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FRIDAY, MAY 14,' 19 5
THpPil ATK aNf immolation on the altr of war revive petent selling agency, reserving to the
" ALAlKAlHWa the carcasses of past slain g nera- j grower the fullest individual action
and Advertiser. , tions. i in handling his own affairs."
w . , . . , A. , The great Austrian population of I 1 :
Entered at the Palatka postofBce as . . . ., . , . .
Bailable matter of the second class. Trieste and the neighboring provinces! DIVIMTY 0F KINGS.
' Published at Palatka. Florida, on atone for the wro,nSs Austria inflict-
Fridays by
$1.C0 Per Year in Advance
117 South Second St. Phone 195.
Wm. A. RUSSELL. Editor.
A British coronor's jury has found
that the sinking by a German sub
marine of the Cunarder, Lusitania,
lust Friday with its more than twelve
hundred human lives, "was an ap
palling crime committed contrary to
international law and the conventions
of all civilized nations;" it also
charees that "the officers of said
sub-marine and the emperor and gov
ernment of Germany, under whose or
ders they acted, are guilty of whole
sale murder before the tribunal of
the civilized world."
This does not over-state the case.
It was the appalling crime of the
century, thus far. The great majori
ty, of lives lost were of non-combatants,
men, women and children.
Their slaughter was without effort"
at rescue, and was contrary to in
ternational law in times of peace.
But these are times Of war, and
international law and the convention
do not seem to play a very conspicu
ous part in this war. In fact inter
national law seems to have been
more honored in the breach than in
ed on past Italian peoples.
cumbent, in which event he will prob
ably succeed in landing it. McRae
is a politician of the machine order,
and the people are fast getting on to
his curves.
Editor J. H. Reese of the Orlando
Reporter-Star spent a day or two in
As a nation, from our president
down, we are trying desperately to
m ... . .. . wm.nm nantral o nrf in thlC rtnrfirinYl
ine neutrality or Italy does ner "" V"""" ".Tallahasse recntly, on the principle,
credit. Having escaped so far from Iff would-be neutrality, it is interest- s he .g "
it. 1 mi liner t rpnd t.hft rnmmfinta of a neu-' 0
paruapauun m me norrioie piaue, m - , away from one's own bal w ck for a
sne would oe hard pressed to discover f"""' , . . r time and get the point of view of
an excuse for "comine in at the sPain. on the kaiser and the German ... . . . .
death," or what she conceived to fie, M. The opening chapter of
tne deatn, tne Better to part the gar- " """. to Tajlahassee-
ments of the crucified victim. Indeed, i'Pw ' " ..u...u . h .
no one would believe a single one of
her excuses, excepting the one that
spelled lust
That Italy should be armed and
ready for self-defense in her present
juxtaposition to the raging conflict is
only prudent . But that her wise
statesmen and the apostle of peace
in the Vatican should have difficulty
in restraining her brutal, revengeful,
self-seeking, cowardly jingoists (ev
ery nation has them), attests anew
the horror of war's contagion. Less
is expected of the modern Greek, but
Italy, rich with talent and fresh
achievement, we'll weep for her when
she throws off the man and puts on
the brute.
The dispatches picture to us whole
populations of this neutral country,
safely a peace, frothing at the
mouth to kill, kill, kill! To slay and
to plunder, bah! what a beast man
is when he is a beast!
I had known him years before
as Prince Wilhelm, simple, unaf
fected, joyous. Then he became
crown prince, and I noted a
change. His manner became
more imperious, less spontaneous.
I felt that he was schooling him-
self, holding himself in check,
aware of the burden of coming
responsibilities, fearing, yet long
ing for, the golden irksomeness
of the imperial crown. Since he
has ascended the throne I have
never met him without realizing
that he is dominated by the be
lief that he is an instrument in
the hands of the " Almighty, di
vinely aoDointed to reign. As he
conferred orders and decorations
on the stream of men who hum
bly approached his throne at the
Ordenfest I could see from their
reverence, and from the look of
awe on trjir faces, that his man
ner, his regal pose, his glance,
had forced them to accept his
own belief in the maiesty and
righteousness of kingship.
has changed
He now says:
"The Davis -package bill is
about the most discussed piece of
legislation that has- passed this
session, and the views concern
. itig it are varying. But the li
quor men themselves have the
most correct view of the proba
ble effects of the measure. A
liquor man told me that the bill
would ruin his business. He
said he was paying $10,000 a
year rent and would have to
close up after October 1st He
doesn't think the package busi
iness will be sufficient to pay ex
penses. The profits of the drink
business, he says, are in the
sales across the bar; the pack
age business is not profitable."
Reasons of Politicians.
Our two representatives at Talla-
jhassee, Hon's Newton and Griffin
placed themselves squarely on rec
ord on the Davis bill, as they did on
I the submission act as favorable to
I both. Our Senator Donegan sup
ported the act to submit a prohibi-
. tion amendment to the people, but
The New Smyrna Breeze has just i was one of the eleven to vote against
celebrated its twenty-ninth birthday, I the Davis restrictive act.
eighteen of which have been passed I Politicians, as well as statesmen
At a meeting held on Saturday, under the able editorial management , act! .j vntp.
the observance by all the belligerent ; Ma' 1st. ne citrus fruit growers in 0f j. j. Birch. A fine, breezy news-j Senator Davis would not let the
nations. " jand about Leesburg formally with-1 paper and a credit to any town. j people say whether there should be
.i.- .u f n.,,- drew from the Honda Litrus tx- ? if1""' or. repuiauon, out
Savs Viscount Haldane: "A great he introduced and put through the
a great senate 8 Dlll tne like or which, in its
. uia Llvil una ucCl UC1UIC
f, ... .u. ,0.1. Citrus Growers' Association, which is democratic advance and
ine worm uiul on me ioui nmv . - . . ... , ti,. ""nv ruj
.u . -.r p;to affiliate with the Lake County moral advance will result from the t been heard of
around the British Isles, and that it Growers' Association, and is to take,".
... e ii. T7i;j.. r-: 'mnv
and we have them strictly fresh.
The City Cash Grocery
Opposite the Court House and 618 Lemon St.
C. H. PRICE, Proprietor
This may be, my lord;
.1 ii. t-1 . j - oil Yta inct. nc Vrtn sav.
u ...:.u ...u over Tne proceny oi ine norma v. i-, i - j
trus r-xenanee ana continue nanaiui"
this I On the other hand. Senator Don.
But ' gan voted for the bill to let the peo-
. -r-.. .1 i 1 ji: n-hnf wo ran t aft through our hearts, r hh;
destrov British commerce. ,uus a,.u conunue iinuiu.s - - . to have the ieejslnture decide. c;en.
Since th-t ti-iv Germ-n tub-ma-1 fruit of thst stion, or county, is why the delay in bringing on so ator Davis evidently believes in "lo-v-
- i.l-trlr ,.!. : VP5 1 and in a manner which it is hoped will , admirable and so profitable a war? ;cal government," and would not per
rincs nave oestrojed tent-nmo es- , . - mit tho nmnlo nf the "Stato tn
, . i hrni better nr ces. The marketing . - . . . I"'1 l. PPle . e.State to say
sets er.gageu in carrying coiaiiiiNiii'j ,
. (of the fruit of the new association
01 war- 1 i. - .l l j r t ti erican:
nn. T...;t.,; ioo,'o.i tvnr will be in the hands of Mr. R. P.
'- - wen, VilOURll scan-riy Su cu a? .. . . ,
munitions and other contraband u .c mothers and children in Europe . Senator Doneean evidently believes
.... . j n.. ablest men for this work in all Flori- . ...... ;. -enaior Lngtn etiaenu) oeuee
ireignt. n is presumeu in.ii. un-i i whose doorways are stained with in the whole people deciding the is
Teace has not yet been sent. Am- how the State should be governed.
ns have praved.' and praved i"1"- as a representative of the peo
tlaough scarcely so well as E fAealT;oceeded t0 Kvern with 1
many had information concerning the
nature of its cargo.
But the great body of passengers
felt secure in spite of German warn-
this greai
comp irt-
In an interview with the Leesburg '
Commercial of the Tth inst.
Burton says:
war. A good and
Scotch bishop used to
practical old ''ues of the State, but wouldn t turn
, .,.. Tt-. his hand to help regulate the whis-
Mr VU.M U.,.,Ut, J. traffi(, hjmse!f
verra little use to pray for rain when . Senator Johnson, raid to be the son
. . ... ... a i - I-or civ vpars a .irp narr nr me .1.- , 1 ... . . .. ..
ings. lhev reasoned tnat ims greai i r - - jine Dreaa oi ine ooav tnat is aeamst
ship with its water-tight comp irt- fruit in Lake Count-v ha3 been mar- A bill has passed the House of Rep-; the saloon and stands for prohibition.
. i,.i, ,.f keted through the Florida Citrus Ex-1 . .. ... -. i. isends out a loud screed explaining
ments was bomb-p oof. j heretofore the or.lv growers "Tf whlh' hecomes' and defending his vote against sub-
Some three weeks ago an English .cnange. neietoiore me oni growers prohibit negroes from practicing mining to the people
gentleman who had passed the winte? marketing organization m the fctate. Uw Florida It is said that in the! Senator Zim, disciple of the labor
in Putnam countv. started for New for five years the work of that ex-;case of a sjmilar ,aw in virpiniai !ing man, doesn't want the laboring
York, intending to sail about the mid- organization was constructive, j. contested before the PJ?" "w Hf b"
die of May for England
beir.g unconstitutional, that the court ! Funny business the wl.ole shoot
held the law valid on the ground that ;lnP match
. r 1 1 l - 1
he didn't think he was taking a big'atlon Fing no-je nae vn
risk, he replied: "No more than in "ected and equipped at Tavares. Eus-
from hare to Jack- . Lmatuia. and Leesourg. ijiese
four houses cost about tN),wu. iney
are down to the last minute in mod-
Their brands have
steadily gained ground with the trade
.v ,t;,. . n in. . HKuiuiy reierrea 10 tailor
u.c ..(.wv i"""" ; : ' Jordon. who wants the legislature
herer.t. WTiether the law is in tha abolished. Orlando Citizen.
interests of justice and right is anoth
er question.
starting on a trip
Xothintr more was said. To engr.ge
in an argument with a man holding ;ern equipment.
cnVi nnininnc is vnrs( than useless.
rerhaps he has changed his mind a unui pasi eaton nave oeen Glbert v. Leac.1, lor a long iime..of qualitJ... devoted to thfi- n-tresU
v tllij time , prontaoie to tne grower members un- ass0ciated with the editorial depart-iof jobbers and manufacturers of mill,
" Sub-mirires and bomb-dropping der t,le Pohc' of the exchange of ment of the Tampa Tribune, has tak- steam mine and machinery supplies,
airl and some of the .thdendi. more for these packs than en over the editorial management of P-W-J- TJlZTi.
vie used in thU European conflict Patks wouId brl,lS- At tha the Leesburg Commercial, and that tjde under the above headinp by E,
ore new in modern warfare, but all opening of the sixth seaon this poll- pEper of the Tth inst. makes its ap- mer Cra-ford, which we give in full
' .... ,-a...-t thmei Kvor..- .,,ir fV.A nrrtPr. Preat- Kal.w
u hnvo thpm and thev are'"-.' -'- .
all usino- them. Germany seems to were made to weet Pricei V10ted for :'' improved in appearance and mat-
t v 1 .1. 1 .. -... ... ,iess ciesiraoie pacss tnat were put xer. in laci iv is a u..
nave nan uiv itii - ,
out at mum less expense. tier mm urn iwmc.
This practise converted these mng-: to offer its congratulations to trie peo- for the Lnited States Senate. We
Engineering Authority Con
demns Brick Highways on
Sand Foundations as
"Least Economical
and Logical" for
the State.
A regular publicity propaganda is
maintained by the brick interests in
the various sections of Florida
where good roads sentiment is
strongest. Inspired newspaper ar
ticles stating the advantages of brick
for roads are so worded and carry
such an impression that in some in
stances' county commisioners have
been obliged to declare themselves
in favor of brick to save bond issues
from defeat.
Brick roads, however, are about
the least economical and the least
logical that counties and road dis
tricts in Florida can put down.
While from 50 to 75 per cent of the
brick block will last for years, the
original cost is high, and the nu
merous relayings make the upkeeps
very expensive. lhe idea of bond
ing practically to the limit to build
a few miles of nuad when knanv
miles are needed, and when the
greater mileage could be built of a
material which will last as long as
the brick and without the excessive
cost of maintenance, does not appeal
to the fiduciary sense of the practi
cal observer. Spending ?2 a square
yard on a pavement for county roads,
except those in the vicinity of the
largest cities in Ithe country, is
practically unheard of in any' other
Heavy Repairs Necessary.
When properly constructed these
roads last for two or three years
without much expense for repair or
maintenance. During that time.
nowever, the periodical torrential
rains of the region beating down on
.1 ..."
made that 3 1-2 miles of a 7-mile
stretch of r ad had to be taken up
and relaid before the end of the first
In the writer's judgment, brick has
no legitimate place on Florida coun
try roads t.t the present time; nor
will it have until the population of
the State is ten times what it is to
day. When the wonderful natural
resources of the State shall have
been developed; when its arable lands
shall be under full cultivation; when
its capacity for production and enter
tainment shall have reached half their
possibilities, perhaps a few main
roads of brick may be justifiable.
Until then they are expensive, inad
equate, and ruinous to the best inter
ests of Florida. Charles E. Foote,
in Engineering Record, New York.
Destroying Nature's. Barrier.
There are four kinds of barriers oi
divisions set up by nature upon the
face of the earth mountains, forests,
deserts, rivers. The first, the moun
tains, man cannot remove, but he can
and does go through them to save the
trouble and difficulty of going over
them. The second, the forests, he has
largely cleared away altogether. The
third, the deserts, he is beginning to
treat like the forests. The fourth, the
rivers, he is beginning to shift when It
suits his purpose and to regulate their
Bow at will.
Business Men For I". S. Senate.
Mill Supplies, a monthly journal; the brick, force quantities of water
Bfcising In Happiness.
Happiness, like mercy, is twice
blessed; it blesses those who are most
Intimately associated with it, and it
blesses all those who see it, hear it,
feel it, touch it, or breathe the sains
atmosphere. Kate Douglas Wiggin.
Letter Perfect.
Stage Manager "Remember, Bangs,
we are depending on your baby to
cry lustily in the third act Do you
think he'll do his part?" Actor Fa
ther "He ought to. He's been re
hearsing every night for months."
r ' ' i .,'- nineent packing houses into a lability pie of Leesburg on the advent of Mr. ;hope the report is true,
ro. non-comtams . , writer has often said that the
ermany served th: .... . , , .business men of this nation should
That the United States will do more
than to denounce Germany for its
inhuman slaughte
is not likely. Ge
government due notice of its purpose
to crush British trade in contraband
war materials. It served notice to
all nations whose people would take
pleasure trips under the British f.asr.
It warned them against such trips.
In spi'.e of this warning a great
many Americans have gone to thoir
death. They did r.ot realize the full
meaning of war.
'We are credibly informed that the
Honorable Perrv G. Wall, of Tanma.
P!r.i,lo ti.e kn nimilA . k..
The News wanU V"":' .""-,-' -"
through the sand filler into the sub
grade, gradually disintegrating and !
weakening it in spots, so that the sur-
face becomes wavy. Traffic inten-1
sifies this condition, until, if the road I
is to be kept in good condition, it I
becomes necessary to take up the
brick, prepare a new subgrade, andi
relay tW surface, all at an expense :
approximating 30 to 35 per cent of ;
the entire original cost cf the road. ;
In Seminole county the statement w,ts
Veen in this county with unwarranted, from from now on.
unprecedented condition, viz: that of
seeing speculators and othc-r operators
paying from the opening to the clos
ing of the season more money per
box for fruit out of the organization
than the associated growers could net
under the new poiicv practised by
the Exchange. This condition forced peace
iarouse themselves from the lethargic
- atntuoe tnev nave assumed through-
Editor Chris. O. Codrington of the ;out the political history of this co'un
DeLand News, as president of the try and help to place solid business
Florida Tress Association, sent a men in Congress.
. r, j . w-'. ' A large part of the woes ccm-
long telegram to President Wuson .plained of bythe peop,e of
on Monday, assuring h.m of the sup- try may be traced to the iniquitous
port of the association, whether it be legislation, or lack of proper laws,
... .... pn'nfina frm XV n Y i r ir n 1 i.
war. lhe loliowincr is tne '-"ft jv J?
The present combatants entered
the man-slaughter, their motives
wel! ;quiited with cloaks of hypocrisy
and their moral sense padaed with the throughout the State is due to a
lies of their red books, yellow papers. can?e ;n the management of the
white books, and blue papers. When Exchange which has placed its desti-
u.:. i it
many growers to request a release or terrain. if ... who have swarmed for decades about
the privilege of .selling to those who.1 caR honorably do so the United, the halls of Congress, to retire and
are wj Ii"r to buv at nnees much' in states snouic swj uui ui mis ,h" " 1" vium.c.
. . . . Tf -te . AnA . . i
excess oi those secured tnroush the trum. n c.i-ii ucma.iu? .,
8oujn. i"-' ' ' tauves. in steaa oi misrepr;enta
"This new policy of the Exchange! as a unit will uphold you in your.tives. as they have often learned
whicA has proven so disastrous and ; tryir.gr position.'
islation in Congress that will redound
to the vastly increasing commercial
interests of this country."
Almost any Kind
of Candy Tastes Cood.
Smiti s
Candy or Chocolates
ARE COOD, and more
than that, they are
"The people of this nation should
tC f nmi, run the government through represen-
Tne Pres of Florida XsxXs. in st(?ad of mreprenta.
widespread dissatisfaction j
when it was too late to remedy the
mistake. Thev never will eet a
Gov. Trammell has vetoed a bill square deal until the lawyers and spe-
givir.g Duval county additional judges '"' 'nfM S" nl out
and creating an additional circuit who v. ti, n,,!;.;.-,
We recommend every reader to take
only SSlL.bCXD
The Palatka News
( Published Every Friday) FOR ONE YEAR
Italy enters, as she probacy will, ... ; r.f ivu,;
;t m.;n ha tvitVnv fro 'ip on ',.pr lins. ' " v j Clay counties.
..... .... r.erl wjiue purjK.ses are wi uuiwno
unforced, gratuitous, seeking revenge ,reaj;v ,;0 no.
composed of Putnam, St. Johns and tige and there are only a few hundred
The bill was opposed out of thousands that Lave graced
and spoils, frank, nude.
da citrus fruits. This condition
... majority of the Putnam 1"'" h0":3 Vtn tnel' pres"
t know marketing Flori-, , . i v tence in the last fifty years, who can
cou:u ir wr jjriscij uc rc .-lpolnt wlth pride to an unbiemjiej po.
K,. flrt- Tnmmol in hie 1;,',1 1 .U:i .1
sv:w pi.vii ....,,.... ... -.ui.iiai mvm, :ti.e iiiej ere pre-
,:...i;rc, ... ..veto tr.e additional expense oi ran irfmrni a roierani con-
m.hci.i., organization which has brought about . ... . t. . titupnrv.
.1,;, r,f ol'-.Cinse nn narad of . .u. v.. a... . to state and lacs oi neea. ruu- . ... . A ,
viu...o v. -- t :io lacLicti.s in u,e wftiu, uuc w a , .,, . . 1110 la u uuamws vuuni-ry ana we
self-rightK.us necessity. Italy be-1 t MuKder in the corporation of r,am mT I- a J bnsiiMW men at Washington to
lievimr her neighbor. Austria, to be ,v pw;,i r;, r,,),. -hi,u the oId ElPhth C,rcult- Plded mr represent the commercial interests of
There wnl be no cheap re.ation oi traoeabie to internal discord in
Teutonic aggression, no
Exchange, which
prostrate, wnl. if she enters the war, niade tbe persons incorporating and
simply pick the pockets of the slain !those whom they might .select from
on yesterday's battlefield. xime to time for their associates the
It is true that Trieste and the Ad-;norida Citrus Exchange. This gave
riatic littoral were long since wrested ;an opening for political intrigue.
by Judge James T. Wills, withal one
of the ablest men on the Southern
Two or three of the big fertilizer
companies who do business
from her by force. Two wrongs; .in La County the volume of, State and who tried to put one over
do not make a right; but two wrongs fruit passing through the association , Capt R. E. Rose, Florida's efficient
will ensure a third wrong. The bouses during the season 1914-15 has j State Chemist, by trying to get a
crime that Britain committed against 'nt been sufficient to hold the pack- bill through the legislature abolish-
the French on the Plains of Abraham, ,mgj charges down to a sufficiently low jing the elective feature of that office,
and in the Arcadian Valley of Novaievej to justify operating them an- have evidently given it up as a bad
other season under the Exchange
policy of putting this fruit into com
petition on an equal basis with ooorer
fruit not nearly so well handled.
"A contract under which they are
New generations cannot by self-.organizing gives assurances of a corn-
Scotia cannot now be righted.
The crime that the United States
committed against Mexico in Texas
cannot be corrected by another oit-
job. Capt. Rose will be a candi
date for the place again, and not for
Commissioner of Agriculture as some
supposed. It is understood 'hat Sen
ator Igou will contest for the Com-
' missionership with the present in-
this great nation. We are the com
mercially supreme nation of tie world
and it behooves the people of this
country to place business men at the
head of the affairs of this nation so
that tt-A mv fnrra nhoail nr. A
in the : '"I 1Z."T' 6 K
seem possible to this fortum.te placed
"Mr. Wall is a highly educated bisi
ness man who has not only been very
successful in building his own busi
ness, but has also always found am
ple time to aid in hundreds of. way;
the upbuilding of his native state and
especially the section in which he
lives. The great state of Florida has
an opportunity now to avail herself
of the services of a broad - minded
business man aftd be one of the first
states to inaigurate the movement tor
bettor and more conservativ leg-
r -Livv3Wr?. one
which comiili of these three
known magazines all
full year. Value of
macazines clone, Sl.OO.
Also any one McCail
Pattern FRT-E
40 biir aft fllN with cool
nutac to interval women md
m?n. Mi r r t n c
Siuria ai Aril-
. ag. KfcUf
worn. Children i
race istl rn iv n r
ate bis.
A WkoU Yr"i
Rssdiat far las
Wksls Fsxily
(ICS Ej fms-hibW HftVS0t . y
Tlw Jartiloa Aulhontr ofmw mn:i Ui.u r stliw
n.i.b j ii,.... ;. r..'" '"- :iniii
- bir HE" of h'?s b"me
ttidmg. Losf:oii.-cia.
wbolorotcsnd Id
spUiucty DoUii
tut'itui: Bro EJl
Wr!ilv Srodle-
fpurw to rorr
Uai;i -f .ns.4y.
TW. Cut H.mm
P..r t.j 3
Marsaass m n
iD. Iwu 1 ,inri,ui '
I '.' sTr Ev m.-ni .k . . . .
7.t nrsiuulcsra miai ' ' v. . n. -r inn, iw br

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