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I -
Let Us Show You
This New Light-Weight
Simmons Steel Bed
Made of cold-rolled, burnished steel
tubing 2 inches in diameter, this bed is
so light a woman or a child can life or
move it with ease. Has the new steel
wheel, leg-mount caster. Less likely to
injure floors or carpets. Chills on bed are
small and dainty. The finish is superior
to a iy ever put on an old style iron bed
as good as most expensive hand-rubbed
beds. See this remarkable bed for yourself.
An extraordinary
value at
Low Prices For High Quality
The hundreds of pieces of home furnishings that have been pur
chased from this, YOUR store of supremacy, are brightening many
homes today and we know the purchasers are more than thankful to us for giving them the
STARTLING LOW PRICES ON QUALITY FURNITURE. This is a money-saving store offering
the public sensationally low prices on unusually high qualities. Come and look them over. No
obligation to buy ; we just want to convince you.
Furniture for all purposes and for every room in the house is repre
sented in this stock and every single piece or suite shown is furni
ture of QUALITY furniture that we know to be right furniture that will GIVE EMINENT
SATISFACTION furniture that is absolutely safe to buy.
Study the money-saving list of merchandise shown in this advertise
ment. These items offer you but a taste of the big list we now have
on display in our store. Be merciful to your pocketbook ! COME HERE AND SAVE MONEY !
Special for Saturday
and Monday Only
The Ostermoor Mattress has never
been retailed for less than $15.00.
For Saturday and Monday we will
offer this $15.00 Ostermoor for 12.98
and the $23.50 Hotel Ostermoor
for $15.00.
Aluminum Kitchen Set
1 Tea Kettle with Double
Boiler insert
1 2-qt. Sauce Pan
1 4-qt. Sauce Pan
1 6-qt. Kettle
1 8-qt. Kettle
1 Percolator
50c Week
Bedroom Outfit
1 Princess Dresser
1 Washstand
1 White Bedstead (heavy)
1 heavy Spiral Spring
1 45-lb. Cotton Mattress
2 good Feather Pillows
$4.00 Cash
sf tN a . - -
iviacuougaii Kitchen r 1 ffri- aa
JJabinets, $35 value V-JIliy $ZO.UU
$27.50 to $42.50
305 Lemon Street
Phone 70
522-524 Lemon Street
Phone 109
Palatka, Florida.
Sand-Asphalt Iioads.
Editor i'alatka News:
It is certainly encouraging to note
the interest the people of I'alatka
and the section of country adjoin
in p aie taking in the good road
movement. 1 refer particularly .)
your recent bond election for brick
There is no question about brick
roads being the mot permanent, if
V properly constructed. When we
consider the cos', brick roads should
last forever. Every mile of 9-foot
brick road costs S2.".OO0: here are
the figures: Actual cost of con
struction, low estimate, $10,000 per
mile. Interest at 5 per cent per an
num, $500. Total interest fop 30
years, the life of ordinary bond is
sues "0 times S500 amounts to
$15,000. Add original cost of $10,
000, total S-5.O00 per mile. '
Now the cost of Sand-Asphali
road: Every mile of sand-asphalt;
read costs $:l,500. This is top pric I
t'.rst cost. Add 5 per cent for :W
years, which is S:l,50. Add this
to the original cost and vou have
or practically one-fourth the make
not an experiment, but has been pro
ven a success as a road material.
I am hopeful that our county will
soon come to a full realization of
the worth and substantial benefits
offered in sand-oil construction, and
it least a tew miles somewhere I
cost ot brick road, same width, per in the county so as to convince tne
mile. , tax-payers that it is practical.
llesides when you make a Sand- I I have given the above figures
.Asphalt road you spend practicall c ' showing the difference in cost be-
all ihe money at home. You pay six
cents a square yard for freight on
Material for sand-asphalt roads,
an election and vote on our respec-1 And so it comes about that dogs
tive roads. The following net-work and cats and monkeys, even rats and
of roads with natural connection ! mice and chickens, goats, calves and
would place our county in line wi hi pigs rise sometimes above their level
otner progressive counties m tne;aiul are privileged with admission to)
.State, viz.
while you pay a!-out -10 cents lor . j our brick Highways; out our prop
freight on brick. lerty will not stand for brick. Clay
Lake county is quietly at work on . roads are all right in dry times, but
the construction of half a million ' deliver us from them in wet weath-
dollars worth of good roads of this cr. Howeve
type, and it you have any doubt as for the sand-oil hnish.
to the value and lasting qualities of i Xow is the time to make a start,
these roads go to Eustis, Alatoona, ! Let us wake up, West I'utnam, and
L'niatilla or Mt Dora and see. it is ; organize our sub-road districts, cnli
'.ween hrick and sand-asphalt roads Orange Springs. Next the roi.u
for the reason that we country peo- from I'utnam Hall and (iramlin, via.
pie want good roads to connect with j 1 nterlachen and Kenwood to Orange
Number 40 for the Blood is com
pounded of ingredients set down in
the intimacies of the family circle i?"e V . dispensatory as follows:
first, the present Palatka and in fact, thev become "one of the fam- , mployed ln .Useases of the glandu
Cainesville road put in first-class ! ilv." and are catered to and petted sJ'?tem In syphilis and lead
shape to the Alachua county line, (like a sick baby. The uglier thev ;P01sn'e:- One of our best reme-
'i'hen the r'eniel road from Palatka lure in appearance or in disoositioii. , 10r.sealy skin affections, chrome
Eights via. Rodman to Kenwood and I the more lovable do thev seem to their i
Springs. And if the citizens of the
Melrose section think it advisable,
the road from .Melrose to McMeekin
to Orange Springs can be included.
the foundation is good j The (iramlin people who have given
their approval, and will soon get bu
sy; Interlachen. Kenwood and Or
hkc Springs will fall in line.
Let us get busy while the Euro
pean countries are at war borrow
ing money to kill people. Let us
n borrow monev to improve our eoun
..'..?.. i i i:.-
4r ' S i Yours for Good Roads.
v 11 J. H. WYLIE.
V I Interlachen, Sept. 20th
rheumatism, scrofula and glandular
enlargements, such as goitre, lupus
and tumors." Number 40 for the
Blood is sold by J. H. Haughton,
Emphatically! The Best Tire
Proposition On The Market
FISK established quality at Fisk Low
Prices offers car owners for the first time an
absolutely sure way to cut tire costs.
You can get Fisk Non-Skid the most effec
tive traction and non-skid tire at a price
lower than is charged for many plain treads.
Note These Non-Skid Casing Prices
31x30 - 12.20 4ix34 - 27.30
4 x33 - 20.00 4ix36 - 28.70
4 x34 - 20.35 5 x37 - 33.90
You can get Fisk Plain Tread the perfectly
balanced, real long-mileage tire at a price
which sets a new standard for value.
To pay more than Fisk Prices is knowingly to
turn down an assured definite
saving in tire up-keep.
Fisk The For Sale By
Walter W. Tilghman, Manager
Panger in Pets.
l'ets are not an acquired habit, they
nc nn iiwtin.'t ! t-ind rf nnnntitu
neciallv with the female of the race I nili"ls-. S anil cats and monks
and 'this habit is in evidence from!are -su"jeet to diseases which the;,
the time the girl is old enough for her i ",a' communicate to human beings
first doll. t-ats and monkeys suffer from tuber-
This habit, like other habits. The 1.0S'3 and with dogs they share the
inanimate caricature of the human oaugeis 01 raoies ami pneumonia.
I form divine sooner or later loses its A". forweanng animals carry fleas in
place in the juvenile affection, and lnelr 1,1111 son,e tlmes other ms-
something that can move of its own , ease-bearing parasites. Of course,
accord, that can retaliate with a crv -?nr Pf tic-ulur pet .may be free from
or a bite or a scratch when hurt, that j th.cm. "ow but hls hule mal' be infest
has to be fed and defended against le1 'lth them next week,
its enemies, something that may, or, 'l 's Possible even probable that
may not. respond to kind treatment or "1B !,llm'1." oemg may ume disease
partially demented owner. Effusive
(jcnomstrations or affection are lav
ished upon them. Of course, it's no
body's business excepting that of the
mistress, for the pet can t help itself.
i ' "' ' . ":LrJ?..1 'M Perhapt He Had None.
"'"1.,p 'm a Mivtiv venous Slue, A M ,
too. . A fe"w has his face shaved,, hair
All animals, including the human cut' sl,oes P!!sh"', clothes pressed
animal, are naturally dirty, but the B.nd hat b-usheJ, t.ien rays no atten
l.uman has certain instincts towards ; tion whatever to his dilapidated con
cleanliness that are earnestly foster- science. Toledo 1'laue.
ed by the strict watchfulness of the
mother from the earliest infancy of j
her offspring. If you don't believe! Blessing In Happiness.
this charge against the other animals. Happiness, like mercy, is twlca
watch the pet dog escaping from his j blessed; it blesses those who are most
j mistress rush to make the acquaint-; intimately associated with it and It
jance of a fellow canine. Note their ' blesses all those who see It, 'hear it,
way of shaking hands an then hug fee it, touch it, or breathe the same
;you, pet jour bosom, it you an-- atmosphere-Kate Douglas Wiggin.
I !!,,( .,...., tl .1;.... I
the opposite, takes the supreme place
in the young affections. And by and
by, when the real responsibilities of
life come along, these affections
gather about the new human being,
which is smothered in d wealth of ma
ternal love.
l!ut it so happens in this sad world
that the gift of "olive branches" is
denied to some, to many, or their own
choice deprives them of the greatest,
sweetest joy, granted by an all-wise
Providence. The instinct of affection
having no natural object for its lav
ish bestowal, seeks other objects
iium an iniecreu pet, anu tne early
stages of these diseases that are com
mon to man and animals, are more
difficult to detect in the animal than
in the man.
Men and women do not hug vipers
to their bosoms, unless they are I
weary of life. Sensible men and !
women, realizing the dangers of dis
ease from the long-haired animals
will not give them the privileges o?'
an only child. They will treat then
as faithful friends, but not as pets
for God never intended that wr
should go outside the limits of tht
human race seeking something t.
niAm rtl lace nnnnf iiml
love. State Board of Health
people who sneer at the display of hu-
man attection that centers about a ti
ny, ugly long-haired puppy. Thev
envv the plaything the kisses that are
showered upon it as it nestles in the
arms of its beautiful mistress, or
perhaps they turn away in ill-concealed
disgust. It all depends upon the
disposition or the inclinations of the
No. 666
This is prescription prepared especially
Five or si dote will break any case, and
if taken then as a tonic the Fever will not
re tarn. It act on the liver better than
Calomel and does not f ripe or sicken. 25c
Chronic Constipation.
"About two years ago whe i' be
gan usin? Chamberlain's Tablets I
had been suffering for some time with
stomach trouble and chronic consti
pation. My condition improved rap
idly through the use of these tablets,
hinee taking four or five bottles of
them my health has been fine"
writes Mrs. John Newton, Irving, N.
Y. Obtainable everywhere.
Fusty Wsman.
A fussy Atchison woman returned a
btf of aalt to her (rocer with the
complaint that tta flavor" wasnt
good.'-Kansag City Star.
Launches. Skiffs,
I Dories. Built to
Competent Force of Work
men for Road W)rk at
AU Times.
DA ;

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