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THF. IWH of Coiintv Commissioners of Putnam County, inspired, with the patriotic desire to care for,
1 caution and help the good people of Putnam County during the present crisis, with prices of all food
stuffs and necessities of life increasing dailv. have resolved to conduct a campaign of instruction and warning
11 i M- i .. j- t ir T CnnrrelL County Agricultural Aprem
in a series or Dunetins anu puDiic meetings unuer incuucuiun ui - j
,r, rV, eh tKp nm.nf of nlantinfT more food and forase crops as well as conserving our
present supply of cattle and poultry.
Therefore, Take Warning !
Do your part if you would be patriotic, and at the
same time protect your family from unnecessary want.
This is not the time for explanations but action.
You owe it to your country, to your state, to your county, to your family to
put every possible acre of ground under cultivation. ACT NOW.
There is an ever-increasing shortage in food supplies,
in seed, in raw materials, and the eyes and the prayers of the world are
Special Prizes in Gold will be given to Boys'
directed to the farmer who is as powerful a factor as the soldier i
carries a gun, for upon him lies the destiny of the nation.
Anv information or instruction you aesire is yours
for the asking. Write, phone or call on CHARLES E. ROWTON, Chair
man Board of County Commissioners; L. CANTRELL, County Agricultural
Agent; JAMES R. MURPHY, Chairman Emergency Committee, Palatk
PHONE 223.
1 T- 1 '11 1 11 l'
1 he banks in i'utnam bounty will rend all financial
assistance necessary to responsible parties.
Corn and Pig Clubs and Girls' Canning Clubs
An Appeal to Farmers, Bankers
and Business Men in the
South. .
Bradford Knapp, chief of the Co
operative Extension work in Agricul
tural and Home Economics, U. S. De
partment of Agriculture, sends out
the following appeal:
"For nearly three years I have
done my best to warn you to prepare
for the present emergency. For
years we have tried to encourage di
versification in the South as a basis
for greater safety, both agricultural
and economic. Since the war began
in Europe we have urged SAFE
FARMING. When prices were low
you did well and made great pro
gress. When cotton went to eighteen
cents and over you made large profits
becaune of your progress in SAFE
FARMING, but some were tempted to
go br.ck to cotton. In common with
manv other men, I have tried to warn
you of that danger. Cotton hs not j
been high but has only increased in
somewhat less proportion' than food
and feed.
"Now The Crisis Is Here! This
great Nation must arouse herself for
a mighty struggle for liberty. Peo
ple without food and armies without
rations are conquered before they can
begin to fight. Our greatest safety
now lies in Food Production and in
saving the waste products.
"If the South is to be Strong she
must have Food. If this country is to
be Strong she must be well fed and
have an abundance to sustain those
friendly people who are even now
righting our battles for liberty and
"Transportation may be disturbed.
Your own defense requires you to
Produce and Conserve your Food sup
ply. Don't Fail Now! It is a Na
tional problem of defense as impor
tant as men and guns, ships and can
non. "Business Men, if seed is short can
vass the situation like patriots and
get the seed for farmers. Arrange
the credits. Furnish farmers seed
corn, soy beans, cowpeas, velvet
beans, peanuts, sorghum, etc., at cost.
ANY user will tell you that Michelill
. Universals give remarkable mile
age. Why? Because these unequalled
tires contain more quality rubber and
Prove this by having us weigh a
Michelln in comparison with other
non-skids. You will find the Michelin
from 12 to 15 heavier than the average.
You owe it to youreell to give these
high-quality, moderate-priced tires
a trial.
Palatka Automobile &
Supply Company
Palatka, Florida
Michelin Catingt an just at good at Michelin Red Imm Tuba,
which an often imitated in color tat neecr in quality.
See that all things necessary to help
farmers are done. Of course, we
must produce cotton, but with a mod
erate acreage and a good season there
will be enough. Do not sacrifice
acres of Food to increase your acre
age in cotton. Look Ahead ! Get the
warehouses, the feed mills, shellers,
cleaning stations, creameries, packing
plants, etc. ready. You must do your
share and cooperate with farmers.
They must do their share- and tend the
crops faithfully.
"Farmers, in your Unions, clubs
and other organizations, resolve to
Use The Best Methods now. When
the Nation faces a crisis we must
have the best farming in its history.
Labor is short, hence the best tools
and all labor-saving devices must be
used to make it possible for every
farm laborer to cover as much ground
as possible and do the most efficient
work. Farm women and girls have
important work to do in the garden,
the orchard, in raising poultry, and
especially in canning, preserving and
conserving our food supply.
"Your County Agent and Home
Demonstration Agent become more
important officers now than ever be
fore. Your State Extension Divis
ion at the Agricultural College will
have sbill more important duties.
Look to these for counsel and advice
in this new burden of extra work.
The County Agent will, without
doubt, have new duties and responsi
bilities in the near future.
"Farmers And Business Men, save
the breeding stock. Don't sell cows,
heifers, mares, sows, guts, ewes or
hens. Keep them for breeding. If
the breeding sto4: is sold where will !
you get the means to supply the meat !
of this country? I
" Let Us Forget All Past Dii'li-'illies !
And Join In A Mighty Effort To Food j
The South. What Can Yon In
The Next Sixty Days?"
Indigestion nearly always disturbs
j lilt; ajvci ,wui v. .v.., ..ii'.
the c:uise of insomnia. Eat a light
.' upper with little if any meat, and no
milk; a:o take one of Chamberlain's
Tablets immediately after supper, and
see if you do not rest much better.
Obtainable everywhere.
ty- four bushels. The weather has
much to do with the yields, but the
manner in which the boy handles hi.
plots selection of seed, cultivation,
etc., has more to do with it.
Spring is looked upon by manv as
the most delightful season of " the
year, but this cannot be said of the
rheumatic. The cold and damn wea-
ther brings on rheumatic pains which ;
are anything but pleasant. They can
be relieved, however, by applying i
Chamberlain's Linimert. ' Obtainable !
everywhere. j
In the Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial
Circuit, in and tor County of Put
nam, State of Florida.
J. A. Crosby,
T. V. Hannah, et a!,
The complainant having filed a
sworn Bill in this cause, alleging that
he believes that thr-vp n. ,-,., .,-.,.. ;
terested in the nronenv ir,vn-el
herein whose names are unknown to
him and having demanded this order
and otherwise comn'id! with ;
all parties claiming interest in the
property hereinafter describe-!; and
the heirs, devisees, grantees, or'othe-
In the Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial
Circuit, in and for County of Put
nam, State of Florida.
J. A. Crosby,
T. V. Hannah, et al,
It is ordered that
herein, to-wit: T. V
iam I.etford, and W.
each of them be and thev are herebv
required to appear to the Bill of
Complaint filed in this cause on or
before the
11th DAY OF JUNE, 1917.
it i.i runner ordered tint, n nnnv
order be published oncp a
eight consecutive weeks
.latka News, a Newspaper
in said County, and State.
my hand and seal of said
the 1-Jth day f April, A.
the defendants
Hannah. Will-
J. Acosta. and
oi tnis
week for
in The P
Court this
D. 1917.
( Seal )
J. V. Walton,
Clerk Circuit Court
Putnam County Florida.
To Sell Real Estate'
To Whom It May Comer.
Notice is hereby giver. j
14th day of May. A. D. .
dersigned, as Guardians
sons and estates of V-
Caskill, minor child of ffJ
Caskill. deceased, and Pd
gart, minor child of Po
p-nrt. noe McCaskill. detes-
ply to the Honorable Jj
houn, County Judge otrj
ty, State of I londa, n-
thonty to Red all ngnt,
t-erpst. nf the aforesaid E
vate cale, in and to the; I
scribed K-nds in Tutnanii
ida. to-wit:
The Southeast qua
the Northwest quarter
Cnntlnn ("Inn ill. TOWS
(13), South, of Ranpil
(27), East, containing
Across more or less.
This 13th day of ApM
As Guardian of VTm. E
As Guardian of Pcttus
claimants under T. V
ceased; under William l.tt.f
ceased; under W. J. Acosta. dece
uuuci i aian .uoocly. L'eceas
unuer Antonio Acosta, deceased
uer jiommgo Aco.-ta, dece;
oinerwise, and all panic
an interest in n,.,...
rp, , , " !" "I"-" ... ;o-
The lands situated m Putnam Co
ty, Florida, and d
,,.. ....
All of that cert-lin Sn.,,!. tl
Putnam County, .State of
known as the Domingo
Giant, comprising sect!on
three (43 ). .in Tp Ten (I'M :
Range Tv.cr.tv-.-evei: r7 j--tainir.g
Five Hundred Tv.-cr.n
I-orty Hundredths. l.V'il -10,
and section Thiitv-sevor. V,T
Eleven (11 ). South of P- . ..
ty-scven (27) Ea.-t. en
Hundred Fiftv-ore ; "d Foi
dredths (251.04 1 Acre-: of,.--
an seven Hundred Sevenf-Forty-four
Acres, according to the Vi '
veys of the United States am
pruned upon the Official
said survcyr of the Public
norma, as aforesaid, and
them be an, tVi,. -,.. v. ,
rrt; the
the same being a rule Hnv
,1 'tJi,Ut:htr ,ordCT' that th
puun.Mitd once?
L J X- uu'e weeks n Th
12th day of Aprila1
gf Circuit Court
Florida. UtMIn County Florida.
J. V. Walton,
Complainant's Solicitor
Boys Are Growing Corn.
If all the farmers in the State
show as much enthusiasm in their
work this year as the farm boys are
in enrolling in the corn clubs, Florida
will be able to feed herself. That is
the opinion of G. L. Herrington, State
Agricultural Club Agent to the Uni
versity of Florida extension division.
Nearly twelve hundred boys are en
rolled in the work, with the number
from four counties yet to be received.
If their work is as successful this
year as was the work of the 450 boys
who reported last year, the boys will
produce more than sixty thousand
bushels of corn. And with corn hit
ting prices of over a dollar a bushel,
the crop may amount to nearly a
hundred thousand dollars in value.
For the 450 boys last year made
an average production of 42.1 bushels.
The best three yields were more than
one hundred bushels to the acre, while
some of the yields went below twen-
rant. in
Aco-ta !
Forty- !
outh of ,
-t. cot:- ;
is and i
A - iv.
.in T
I wen- 1
g Two
r Hun-'
sever, a
He. -
ch of
ny requir
his or.
veek for
The Pa.
he Spa
d of
Party Line Court
The quality of service on a party j
uuu ui me SLiDscnoers on mat wc
No subscriber should use a part' 1
ior Jong periods of time, to the row
elusion of others.
When a party line is found to
use, hang up your receiver immcdp
While it is off the hook conversant
interfered with.
uu . o,,f(i- line is
. vn ijviiiuu1 KJll U JJiin.' " " i
titled to a reasonable use of the telep
service, and should not be interrupt
Uns 4-t . . ', ff if,.1
utvu me privacy ot his conversauw"
fered with.
1 he Golden Rule applies with
ular force to party line telephone sen
When you. Telephone Sm'

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