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. The shrewd men and women of to
ilet only read advertisements, but they
y them. They have come to watch for
, and the business man who realizes as
is getting their trade. The modern
. and woman have come to know that
i a business house has anythingspecial . -Jfer,
that offer will appear in the news
Jr and if no such offers meet their eyes ,
T they open the paper, they very, nat
y assume that their merchants have
Ahg worth saying this week, or that
Jc, or be whatever week it may, and they
it up their Mail Order House catalogue.
V public the world over is guided in its
Sases first by newspaper offerings. If
1 local paper does , not bring these of
Iga to them, they naturally look else- .
re for them, and always apparently
1 them in the Mail Order catalogue.
By His Friday Night Address
in Howell Theater.
The address of William Jenninsa
Bryan under the auspices of the Pa
latka Woraan'ij Clv.b at tha" Haweil
theater on Friday night last was well
This is not a jvneratin:i 0f special
popularity for paid lecturers. - This ic
the generation of moving picture
plays. When this fact is fully con
sidered the audience that greeted Mr.
Bryan can De considered only as a
Pete Hagan for Sheriff.
P. M. Hagan, true to predictions
made by himself and friends, has
made his announcement as a canHi.
The annual meetiner of the Puhlie
Library Association will ha ViolrJ- in . . .. ... . . -
the library room on Wednesday, Feb-,""6 ?mc? in the
ucumuauc iiuiiaxiea. toe announce
ment appears in this paper.
Pete Hagan, as he is familiar call
ed all over the county, is a man of
much experience as a peace, officer.
He was several years deputy sheriff,
and for a number of years Chief of
Police in Palatka. People living
here and who remember the days of
his command, are united in the opin
ion that he was the best munininn!
police chief in Florida. For some two
years Mr. Hagan has been a deputy
j. o. internal .Revenue collector, wit"
Palatka his headquarters. He is
known to everybody in the county and
will have a strong support in his
present ambition. -
ruary 23d, at four o'clock in the af
ternoon. ...
-A series of literarv entertainmpnts
have been arranged by the manage
ment of the Putnam House . for . the
benefit of their guests, during- the re
mainder of the tourist season, and
they have engaged Miss Irma Jane
Lewis, the talented vocalist and elocu
tionist who is spending the winter
here, to furnish the entertainment.
Miss Lewis has a soprano voice of
rare power and clearness, and her ap
pearances in this citv have accentu
ated and impressed this fact so thor-
le on 24th inst
J Resolutions.
of the Democratic
xtee is mad. His
v iicated between ev
jollowing letter re-
, . ck Becks, the rut-
iltteeman, on Wed
-repressions from a
He Committee made
11 another meeting
imittee, and I am
you copy of such
to be held at the
r Jacksonville on
y 24, at ten o'clock
vthe effort made by
in Palatka to have
here, but after giv
iorough considera
te me that Jack
et accessible :
j reached by all of
Vt I do not think
h to defray hotel
le at Palatka war
ding selected. By
g in Jacksonville
i reach Jacksonville
5on. attend the
tlj CoLimittee, and leave
j,.,.t Homes on the ai-
1 x.lzLt trams without ra-
r Iz'.Jl bills other than one
vr'ost importance that
' - meeting, it is
X 1 members of the
7 ssent who believe
.ate should partici
pation of Democratic
i Dumber of the Com
s Jly. expressed them
8 of holding another
dear that tney do
. e Democratic prin-
' ""4 expect to attend
f adopting a reso
uch reasoble qual-
,. insure a genuine
. j election.
tful of the misrep
;h the entire Denv
Committee of this
ij-3' t'id. I abi re
I position in the mat-
or less misrepre'
i ( liters. I have tim-
1 tract in accord with
a nalority of the Com
: bssr. interesc of :he
' tn this State,
y yours,
.'an Church.
II. ' Alford, D. D., " will
irning at 11 o'clock
e Crucified Christ."
t .. le subject will be
1 .. reiving." Midweek
Vdi Wednesday evening
u Cunday school meets
i. A cordial invitation
On Plans Recommended by
Parent-Teachers Association.
A recent issue of the Putnam Spec
tator, issuea oy tne pumis of the Pa
latka high school, contained the fol
At its Januarv meetinc the Parent
Teacher Association voted to hold a
Donation Day for the Putnam hich
school library, and a committee of
three was appointed to work with
the faculty in making this effort
to build up the library a success. It
is proposed that the Thalian Literary
Society of the high school render a
special prosrram on Washington's
birthday, to which exercises the pub
lic shall be invited to attend, each
person bringing as their admission
fee, some good book, or the money
equivalent to some good book .
it may be recalled that this man
worked very successfully last vear. at
which time one hundred or more good
books were received. It is hoped
that there will be even a more gen
erous response tms year. Last year
we were glad to receive almost any
thing that looked like a book. We
had to meet a certain reauirement.
nameiy Duua up a library the money
value of which should be $150. This
we did. This year, however, we are
not wanting just any old book that
somebody else does not want, but we
want some of the best books from the
best libraries in the town. For in
stance, we want Scott's Works; Coop
er's Works; The New England Poets;
Thackery Works; Good History;
some good works in science. We
would like also to increase the num
ber, of our periodicals. At present
we are subscribing onlv to the Lit
erary Digest, Popular Mechanics, and
National Geographical Magazine. We
want to add to this list the World's
Work, or the Review of Reviews,
Current Literature, Scientific Ameri
can etc. In order to get the maga
zines we must nave ' money, conse
quently the cash equivalent will, in
most cases be just as acceptable as
the book itself.
The library committee of the Par
ent-Teacher's Association is conmos-
ea or tne ioiiowmg ladies: Mrs. H.
F. Leeks, Mrs. Tom Squires, Mrs. W
H. Downing1 and Mrs. H. L. Brown
This committee is perfecting plans for
a thorough canvass of the town in the
interest of the school library.
Any assistance to this committee
from the public in general wiil bo
greatly appreciated not only oy the
ladies of the committee themselve
but by the boys and girls of Putnam
High School. If you have a irood
book-you would like to give and can't
bring the book yourself on the 22nd
of February, let the committee know
and they will secure the book. Th;
same, if you would like to give mon
"inn's Afternoon.
I afternoon was afford
w Ho were present at the
. Jw. L. Mann Wednes
, t meet her charming,
Hiss Nell Foster of
t ladies brought their
1'were delightfully en-
an account of Wash-
'ortrayed by another
, .rs. J. C. Letts, of
. C, who was , with
3, her niece. After
V delicious -sand-jalls
and coffee wai
its were Miss Nelle
C- Letts, Miss Irma
ce Rowley, Mrs. D.
K J. H. Haughton,
tide, Mrs. J. E. Lu
atchinson, and Mrs.
The guests were
b close of the after
V given by Miss Fos-
reat tribute to the popularity of the oughly upon the minds of the people
speaker. The crowd was not djsaD- that the mere announcement of her
pointed. They came away with appearance brings out the people.
sreT 10 www doot. iney aiso p. j. Bepks -IltwllM. Tfc t
ESr:Jt! . wm be a candidate for INTENSIVE WHEAT GROWING.
the wonderful magnetism of the ma. ond 0r SM'S.T
was revealed; he compelled resoect 2,7 ",?HM.,cti.,.that h?
from nv haA J!ffJ m;; "mlc ' announcement
'"I " - .- next week. Mr. Becks is a man who
nas lived here all his life. He
derstood him.
Startling Results Claimed For a Rus
siag's Methods.
Some years ago, says an English pub-
STotlce of Application for Tmx De
Uader Section 8 of Chapter 4888,
liawa of Florida. , ,
NOTICE Is hereby given that
w;.TiJUn? P,urchaer of Tax Oei tlflcates
No. m ana No. 1H8, dated the 7th day of
D- mS tts nlf d sold Oertlflcatis In
t, i.J??d hs made PPcation for
1x.IJeed tolssue ln accordance with law.
- Said certificates mi, n, Vn"
described property Bituated In Putnam
County, Florida, to-wlt: ,
OertlMcate No. 1W, embraces the follow
lne described nnii. t.M.u'it. i ui. .
iam,vlye B,.ld of'Ufloats No. m embraces
all Bik. saud Bcj of Blk. 4 and Blk. 18
Mannvllle, Section 14, Township 10. s
KHiine 24. E. '
ine said land being assessed at tha
date of the Issuance oi such certificates In
the name of Mrs. W T. n,.."j i .
Oranxe. respectively. 8 "' "
TJnlRHS fin.lfl Aunl 1 Ann .L.ll . ' -
deemed according: to law, tax deed will
n m, reon on the 20th day of March A.
Witness mv nffinlnl rn..... - ji
seal tiiis th iH'.h ;rr, .
Wis. ' """""" vA
Clerk Circuit Court, Putnam Co., Fit,
By H. Hutchinson. Jr.. D. C.
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic Voters of Second
Commissioner's District:
I will be a candidate in th .Inn
nvTVrH " people! erhaps, f rmer discovered DemoTratic PiaTfor Z XeTf
aX?, won "TV other one single dtiLn of the dty t,meod l"S the yield of .County Commissioner from ?he Sec'
Ihe address was on The War :n wa is th Pntnm n,f Je wheat In so sturtlins a manner that no ond Distr t. n nff,na t m t-.u
v,, ifo. t 4.- tt !.- '.JO " Lilc uuiam county member ot " 7. . "w y"" unite i am now im-
7, T oa tiJT-Za tne state Democratic. Executive Com- nej)eueved Ue was telling tbe truth. ,ing by appointment of Gov.' Tram-
. ma auui- mittee,
enra unuer tne spell oi nis magic eio
quence and by the power and convino
OCtatA 14 in. nH,L l.'J..' TT
Sr A dhe tjh
argument was that if we make Dree- "
Lratio" for war we must expect war. C. H. Price for Sunt, of Schools
inr. cryan am not declare nimseit C. H. Price the well-known Cash
dFtrd02fiUnPnnnnntnnUal Grocer of city has aTnouSed
diture of $250,000,000 for naval and fnr Mi,, .ri(j.t u.i "
army preparation and equipment, but This youn mar hS pe uHar fi ness
as opposed to the contemplated addi- for the office he sak TC tt.
tional burden of $500,000,000 per an- education the' presenSi and Se
num as urged by the Navy League quality of pleasi , He is pro
He also opposed the nronairanda i..- .j..ri.:5;7
"""k "". is the friend of education public
by the jingoes of the country, who, in school education. When he gets out
case of war "would be too busy mak amnnD. , r,0ni0 J tl
mg army contracts and loanine mon- Ui, i v,i ' i.
ey at high rates of interest to reach u '"al
the front." , nu.i d.. n
Here is one of his illustration if
preparedness: The joint recital which will be giv
is a democrat from lne Kissiun declared that It was pos- men to nil out the unexpired term
His business is real sible to get seventy pounds of grain ," Mr. J. H. Millican, resiened. 1
from one seed and to make an acre
carry forty-five tons.
That does sound like a miracle, and
we do not vouch for It, but here Is the
method, and If any farmer has the pa
tience to try it he will certainly be sur
prised at the result.
Each grain is planted separately In a
sunken bed about fifteen inches deep
and three and a half feet In width.
As soon us the grain sprouts the little
blade Is covered with a thin layer of
earth about an inch and a half in
depth. The result is that you get three
stalks Instead of one. At the end of
three weeks the hoe comes Into use
again, and the three stalks being cov
ered with earth, turn into nine stalks,
Thin nrOPPKS nn holncr rnnn t.l a
I , T d i ' CI. I'i.LV. 1. H LIUU
"The neon a who nrnfir. hv furn ah. e "y iiss irma, jane iewis. vocalist, t nu nnita in f,.- o ,t.
mg preparedness have been playing a"a firs. Robert S. O Haver, pianist, and the Russian in question repeated
the nations of Enrnnn atrninot n,.h will take place in the narlors of The .,. . .. ...
other for a ; generation. Every bat Jnam House Thursday
t-lochin thot i ci Kttt 14- in rt4.4.T.. . I 11 i fill Z, Til . - -
made the excusfor bunding more These ladies have been prevailed feed ls.fifst e ln the y
hoftlannina in thn f; t UDon- bv the manacrpmpnt. nf thp Pnt. lun Bna men tianspianted to the bit be-
me illustrate the plan of the battle- nam to ive this recital for the pleas- Iore mentioned you get an even strong-
shin builder. Sunnnse thrpp fnrmora ure of their guests, and have consent- er growth, so that after only eight cov-
lived around .a little lake and a bat- ed tnat !t may take the form of a erlngs more than 103,000 stalks have
tleship builder wanted to increase his Public recital, at which the small sum been produced from a single grain.
businessh how would he go at it? 01 a cents wl "e charged, all to go Youth's Companion.
ne would go to the first farmer and lo l"e enein oi tne laaies. tsotn
say: You are helpless. If your two are 100 weu-Known and appreciated
neighbors were to combine against by .tne music loving people to need
you, they could overcome you; your an introduction here. And The News
lack of preparedness is an invitation feels sure that the attendance will
to them. Let me build you a battle- amunt to a popular ovation or ap-
hip and anchor it here bv vour land, preciauon to ootn miss j,ewis and
Then thev will see that von ar t;i-p- Mrs. -O Haver,
narpd nnc t.hpv will hp afraiA
and peace will be preserved.' He r Cra'S Visits Old Scenes.
would -then ko to the second farmer Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Craiff of East
and say: 'Do you see that battleship Orange, N. J., are in the city and
over there ? Do you know what that Ruests at the home of Mrs. Willie
is for.' That is for you. Are vou Metcalf on North Third street. It i:i
win greatly appreciate the support
oi the Democrats of the district.
Sincerely yours,
Notice is herby given that the An
nual Meeting of the Stockholders of
the Palatka Ice Company will be held
at the office of the Company at Pa
Iat,a Florida, on Tuesday the 7th day
of March, 1916, at 10 o'clock a. m.
for the purpose of electing directors,
and for the transaction of such other
business as may be brought before
said meeting.
' Secretary.
Mythical Horses,
Pegasus ("born near the source of
the ocean") was the winged horse of
Apollo and the Muses. Bellerophon
rode this animal when he charged the
Slelpnir ("the black horse of Odin"
had eight legs and could carry his mas
ter on sea as well as land. This ani
mal Is believed to typify the wind,
wnich blows from eight different
Al Borak ("the lightning") was the
horse commissioned by Gabriel to car
ry Mohammed to the seventh heaven
He had a human face and tbe wings
of an eagle. Every step he took was
Mr. Row ton in the Race.
C. E. Rowton of this city is mak
ing his announcement this week as a
candidate for County Commissioner,
a position he is now filling from the
falatka district by appointment of
the governor to fill out an unexpir
ed term of former incumbent who re
igned. The News couldn t introduce
Mr. Rowton to Palatka people. He
is one of our most prosperous mer
chants. He has made a success in
private business and wants to help
in making a success of the business
of the county. Running a county 'is
a business. During his short term
in office Mr. Rowton has made st
excellent credit marks.
The Children's Part
Mention should be made of the
children who took part in the differ
ent countries included in the "Trip
Around The World," given Tuesday
evening by the Woman's Club. At
the home of Mrs. W. A. Walton, which
was "Amerca," (Indian) the children
added much to the beauty and primi
tive setting of Indian, life. Louise
Johnson as an, Indian maid, was very
typical of the part, falling into the
ways and lines of the grace of real
Indian maidenhood. Little Brandon
Warren and Weymes Walton carried
out the little Indian boy life very ac
curately, seeming to fall into graces,
natural to childhood among the In
dians. The setting was made com
plete, by the beautiful collie dosr. who
helped to make the picture real.
in Holland, represented at Mrs. M.
S. Brown's, little Doris Causey who
was costumed in every detail, true to
Uutch life, danced her little Dutch
figure, to the delight of her audi
ences. ;
willing to invite atttacke bv beine- de- a number of years since Mr. Craio-
ienseiess : j,et me build you two visitea raiatKa and his mends here,
battleships and then he will see that f whom he still has many are de
you are prepared and will be afraid lighted to have him back. Some ten
of you and peace will be preserved.' or a dozen years ago, in the old Pa-
HP WOlllri t.hpn trn trt tha thi.l fo arkfl. IVIr I fllo woo nraoiJant rP An
few V ww WIUU A C 1 1 1 1 - I ' " - Jl W Lt 1 ,,! . . , ,. .
r and say: 'Either one of your old-style rapid transit street car sys- "7""' lu lue '"" ramie or numan
eighbors is more than a match for tem. That was in the davs of econo- Tlslh-
you alone; together they can annihil- my. when men were loth to pay 25 According to Thessalian legend, the
ate you. Your only safety lies "in the. cents for a ride to the Union station, flrst horse was miraculously brought
Duiioane or three battleshins. Than ana wnen a trip on the cars which met forth bv KeDtune striking n rnrk roith
wnen tney see yoa are ready they will a" trams couia De naa tor "a nickel, nis trident.
ue tuxuiu oi you ana tne peace ci trie llve tenia, a nan aime, as tne iem
lake will be preserved.' By this time onade boy says in the circus. We
he would be able to eo back to the wish Mr. Crai? was here nermanentlv
first man and say: 'Your little bat- pw and minded to build us an elec-
tleship is out of date. It is a provo- trie, or trolly line that w.ould be both
cation instead of a protection. Un- urban and interurban that wouid
less you are willing to build more reach from Charley Burt's mansion in
snips you naa better sink that one. tne neignt s, tnrougn raiatka, over
A Voracious Monster,
The most voracious of all marine
Deasts of prey is the orca,.or killer
whale. It reaches a length of twenty-
five feet, and Its jaws bristle with
It shows you want to fight and everv- the bridge and on to Reynold Burt's teeth from four to six Inches long and
body knows you can not fiarht. You potato orchard in Hastings. Such as sharp as a dirk knife. Its digestive
must have four battleships of the la- a llne Will be built some day . Speed
test pattern in order to prevent war lne aay-
by being prepared for it.' And so on
and so on. This is what they have Was Misrepresented.
been doing in Europe. Is it possible Editor Palatka News:
that they can entice us into this mad An article in one of the papers re
rlv""y porting tne proceedings of the coun
ine rvews wisnes it could print that ty democratic executive committee
power is proportioned to the tremen
dous efficacy of its Jaws. It seems also
to be nn atrocious glutton, as one spec
imen examined contained in Its stom
ach thirteen porpoises and fourteen
address in full; it would make two gave a wrong interpretation of my ob
pages and a half of this paper. j'ections to the committee's making
Mr. Bryan simply opposes the sub- recommendation for filling the place
stitution of the European standard ,i' of Mr. Wattles on trip srhnnl hnaivi
honor the duelist's standard the My objection was to the exe.-ut.ive
false philosophy that "might makes committee acting as a w-iob, as the
right," for the moral code unon which law has heen rhann-pH nnri nnw tha
we rely for the protection of individ- members of the school board and the to furnish conclusive proof that It la a
' "lc ie guarantee oi private county committee are elected by the worn or art
property the standard in keeping voters embraced in the district thev
aspirations and achieve- represent, and I felt that for the
A Boomerang,
"Call that art!" exclaimed a would
be critic, pointing to a painting In a
ntudio. "If that daub Is a work of art
then I'm an idiot!"
The latter part of your statement,
rejoined the artist calmly, "would seem
with our
A Beautiful Book.
The Florida Farms & Homes. Tm-
doesnt do things in a half-hearted
on half-way measure. It leans tn
the front like a fearless leader who
knows what he is up against.
For some months back this corpora
tion has been perfecting its plans of
operation. One of its more recent
plans was the issuing of a booklet on
fiorida, with special reference to it
own property. mis oooKlet come
fresh from the press last week and is
now being distributed. A Jackson
ville connoisseur in Florida litera
ture says it the most beautiful hook-
let ever issued on Florida. The Jar
sonville man is right. He hasn't
oversaid it. He fell short. It is the
prettiest thing ever issued on the
The book has sixty-seven nacres of
aescriptive matter and illustrations
that illustrate truthfully. The work
was aone in new York and was based
on Florida made photographs and de
scriptions that were written with the
idea of impressing facts upon readers.
The work is in the highest art of the
"art preservative of all arts." If you
can get a copy get it, honastly, if you
can; but get it. See Col. James R.
Murphy. Tell him you want it for
your library. That will be the truth.
Potato Eatsrs.
.The Belgians are looked upon as the
greatest potato eaters In the world, and
the Irish come neoond
members ;of the committee outside
the district to be filled, to vote would
not be in keeping with the law. or in
justice to that district, from the fact
that outside districts would be in the
majority and it would be possible for
them to recommend a man objec
tionable to the very parties who
should have the right f choice.
I am a strong teller that the ex
ecutive committee ',3 the proper or
ganization to make till recommenda
tions, and to disregard the commit
tee of a county will never be my
plea in any case. Nor do I favor any
man or set of men who will, and in
making reference to the school
board's recommending a member
from one district to fill the vacancy
made by the resignation of Mr. J. H.
Green, I intended to sneak of mv dis-
aproval of it and try to fret an an
swer as to why. if they in that case.
made the recommendation, which in
this case were so anxious for the ex
ecutive committee to do so. They
might say the executive committee
was not in session, but we were will
ing to get together as we alwavs are
when, the interests of the county need
looking after. I was in favor at that
time of the members of the commit
tee in this district making that rec
ommendation; was in favor of the
members of the committee from th
Palatka districts filling the
and do not wish to be understood as
standing for anything that will de
tract from the fundamental principles
of the democratic party as I nnHpr.
stand them.
Pomona, Feb. 17, 1916.
A Lovers' Quarrel.
She (turning ut the door) I
you are Just hateful, and I'm
going to speak to you again, so
no use coming into the music
after me. because I'll be on Hie rustic
bench at the far eud of the const-rva
tory. Smart Set
Drowned His Voice.
Teacher Tommy. I nskeil .von ti,
spell candy. Why don't you do il II i--Sistei"
Dense, miss, his mnuth's wii
tering so he can't talk. Boston Tnir
Young Husband Isn't there mi
thing peculiar about the taste of thesi
onions, my dear? Young Wife tuns
lously) Oh, 1 hope not, my dear! I
took such pains with them, and I eveu
sprinkled them with eau-de-coiogne be
fore 1 put them on to boil, to take
away the unpleasant odor. London
Grit is the grain of eharacteV.
It may generally be described as
heroism materialized spirit and
will thrust into heart, brain and
backbone, so as to form part of
tha physical substanca of tha
man. Whipple.
Will begin February 8th. You will
please write to me before pnmino-
Accommodations are limited and I do
not want to overcrowd mv class. On
ly those tranches that are r-ovprpH .hv
first, second and third grade certifi
cates will be taught. Pupils of the
8th grade can take the work. Good
board reasonable.
2-18-2fc Keuka, Fla.
FOR SALE Six-room house, large
barn and other outbuildings. Four
lots, 25 or more bearinc orano-e nnH
grapefruit trees. Three blocks from
depot, stores and church, in Tntp.-.
lachen. Belongs to non-resident, nnri
will be sold for half its value, Rev.
S. J. Townsend. apent. Interlachpn
FOR SALE Large Strom? mule nr
will trade for some (rood milk mni nr
large hogs. Apply Gale & Company,
uwigemwn, ria. (j-tf.
FOR RENT Large nicely furnish
d room over looking river: conve
liencies. Enquire 504 River street, tf
INCUBATORS. Two second-hand
incubators for sale, standard makes,
practically new. jviann-iloajge seed
Co., Palatka, Florida.
WANTED When you want to huv.
when you want to sell, when you want
to rent or lease, when you want to
exchange, when you want work or
workmen, when you lose or find, or
when ever you have any other want,
just call 195. because a News Want
Advertisement will solve the problem
at tne least expense. tf.
WANTED When vou want letter
heads, note heads, bill heads, state
ments, envelopes, catalogue or book
work done, or any kind of printing,
write or pnone The Mews office.
Phone 195: tf.
Palalkal Concrete' Co.
5th and Main. C. T. SH1NN, Mgr.
Cement Work,
Block and Brick
I Seed end ,
Fcultiy Supplies
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GemCiiy Harness Co.
Harness, Wagons and
u Farm Implements. f
Wagon Repair Material and Harneas
' Repairing, fc.
t Texas Lubricating Oili.'fi .
County Surveyor of Putnam
Land PnrreylnK, Iralnae Work.
MP, Blue lrint, Drawees of "mil
kind.. Timber Estimates, lnd In
spection, te. Accuracy guaranteed

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