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FRIDAY, MAY 28, '1915.
The Palatka News
and Advertiser.
Entered at the Palatka postoffice as
Kailable matter of the second class.
Published at Palatka, Florida, on
Fridays by
I1.C0 Per Year in Advance
117 South Second St Phone 195.
Wm. A. RUSSELL. Editor.
The origin of the Hapsburg, the
royal house of Austria, is more won
derful than a romance. The founder
The St. Augustine Record confesses
that Representative John Wealey Da
vis of that county is not eloquent.
Possibly, however, it may admit .hat
he is picturesque.
'Xother good bill to pass the Sen
ate this week in the "Compulsory Ed
ucation" bill, despite the opposition of
Senator Johnson of Suwannee. This
is one of the most important meas
ures to be brought before the legis
lature this session, but it still needs
the endorsement of the House.
The census bureau has lissued
some official figures showing the ne
gro population in the United States.
Among the Florida counties credited
with having more negroes than whites
is Putnam. Well, what of it? We
our temperance societies (including
the W. C. T. U.), our very best peo
ple, profess to be tickled to death be
cause the legislature has enacted a
law that permits the people of Flori
da to drink all they want provided
they take it from the neck of a bot
tle. -' M VI '1 tf M. "if yi M Yl 1 Mf 06 jifc;
State Division Again
Leesburg Commercial: And here
comes Davis with another freak meas
ure. These Davies in the Legisla
ture are standing for about as many
freak measures as the HUlsborough.
delegation, but to the credit of the
. ... , i .:: i.
so goes the story, was Rudolph of i have work for 'em. And a working
Hapsburg, a young Swiss count,
poor and obscure. One day, while
riding in the chase, he came to a
stream beside which was a monk who
was in great distress at not being able
to cross over. He told the young
count that he had been summoned
to give the last sacraments to a dying
person, but was unable to perform
that duty. The count leaped from his
horse, helped the monk to the saddle,
who crossed the stream and hurried
to his destination. The next day the
monk sent the horse back with the
warmest thanks. "God forbid," said
the count, "that I should ever ride a
horse that has carried the Savior to a
dying man," and sent the horse to the
monk as a gift to the church. In
course of time the monk became chap
lain to the prince elector of Mentz.
A new emperor was to be chosen.
The monk persuaded his patron to
present the name of Count Rudolph
to the assembled electors, and the
poor count of Hapsburg was as
tounded one day to find that he had
been chosen to wear the crown of the
Holy Roman empire.
The Orlando Reporter-Star told
about the influence of a womr.n. It
was Mrs. James W. Perkins of De
Land. Judge Perkins had been im
portuned to enter the race lor gov
ernor, and when questioned by the
Reporter-Star, said:
"No; I've decided that I won't do
it. I would like to. I'll admit that;
the prospect is attractive, and if I
am ever to do it now's the time. On
the other hand it takes a lot of money,
and if I should lose and then some
other misfortune should overtake me,
I would be a whole lot worse off tlun
I am now. Then I asked mv wife
about it, and she said 'No, Jim; let's
stay at home.' That settled it. So
count me out of it."
Judge Perkins would have m."de one
of the strongest candidates yet named
for the office; his chances of winning
were the best possible. He had the
ambition. But Mrs. Perkins said:
"No, Jim; let's stay at home." And
that settled it.
negro is a source of wealth.
Senator Ion L. Farris of Duval
county, it is now said, will positively
be in the race for Governor
spring. Well, we always did say that
Farris must be reckoned with by the
astute politicians of Florida some
time, and next spring seems to be
about as good a time as any.
"Gainesville has been admitted to
the Georgia State League" of base
ball players, remarks the Gainesville
Sun. But why go into Georgia when
thev will soon be able to get games
with a Palatka home league team
that will be able to keep 'em a wor-
A Bit of Official History Does
the Trick Many Recol
lect. George W. Lansing has been em
ployed by the council committee on
ordinances to codify the ordinances of
the city to get them in shape so
that reference can easily be mr.de at
any time, and the status of any or
dinance can be determined. Mr.
Lansing is at work in a vacant room
in the Law Exchange building. The
other day he ran across an order pro
claiming the city under marshal law.
latter gentlemen, they keep within the I This arder was issued by Col. John
bounds of local measures for their
amusement and political thunder.
This Davis wants to divide the
paltry little million folks of Florida
into errand principalities, cutting the
-..f melon right through the heart. This
is xne .avi ui u wmi. womb ui
Jackson has the bug, too. They
would make a South Florida end a
West Florida, leaving the north and
east divisions, perhaps, to future gen
erations to slice out. South Florida
would take in Levy, Marion, Volusia
and all counties lying south of these.
A vaunt ve Da vises! Enough fool
Welcome back to the desk, Brother
Russell. Our friend Mr. Tillinghast
has done nobly and has shown a
neio-hborlv stiirit in "sitting in" for
erv! Get down to work and offer
some sane bills, or GO HOME!
The duke of the Abruzzi has a bet
ter chance now of becoming a hero
than he ever had of winning an Amer
ican bride named Katherine Elkins.
And now the dago has made war
on Austria r.nd Germany we wonder
will there be any diminution in the
supply of "da peanutta mans."
The Tampa Times has made a dis
covery. It says: "Ex-Gov. William S.
Jennings is always for cx-Gov. Wil
liam S. Jennings." It does take some
newspapers a long time to make a
The Genius of Elbert Hubbard
Orlando Reporter-Star: A great
deal of sentimental flubdub is being
written about Elbert Hubbard, w-ho
went down on the Lusitania. The
truth of history suffers when the
floodgates of slobbcrgush are thus
opened. Hubbard possessed the ar
tistic sense and temperament. He
was a genius, because he started
something new and kent it going; he
you on the Palatka News, but the ! entertained thousands and built up a
press of Florida may not have you kind of cult which he carefully nur-
' , , , , tured for the dollars and cents that
many decades longer and we do not were hi tm at Ect Au
care to miss your work while you can rora, Hubbard, like a footli-rM art
hold a pen. Leesburg Commercial, list, was pleasing in his appearance be-
-fore his public; in his private1 life
The sheriffs of Palm Beach and j and dealings he was different. There
Hillsborough counties have ! are those who must have their he-
,. , , ., . . f, j v,.. 'roes, however, and hubbard makes
washed by the state senate and haxe a'cceptabe ftind of hero. Thre is
emerged from the process almost if nnt mioti1er to take his place; he was
not quite as white as snow. iney.sui generis.
Original, to say (he Least
O.ala Star: Hobson thinks the
sinking of the I.usitania was the re
sult of a British plot to embroil the
United States with Germany. We re-
had been suspended from office by
Gov. Trammell for permitting gam
bling to go unpunished in their res
pective counties, and the governor
asked the senate to sustain him and
make the suspension permanent. The
people of the State generally believe
that Gov. Trammell knew what he
was doing, and that the examination
by the Senate was a farce.
T. Sprague, Commander of the Dis
trict of Florida, with headquarters at
bt. Augustine. It will be found in
the Records of the Town Council of
Palatka, May 8th, 1867, page 19, and
reads as follows:
"Headquarters District of Florida,
St. Augustine, Florida, April 20,
"Special Orders:
No. 37.
"The election for Mayor and Com
mon Council of the city of Palatka,
Fla., declared bv law to take place on
the third Monday in April 1867, is
hereby postponed until further orders.
The present Council will continue to
act in their official positions until
further instructed.
By command of Col. John T.
E. C. Woodruff. Brvt.. Major U .S.
A. and A. A. A. G."
At the time of this order Calvin
Gillis was mayor, and the councilmen
were James Burt, Nath. Moragne, Pe
ter Petermann and Hubbard L. Hart.
The latter also acted as clerk.
What bothers Mr. Lansing is the
fact that he can find no record coun
termanding the marshal law order in
the proceedings of the council through
the balance of that year, through
1868, and up to Feb. 23, 1869, when
the following record looking to a
change in the municipal government,
is recorded as a part of the council
proceedings :
Meeting of Council.
"Palatka, Fla., February 23, 1869.
"Calvin Gillis, Mayor .
"James Burt.
"Nath. Moragne.
"Peter Peterman, Councilmen.
'Hubbard L. Hart
for the BEST GROCERIES at the BEST
PRICES. Three stores, big stock, big busi
ness, all cash, consequently everything is
bought and sold on a close margin. FREE
auto delivery to places of reasonable dis
tance out of town.
MAIN STORE, 407 Lemon St.
Opposite Court House
Phone 318.
cial newspaper published in the town
of Palatka, and in the said county
and state, a notice of which' the fol
lowing is a copy, to-wit:
"All persons who are registered
voters residing within the limits here
in stated are required to assemble at
the Court House, in the Town of Pa
latka, between the hours of 8 o'clock
in the forenoon and sunset on Sat
urday the 7th day of August 1869,
then and there to select officers and
organize a municipal government
Voters are required to endorse on
their ticket, "For qr Against" a cor
porate name and seal as per notice.
"Proposed Corporate Limits and
"Beginning at a point on the St.
Johns river about 100 feet northerly
from the mouth of the Redwater
To be Made at a Mass Meet
ing in Palatka June
Through efforts and arrangements
made by Secretary Elliott of the Pa
latka board of trade, and in which
the Putnam county chamber of com
merce will co-operate, a mass meet
ing has been called, in this city for
Monday, June 14th, to consider Farm
Demonstration Work.
The meeting will be addressed by
Branch, which point is on a course Hon. C. K. McQuarrie, Florida Agent
North 45 deg; E 13 chains from the S ! of the U. S. Demonstration bureau.
W. line of the Palatka tract, thence He will urge the necessity of Putnam
running north 45 deg; W. chains j county taking up this work for which
paralel with the S. W. line of the I the Agricultural Department at
tract, and 13 chains distant therefrom, Washington pays a large proportion
thence at right angles, N. 45 deg; E. 'of the cost.
about 90 chains to the bank of the j Speaking of the coming meeting
river St. Johns, thence at right an-; Secretary Elliott saidi
pies into the river, S. 45 deg; E. 70 "The p'urpose of the coming meet
chains, thence at right angles S. 45:jncr will be to interest the people of
deg; W. 90 chains, thence North 45 1 Putnam countv and' show them the
..... . .. . , i.... r -... - .i.... . i. i . . i.- l i l : i
annroved. : ginning, being the denned boundary ! services of a Farm 'Demonstration
"Resolved That the Town cf Pa-j"1 lown oi raiaiKa, neretoiore agent located in rutnam county un-
Fret to say Hobson isn t the only dern-1 Iatka do re-organize its municipal established under charter. der the supervision of the Agrieultu-
phool who tmnKs so or says so. ine Urovernment under the provisions of beal engraved with I
neatest mistake Richmond Pearson
Hobson ever made was not to get him
self killed when he sunk the Merri-mac.
Perry G. Wall, business man and Compulsory Education.
politician of Tampa and an avowed! Muiberrv Herald: If the !egi;da
candidate for U. S. Senator, made a UUre fails to pass that compulsory cd
masterful address to the graduating ueational measure, the constituencies
class of the Hillsborough high school!" the various counties of the state
, , . , . ,. i i n-u t -i ! should remind the individual mem
last Friday night, which The Tnbun3 ;be.s of thfi kMrislature that they were
of that city prints in full. It waslyQj.g than remiss in their duties,
a patriotic address and one which we The time for action by every citizen
wish everv school boy in Florida could jf Florida is now letters, telegrams
, ,',,-,,. 4 v u.. i land the public press should show
read. -Mr. wall is going to oe nearci , . , , ... ...
all over Florida next spring and if
his addresses to the vpters are on par
with this one to the future voters of
Hillsborough county, don't be surpris
ed if he comes in first under the wire
in the senatorial race.
It may be set down as an axiom
that as a rule so-called "labor laws"
are generally ineffective in lightening
burdens labor may be unjustly car
rving. Not that labor laws are not
the state are unanimous in this de
sire for a law compelling the attend
ance of children at school. Do your
part today; tomorrow never comes.
Two States AVhcre One Grew
Before .
Suwannee Democrat: Representa
tive Davis, of St. Johns, on Saturday
introduced in the House a bill for the
division of the state, by a line run
nine to the north of Marion. Lew
and Volusia counties. The fight will
necessary, it is well ;o nave on tne be led by iiavis or t. jonns and na
statuto linnVs m-nhibit inn nf inhuman vis. of Jackson. This state division
practices, of unsanitary conditions, of
Ex-President Roosevelt has been
acquitted. He was not charged with
an assault on San Juan hill, tais time:
he was simply sued for libel in the
sum of ?."iO.OH0, by one of his old re
publican associates.
"William Jennings Bryan has given
Cousin Sherman Jennings a State De'
part men t appointment Commission
er to Paraguay. Tampa Tribune.
Put this is only a temporary loss to
Florida; Paraguay is not a cannibal
processes and customs tnai are a men-
ice to good health. But their prin
ciple use is in their educational effect
attractive to us. e like it; there
are not half enough offices to go
around, r.nd there are only half
enough state capitals. With two states
where only one crew before, the
l. T 1 i, . . if
government under the provisions or c,cul sla,eu uaiance, anujrai department ana iree irom pou-
nn act amendatory to an act to pro-1 corporate name, as ionows: tics and local tactions,
vide for the creation of corporations j "Palatka, Putnam ( County, Town "The salary of such an agent is
and to prescribe their general pow?rs Council, Incorporated." principally paid by the U. S. Govern
r.nd liabilities, and that the t-aid Town I "0n the 7th day of August 18(19, ment, and the counties are responsible
does hereby volutarily surrender its j between the hours of 8 o'clock of the for just enough to assure some inter
charter and privileges bv an organi- forenoon and sunset of the afternoon, est and appreciation in the work of
i . ., , ,1, rn-f Tl,.,... ; ,u T., f , , ... . ,
zation unaer saia law, ana mat -inc i" -"! j"u..c m mc juu ui greater crops anu oeuer siock.
Mavor of Palatka order an election j Palatka, County of Putnam, and State J "The creed of such an agent is,
on Mondav the 29th of March next, of Florida, the number of 55 qualified Preparation, Cultivation, Co-opera-for
the following officers viz: onee,ectors were present, (being more tion and Realization of and from the
Mavor. six Aldermen, one Marshal, tha!1 two-thirds of the qualified elec-!Soil, and this creed is taught in a
one Clerk and Treasurer combined, trs f sal town, and then and there, practical way by the countv agent,
and that said Mayor appoint three ;"ld ,ect the corporate name, "Town j "In each community the formers,
Inspectors of said election. Theelec-of Palatka," and the seal hereunto truckers and gardeners are requested
tion to be held at the Court House ;n:attached for the proposed municipal!- to co-operate in their efforts, and sne
the town of Palatka, between the ty aforesaid, and adopt the metes cial dates are arranged for meetings,
hours of eight A. M., on the twenty-!and bounds, mentioned in said notice when the instructor, or agent gives a
ninth dav ot March ,A. u. ISO. and ilur, "le iei"r.ai unins oi saia iown, talk on the best methods to pursue:
sunset of the same day
"Calvin Gillis, Mavor.
"J. Burt,
"H. h. Hart,
"N. H. Moragne,
"Peter Peterman, Council
H. L. Hart, Clerk
ana at tne time and place aforesaid, ; first, to ascertain to what the soil is
anu mere a majority oi said electors best adapted; and then the best way
present proceed, did choose by vote to prepare for seeding, and after
for Mayor, Renley S. Butler, for Al-jV;ard, the best method of cultivation,
dermen Henry H. Forward; Hubbaj'djand finally co-operation in market-
... nan, .uuiuiiu . uciuiui.s; Jien-;ing.
jy i tutu-man; anu jesse Ji. rowers.
For Clerk and Treasurer, John H. So-
expense to the
., ... .... .-rn ,-.. -. l,n,. o n h n n C& tn
in arousmc tne puunc conscience to i ..-.
-, I o-... r... Icome into their own. They have
sft. ine t.w.. i:iiiv num "m
vironments and inequitable conditions
arising from common usage. Our
Florida legislature is not likely to
overdo in the matter of labor laws.
worked and striven to build up the
stnto nt.fi thpv shniitil hp rpwarde; .
, I ' 1 F !.. 1 . i 1. ..... . I ...
p iow ui Mime ui nit: i.i iKiuc-v jnicipal frovernment in this state, "ap
liehts in the state, and we could men- p., February 4th. 18(." did for a
tion names, but modesty forbids. whopPrj0(i 0f not je?s thirty davs,
should be elected at once to fill the.viz. from the 7th dav of July 18ii9.
mnc. imnnrtnnt nnH rpcnonsiblp and I v. r.u j.,.. .." ... io.Vo u.it.
tuLinij ,ucratlve 0ff,cps ln tne new state. ,iavs inclusive, caused tn hp nnhlished
which should be known as the state , jn ' ti,e newsnaoer denominated and
called the "Eastern Herald," an offi-
The time of the neent is tlwavs
Then follows the record for the es-IPer. lor Marshal, and Tax Collector.-
tablishment of the name of the town, Albe rt N. Doyle. :cl.op, soil and its analysis; inspect and
its corporate limits and seal, and the On the 9th day of August 180!,!ronort the conditions of ..., oil
.1 . ... ... i 1?,1.. c .1: i . i i . . . . ' ..o, u..
election oi town omcers. ine iollow-j "7"lc. tun uiKe ueiore without a cent of
ing is the record: John H. Soper, a Justice of the Peace -farmer.
"Be It Remembered, that on or 0T pal county, the prescribed oath i "I'nrlpr hw ; iit....:
about the first day of July, A. D. f office, and the Mayor, Butler, upon the interests of the stockman. The
18ti;, the community of persons, to-!heinK so qualified, did administer to i,. pent is at all times rpadv to o-ivo hi
wit: The male inhabitants of the townee, said Aldermen, Clerk and Mar- i ktlmrinn t' ll ! MJ Cf. tL lfiVt '!
Xin. ,Z . V LI" V''" " : fi ers of the Tn;-; r : T" " r"mn!'. aml " represented.
ions of an Act to provide for the in-1 "Signatures and the said seal at
corporation of Cities and Towns, and fached this 9th day of August,
to establish a uniform system of mu-!"A. D. 18(59.
Senator Zim of St. Johns
has introduced a bill in the Senate
vhich should meet the approval of of Suwannee. We are for division
:.. c. ...i, ,. Estrone and we are for Live Oak as
taxes and who has a "hunch'
in so doing he is paying a little more
., ...,U 1 r.? tU .(it. . Qmi-qnna,
that It, ,1,- lrt;rtl nf a Mnitnl'
The Dixie Highway will not escape
Palatka. It has already been settled
that it will go by Ea. t Palatka, and
with our concrete bridge across the
river, escape will be impossible al
most as impossible as the bridge and
the highway is to this, generation.
Senator Farris has succeeded in
getting the Senate to pass his meas
ure permtiting Florida cities and
towns to enact and amend their own
charters. It is a great vjctory for
the Senator from Duval. But the
measure still needs the endorsement
of the House.
Senator Hudson of Miami still en
tertains the delusion that the people
of Florida will make him their Gov
ernor. He will be a candidate next
spring, and next spring seems to be
about as good a time as any for the
disillusionment. Hudson is smart,
but he's an iceberg, one that either
Knott or Farris will easily melt to
nothingness in a Florida primary.
than his share. The bill is to re
quire the publication in one paper in
each county, each year, the assess
ments of real and personal property.
The senator insists that such publi
cation will permit each tax payer to
see just what his neighbor is as
sessed and is paying, and that .t will
do more to bring about an equaliza
tion of the tax burden by showing
the discrepancies and getting them
rectified. Anyhow such' a law is
worth trying. Go to it Senator.
Booze isn't good in time of war.
It isn't good for the navy. It isn't
good for the soldiers. And in some
of the cities of this country it is said
not to be good for policemen on duty.
But the Anti-Saloon League has
persuaded the Florida legislature to
say that it isn't good for us civilians
unless we are willing to drink it from
a bottle, instead of from a glass as
formerly. And yet over in Mexico, a
vulgar man like Villa is talking about
complete prohibition in case he wins.
No mescal, no pulque, no "veesky!"
They've shoved it out of Iceland, out
cf Russia, and mostly out of France;
they don't use it in Turkey. But
jhere in Florida our church people,
is in easy reafh ot nil parts ot tne
new state, is the healthiest point and
has the best people in the newest
state of the Democratic Union.
Sure, divide her; tut her up: get
rid of those alligators, mosquitoes.
South Florida editors and other pests
and noxious insects and let us live
our little lives alone, in our little own
state of our own, far awav from the
madening crowd, who holler about
their towns and cities and land and
cattle and hogs and enterprise, and
who advertise and take the tourists
and homeseekers from us and other
wise maltreat and mistreat us, and
ignore us.
Divide her. We all want and need
an office, and by eolly we'll have one
when the state of Suwannee is formed.
Critics of V. S. Navy
Apparently impelled bv a desire for
notoriety, certain politicians have re
cently taken it unn themselves to
criticise the United States navy and
have howded long and loud about its
alleged -jnprenaredness. That they
have been aided and abetted by the
armor plate manufacturers, anxious
to secure fat contracts from the gov
ernment, there can be no question.
It is bv no means the first time the
navy ha9 been assailed, for this de
partment of the povemment haj been
a favorite mark for the shafts of dis
turbers and chronic calamity howlers
fnf mnnv rpapa.
... I noA inr . o r i t ,
As a matter OI fact tnis country i-ov,j.o. rensacoia journal,
now has the greatest and most effi
cient navy in its history and the ap
propriations by the last congress were
the greatest ever made for naval pur
poses. There are thirty-six more ves
sels in commission than at the time
the democratic administration took
office, and at this time seventy-seven
new vessels are either building or au
thorized to be built, including nine
dreadnaughts and thirty-eight sub
marines. The Dersonnel of the navy
has been increased and now numbei-3
4, .55 officers and 5.1,171 enlisted men.
The number of mines has been in
creased 244 per cent in two years.
The number of torpedoes has been
increased DO per cent, and the cost
of manufacturing torpedoes has been
reduced from $4,202.11 each to $3,
254.72 each, the total saving being
$326,700. As against twelve subma
rines, costing ,:!)8.y,ib, which were
authorized under the Taft administra
tion, twenty-six submarines, costing
$16,260,000, have been authorized un
der the first half of the Wilson ad
ministration. In addition. $1.000..
000 was appropriated for aviation
Much of this increase has been ob
tained wdthout cost to the country.
Mr. Daniels shows that $1,110,084 has
been saved in the purchase of armor
plate alone, and that in two other
bureaus $1,800,000 was saved last
year. The cost of making powder
has been reduced to 2.7 cents a pound,
and $150,000 saved on that one item.
Based upon former prices for puns.
there is a saving in that resoect Of
'R. S. Butler, Mayor.
'Geo. H. Soper. Clerk & Treas..
'A. N. Doyle, Marshal & Tax Coll.
H. H. Forward,
E. S. Jennings,
H. Peterman, Council."
H. L. Hart,
Chills, Fever and Malaria.
Cured by taking Mendenhall's Chill
Tonic, the great substitute for quinine
Tastes good, children love to take.
Sold and guaranteed by J. H. Haugh-ton.
Under his supervision would nlsn
come dipping vats for tick eradica
tion, and certainly this is an industry
m Putnam county which ranks with
the foremost, and one tha". can be
greatly benefitted.
"Every one is invited to come to
this meeting and pull for this great
boon for the county. All that is re-
iu.ieu is your interest and
era i ion.
Nature constructed a silly woman
that she might puncture the wisdom
of a wise man.
Extra fine new cane
in new Cypress barrels.
15 cts Qt.
628 Klrby Street.
When You Think of Candy,
Your Thoughts
Naturally Turn To
Wllli s
Candy or Chocolates
Made In Palatka. As
good as the beat, at
half the price
Opent June Fir.t for the Summer.
Attractive Rate, will be given for June.
AWressHORACE F. STEWART, Owner and Manager

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