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Sallow complexion Is due to a tor
pid liver. Herblna purifies and
strengthens the liver and bowels and
restores the ropy bloom of health to
the cheek, tfrlce 50c. Sold by all
t in Circuit Court
t rnnrt.' 10th Tudical Circuit. DeSoto
Couuty.Florida, in chancery.
The Punta Gorda Bank,
V. ,
J. B. Straugban and
Mattia Htraoghan.
Foreclosure tf
(Si fertilizer's w
flflffl I UI 1 i" II
Circuit Court Continues
It is a busy term of court in
DeSoto county this time. Circuit
J udge F. A. Whitney is doing his
best to clear up us much of the
work on the dockets as possible,
but progress is necessarily slow.
This is the third week since
court was convened and it has been
busy practically all of the time
with criminal cases. Fifteen or
Our Specialty
SDriner and Summer Goods at reason
able prices. Headwear for ladies,
misses and crmaren
Glassware, China and
Mrs. S.I. Huffman
Successor to Robinson & Co.
Punta Gorda, Fla.
Get It at
Most anything you want
in the line of kodaks and
photo supplies, writing
materials, souvenirs, ci
gars, confections, cool
drinks, etc.
Get it Where
Quality Counts
Backed by 30 Years of Reputation
Time Tried and Crop Tested
"a J I ... ra
.v a k a-a ii fi i.ri
more have been heard and dispos
ed of. These were cases that
come up chiefly from other sec
tions of the county. Harry Reaves
from Punta Gorda, charged with
breaking and entering witn intent
to commit misdemeanor, pleaded
guilty; and on account of his
youth, being a mere boy, sontence
was suspended during good be
havior. The ciyil cases are yet to be tak
en ud. and it is likely that court
will continue through another
County Commissioners1 Minutes
The honorable Board of County Com
missioners met in session May 5th, 1913.
Members present were: V. W. Sur
rency, W. G. Wells. John Hagan, H. J.
Downing and Joseph Crews. Minutes
of the last meeting were read and same
duly approved.
Notary bonds of Miss Florence Hens
chen and John W. Burton were submit
ted to the Boo'rd for approval. Same
was approved.
Bond for Constable of Rigdon H.
Weeks for District No. 7, was presented
o the Board for approval. Same was
Bond for Constuble of C. R. Gist for
District No. 29, was duly submitted to
the Board for approval. Same was ap
proved. Notary Bond of Hon. A. W. Gtlchrist
was presented to the Board for approval.
Same was approved.
Notary bond for Zelia F. Wotitzky
was presented to the Board for approval.
Same was approved.
The Comptroller is hereby requested
to allow the cancellation of all the tax
sale certificates against the following
described property to wit: Lots 16, 17
and 18; Block 31; Punta Gorda. The
reason for this request is that the same
is church property.
Upon motion duly made and earned
it was ordered that Ed Campbell have
the contract to paint the Nocatee steel
bridge across Peace River, at a cost of
Notary bond of W. W. Whltehurst
with J. L. Jones and Jake Wey as secur
ities, was submitted to the Board and
same was approved.-
Geo. R. Mauck presented Notary
bond to Board for approval. Same was
s rii if ixt-
The hour having arriveed for the
opeuinsr bids for the digging of canals
and ditches in the Murdock Draining
District as advertised, it was fonnd that
the bid of John M. Murdock submitted
the lowest bid the same being 20 cents
per cubic yard. Said bid upon motion
being made and carried, was accepted.
Upon motion duly made and unani
mously carried this Board hereby ac
cepts the building of the new court
house as complete as per the report oi
the inspector F. H. Williams.
Upon the report of inspector of con
struction of F. H. Williams the grils
and counter work on the Tax Collectorl
and Clerk's office, by motion duty made
and carried, aa hereby accepted.
Pension of John W. Hagan was sub
mitted and same was approved by the
There being no further business the
Board adjourned to meet at their next
meeting in June A. D. 1913.
Best Medicine for Colds
When a druggist recommends a
remedy for colds, throat and lung
troubles, you can feel sure that he
knows what he is talking about. C,
Lower, Druggist, of Marion, Ohio,
writes of Dr. King's New Discovery:
'I know Dr. King's New Discovery
is the best throat and lung medicine
I sell. It cured tny wife of a severe
bronchial cold after all other reme
dies failed." It will do the same
for you it you are suffering with a
cold or any brot.chial, throat or lung
cough. Keep a bottle on hand all
the time for every ono in the family
to use. It is a home doctor. Price
60c and $1.00. Guaranteed by all
Notlee of Stockholders' Meeting
To the stockholders of the Punts Gorda Cigar
Manufacturing Company, a corporation organi
zed and created under and by virtue of the laws
of the Slate of FJorida.
You are hereby notified that a stock-holders
meeting will be held at the office of the Funta
Gorda Cigar Manufacturing Company, in Punta
Gorda, Florida, on Monday the 19th day of May,
A. D.1913, at 7:30 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of
increasing the stock of said Corporation to such
amount aa may be decided upon by two-thirds
of said atockholders of said Corporation.
Thia meeting having been duly called for the
purpose of increasing the stock aa aforesaid, it
is important that all stock-holders be present in
person, or by proper authorised proxies.
Witness my hand and the seal of said corpora
tion on this the 14th day of April, A, D. 1913, in
the town of Pnnta Gorda, Florida.
Attest : M. V. Williams, Secretary
Seal Chas. L. Fkixi . President,
I1"" mymmMAMMi
If We have Just Commenced Business at the Former
S Stand of R. M. KING and will be governed by the
h policy of "Live and Let Live". We hope to .do a
large volume of business and want a share of your
patronage, ur stock has been replenished and up-to-
It date. You'll find it to your interest to eall and in- .
V spect our goods when you need anything in the line of
g Staple and Fancy f
1 Groceries, Produce, Etc.
l0 'Phone il4.
i. .nr,r!n br the affidavit of complainant'
solicitor fil-din thiacauae that the defendant re
aide beyond the limits of the State of Florida,
and that there ia no one in the atate of Florida
upon whom tne serTice ui fiuccmciii
ha binding upon the defendanta, and
the Foat Office address of the defendanta having "
beenatated insaia amaaii .now,,. ini ioj
. . j U . I m I. nf t V Vur. nf H nriil.
therefore it ia hereby considered and ordered
that J H. Straoghan, and Mattie Stranghanhia
wife, be and ia hereby required to appear to
j kill ,.f onmnlaint at the office of the clerk of
the Circuit Court in ieaoio county, rraiui,uo
the rat Monday in June, 1913, the aame being the
and day of aaid month, and that aaid notice oror
derbe publiahedonc a week for the apace of four
ronaecutive weeke prior to the rule da? in June,
newpaper published weekly in Deboto County,
Given under my hand and aeal at Arcadia
Florida, this the Sthday of M.J.
rn-ATl ' Clerk of circuit court.
I DeSoto County, Florida,
I hereby certify that the aboe is a true and
correct co'py of the f
SEAL Clerk of Circuit Court,
tujnea '
Notice for Publication w
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office
at Gainesville, Florida. April ao, iQi3.
Notice if hereby given that George C. Hart
man, of Bermont, Florida, who, on April 10,
Jg.j, made Home.tead Entry, Serial, o. 010051
for SEX. Section 10. Township 40 houth Range
aoKast, Tallahassee Meridian, haa filed notice
of intention to make five year Proof, to eat a fa
llen claim to the land aboved described, before
the Clerk of the Circuit Court, at Arcadia, Flor
ida, on the 6th day of June, 1913.
Claimant names aa witnesses:
Willy Schmeieaer, of Bermont, Florida, J
A. M. Broderaon, of Bermont, Florida,
Robert Volmer, of Bermont, Florida,
Georee W.Gatewood, of Bermont, Florida,
B HbnryS. Chubb
HIU w " " . , , , -. . ,
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office
at Gaine.ville, Florida, April 26,1913. :
Notice ii hereby given that Christian J, Schnl
tafof Punt. Gora? Florida, who,-on FebruarT
ai, iota, made Homeatead Entry, Serial, No.
09687, for SWW, Section 33rTown.bip 4 bowh
Range a E, Tallahassee Meridian, haa filed
notice of intention to make commutatiyn Proof
to eatablish claim to the land above deacnbed,
before the Clerk of the Circuit Court, at Arcadia,
Florida, on the 5th day of June, 1913.
Claimant namea as witnesses:
Agnes Herzke, of Punta Gorda.Florida,
Tony Rudin.of PuntaGorda, Florida,
M. V. Williams, of Punta Gorda, F lorida,
K. C. Blount, of -'t?NGRVd.UBB,,
Noticn of Application for Tax Derd
Notice is hereby given that C. E. Lanier pur
chaser of Tax Certificate No 150 dated June 4th,
1000 has filed aaid certificate in myoffice.and
has made application for tax deed to issue in ac
cordance with law. -8id certificate embraces
the following described property situated in
De Soto County, Florida, to-wit : Lot 3, block in
Avon Park, Section 15, Tp 33 S Range 38 K the
aaid land be assessed at the date of the issuance
of such certificate in the name of Tas. Dickinson
Unless said certificate shall be redeemed accord
ing to law. tax deed will issue thereon on the 31
stday of May A. D. iqt3. -
Witness my official signature and seal this the
24 day of April. A, D. ,OI3' . wi-tr
ft X-.. WUllU'-l
Clerk Circuit Court ot DeSoto County, Florida,
x j it w
with our monster sale of useful
rrticlesin hardware and house-
furnishing goods. The stock
consists of articles for the farm
kttehen, dairy, etc. All im
new goods and some are recent
Inventions. If you know any
thing about our way of selling,
you khow that oiir prices are
low and every article is sold on
itmtrit. "
Hewitt x Bros.
Punta Gorda, Fla.

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