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Local Legislation to Protect
Birds and Big Game Nine
States Agree with Fed
eral Migratory-Bird
More than 240 new game laws were
enacted during 1915-r-a larger number
than in, any previous year except 1911,
according to Farmers' Bulletin 692,
Game Laws Tor 11915. Forty-three
States held regular legislative ses
sions, and in all of these States ex
cept Arizona, Georgia, and Nebraska
some changes were made in the stat
utes protecting game. The largest
number of new game laws passed in
any one State was 01, in North Caro
lina; but in California, Connecticut,
Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsyl
vania, and Wisconsin the number
reached 10 or more. Several meas
ures were vetoed, including a general
game bill in Idaho, the first bill ap
propriating the hunting-license fund
in Pennsylvania, a bill protecting
lears in California, and three sections
of the game bill in Washington. A
number of bills were introduced for
the purpose of harmonizing the Stte
laws on migratory birds with the Fed
eral regulations. In at least nine
States changes were made which
brought the seasons into substantia!
agreement, viz, 'California, Connec
ticut, Maine, Michigan, New Hamp
shire, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
In Illinois the seasons for all migra
tory birds except coot and waterfowl,
and in Washington for the smaller
shore birds ,vere made to conform
with the regulations under the Fed
eral law. Uniformity was also se
cured by provisions in the laws of
Connecticut, Maine, New Mexico,
North Dakota, Washington, and Wis
cousin, prohibiting hunting between
sunset and sunrise. On the other
hand, Delaware adopted a resolution
ontiosi-ig the migratory-bird law, and
Ohio and Rhode Island, which had har
monize their seasons in lul l, changed
the seasons on waterfowl this year.
As a result of the decision of the
Supreme Court of the United States!
on January 19, 1914, sustaining the
alien hunting law of Pennsylvania,
legislation prohibiting alien" from
hunting or owning shotguns or rifles
was enacted in at least four States
Massachusetts. New Jersey, North
Dakota, and West Virginia but cer
tain exceptions based on property'
eitialilieations were made in Massa
chusetts and New Jersey.
Close seasons extending for sever
al years were provided for certain
kinds of big game and also fbr game
birds. Hunting mountain sheep was
suspended in Idaho, Montana, and
Washington, and goats were protected
until 1918 in Montana. Moose were
protected for four years in Maine,
the iirst absolute close season on this
species for ;!5 years since the sus
pension of hunting from 1S7K to 1SS9.
Antelone were given indefinite protec
tion i i Now Mexico and .Montana. In
Michigan, New Mexico, and Oklahoma
prairie chickens were protected for
sever:'' .us. Micbiga l extended
complete protection also to quail, im
ported pheasants, grouse, and wood
ducks for live years. Minnesota pro
tected doves, woodcock, plover, and
wood durks until 191S. New Mexico
gave protection to pheasants, bob
whites, pigeons, and strains, Oklaho
ma protected cloves, grouse, wood
protected through the year. Oklaho
ma gave such protection to pelicans,
gulls, and herons. lennessee declared-
ring-neck pheasants, bull bats, rob
ins, and meadow larks to be nongame
birds. In a few cases protection was
removed from certain species nota
bly the turkey buzzard in Delaware,
Florida, and North Carolina, owls and
starlings in New Hampshire, and cor
morants in Illinois and North Dakota.
For the first time in 12 years moose
hunting is permitted in Wyoming, and
for the first time since 1907 prairie
chicken shooting is permitted in Indi
Novel Features erf State Laws.
Among the novel features in the
laws this year may be mentioned the
declaration in the Florida law that
ownership of game is vested in the
respective counties: the provisic-n in
the California law protecting spike
bucks, or deer with unbranched horns.,
instead of a certain length; and the
Wyoming experiment of allowing the
killing of 50 bull moose under $100
licenses instead of an indefinite num
ber during a limited season. Methods
of hunting were restricted in Michi
gan by prohibiting the use of auto
mobiles in hunting partridges, and in
Indiana by prohibiting the use of
searchlights or other artificial lights
attached to autos for hunting game
on or near a highway. Several new
restrictions on shipments appeared
for the first time: Illinois prohibited
importation from outside the State of
any game excep deer legally killed;
Pennsylvania prohibited shipment of
game by parcel post; and Wisconsin,
shipment under an alias. Connecti
cut authorized the commissioners of
fisheries and game to grant permits
to bring in game lawfully killed out
side the State, provided such game is
not offered for sale.
Notwithstanding the, agitation in
favor of protecting quail for several
years in some sections, no bills of
this kind were passed this year, and
!fl States still provide quail shooting.
The seasons were shortened (! weeks
in Oklahoma and 2 weeks in Nevada.
Limits were established for the first
time in Arkansas and New Hamp
shire, reduced in Iowa from 25 to 15
per day, in Oklahoma from 25 to 10,
m Minnesota from 15 to 10, and in
creased in Nevada from 15 to 20. All
but 14 of the States which permit
nuail hunting now have a limit of 20
birds or less per clay.
All the States now allow water
fowl hunting, but the wood dcuk is
protected for several years through
out the northern zone and in the south
cm zone in the States of California,
Kansas, and West Virginia. Daily
bag limits were established for the
first time in Arkansas and Connecti
cut, reduced in Oklahoma from 25 to
10, and increased in Missouri from
10 to 15. Most of the States now
have a limit of 25 or less per day.
Open Seasons,
Open seasons were lengthened i.i
Montana on elk and deer 2-weeks;
in Florida on deer and birds .'! weeks;
in Minnesota on quail 20 days; and
in Nevada on sage hens 4 1-2 months,
cm grouse 1 month, and on quail Z
cei: :. New Jersey reverted to ths
former plan of hunting deer on 4 con
secutive Wednesdays instead of 5 con
secutive clays.
Seasons were shortened in a num
ber of States. In the case of big
game Hie deer season was curtailed in
Arkansas '' months; in Oregon and
Washington 2 weeks. In New Mexico
including the removal of protection in
Florida, Nevada,' New Jersey, and
Wyoming; establishment of a limit
in Arkansas; and decrease in the lim
its m Alaska, Michigan, Montana, and
Under present conditions deer
hunting is permitted in 36 States, in
about one-third of which the hunter
is limited to one deer a season and in
most of the others to two. Eighteen
Sates protect does at all seasons and
allow only bucks to be killed name
ly, Alabama, Arizona, California, Geor
gia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, New
Mexico, Nevada, New York, Oklaho
ma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas,
Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and
Wisconsin. Pennsylvania requires
that deer killed shall have horns 2
inches above tlie hair, New York and
Vermont at least 3 inches long, and
West Virginia 4 inches long, while
California prohibits entirely the kill
ing of spike bucks.
Recommends Chamberlain's Cough
'Last winter I used a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for a
bad bronchial cough. I felt its ben
eficial effect immediately and before
l nad finished the bottle I was cur
ed. I never tire of recommending
this remedy to my friends," writes
Mrs. William Bright, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Obtainable everywhere.
Precept and Example.
"Colonel, that was an admirable
speec h you made nt the club the other
evening on the obligations of citizen
ship. I've been Intending to tell you
so ever since I beard it. We need
more of that kind of tnlk nowadays,
liut what are you looking so gloomy
about this morning, colonel? No bad
news. I hope."
"Dash It all, yes.' I've been drawn
on a jury!" Chicago Tribune.
AontoMH Qm
Qufties and Replies Covering Matters of
Importance to the Man Who Runs a Car
Mount Etna.
Etna, the "burning mountain." is the
mightiest volcano In Inroie. It Is 10.
800 feet high. If you wished to walk
round its base ynu would have to walk
ninety miles. It slopes steadily on nil
sides up to the highest crater, which Is
nearly a mile broad.
Hand Shaking Dangerous.
Bacteriologists recently found un
der the fingernails of men, women and
children no less than thirteen differ
ent kinds of diseaso germs, including
those of tuberculosis, diphtheria sud
,l ,.io,,. ,,,., l i,t,.,i the seasons were generally shortened
moved from the game list and:"'"1 a''-anged in two districts divided
at latitude degrees. In ( alilornia
the clove season was made later and
iin Minnesota shortened 20 clays; in
! Oklahoma the quail season was cur
tailed. 0 weeks, and in Michigan, Ne
.vacla (ducks). Tennessee, and Wy
oming soring shooting of waterfowl
was abolished.
Laws Protecting Itig Came,
i The more important changes af
fecting big game i icluded the closing
of the season for four years on
moose in .Maine uiuthonzation tor me
Restored To Health By Vinol
Corinth. Miss. "I am a city tax col
lector and seventy-four years of age.
I was in a weak, run-down condition.
My druggist told me about Vinol. I
tried it and in a week noticed consider
able improvement ; I continued its use
and now I have gained twenty pounds in
weicht. and feel much stronger. I con
sider Vinol afine tonic to create strength killing of 50 bull moose in Wyoming
for old people. J. A. rltlCE. loUnlUming the season pn elk ,'in
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod Montana two weeks; closing the sea
liver and iron tonic, for all run-down, sou on mountain sheep in Montana;
weak and debilitated conditions. i changes affecting does in seven States,
llr. Ragland Writes Interesting
Letter on This Subject
Can you give the meaning of the
terms applied to rear axles floating,
semifloating, live and three-quarter
floating axlesr
Ordinary motorcar nomenclature gives
us three types of live rear axles, call
ed respectively floating, three-quarter
floating and semilioatliig. Live axles
are those which turn, such as those
named, while dead axles are those used
on double chain drive ears and do not
turn. The floating axle Is one that
floats that is. it turns around, but
does not carry nny weight It is used
to gain rotary motion only. The semi
floating axle, however, not ouly turns
the wheels, but takes some of thci
weight of the ear. The difference be
tween these two types of axles is in
the position of the wheel bearings. In
the floating axle the wheel bearftiga
are outside of the housing. The rear
wheels of the car rest upon these bear
ings. It can be seen plainly that If
the wheels rest upon the bearings and
the bearings upon the housing the
housing must support the weight of
the car. The end of the nxle shaft has
some form of jaw clutch which fits
Into depressions in the wheel hub. In
the floating axle this connection be
tween axle shaft and wheel is flexible,
but In the three-quarter floating typo
the end of the shaft Is permanently
attache'd to the wheel, being held usu
ally by bolts.
In the semifloating type of rear axlo
the bearing for the wheel instead of
being outside the housing is Inside
The wheel is placed on the nxle and
held there by a key. Sometimes the
ends of the axle shafts are square and
the Inside of the wheel square, so that
no key is necessary. With the wheels
on the axle shafts, nuts are screwed
on the ends of the shafts to prevent
I the wheel from backing off. The nuts
are locked with cotter pins.
My engine seems to backfire or ignite
the charge as it goes into the cylinder.
The spark plugs have been out recently
and are in good condition. The bat
teries are new and the breaker points
are set up as close as necessary in order
to give a road spark at the plugs. What
is the r cf the backfiring and the
remedy .
It appear.-! to he a case of a carbon
ized motor. .Misfiring and overheating
usually are good iniiieutions that there
is n carbon deposit on the cylinder head
and piston. Small protruding particles
of this carbon become rod hot an. I
ignite the charge the moment It enters
the combustion chamber. When the
car is moving rapidly the misfiring
may not be so aggravated, hut when
operating slowly or possibly idling the
misfiring will bo in evidence, (.'heck
up on the carburet'ir adjustments. Al
though carbon will cause- heating, a
rich mixture will show the same results.
ascertain wneruer or uoi you nave any
leaks around the Intake manifold
that is, between the engine aud the
manifold and also between the mani
fold and the carburetor. When the cur
is running idle see that there is no
gasoline leaking.
Should you find that there are no
leaks it is advisable that you use an
cxhiTust sleeve or drum around the ex
haust manifold flexible tube running to
the air bend in the carburetor, as by
using this hot air you are able to keep
the heavy gas from precipitating on
the walls of the manifold and from
running back to the carburetor when
the car stops. With the extremely
heavy gasoline which we are now get
ting, in order to assist In the vaporiza
tion and to hold this heavy gasoline in
suspension, It is desirable to use hot
air through the low speed air opening.
If these adjustments are followed and
there are no leaks there should be no
further trouble.
Madison Heights, Va. Mr. Chas. A.
Ragland, of this place, writes; "I hava
oeen taking Thedford's Black-Draught
for indigestion, and other stomach troub
les, also colds, and find it to be the very
best medicine I have ever used.
After taking Black-Draught for a few
days, I always feci like a new man."
Nervousness, nausea, heartburn, pain
in pit of stomach, and a feeling of full
ness after eating, are sure symptoms of j heavy pistons
eiomacn trouoie, ana stiouia De given the
proper treatment, as your strength and
health depend very largely upon your
food and its digestion.
To get quick and permanent relief
from these ailments, you should take Put a ne-ei;Mh i ,ia:e cn the end
a medicine of known curative merit. ?f th "stons VVouL1 c-"our inch
i, -r s , j-, . ., b0 too much? Would ou'.tinq one-
Its 75 years Of Splendid success, in the! eighth inch plat, between the cylinder
treatment of JttSt Such troubles, proves ! and crank esse and ore-vourth or three.
the real merit of Thedford's Black- i eighths on tha end of tl-.e piston increase
How often should th crank case be
drained and cleaned out with gasoline?
With a new ear this should be every
D00 or 1,000 miles, and thereafter ev
ery 1,1300 miles will be sufllcient.
Does an overhead valve motor give
more power than a T or L head 7 Is it
possible to get more miles per gallon
out of gas with an overhead valve mo
tor? It is claimed that a valve in the head
motor of a given size, weight and man
ufacture gives more power than mi I.
head or T head of the same size, weight
and manufacture. However, this is not
always true. !t is elKliotili to get two
motors In I. head or T head and a
valve in the head which show the same
design with tlie exception of the valve
arrangement. It is possible that n T
head motor of a certain size has incur
power than n valve in the head of the
same size, owing perhaps to the inlake
inntip'ol'i desi ,n. the bearing design
and webji! of the various reciprocal-
lug parts, etc in ontor to answer yonr
question cbcndlo- it would hp i:ece
s'lrv to make aciual tests of three sii' h
cng'nos. In innnhcr of tests pc-r-
formed li the past the valve in the
head ha. I s'iov. a np Hw.
i'ng lie:".' ':' 1 jii I ! :l t type to show at
'p-'; , ' I'.-r cnt more power than the
elior- named
When a carburetor floods, what means
should one take to rid it of such a con
dition? Carburetor tlooomg usually Is caused
i, lugged boat. Wheu this con-.
sj o r . t ...
ditiem exists the float becomes bo ueu.
that it no longer lloais ;u the gasoline
and thus perniiu too uiti.li of the liq
uid to enter the bowl. I'irt unuer the
float valve will cause Hie valve to re
main open and thus poruit tseliua-W
flow at nil Mnt. "'!'' bou'' u"d
causing the carburetor m lioud. us it
is culled.
Why is it bettor to turn the vo.ve al
ternately when g:-ir,ciing than to turn .1
completely around I ,
It is better to oscillate the valve tliau
to turn it around ct..:p.clely lor t:u'
reason that in the lacier case there is"
a chance of grooving the seat .tb ue
grinding compound.
Can a vibrator be converted to a non
vibrator coil for use with a low tension
A vibrator coil could he used as a
noiivibrtitor cod by removing the vi
brator mechanism entirely unci taking
the primary and secondary terminals
and attaching them to their proper
places. Another way would be to
short circuit the vibrator terminals.
The coil then virtually becomes one of
the nonvibniior type. This practice Is
not recommended, and in connection
with a low tension magneto It might
result in considerable trouble. There
would be little gained, us the magneto
already has an Interrupter and Is de
signed for use with a nonvihrating
Why is it advisable to space the pis
Jon ring gaps in gas engines diagonally f
It is advisable because the escapage
of gas is hindered more than if the
rings were cut straight.
Will cure your Isheumatism
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps,
Colic, Sprains, Erv.ises, Cuts and
Burns. Old Sore;;. StiPTS of Insects
Etc. Aniis-pisc Asiodjassused in
ternrJW and extirrinil;-. Price 25c.
Which givo the more power, light or
Lighter pisions.n;
ones for obt. lining i.
b tier than heavy
;oiv power.
My car has 3' z by bore and
stroke. What e.itit would it have to
Draught. Safe, pleasant, gentle in action,
and without bad after-effects, it is sure
to benefit both young and old. For sale
everywhere. Price :!jc. n. c. vn
S there anything about your business
which if other people knew would induce
them to patronize you ? If so, that calls
for the use of printer's ink. Of course we
will edmit that a number of people alreadv
know these facts about you, but suppose
MORE knew them !
Florida is growing and is bound to grow
more rapidly from now. Each county re
ceives its quota of new arrivals every month,
and we know that Putnam is getting her
share. The merchant who reaches these
first with proper inducements is likely to
get the biggest share of their business. To
reach these people and serve them with little
expense, calls for the use of printer's ink.
It's our job to help a business man mul
tiply himself, to help him carry his message
to those who should have it. We hereby
offer you our services experience, facilities,
ideas, and the sensible application of print
ers' ink to newspaper advertising, or in any
shape you wish. Let us help you grow.
the power any appreciable amount?
l!y attaching a plate to the top of the
pistons you would decrease' the size of
the effective combustion space and
thus increase the compression and
power. Iiy shimming mi the cylinder
casting you would tend to do just the
opposite that is, you would increase
the size of the combustion chamber
and thus decrease the compression and
power. A one-fourth inch plate would
be too thick, if you use any at all
take a one-eighth inch plate of light
material, such as aluminum alloy.
ion would put extra strain on the
parts by increasing the compression
but the motor you have can stand a
little excess.
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of a decree of foreclo
sure and sale rendered in the Circuit
Court of the Eighth Judicial Circuit
of Florida, in and for Putnam Coun
ty, by the Hon. J. T. Wills, Judge of
said Court, dated the l!)th elav of
May, A. D. 1914, wherein W. H. Cole
is complainant, and Vanda Jefferson
and his wife Josephine Jefferson, are
defendants, and wherein the under
signed was appointed Special Master
"''"' :in-after described, I shall offer for salefl
i ln,iv .,t t, ..!.!: i: r..- u .u
.ii (puoiic ticceciuu cor vaMi eu cue lllgll-
est and best bidder, at the front door
of he Court House in the City of Pa
li'.tka, Putnam f'ountv, Florida, on the
A. 1). 1015, the same being the first
day of saicl month, during the legal
hours of sa'e on that day, the follow
ing described property, being the
same property mentioned and describ-
ict in the bill of complaint, herein
and lying and being in said Putnam
County, Florida, to-wit:
valve phigs. ( you do i.ot wnnt to re j lleginning r.t the Northwest corner
move these tin u y n will have to P e l 1 of Lot 4 in Section 34, Township !',
the coal oil tlir'itsg'i the air Intake of iSo.uh of Range 24 East, and running
the carburetor while the engine is run- tlicrre South 5(1 degrees East 190 feet
eal oil ii ti-i c
'arh.in without
T''o oi
iuo tile cylin :i f
and 1'ie o;.;.
iiie oi.iinaiy n,
arc ilio.-e o.enoi
n't i an i
cor l.c'-i.;
d by son i
e :t wjiy to p.u
z :or i-r:,;,.i. j
the c.park
!1' lie
: sinn.
1 '.'o i
,'s pe
I'd ill
liin'. The
if poured i
engine is Ii n at o
the motor for at i
one-half a ttmil.if
into ca h c,, liiMcr.
ili uiccs best IvsillN
' ' ;,"i ill li'.'s v. Inai fie
ail o. e i t i remain in
,:-t ten hours. About
fill ; lior.ld be poured
What i:
point moo
t:,. t .v,
' o to.
t, O
the s-
T.u- i
srivnr.tage of the two
:..:i'no;u feeds to two
-. c u-i.i . tuo sparks
e. ui.uc i' al t lie same
. ,is.' in beat value
i a!, it ;,cm U.'ine prop
1 . n:c adiug. and bom e
n ai.n nii.'i'e power is
Is there any harm in shifting gears
over railroad tracks or rough roads?
(.ear shifting while crossing railroad
tracks is poof practice for the reason
that the engine may he stalled and dif
licnnv in slar.isig it again. Manv
f'.;:.l ncidi iit-; have in-ciirre 1 because
" ''"' : "ine -.'laMi' i the tracks.
I- n ii.:r n d.no ii the median-
i ' " ! r on the tracks oi
-'e t'nin th.M'e is ii
i s t.-e th.-ctlle
. .'. ."Ij.'Gtinn
'.-i' tarn dwr
.. i. oi ei-e car
c Vnat cai.
When Baby Has the Croup.
When a mother is awkened from
sound sleep to find her child who h.-.
gone to bed apparently in the best o(
health struggling for 'breadth, she is
naturally alarmed. Yet if she car
keep her presence of mind and give
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy eve-v
ten minutes until vomit bur i.,,.,.n.':
, . , , . ,. ' 'num.
eel, quick relief will follow and the
cnuu win urop to sleep to awaken
the morning as well as ever. Thi
remedy has been in use for ,,,
years with uniform success. Ob
tamable everywhere.
Launches, Skiffs,
Dories, Built to
to corner of right of way 30 test, wide,
roserveel nv O. ti. hwing; running'
'icrce North along. line of said right
of way 30 feet North on South line
?f property of said Ewing, anl 19 da
i giees Nonh of East fi(5 feel to a
stake: thence North 1120 feet tilon
j West lint '.K feet wide right of way
to water edge of Lake Grandin; thence
I Westerly along the edge of Lake
Oandin about 000 feet to a stake:
thence South 400 feet to a stake;
thence West 33 feet to a stake: thence
(,( ; South 509 feet to a point of beginning,
containing sixteen acres more or less,
and being the same land deeded to
Josephine Jefferson by O. II. Ewing
and Emma V. Ewing, his wife,' by
deed dated March L'0, 1000, and re
corded in Book 5'-', page 505 of the
Public Records of Putnam County,
r loruia.
! ; a. h. onoM,
! 1 Special Master in Chancery.
Morgan F. Jones, and
Hilburn & Merryday
Solicitors for Complainant.
Vol lee of Apiillcittlon for Tax Drrl
I mler Si'i'lton of ( hnpter 4SSS,
I. nun of I lurlilH.
hereby given that.
l! I . niret niii-1'iin...i' i,r T,,v
No. M.Jnl.'il t!n till iln.v o( .Icily A. !., lull)
has (lied said certificate In my office,
an.l has inacie application for tax deed
to issue In .'U'cuiihcnce with law.
Saul certificate embraces the follow
tilii cl.scnlieii property, situated in
I nlnani county. Florida, to-wit:
(Vn P'M.ofW;,.nfSw'1 of Net;. Hectlon
-i. I.iuiiilp in, Umiiie i'i K... Ill Acres.
In said l;,ml ininn- assessed at the
date of issuance of su.-h certificate In
the mi me of F. W. C'oneliif..
I'nliss sai.i cvrtitlcate shall be re- v
el.-, in. il .'uvoi.tins to law, tax deed will A
N-iic t li j'.'onon the xtli day of November (
e. ' . nn.i.
Witness my oilicial signature and
"o1,1, ""'"iii 'i-yof "ciohcr a. n imi.
(.ink c iri'ult Court. Putnam Co., Fla.
' it- Hutchinson. Jr.. D. C.
Notler of Appllvnllon for Tmm Heed
I iiUer "ie.-llon H of h.nter SS8,
!. of KlorlAa.
.notice is
ft Competent Force of Work- J
men Jor Road Work at
t All Times.
ml lllll
lirAl... -I . i. - -
t v . , , 1,'ur,'l",,l,r "I Tun certlficdie
" '.lie .'Ii clnv of July A. 1). HUH
. ..in ,i,u certincate tn my office,
si" Iocs made application for tax deedw
. i , . l",Ui"Iln; wim law. ;.v
Mnl certificate embrace! the follow-
to. u-scrihed property, situated In
1 utnain county. Florida, to-wit:
, n,lnp s, s. Ku.me ii F... I. Acres.
i lie said land belnc assessed at the
a,iie of issuance of auch certificate In
l lie III! me of t'nknown.
1 llless said Cvrtifirnto Vinll h. r..'
J according to law. tax deed will
iT.i-!'"'"" on ,he ls,h dB-v of Oc,obr A-
Witness my official signature and
Hi this the nth day of Kept em tier A. It.,
Clerk Circuit Court. Putnam Co., Fla.
By H. Hutchinson. JrM D. C

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