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SEPTEMBER 22, 1916
Hundred of Bandit's Men
. rvtnn's TrooDS Renulsed
... l Doantiimvl Pncitiiii
nm Mad wo)iu.tu til
W' O- -..-4.
Ijistas Win
rpnpr.il Obrcgnn, minister of war,
" ! ff.im Movlon
-.ill l.rt nff .w.l.'n.l 1 1 1 ji
of six hundred men killed iiml
Ljbt Ml'11" - -
Lpral Troviuo was slightly wound-
to (lie shunuier.
litol "onie or ine townspeople,
h Villa
riu c;ii-
will bn tried by court-
jind the municipal mid
,ral palaces. General Trevino gath-
1 his troops, piacou nriuiery.
Upturn! i no I'""'" ""'"""i-"
.li.t,. r ileToaicu me .ui;m-m'is in
L .,rlv n:.,rttinir light
F 1
W men
General Obrcgon nas sour a nies-
o( congratulations 10 uonorai
Several el Hie oaprurou men ai-
Uvhave been tried by court martial
nil put to death.
j'onmil ((111111110118 prevail at i. ui-
He detail of the rletear or the
!t fiin-cs aroused enthusiasm m
fcsico City.
es attacked and took the
Lnsas Cotton Pickers Terrorized
bv NiKiu Kiaers.
Cotton pickers in Crawford county.
It, were terrorized anil picKing
Lht to an abrupt close as the
Lit of depredations of "night rid-
L" act-oi dinir to reports received at
lolberry, Ark. Pickers have been
tjrtin? under guard and eight men
ire been brought . before Judge
tslt for alleged night riding.
ttiss.-iid the idekers wore warned
lr the raiders they must quit picking
or T5 and SO cents per hundred
lands and hold out for $1. Masked
Li.it is remitted, told the workers
ttlPT would swing at the end of
bps" if they refused to obey the
yuiK'tiwi. Pickers say 200 to .".00
ipn jiartii-ipnted in the raids.
Death of Seth'LoV.
Seth Low, t'i inner niavor of Now
ft, and one time president of Co-
alia university, died at his onuntrv
me. rtnud brook farm. P.edfonl
iiis, X. V., at the ope of fif! years.
had been ill several months of a
fnpltoition of diseases.
Exit Nick Carter.
Eng Ermly, Nick Carter and other
be novel heroes are doomed. The
:heost of paper will eliminate these
Meations, the New York publishers
Miberlain's Colic, Cholera
Diarrhoea Remedy.
His is a medicine that every family
aid be provided with. Colic and
anoea often come on suddenly and
is of the ereatest importance that
7 be treated promptly. Consider
t suffering: that must be endured
:il a physician arrives or medicine
". be obtained. Chamberlain's
, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
i a reputation second to none for
Moick relief which it affords. Ub
pble everywhere.
sweetened to satisfy youngsters' palates,
cfs,them because they not
ishing as weiL Soldier l X-T-
fagg'"'.--AaigarL gsag
Packages COMPANY
his voice k mm
Enrico Carts.- tr- C.rt fii.656.67 Hach !
Time IJv 1
cl;.!'t i mch v , i ,isi. .i eu 1 1 : n
Crand opi r.i iieor, will nr-iive v
aetly twice ;-s :i'cli ;y rs lie ts
durini;' the Mi I i'"in'',! mi si-"-'-1 in
New York -i!y 'or -.-..'.: r-';',
tif'ts in lie 'Villi !;! 1
P.ueiins A!r. -. .in'h .'r.n rVa. re'li'v
the i ;,i ,,f ;he jiest Mi tvi-iiiii-tan
si asnn.
His pay from the Pim'li Arvrienn
will be s : 1 1 i ; . ,, ?::.(!;:::.;" t.-r
eai li pi v1' !:;..
The p.T'iir ;", U in Pa'y, but wt 1
siuiii s:ii! !',,! ; :i r'.i : in ore!, r to Pi
on lenii! f. ." h,. ... u'.ixs ' tbe M ,v
poliian Civrd tip.-n !oe-ie in mv
York city.
Louisiana Mn P titions Le;ir!ature
f-r Relief.
Charles 1 ":iilhe;iil. of Dciiliam
PpriiiLrs, T.a., is voii'y to iielition the
next sission of the Louisiana legisla
ture to allow him to change his naine
to "Charles Head."
Ieailhe;n! says bis name has been
the bane of his life, that he lias heei:
joked at, teased, made fun of and
ridiculed at. every turn.
Recently, lie says, a conductor on
the Illinois Central railroad refused to
allow him on the train until lie showed
a ticket, because he was referred tn
ns "1 'eadhe.u!." He says he has
trouble wi'.h tel.-irrapli and telephone
companies and is worried almost to
Vucsug:i bzscuscea bv rress
and Public
Harpoon Dated in Swordfish.
The body f a !arj; swordtish was
washed mi mi the shore near the
mouth of 'I'm'. ii'eo canvoti, oil' the
Califoiiii 1 ow:. The tish had been
dead be; : ! -i' time. Firmly I lu
lled lie s lei k was part of a liar
ponii. ! '-' i-'isied. but when
eN-r ";:iie "Lied" and the
fj.; : ' i e discernible.
"Use Juba Self Rising Flour for
delicious hot Biscuits at all Gro
cers." 9-15-tf.
People seldom improve when they
have no model but themselves to copy
after. Goldsmith.
Convinced Me
of its Value
"One of our sales
men demonstrated the
value of the Long Dis
tance Telephone to us.
He was at Huntsville,
Ala., and upbn his own
U.t.tt n M ' in
Lono nicf-.- ito fr flftn mprrhints within a
uioiautc v.aii iui iiii-w.. ...-. ,
lius of several hundred miles.
"In lec thn nn. hour he had sold 2100 barrels
flour at a t-r.1 mot n nf less than six dollars.
"c: .1 i i: J U. I nn Hicfanrft
ouice tnen we nave appueu mc ijh
Bell Telephone to every feature of our business with
Host nrr.;oUi- ic Th sprvire is fine, the
!es are reasonable and there is more satisfaction
'"one Long Distance Telephone talk than in nan
"Wn lerrr'
No Fornuil Campaign Has Been Or.
ganized for State DivLion, but
Sentiment Is Growing With Object
in View, It Is Said.
A plan to divide Florida into two
States, the southini half to be called
by its presi nt name, and the north
ern to be named Jefferson, in honor
of Thomas Jefferson, is bcinir serious
ly and widely discussed in private
circles, and in the press of the state.
It is sn'ested that the state be
divided by a line running nlonjr the
twenty-ninth parallel or by a line co
lncidin;; with the course of the Su
wanee river. "Jo miles north of the
twenty-ninth parallel. The proposed
state of Jefferson on the north would
contain approximately 7.000 square
miles, an area a little larger than New
Jersey. New Hampshire and Vermont
combined. The rest of the state be
low the twenty-ninth parallel would
include some 41, (( square miles,
about the same as the area of Ohio
and less than the area of Tennessee.
No formal campaign has been or
panized to create sentiment for thP
proposed division of the state, but it
is believed such a movement is likely
to be organized soon.
Officials of Bank at Homestead, Fla.,
Held Up.
While two confederates waited out
side in an automobile two heavily
armed men held up oflieials of the
State Pank of Homestead, Fla..
robbed tlie counters of .$0,000 and
escaped in the direction of the Kver-Hmles
According to the authorities the
two robbers who entered the bank
forced II. H. I'ridjrtMi. vice-president,
and K- ''. Crowley, cashier, to face
the wall, with their hands high above
their heads. As the men left the
hank Pridgen fired six shots after
Posses assisted by the Miami. Fla.,
police gave chase. A report that a
racing car containing four women
was seen ten miles west of Ilonie
cfnml irave rise to the belief that the
robbers changed dress to confuse the
"For delicious hot Biscuits use Juba
Self Rising Flourat all Grocers."
Point ot Res'enVblance.
"Wasn't she a bird';" exclaimed Jack,
referring to the girl he had just been
dancing with.
"She cetrainly was pigeon toed."' re
piled Gus.
And thus was n lifelong friendship
shattered to smithereens. St. Louis
"It's moved into a restricted neigh
borhood we have."
"One of these neighborhoods where
ye hnve to build a $10,000 house?"
"Not so bad as that. But we had to
get rid of the gont."-Louisville Courier-Journal.
How to Give Good Advice.
The best way to give good advice is
to set a good example. When others
see how quickly you get over your
cold by taking Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy they are likely to follow
your example. This remedy has
been in use for many years and en
nn excellent reputation. Obtain
Two Officers Killed in the Florida
Two possnnen were Silled and two
Injured in an encounter in the Ever
glades wi ll four bandits sought for
robbery of Sli.000 from the State
P.ank of Homestead. Fla. Reports
reaching Miami said the bandits fired
from ambush and then fled.
Members of the posse trailing tha
bank rubbers near that section of tho
Everglades. 4. miles south of Miami,
much of which is unilrained, appar
ently were caught ill a trap. Foul
shots were heard, followed quickly
by another. Allen Anderson and Wil
liam C. Anilerson. members of th
posse, fell dead, while Charles It.
Williams received five buckshot
wounds in his left side and arm. and
William Anderson was shot through
the thigh. Williams was said to be
seriously injured.
Allies Storm Four
German Positions
British Gain North cf Somme River
and French Strike to the South
Petrograd Reports Capture of 3,000
Gorman positions exceeding four
miles in length were captured by the
British and French armies in the con.
tinuation of their offensive north and
south of the Somme river in France.
Iu addition quantities of war mate
rial and a large number of prisoners
fell into the hands of the entente al
lies 700 prisoners being taken by tlie
French alone. Heavy counter at
tacks against, the British Sunday were
repulsed with large losses to the Ger
mans, according to London.
Near Thiepval the British took a
fortified position over a front of n
mile known as "The Danube trench;"
near Coureelette an advance of about
1,000 yards was made, and finally the
strongly-defended position at the
Mouquet farm, over which there hail
been numerous hard-fought battles
for several weeks, fell into their
To the south of the river the French
pushed back the Germans and occu
pied the remainder of the towns of
Vermandovillers and Berny still in
their hands and also captured all the
ground between A'ermainlovillers and
Deniecourt anil between Denieeourt
and Berny, the gain being over a front
running northeast two miles and
thence east another mile.
Petrograd records an advance for
the Russians south of Brzezany.
southeast of T.emberg, and the cap
ture of more than .1.000 Germans in
fighting along the Anraiuvka river,
and the Podvyschke-IIalicz railway.
Hard fighting, with the Russians
the aggressors, lias been resumed from
the Pi'ioef omrsli ree-ion in Russia.
through Galicia and up iu the Carpa
thian mountains.
Government to Wage War on Pest in
Beforo Oct. 1, the government's
fight on the Texas fever tick in Flor
ida will begin. Dr. E. M. Niglibert,
of Ihe bureau of animal husbandry,
having leased olliccs at Jacksonville,
preparatory to moving headquarters
from Atlanta. lie will bring with him
not less than ten government experts
to lead the fight against the tick, and
will hnve under his direction a force
jf not less than a hundred regularly
employed men.
Dr. Xighbert pinna to spend not less
than three years in the Florida fight
on the tick. It may take longer than
three years to permanently and effect
ively rid Florida of this pest, but not
less than that time.
Fell from Steamer; Drowns.
Falling from the deck of the fish
ing steamer Joseph H. Davis, on which
he was employed. Fred Thomas, 40,
drowned in the St. Johns river near
the dock of tlie Wellcr Coal company,
foot of Ilogan street. Jacksonville.
The body was taken from the water
in about 40 minutes and the city pul
motor used, but without effect.
Asks Change of Charter.
Application to change its charter
from a TiO-year to a 00-year existence,
and to raise the maximum amount ol
indebtedness or liability it may as
sume from $."00,000 to $.1,500,000,
has been made by the Jacksonville
Terminal company, which is to enter
upon a $2,000,000 expenditure to
erect the new passenger station.
Mill Plant Burned.
Fire resulted in the complete de
struction of Robinson Point Milling
company, at Robinson Point. Twu
hundred thousand superficial feet ot
lumber, the mill plant itself, hoilei
and machine shops, planer, dry kiln
and lumber slieds were totally destroyed.
Constipation the Father of Many 1118.
Of the numerous ills that effect hu
manity a large share start with con
stipation. Keep your bowels regular
and they may be avoided. When a
laxative is needed take Chamberlain's
Tablets. They not only move the
bowels but improve the appetite and
strengthen the digestion. Obtainable
Dangerous 'Sport.
First Lady trending a newspaper)
This golf seems to be a very danger
ous game. Did you see what hap
pened to a man named Taylor? He
went into bunker and was In two
when he came out.
Second Lady How dreadful!
"Yes. here arc the words: 'Taylor
getting out In two; Braid secured a
half.' "
"Does It say what happened to the
other half?"
"No, but there was worse to follow.
According to the report. Taylor then
fell completely to pieces."
"Use Juba Self Rising Flour for
delicious hot Biscuits at all Gro
cers." 9-15-tr. cers.
"Uce Juba Self Rising Flour for
delicious hot Biscuits at all Gro
cers." 9-15-tf.
Serbs Have Bulgars on the Run in
The fortified city of Fiorina, chief
base of tlie Bulgarian right wing's
first line defense in Macedonia, is re
ported to have fallen to the Serbians.
An unofficial Athens dispatch says:
"Fiorina has been captured. The
Bulgars are fleeing."
Seventeen miles to the north of
Fiorina lies Monastir. the Important
Macedonian city, tlie possession of
which has for decades been one of tlie
bones of contention between the Bul
gars and the Serbs. It was taken by
the Bulgars last fall after terrible
fighting and has been formidably for
tified during the past twelve months.
The Bulgarians are expected to make
a desperate stand to hold it, while
the Serbians, fighting on their own
soil, will bend might and main to
take It, and thus clear the path for
the re-conquest of their kingdom.
Retirement of Zaimis Ministry May
Mean Entry Into War.
King Constantino has accepted the
resignation of Premier Zaimis and his
The belief is entertained in the
entente capitals that the retirement
of the Zaimis ministry is preliminary
to the entrance of Greece into the
war. Recent dispatches from Berlin
and Vienna show that there also it
is regarded as probable Greece will
soon abandon neutrality and join tlie
entente powers.
The precise causes which led to the
resignation nf the ministry have not
been disclosed, on account of the ex
ceutionally rigid censorship.
"For delicious hot Biscuits use Juba
Self Rising Flour at all Grocers."
Curious Water Pipe.
At Mount Lowe, Cal., the thirsty vis
itor has only to turn on a faucet pro
jecting from a large tree near the hotel
and water begins to flow. No water
pipes are to be seen, and curiosity Is
aroused at once. The lower part of the
tree is hollow, and the pipes are run
underground and up through tlie hol
low part to a knothole, where a faucet
Is attached. Around the faucet the
hole is plugged up with cement which
looks like the tree itself.
The famous Goliath, whose great
height and swaggering air so fright
ened the troops of King Saul and who
was slain by the stripling David with
pebbles from the brook, was eight feet
six inches high. He was n native of
Gath and lived 10G3 B. C,
Wireless In the Wilds.
When a survey was made of the
wilds of Bolivia nil longitude was fig
ured by the aid of time signals sent by
wireless from a station 120 miles from
the lse of operations.
"Use Juba Self Rising Flour for
delicious hot Biscuits at all Gro-
Ruler of Holland Takes
Dive In a Submarine.
,-v.-'S,fV '
jSl: is, SW5 v.
English Monarch Sends Congratula
tory Message.
Congratulating the British troops
on the success of their offensive
against the Germans iu France, King
George sent tlie following message tl
General Haig, commander of the Eng.
lish troops:
"I congratulate you and my bravfl
troops on the brilliant success jusl
achieved. I never doubted that com.
plete victory will ultimately crown
our efforts and the splendid result!
of the fighting confirmed my view."
Roumania on "Water Wagon."
According to the Vossische Zeitung,
Russia has induced Roumania to pro
hibit absolutely the sale of liquors and
to consent to the appointment of Rus
sians as members of the Roumanian
secret police ami department of
finance and as commanders of thq
forts in northeastern Roumania and
administrators of the railroads.
Reported Russian Repulse.
In the Carpathians the Russians at.
tacked vigorously the forces of tha
central powers at Smotrec, Ludova
and Kaput, storming positions after
heavy preparatory bombardment.
Their efforts to drive forward, how
ever, were stopped with sanguinary
losses, according to Vienna. j
Son of De Lesseps Killed at Front.
Count Robert de Lesseps, son of tha
late Count Ferdinand, has been killed
at the front. He was a brother of
Jacques de Lesseps, who married Miss
Mackenzie, of New Y'ork.
"For delicious hot Biscuits use Juba
Self Rising Flour at all Grocers."
Optimistic Thought.
The dull world hath need of you.
How She Was Relieved from
Pain by Lydia E.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. 1
Taunton, Mass. " I had pains in both
sides and when my periods came I had
to stay at home
from work and suf
fer a long time.
One day a woman
came to our house
and asked my
mother why I was
suffering. Mother
told her that I suf
fered every month
and she said, ' Why
don't you buy a
bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? ' My
mother bought it and the next month I
was so well that I worked all the month
without staying at home a day. I am
in good health now and have told lots of
girls about it." Miss Clarice Mown,
22 Russell Street, Taunton, Mass.
Thousands of girls suffer in silence
every month rather than consult a phy
sician. If girls who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods, backache,
headache, dragging-down sensations,
fainting spells or indigestion would take
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, a safe and pure remedy made
from roots and herbs, much Buffering
might be avoided.
Write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass. (confidential) for free
advice which will prove helpful. v
able everywhere.

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