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H. 0. Hamm made a business trip
to Kissimmee this week.
Miss .lonita O'Haver is visiting at
the home of Dr. S. H. Elitch, at
Blitchton, Marion county.
The Hawthorne Herald is taking a
three months' vacation because of
lack of business sufficient to keep the
proprietors cheerful. j
Cheap thinirs never pay. Cheap
school buildings, like cheap clothintr. i
shoes a-ul cheap materials in bridges ;
and roads, never pay in the end. j
Capt. Gustav Rader of Artesia-on-1
the .Tnh-is is putting in an electric j
light plant and will soon have his 1
house, barn, garage and boat house
lighted with light and power wrung
from the skies.
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Toage have
gone to Gainesville, Ga., for a vaca-;
tion nf a month, and during Septem-'
Tier there will be no regular Sunday
preaching services at St. James Meth.
odist Eniscnpal churcli. On Sunday j
the !"'h i"st... however, Rev. D'
Pmi'h Hardin, the presiding elder will ,
officiate, j
Tim Hastings Journal, commenting
on The Palatka News' story about
the recent increase of tolls on tv.e
county bridges, an increase which
the commissioners afterwards cut to
the r"i"ir!il r-tes. sar: "Pv far the
mn-'m-itv of trade th:'t goes awav
'mm Hatings, gno to Palatka and it
lias worked a hardship on the people
of this town and county to have to
tviv the h'gh tolls ni-evailmg at the
Palatka bridge. However the ac
tion of the countv commissioners
would lead one to believe that relief
is now in si"-ht. cither vedncin" the
tolls to n minimum or eliminate them
! Mrs. Chas. H. Sieg spent Wednes
day in Jacksonville.-
The man with a depraved taste is
now eating alligator pears.
Cornelius Carman has gone to New
York to buy his fall goods.
C. J. O'Haver has recently sold his
: orange grove at Keuka to l'rof. J. N.
Overhultz of that place.
I John A. Crosby, lord mayor of San
Mateo, has returned to his summer
I villa at Highland, N. C.
Davis Lane has returned for his
second year in Davidson Collegle, I
North Carolina. One of the brightest
of our coming professional men.
! on,) Mrs S .T Rnrstow. ubn '
have been spending several weeks at i
Asheviile, N. C, were expected Home
j esterday.
Mrs. R. J. Adams returned Tues
day night from a most enjoyable trip
to her old home, Madison, Ga. She
also visited at Lithonia and Stone
W. G. Tilghamn came over from his
summer cottage on Anastasia Island,
to witness the marriage of his neph
ew, Mr. John Q. Tilghman, on Wed
nesday. Mrs. R. F. Ar.dams, who has been
spending several weeks at Asheviile,
I N. C, left that city last Wednesday
jr Hot Springs, where she will spend
ne time with her sister, Mrs. L.
Eaton, of Crescent City, who has been
' making her home for the summer at
that famous resort.
! James J. Hennessy, the gentleman
who recently applied for an undertak
er for The New South Farm & Home
Company, and its president, the very
much alive Chas. H. Sieg, is now liv
ing in Jacksonville, where he is em
ployed as the double-entry bookkeep
er for an undertaker. "Lives of great
, men all remind us, we can make our
Jives sublime;", that is to say, if any
sublimity at all is connected with an
I undertaking establishment.
The regular Sunday services at St.
Marks will be resumed next Sunday.
Miss Hattie N. Buky returned home
Monday from a three weeks' trip to
Asheviile, Hendersonville and other
mountain resorts in North Carolina.
Mrs. A. B. Torrey of Crescent City,
president of the woman's club at that
place, was a visitor in Palatka on
The season of hilarity is over; the
business houses of Palatka have re
sumed their Thursday afternoon traae
. ven over for the summer to base
ball and other recreations.
"A Soldier of Fortune" c magnifi
cent 8-reel motion picture, drew an
unprecedented audience at the Kalb-.
' M Grand on Wednesday night.
Kalbfield has other good pictures for
every night in the coming week.
Miss Mvrtle Conrad, the accom
plished daughter of Senator Conrad
of Volusia county, and who but re
cently returned from Europe, has
been the guest this week of Mrs. Ed
ward Gerber. Miss Conrad's home
is in Glenwood.
The Saratoga Hotel has been well
filled with transient guests for the
past three weeks and on several oc
casion during that time every room
has been taken. The Saratoga is
' growing more and more in favor with
the commercial men who are making
' it headquarters when in Palatka. Mr.
' Mrs. H. J. Goldsmith are among
the ideal caterers of the State.
The colored schools of the city
; opened on Monday with exercises at
i Mt. Tabor Baptist church. There
! was an extended program and ad
! dresses were made by the colored
! ministers of the city, Prof. J. A.
S Lockette, the new principal, Prof. G.
II. Bell of the St. Augustine colored
industrial institute, Prof. P. II. Rolfs
of the. agricultural experiment sta
tion, Gainesville, and Howell A. Da
vis chairman of the local school
' board.
YE still find we have many odd lots that we wish to
close out, and for this reason shall continue to
make it to your special interest to make your pur
chases now.
Our big new Fall and Winter stock is beginning
to arrive and we shall need all the room we have.
POiHTTO , j v
i i i ' 1 I
.iil 1
5c Counter
On this counter you will
find floods worth from 7 to
12 l-'-'c per yard. W h i te
Cambric. Blue Chambry,
Fancy Dress Gin "hams,
White Madras, Fast Apron
Checks and assorted Prints.
10c Counter
Fancy White Goods, plain
White Flaxons, Fancy Ging
hams and 36 in. Curtain
Scrim, anyone of which is
worth much more than we
are offering them for.
I2c Counter
White and Fancy White
Flaxon, White Crepes, assort
ed Checked Dimity, Kimona
Crepes, etc., and which sell
for from 19c to 25c yard.
19c Counter
Here we have to clean up
quite a variety of goods in
Poplins, Ratines, Wash Silks,
Swisses, Voiles. Crepes, etc.
worth from 25c up. On all
our tables we offer the
choicest bargains.
Our five and ten cent Lace
and Embroidery Counters
are loaded with many rare
bargains. Now is the time
to lay in your future needs.
i 1 I ;l
! -M
63 inch heavy Mercerized
Table Linen, 50c value Q7ln
14 yds. good Bleached 1 fl ft
Cotton I BUU
81x90Pepperell QMn
Sheets (jU
42 x 36 good Pillow -J ftp
Cases Uu
Berkley Coronet Cam- 1 ftn
brie lUb
Lonsdale and Berkley 1 Qp
Camlric Lj
See Our Special 10c
Worth double what we ask.
"We are still offering many
seasonable goods at a big re
duction in our ready-towear-department.
Linen Coat Suits at half price.
Little Boys' Suits at 45c, 59c, 75c
and $1.15. Worth nearly double.
A big lot of Girl's Gingham School
Dresses at sacrifice prices. They are
just right for school wear.
One lot of Ladies' Dresses at $1.45.
worth from $2.45 to $2.95, regular.
One lot of Ladies' Dresses at $2.95 ;
worth from $3.95 to $5.95 regular
You should not miss these great bar
gains. Our SHOE DEPARTMENT is clean
ing up on odd sizes at a big reduction.
Ask to see some of them.
T ...... ...... . .1 : TDTTXTVC
- icu yci vein., uiauuill Ull livuniw
AND SUIT CASES a few more days.
Hon. S. J.- Hilburn motored over
to Daytona Beach for a week end vis
it and was a guest at the Seaside
Mrs. J. E. Lucas has returned from
a pleasant stay at Daytona Beach.
Miss Nellie Lucas is the guest of her
aunt, Mrs. W. A. Merryday, at Sea
breeze. Rev. and Mrs. William Wyllie re
turned Wednesday night from New
York, whither Mrs. Wyllie and the
children have been spending the sum
mer and Mr. Wyllie the month of
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rowton have
returned from their honeymoon trip
down the east coast, and their friends
who are many made their arrival in
teresting in order to make up for any
seeming, lack of interest in their de
parture. Big reception on Monday
night. Ice cream, cake and conversa
tion, followed by a parade. Every
body happy.
W. P. Bogart, the contractor, has
been engaged to remodel the tower
of the First Baptist cliureh. The
tower pointed heavenwai fl. alright,
but Mr. ' Bogart was called in to set
it and make sure against any possi
ble wabbling. The fact that Mr. Bo
tart is a Methodist didn't seem to
make any difference with the trus
tees of Pastor Cason's church.
j Dr. Joseph Y. Porter, State Health
officer, spent Tuesday in the city and
was much of his time in the company
of Dr. E. W. Warren and President
V. J. Fearnside. of the State Board of
Health. Dr. Torter is one of the most
famous of American Health officers,
due largely to his successful handling
of yellow fever and other emdemk's.
He is an autocrat in office, but as ex
pressed by the people of Florida, "he
gets thar'just the same."
L. C. Stephens who for several
years past has been catering to the
household wants of the people from a
small store in the west end, has had
his grocery enlarged to meet the de
mands of his growing business. Mr.
Stephens is one of the most energetic
grocers in all Florida; if he hasn't
what vou want he gets it ouick. But
h- eeiierallv has every thing that a
well-regulated family desires and
knowing this the people are trading
with him more and more. Since Mr.
Stephens quit fooling with politics lie
Ins made the wants of his customers
his first care: hence the need of his
enlarged quarters.
There was a called meeting of the
board of countv commmissioners on
Monday. The meeting had been call
ed to 'raise the assessment on the
banks, which have a eood deal of
money, and it was thought ouite prop
er to 'make 'em couch up a little more
toward county exnenses. R. J. Pat
terson and John Neal, members of tha
State Tax Commission were present;
so were Gus Willard of the Putnam
National. Richard-is-himself-aeain
ciams f the East Florida Savings &
Trut Co., J. H. Millican and H. M.
Fearnsido of the State Bank of Palat
ka and Marvin H. PWton of the Bank
of Ci-pscent City. The matter was
(one into and resulted in an admis
sion bv the State Tax Commissioners
th?t rutnnm countv banks were al
verHv assessed, all that was really
p,.o?arv in order to keep 'em from
Tttin"- anp-ry. Their assessments
were therefore not raised.
rihe body of Wm. W. Judge, a resi
dent of the Orange Mills district, was
discovered Tuesday afternoon lying
in tlie bottom of a drifting row boat
a few miles down the river .from Fa-
h'lka The discovery was mane ny
Mr D. C Town send. The man ha 3
ev:dmtlv been dead but a fe.v houif.
"he sheriff's! o''ice wa no .fied and
:-h":ft Kennerlv with County Judge
Haskell and a iurv of citizenr, compos
ed of W. S. Miller, D. C. Townsend,
J R Bailpy. R. L. Becks, C. A Claw
son, and B." B. Dancy, Sr., after view
ing the body rendered a verdict of
death from natural causes. The re
turned over to undertak
ers Moonev & Davis, where they were
held a time awaiting information from
his relatives. Mr. Judce was a man
in middle life and spent much ot nis
time in hunting and fishine. He
had lived about Oranee Mills about
five years and was well liked ny me
people thereabouts. On the mornintr
of his ileatn ne was seen huuul
o'clock moving up the river. He
came from New hnglancl. out nine
in known of him other than that he
had an income sufficient for his needs.
There is hone for the bald-headed.
John Mallen, the well-known caterer
of soft drinks at the foot of Lemon
street and whose place of business is
a popular stopping place for men. Is
very proud ot tne new growm oi nair
which adorns the forefront of his
apex. Asked as to how he brought
it (the hair) about at his time of life,
Mr. Mallem said: "Eets great discov.
My friend from Pomona, hees dog get
seek and whisker corns off hees hide.
He know not what do. Suddenly a
frien from Mexco where ze hairless
dogs reside tell me what he do to
hees dogs. He get heem a bot of ze
Mange cure for dog and rub hees
hide hard. Ze damm stuff, eet steenk
like reformed skunk, but he persee
vere and rub him good.. Next day
ze dog geet bettair he no scratch
so much. By end of week dog was
chasing cats and when doog lay on
porch at night and wag place where
hees tail otto grow and smile up at
heem so pleasant, my friend go
ovair and pat hees head and back,
something steek to hees hand and he
look good an clos. Sure enough fine
crop whiskers coming out all over
that dog. Well my Pomona frien
said he try disa mange cure on hees
dog and hees hair eet all come back,
too. If mange cure is good bring
hair on dog, why not man? Ah! 1
have heem! I try eet; you see re
sult. Mans tell me I mak mon by
dees discoveree, but I say no: I gecv
it to the worl'. Too damn small
wanta make mon off poor 6cr lose
hair. Not for me I tell barbaire
and now shop up Lemon street use
mange cure on all hees patients for
loss of whiskers on head.
YH ETHER you intend spending it on
the mountains or where the salt breezes
blow, your trip requires special preparation
in the matter of wearables the copl kind.
You can always get your supply at our store.
We can truthfully say that we are established
clothiers to Palat a's good dressers. You
will probably need something in the line of
Cool Summer Serges, Palm Beach Suits, Soft Silk
' Hats, Caps, Cool Negligee Shirts that let in the
breezes, the celebrated Wilson Underwear, Holeproof
Hosiery, comfortable Summer Shoes, Bathing Suits.
Let us outfit you for the vacation days.
M S.
Clothing Outfitter for Particular Men.
New Dock Improvements.
Wants City to Open Street.
WANTED By a live wire, posi
tion in most any line of business so
n . , t... ... t.t. i. 1-i null ill 1UU3I. any tine ui uuiiiiic;a si
J. C. McCoy of the Palatka fish! Alderman Bern. I. Gay brought up!tw T Wato in Pnlntka. at. nr
house has purchased a 48 foot front- the matter of the city s acquiring the : cnt am employed and have retained
age on the river next to the Beach & street opening to the Clyde dock at j present position for more than
Miller dock. This property was pur- , the meeting of the city council on , twelve s witn success Willing to
chased of the Merryday . Bros. Seen j Tuesday night. It will be remember-j , all interest should owner so dj-
UUUUl LUI3 IIU1I.I.C1 mi. linuy oaiu cu niai. cuiiiciniiifc u'v. c H ! sire
would immediately begin the erection the council ordered that condemna-1 j,-ja
sire. Address. Box 723-Pensacoia,
of a new dock and fish house on the j tion proceedings be instituted for tne
site. The fish house will be pattern- possession of this property, now used
ed after the style of the new Clyde for street purpoes and for which an
Line warehouse," though of course not j annual rental is paid,
so large. It will be on a line with Mr. Gay wants the council to get a
the Clyde's dock and the Beach i!.: move on them and to put this street
Miller dock, and will be a grea; mi -provement
to Palatka's river front.
Steamer Crescent Again Running.
The steamer Crescent of the Beach
& Miller line which has been on the
ways at Jacksonville ror the past two
weeks undergoing repairs and an
overhauling, resumed its regular run
between Jacksonville, Palatka and
Crescent City yesterday. During its
stay in Jacksonville the boilers and
machinery of the Crescent were tho
roughly overhauled and the steamer
painted, something the management
sees to once each year.
From now on the Crescent will
make its regular trips leaving Palat
ka at 10 a.m. on Monday Wednesday
and Fridays for Jacksonville, and
leaving here every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 3:110 p.m. for Cres
cent City. This steamer is well
equipped for the comfort of passen
gers and being the only daylight
steamer plying between this city and
the points named has an offering of
a most enjoyable pleasure ride for
those who enjoy river trips.
It is undertood that the Beach x
Miller Line expects to enlarge and re
pair its docking and warehouse fa
cilities 111 tills cny lniineumici.v in ol
der to the better care for its larcre
and rapidly increasing Palatka
freight business.
Civil Service Examinations.
Wendell Beasley of the Palatka
po-toffiee, local secretary in the U. S.
Civil Service, has furnished the fol
lowing list of vacancies to be filled
in the postal service, eligible to men,
and for which competitive examina
tions are tobe held during Septem
ber, as follows:
Sept. 8th, Expert radio aid, salary
$10 per diem, tc fill vacancy at Ra
dio Station, Radio, Va.
Junior special chemist, salary
$1,800 per annum, to fill vacancy in
the bureau of chemistry at Washing
ton, and other vacancies as they may
September 9th Clerk Panama Ca
nal service: eligi'oles from this exam
ination vill be o.npointed for service
in the Panama Canal zone; it is es
pecially desired to secure applicants
who are qualified as bookkeepers.
Junior engineer draftsman, salary
$1,800 to $2,100 per annum.
Library cataloguer, for both men
and women, salary $720 to $1,000 per
annum, to fill vacancies at Washing
ton, D. C.
September lfith, Statistical editor,
salary $1,200 to $l,40o per annum, to
fill vacancy in the Children's Bureau,
Department of Laoor, Washington,
and other vacancies as they may oc
cur. Expert radio aid, to fill vacan
cies in the Navy Yards at Boston,
Mass., Philadelphia, Pa., Norfolk, Va.,
and Charleston, S. C. District In
spector Migratory Bird Law.
September 21st, Assistant superin
tendent of construction salary $100
per month, vacancy at Fort Leaven
worth, Kansas..
For further particulars parties may
nnnly to Mr. Beasley at the Palatka
in repair and otherwise improve be
fore the winter travel begins, it is
certainly an eye-sore in its present
"What are the issues of the cam
paign?" "Wall, we havan't issued
anything yet,
but a loud call for
Announces a Grand
Clean-up Sale -of all
Summer Millinery
For the next Thirty
During which time
every thing will go
See our big line of Misses
and Childrens Hosiery;
25 cent quality now go
ing at 10 cents the pnir.
Our big line of
Embroideries are
included in this
30 day half price
Usefulness is greatness; there is
none other. Rev. Charles R. Brown.
at the Saratoga Hotel is
now open for the Season.
Large pool with Dressing
Rooms. Splendid way to
refresh body and mind after
a hpt day. Adults 25 cents,
including new suits and
towels; Children 10 cents.
I. JAC0BS0N. Proprietor.
We are paying the closest
attention to quality, although
our prices are lower than the
so called cut price stores. If
you want the highest grade
groceries at low prices it will
pay you to examine our very
complete stock of the very
best brands to be had at any
price and we will give you
prices that will surprise you.
The increase in the volume of
our business is good; evidence
that we are giving best values.
SPECIALTIES Fine Butt.r, high
grade Canned Goods, belt
Coffees, Cane Syrup in
new cypress barrels,
Fresh Fruit and
Phone 84
Corner Kirby and Morriss Streets
Old Newspapers
For Sale at News Office.
Palatka Automobile 8 Supply Co.
The Photographer in Your To ten
Commercial and View Work.
Machinery and Mill Suppiles
Plumbing and Tinning
Marine and Stationery Engines

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