s-imrnte nymimsiuin. Hue ten-
l Is courts. Nenrliy fiiellitles for wluiiulm' mid lioatim,'.
Send for ratnlo-'ile
and Announceiiieius
John D. Stetson University km, Kill A
Mrs. George Black had a painful ! pects to spend in the beautiful moun
accident last week. She mistook car- j tain country, hoping to regain n.b
bolic acid for eve water and severely : health.
burned her eye lid with the acid. Walton and Will Tucker who have
Mrs. A. M. Padgett has sold her been doing some work in Palatka have
home in Grandin. The sale was made , returned home.
hv P. .1. Recks of Palatka. I II IT Hnves was in Seville on bus:-
C. A. Lellardy was in Grandin 1 iness Tuesday and W ednesday.
Mondav, doing survey work for Mrs. w E. Hobbs has been on the sic.
Padgett. j list for the past week, but is now
R. L. Seigler was a business visitor somewn it improved,
to Pnl.-itka Tupsdav. Miss C. 11. Eccles made
Leve Wall has returned home af
iter n hri,f nntinp".
t ..... i. :n i .. t, Pulntka Tuesday
rieniy or rain yt-i iveie iui iuu. . - , Vv'ilii.,ms ear
tV,.,l.flo or. th fro,.s We have some work (lone on the Vv iliam car
the frog-chorus with us
luve. " ---- r;t..
soel .Nisoul ot iresceni. -.'..i
,n for a few days vit with
business trips to raiuia
i C. A. Smitn and ijcianu
early and which recently nao a eouis.u..
O. E. ; pine tree.
I I Mrs. N
; The Twenty Year Test. j ;s jn tow
"Some twenty years ago I used 'datives. p;,.ann tak;ng
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di- I . ViprplroeVtThTs ati' "
arrhoea Remedy," writes Geo. . t . U. 1 ipiar h pi..i
: Brock, publisher of the Enterprise,! Charlie Williams le.t luesdo jot
Aberdeen. Md. "I discovered that it , Birmingham, Ala., alter a long isii
was a quick and safe cure for diarr-1 with relatives,
hoea. Since then no one can sen me
R. G. Browning spent the week-end
with his wife and little daughter at
St. Augustine.
Miss Stella Yelvington is spending
the week in Hastings the guest ot her
cousin, Miss Edith Benedict.
Mrs. J. A. Helms returned Sunday
from Brundige, Ala., her little niece,
Oline Hightower, accompanied her
On Thursday night this week r.n
ice cream and cake festival will be
held in the new building being erect
ed by J. K. Phillips at the corner of
Railroad ave. and Orange street, for
the benefit of the East Palatka base
ball club.
lity for the period of thirty years
ircm the passage ot this ordinance,
provided however, that said grantee
within thirty days irom the passage
of this ordinance, shall file with the
City Clerk, its written acceptance ot
this ordinance.
Section 2. All poles used by the
grantees shall be neat and symetricul
and the location of poles and wires
within the City limits and the main
tenance of same shall be under the
supervision of the City Council and
in accordance with its instructions,
and grantees shall replace and prop
erly repair any sidewalks, pavements
or streets that may be disturbed by
arantees, at its own expense, and up
cn the failure of the grantees so to
do after ten days notice in writing
shall have been given by the Mayor
or City Clerk of the City, to said
grantees, the City may repair such
portions of the sidewalk, pavement or
street that may have been disturbed
by said grantees, and collect the cost
so incurred from the grantees.
Section 3. The rates charged in
- City of Palatka for commercial
electric lighting shall not be more
than twelve cents per killowat meter
measurement, provided that if pay
ment is made on or before the tentn
of the next succeeding month of ser
vice, a reduction of two cents per
killowat shall be made: meters to be
furnished and kept in repair by the
tirantees herein at their expense, pro
filed that the minimum charge shall
be not more than one dollar and fif
ty cents per month.
Section 4. The rates charged in
the City of Palatka for electric motor
service' shall not be more than the
following rates: Per month, meter
Mrs. I.. II. Vrooman spent Sunday
with relatives in New Smyrna.
Miss Nellie Yause spent Sunday injor less, nine cents per killowat, all in
her hrotner laimaire. excess w i'"1""
tive to the use of its streets.
Section 10. The said grantees shall
within nine months from date of this
ordinance, so enalrge, extend, improve
and equip its electric light plant in
the City of Palatka, that it will then
be capable of furnishing all electric
light and power required under the
terms of this ordinance that may be
necessary to" then supply the demand
and requirement of the business and
people of the City of Palatka then at-
tached, and from time to time shall
so continue to improve and extend
said plant as to meet the growing de
mand of the business and people of
the City of Palatka, so that said plant
shall at all times be capable ot pro
viding ample and sufficient electricity,
light and power for the (Jity of Pa
latka: and the said grantees shall
within the said nine months begin the
operation of said electric plant and
shall thereafter operate the same on
a twenty-four hour per day schedule,
and continue so to operate the same
day and night, thereby giving a con
tinuous electric current for all neces
sary purposes during the life of this
Section 11. The said grantees shall
provide and keep in repair Dne cross
m on each pole when requested by
the City Council, for the free use of
the City of Palatka in operating a
police or fire alarm system or botn
and shall also provide and equip the
power plant of the grantees herein
with a fire alarm whistle, and shall
upon notice by the City or its authori
ties, cause to be blown fire alarms
upon said fire alarm whistle indicat
ing the ward within -which a fire may
Section 12. The City of Palatka
give and grant the franchises, rights,
and privileges herein set forth, re
serving the right and requiring the
grantees as a condition precedent to
the taking effect of this grant to give
and grant to the City of Palatka the
right and privilege at the periods of
ten, twenty and thirty years from
the passage of this ordinance to pur
chase said plant or plants used un
der and in connection with the fran
chise and rights hereby granted in ac
cordance with the laws of the state
of Florida, at a valuation of the
property real and personal which val
uation shall be fixed by arbitration
as may be provided by law, provided,
however, that should the City elect xo
purchase at the ten or twenty year
period, the grantees shall have three
months notice of such intention on the
anvthin? said to be 'just as good.' Du
ring all these years I have used it and
recommended it many times, and it
has never disappointed anyone." For
sale by all dealers.
it i Mrs II. A. Perry,
Morrison and Miss Edith Krook mo
tored to Palatka Wednesday afternoon.
and sickly,
Plain or printed.
With hoops, no hoops
Square edge, rounded edge.
Direct from mill to packing house.
Either rail or river' transportation.
Buy direct from manufacturer and save
Excessive freight charges and middle
mans profit.
PALATKA CRATE GOMPaiaib, PalnamCo. Fb.
Linem n Naps on llij;h Pole
darts in tne sieep
and gnu s the teetn v. .me mh
" 1 e ...... A rpm-
Igll Ol ui - .
1 uuim
If vour child is
picks at the nose,
Palatka visiting
On Saturday afternoon our boys
will cross bats with a ball team from
Dupont and a very interesting game
is anticipated.
More rain, more grass, and we are
getting plenty of both in East Palat
ka now.
Excursion Yia Georgia Southern &
Florida Railway.
Atlanta, .Ci.50; Macon, $4.50; Val
dosta, i?-'.riO. On August 11th ex
cursion tickets will be sold for train
measurement, line nunored Kiiowats pan oi tne iiiy io no su.
. l.;il.,.n'. nil i Cnn.;n 12 ' 'ha co.H tD-antcc
in.llll l CTC.U p. 1 U 1. ....... J,
shall, whenever requested by the said
to three hundred and fifty killowat
eight cents per killowatt; all in excess
of three hundred and fifty kilowats,
up to eight hundred and fifty killo
wats, seven cents per killowat; all
ii excess of eight hundred and fifty
killowats, up to eighteen hundred and
fiftv killowats, five cents per killowat;
all in excess of eighteen hundred and
td'v kil'owiis. five cents per killowat;
City, extend its wires ana install
electric lights at such places within
he City of Palatka as the Baid City
may require, provided the said jrran
tees shall be paid for at least ona
light for every seven hundred and
fifty feet of extension.
Section 14. A substantial failure
on the part of the grantees herein to
comply with the terms ana provisions
nrnviiled that the said grantees shall of this ordinance shall work a forfeit-
rot be compelled to furnish electric ure thereof, provided, however, that
power to any motor consumer un
less than twenty two imuars prr yem
per rated horse power or motor as
ed ny tne sain gran-
shed and
s herein
r ,. ., ,;. .,., odv for these parasiu-s , .o. 1- leaving muni... '"" snail ne netermm
.iu- in. ,i .... ......1, CRKAM C.K.MII" (jut-.. ci. S. & F. Ry., to Atlanta, Valdos- tpe, Meeters to be furm
at IVmlli'ti ,. (no., caiisid a i-iiinmo- , t the worms, but ,., mi vacon at fares above men- kent in remr by the grantee
Hon wlirii .. fell iisliv at the tn: : ' tor0-, health and cheerfulness. 1ionei) Tickets to Atlanta will be at their expense
ot :i trlrt'N in pole. I'lissors-liy, sin- ... . ,,. hottlc. Sold by Acker- iim:.ed to leave that point not later. c,,,.tior, 5 The rates char
Druir Co. rban midniirht of August 10, 11)1 1, . tiie ptv 0f Palatka for electr
lying am ss ilu i-ross-urm, with
legs mid i ruts ihunJinu id lli" uir j
,1 1,1 lu l.M.l l., . n i -.i-riroeiitod. '
XVI..?. ..s.i.,.,, ,miw.l ii was fouud Panama-Pacilic exposition was
, I,,.., iniiwl tii ed here by a commission representing
llll' l li I"." ' .... 1 ,;),.
His belt LU that state. MH-iai .um "".
I (ions preceded t'..e dedication
l....vinir neon 11MU a. ill., .August, Ho-Vitinci nnrnoses
Florida Site Is Dedicated. ,-th Tickets to Macon and Valdosta , he following rate
San Francisco norma s sue at uib wi oe ijmlted to midingnt oi -vuj?-; . ehednle
ged m
ic street
shall not exceed
rates for an all night
dedicat- ust idth, Through coaches to Ma- of)0 C. P. Lights, $'2.00 per annum.
sleep hv
pro elt,
i ! e warm
il 1 U fullii
. niony.
Oiiii e id Ilk'riindii
Kennvrty KuiMiii:-;
e rh-i
, Ml. K-Utei.ded
idenc Phono 21!)
:U all hours.
Will cure your liheumatisiv
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps.
Colic, Sprains, i5r-jises, Cuts and
Burns. Old Sores, Klines of Insects:
Etc. Antiseptic Anodyne, used in
ternally and externally. Trice 25c
on and Atlanta will be operated irom
Palatka on train mentioned, ton
tickets and detailed information call
on nearest G. S. & V. agent or address
C. 1!. Rhodes, C.eneral Passenger
Agent, Macon, tla.
One on Solomon.
Perry Solomon himself
that, he was puz :lo i
n.un with a ma:, I.'
isM have 1 : u-
" ay
1 .
i':e war of
Pony Well,
I over the
: . w s-t ot
1500 C. P. Lights, Si n.liti per annum
100 C. P. Lights, S'J.i.dti per annum.
on r. P. T ip-hts, per annum.
1 C. P. Lights, $21.00 per tnnum.
40 C. P. Lights, ?20.00 per annum.
Section 6. The rates charged iv.
lhe Citv of rnlatka for gas shall not
ioed one dollar and seventv-five
rents per thousand cubic feet, meter
measurement, provided that if piv
rient is made on or before the tenth
or the next sueoeei'ina' month of ??
ice. a reduction of fifteen cents ner
(i-.misand cubic feet :haH le mni'e,
n'.'eters to be furnished and kept in
there shall be no forfeiture unless de
clared by the said City.
Section 15. That the written ac
centance of the provisions of this or
dinance by the grantees as herein
provided, shall be taken and constru
ed to be a surrender by said grantees
of all rights, privileges, franchises
and powefs granted to said jrrantees
rnder and by virtue of an ordinance
entitled, "An Ordinance to Gram
Certain Privileges to the Palatka Gas
Liuht & Fuel Company," passed in
cpen council October 20th, 1885, and
passed bv the council over the mayor's
veto, October 27th, 1885.
Section 10. All ordinances and
parts of ordinances in conflict with
thn provisions of this ordinance be,
and the same are hereby repealed.
More Ethereal.
Lorers may quarrel, but they qnan.
rel about such delightful topics
tsses: and not about house rent or
he m i e 1. meat.
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it jS"!. .."i v x ;
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