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t imrri vtwwo DAT.ATKA. FLA. :
XXLKi SrALtA X JA waimi i. .ra-.--.
Miss Alice Hutchinson will be the
week-end guest of Miss Grace Row
ley at San Mateo.
Miss Betty Fudge of Atlanta is vis
iting Mrs. Alston Haile for a week.
Miss Fudge is stopping over en route
from Orlando to Macon, Ga.
D. P. Hancock has been so urged by
voters in his district to again become
candidate for County Commissioner
Hat he has consented. Mr. Hancock
bas made a good commissioner.
Mr. Andrew J. Walker and Miss
Me Louise Clemmons, both of Rod
1 man, were united in marriage on
't Wednesday by Rev. P. Q. Cason, pas-
tor of the Baptist church.
v. Hon. C. K. McQuarrie, State Farm
Demonstrator, with Messrs. E. S.
' Pace and A. P. Spencer of the State
agricultural department, were in the
dftr yesterday.
John C. Marshall, a prominent young
roan of this city and son of Justice
John E. Marshall of the court house,
has gone into business at St. Augus
tine. E. R. Conway of Bostwick, present
member of the county school board
from that district, and a candidate
f&r County Tax Assessor, was in the
city on Tuesday. Mr. Conway is
greatly encouraged by the favor in
which his candidacy is being received
both in the city and county precincts
Mrs. Frank D. Wattles gave a love
ly afternoon party at her home yes
terday in honor of her sister, Mrs. R.
Arthur Rowlands of Barberton, Ohio.
Six tables played bridge and at the
close of the afternoon the hostess
served escolloped . lobster, Saratoga
chips, wafers, olives, coffee, orange
ice and cakes.
Adjutant L. A. Odom, in charge of
the prison farm movement at Brook
lyn, is in the city this week. This
prfson farm it will be remembered is
being started by the Volunteers of
America, under the direction of Mrs
Maud Ballington Booth, and is to be
a home for discharged convicts until
thev can eet on their feet again and
make a new start in the world. Ad
jutant Odom states that they already
have cleared 10 acres of land and are
grafting ready to erect the bungalows.
Mr. C. D. Brown of Manlius, N. Y.,
who has been spending the winter
here, a guest in the home of Mr. R.
R. Brakeman, left this morning for
brme. He will stop enroute at Chat
tel nostra. Cincinnati and other point-
of interest. Mr. Brown who is a reg
ular winter visitor here, and mayor of
the Palatka tourists, expects to re
turn eirly in December next and re
main through all of next winter. He
reads The News regularly and keeps
ported in all that's doing here during
his absence.
111111 'n
Edward North, one of the leading
farmers of the Bostwick section, was
a business visitor in the city on Wed
Mrs. Anna E. Hammock, who had
been visiting friends at Kenwood,
passed through the city Wednesday
enroute to her home in Fayetteville,
N. C.
R. A. Bryan of Carraway was a
visitor in the city on Wednesday. Mr.
Bryan is thinking strongly of becom
ing a candidate for the Legislature.
He is well-known in west Putnam and
in Palatka.
The Daily Democrat has been
changed from an evening to a morn
ing paper, the change taking place
on Monday. The Democrat gets out
on the street at a regular time each
morning and always in time for
Mrst A. S. Willard of Palatka spent
Monday in the city with her father,
Col. Robert W. Davis, and family.
Mrs. Willard has many friends in
Gainesville who are always glad to
see her and who regret that her vis
its are always short ones. Gaines
ville Sun.
Miss Helen Cochrane gave a most
enjoyable evening dancing party at
her home last night to about ten cou
ples. The event was given in honor
of her house guest, Miss Weathers, a
charming young lady of Atlanta. Miss
Cochrane served a salad and ice
course and coffee.
! Mrs. Fred T. Merrill delightfully
entertained sixteen ladies with auc
tion bridge on Tuesday afternoon in
honor of Mrs. R. Arthur Rowlands
and Mrs. George Powers. Three ta
bles with one guest table enjoyed the
gamesu The refreshments were sal
ad, candwiches, sherbet and coffee.
i Judge A. 0. Wright of Jacksonville,
a gentleman who 45 years ago was
County Judge of Putnam county and
' a resident of Palatka, with a law offce
over the old Moragne drug store, was
a visitor in the city on Wednesday.
Judge Wright is now practicing law
in Jacksonville, but just at present
is engaged in pushing the Wailes
Claim against the State. Col. Wailes
will present his claim before the com
ing legislature.
The News acknowledges a pleasant
call on Tuesday from Mrs. J. L. An
drews of New Haven, Conn., an In
ternational Organizer of the Interna
tional Sunshine Society. Mrs . An
drews, who is a noted worker in the
field of organized charity as well as
in the work of the Sunshine Socie
ties, has had a winter home for a
number of years at lnterlachen, which
probably accounts largely for the in
terest taken there in the Sunshine
work. Mrs. Andrews is a lady who
carries sunshine into any circle she
may grace, and there was some in
this office during her visit 'which
still lingers with us. God's noble
women leave a blessing wherever
they chance to stop.
Bight How
Is the Tims to Buy
Your Spring Goods
Our stocks were never more com
plete. The Goods were never so
beautiful, and Our Prices are lower
than those asked by most stores for
the same quality a comparison will
convince you. But when our pres
ent stocks are exhausted we will be
compelled to pay a considerable ad
vance on many items and some can
not be had at any price as the stocks
are already sold up. Therefore if
you want to save money besides get
the choice goods of the season,
You Should Buy Right Now
Our stock of Ladies' Ready-to-Wear will com
pare with any city store.
Our Dress Goods, Silks, Laces and Embroider
ies are just beautiful.
Our stock of Notions, Hosiery. Underwear,
Shoes and Boys' Wear is complete.
The Earnest Company
w M Williams of Pomona was
visitor in the city on Wednesday.
Or. J. E. Goethe is out again af
ter a week's illness.
' Mrc V. J. Smith and her daugh
ter, Miss Florence, left yesterday for
Daytona Beach for a few day.
Senator W. S. Middleton of Pomona
was transacting business in the city
Mrs. John H. Randolph, Jr., of Sa
vannah, arrived in Palatka yesterday
for a visit with her mother, Mrs. E.
S. Crill, in Palatka Heights.
H. D. Coachman of Jacksonsonville
spent a few days with his sister Mrs.
F. L. Wise, leaving Thursday morn
ing for the East Coast.
Miss Leslie Weathers of Atlanta is
the guest of Miss Helen Cochrane.
Miss Weathers will remain for a
Mrsu M. S. Brown with Miss Rena
Brown and Misses Myrtle and Inez
Holder left Tuesday for a sojourn in
Key West and Cuba.
Mr. and Mrs. Howell A. Davis, Miss
Oma and Mrs. Edw. L. Mann were in
Jacksonville Tuesday and Wednesday
attending the automobile show.
Mrs. John N. Walton has gone to
Nashville, Tenn., to visit her two
brothers. Mr. J. C. Vertrees of Palat
ka is also visiting in Nashville.
H. A. Ring, merchant of Sisco, and
one of the best men in the county, was
a business visitor in the city on Wed
Mr. and Mrs. K. Borson, with Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. H. Hcrrick were in the
city yesterday enroute to their home
in Crescent City from a motor trip to
St Augustine.
P. A. Parrott of Dublin, Georgia is
the guest of his sister Miss Tiny Par
rott, for a few days. Mr. Parrott is
manager of the Western Union Tele
graph company of Dublin.
Mrs. W. Carl Davis, Miss Florence
Davis and Mrs. Norman Riles, with
I her guest, Miss Mary Brewer of An-
mston, Ala., mane the trip to Silver
J Springs Wednesday morning, on the
boat, returning Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs .C. F. Edgar of Me
tuchen, New Jersey, were over Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hicken
looper. Mr. Edgar has been spending
some time at Edgar, Fla., where he
is the owner of the Kaolin works.
Morris B. Cochrane had as his mo
tor companions to Key West Tuesdav,
F. D. Wattles, W. Carl Davis, N. E.
Riles and Dr. A. M. Hedick. The
party will attend the Knights of Py
thias convention.
The meeting of the Woman's Club
at the Putnam House this afternoon
at 3 o'clock, is to be a very important
one to all the club members, this be
intr time for the yearly election of
officers, and other legislation will be
in order. A full attendance is asked.
The Monday night club was enter
tained by Mrs. S. G. Coburn. Three
tables played bridge, and refresh
;ments consisting of orange ice with
I whipped cream, devil's food and white
icake, salted peanuts and tea, were
i served by the hostess.
j Mrs. Norman Riles received a few
, invited guests, informally Monday af
ternoon in honor of Miss Mary Brewer
;of Anniston. Alabama. Mrs. Riles
was assisted in receiving by Mrs. R.
H. Hanley and Miss Florence Davis.
;Tea, cake and mints were served.
I Miss Irma Lewis returned Tuesday
J evening from Jacksonville where she
was the guest of Mrs. Charles M. Al
jford over the week-end. Miss Lewis
charmed her audience so much bv her
'voice last Sunday in the First Pres
byterian church, that they have re
quested her to return and again sing
for them March 19th.
j Col. Hall of Indionapolis, Ind., pro
moter of the Southland Club, an or-
more aeo the bier Merwin tract of
'some 1800 acres of land alone the riv
er front to the north of Palatka for
club purnoses, has been in the city
this week, a guest at the Putnam
j Mrs. Marie Boyd was the hostess
for a charming auction bridge party
at her home on River street Tuesday
afternoon. Two tables played and an
ice course was served. Dogwood
blossoms and ferns comprised the dec
orations. The guests were Mes
dames J. L. Dunsford, J. E. Lucas, W.
H. Rosenberg, J. D. Points, J. Leon
ard Burt, D. J. Coughlin and Miss Eni
gma Hoberg.
The fire alarm sounded three times
on Thursday, but nothing of a serious
nature resulted from the small fires,
which wore easily extinguished by the
fire boys. A small house on Laurel
street was damaged to the extent of
perhaps 15 and another house on
i)th street was damaged slightly in
the attic. Another fire was that of
some crofs-ties along the A. C. L.
track. The houses were both occu
pied by negroes.
Rev. Dr. Patton, a prominent Pres
byterian minister of Columbus, Ohio,
was in the city yesterday to make ar
rangements for a series of Anti-Saloon
League lectures by some of the
; country's most eloquent orators,
amors' whom are Hon. John G. Wool
W. Richmond Pearson Hobson, Geo.
, W. Bain and others. The first of the
serips will be by that prince among
platorm speakers of the world, John
.G Woollev, LL. D., on Monday night,
the 20th inst., at the Baptist church.
Not only in war, but in any walk of life. We
should be prepared for emergencies, or to quote
the old saying, " put by for the rainy day."
Next Fall, just when you need a new Suit
or an Overcoat, the money may not be handy,
and you'll wish you had invested in one when
the price was cut to less than half.
If you buy a Suit now at $10.00, or an Over
coat at $12.00 or $14.00, you will have not only
the clothes, but the money saved on the purchase
to invest in something else. Think this over.
FREE OFFER e keep m snaDe and rePair any
Suit purchased from us, sending for
and returning it. This ought to appeal to the economical buyer
Clothier and Furnisher
to Particular Dressers
ice Cream, Soft Drinks,
and Candy
Cigars and Tobacco
Mrs. H. S. Hodge gave a lovely
afternoon to about twelve friends,
whom she had invited in, last Mon
day afternoon, to play auction bridgo.
Mrs. Hodge was assisted in enter
taining, by her daughter, Mrs. Louis
Phillips. An ice course was served
r. e. neck:
The Leading Photographer
Portraits, Views, Lantern Slides, Flas!
Lights and Commercial Work.
Presbyterian Church.
The subject for Sunday morning
will be "The Wrestling Match at Jab
boc." Evening topic, "Life's Aim."
Rev. C. M. Alford, D. D., pastor.
Sundav school at 9:45 a. m. Mid
week prayer meeting, Wednesday eve
ning at 7:30 o'clock. A cordial wel
come to all.
House Party at Welaka.
Miss Rebekah Padgett of Gaines
ville will come over to join the week
end house party given by Miss Helen
Cochrane in honor of her guest, Miss
Leslie Weathers of Atlanta. On Sat
urday five couples will motor over to
Welaka where they will enjoy the hos
pitality of Miss Cochrane at the
"Homestead" in the grove.
VOU should be as particular about the selec
oi the contractor as about the plans and
selection of materials for the building. Mist;
of an incompetent builder are not easily rect:
after a building is completed. Mv work in Pa
and throughout the country will bear inspect
j The public will have another oppor
tunity of hearing Miss Irma Jane
Lewis and Mrs. Robert Stanley
O'Haver in recital in the Presbyterian
' church the latter nart of the month.
The program will be eiven with voice
i and pine organ nnd will include arias,
oratories and mivpd numbers. A sil
ver offering will be taken which will
apply on the debtof the church. The
entertainment is in charge of the la
dies of the Presbvterian church, and
the public will be welcome. The date
S of the recital will soon appear.
Mrs. Smith Entertains.
One of the pleasant social affairs
of the week was that given by Mrs.
Frank Smith at her apartments on
N. Second street in honor of Mrs.
Green of Iowa. Each guest was re
ouested to bring either some of her
own fancy work, or some she hail,
and the afternoon was pleasantly
spent in looking over the samples of
work. An ice course was served, as
also punch during the afternoon.
Miss Hutchinson, Hostess.
Miss Alice Hutchinson again proved
herself a delightful hostess Tuesday
evening, having as her guests the
members of the ioung Peoples
League of St. Marks church and a
few invited friends. Miss Barber
gave an interesting reading from
Mary Wilkins-Freeman and a musical
program rendered by several guests
added to the enjoyment of the even
ing. At the close of the evening de
licious refreshments were served.
Miss Leib presided over the chocolate
and Miss Winnifred Haughton, over
the coffee table. Sandwiches and
wafers were passed by the Misses
Stanton. There were forty present.
The young people's society is grow
ing and is a live-wire organization.
Mrs. Armour's Lecture.
Mrs. Mary Harris Armour, known
as "The Georgia Cyclone," delivered
a most eloquent and highly interest
ing lecture in the Methodist church
last Monday night, under the auspi
ces of the Palatka W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Armour is really a most elo
oucnt and earnest speaker. Her
theme was "National Pv;i,u:
and her campaign is with the view nf
uruusmg an interest such as will
cause the congress to submit an
amendment to the states calling for
nation-wide prohibition within the
coming year.
The Methodist church was well
filled and the big audience listened
with wrapt attention as Mrs. Armour
went from finp Alnmianf i .
------ .. ..,uv ,,VIn, lo an
otner in her arraignment of the li-
w X ire "er Portion was
that rnp II S .,.! i i . ..
J.., ".. . nave National
prohibition within five years.
Meeting of Woman's Club.
One of the most interesting meet
ings of the club year was that held
in the Putnam House last Friday af
ternoon, r ranee was the subject, and
mrs. u. j. tougniin, the leader. The
meeting was opened with quotations
on historical characters .and events.
Mrs. A. Trombley then read an inter
esting paper on "France, the Grand
Nation," showing the development of
the country through the centuries of
its existence, and ending with the
present time. Miss Ida Leib read a
most interesting account of Paris, the
most wonderful and beautiful city in
the world. Miss Leib spent several
months in Paris, a few years ago,
therefore her description of the city
was very vivid and most entertain
ing and was told in a delightful man
ner. Mrs. W. M. Boyd gave instruc
tive readings concerning the litera
ture of France. That country truly
possesses a wonderful literature anil
great writers and thinkers. Mrs. .1.
E. Lucas played and sang a charming
little French song of the 18th cen
tury, entitled "Bergere Legere."
Masonic Home and Orphanage.
At the last: mpptintr nf tho r.nn.l
Lodge of Florida, F. & A. M., a reso
lution was passed authorizing the
Grand Master, James E. Crane of
Tampa, to appoint a committee of
three to recive all offers of donations
of lands and other inducements for
the selection and location of the Home
and Orphanage. It was also ordered
"that the said committee hp AirtwoA
to give publicity and notice to the va
rious cities, towns and localities mak
ing offers that the selection will be
determined bv the Grand TwHo-a n fho
next grand communication. The ac
ceptance thereof will depend upon the
locality, transportation, healthfulness,
educational facilities. tti
of the community offering such do-
nauons ana inaucements lor a perma
nent location."
Now what is tbo mnttoi. until Po.
latka ? Why can not this citv make
a bid for the location of this Home?
We haVP lonlitv niul iwnen-nim
----- , '' ,iuiio)iirivuiluil.
and healthfulness, and educational fa
cilities and as for moral tone we are
'Nother thine-! Ono nf nil HicTin.
guished townsmen, Mr. C. E. Rowton
lias just been appointed a member of
the committee to get tenders of sites,
etc. With him on the committee,
.lust appointed by Grand Master
Crane, nre W R fV Vool Si Hi-Inn
and Stafford Caldwell of Live Oak.
ijet us go after this Home.
Putnam House Kecita.
The Recital given in the
the Putnam House on Thur;
of last week came so late
iound impossible to report
. !. . . .
wees s issue oi tnis paper,
when it was possibly the
lightful treat Palatka lovers
have had in a long tin
me Kecital was a r.enei
Irma Jane Lewis, vo.v.li?t
rtouert Stanley U'ilaver, pia:
sic circles in Palatka tio k
be told of the work nf tr
hi their respective fiVl
it is those who appreciate
music and have not hoard
the information we arc aboii:
How to give it, that is t!it
A method occurs to Cm
the entertainment tl ut wr
tleman took the editor by
and remarked: "Saw that
smg like a lark." That is
Lewis has a .clear, -sweet
of wonderful range nnd
trol. Rarely do IViatkans
portunity to here sinters Oi
.Miss Lewis has sane: part:
Opera with some of the r
ists of the dav. She ju
to be visiting in Palatka tt
and we are getting the w
onlv from a snlendid von
ence on the social life, bat
ures that can be derived
wonderful richness of her f
ply by watching for an op
to hear her in revitai,
grasping the opportunity, j
came last week, ine .
there will be others.
Mrs. O'Haver's play":
kind that lifts. Her reiw
"Praver" from Lohenere
aoove occasion is a sam ,
almost see the knechne
agony of prayer invokin?'.'
t.v to snare but for a Htf
-' ,. .
i nen ner execution m
The Lark." hv Sclnihen-
wonderful. She interpret
ters of music in a maw
to call forth the prai "
She interprets the ma-'t.
n: artists. FaI8tk
pratuiate itself on having
men anion ir us i" - jj
-Fl..e. f mv of our tro ;
by their song and touch
a (;h- to heav.
nil uhuvi nil"- - - -j,--..Li:-
.Vol ic nrO"",
the Presbyterian , fhurcft J
ran accompanimrn
U Haver at tne - -t
be announced probably

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