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The Punta Gorda herald. [volume] (Punta Gorda, Fla.) 1893-1958, May 15, 1913, Image 6

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FOR SALE Pair small mules and
heavy double wuon In jrood condi
tion. A bargain in either or both.
R. S, Cheatham, Acline, Fla.
FOR SALE Small size wall tent,
a hammock and a shotgun. P. S. II.
Care O. A. Morgan, City. 18-3t.
. FOR SALE Fine cow and three
week's old calf. P. W. McAdow,
Punta Gorda, Fla. tf.
FOR SALE Pure bred Indian
Runner Ducks; the finest of layers,
N. C.Hewitt. 18-2t
FOR SALE Velvet beans, chufaa,
all kinds of cow peas, millets and
torghum. Heavy stock must be
sold. Write for prices; abo potato
plants. The L. Allen Seed Co.
Trilby, Fla.
FOR SALE Single comb Rhode
Island Red hen eggs for hatching.
O. G. Bbowx, Punta Gorda. 12tf.
FOR SALE 25 acre farm, all
grubbed, fenced and ditched. 300
bearing trees, good barn and small
house, fine muck pond, underlaid
clay. tiUe clear. Hewitt Bros. tf.
' FOR SALE One 30-foot cabin
launch cheap; also one 18-foot speed
xnod6l launch.-HKWiTT Bros. Pun
ta Gorda, Fla. tf
FOR SALE Improved waterfront
property located opposite Cleveland,
Call, investigate or write. . C.
Larsen, Cleveland, Fla. tjuly28
FOR SALE 100 acres 4 miles
South ot Punta Gorda, on Alligator
Creek, on railroad. 160 bearing
orange trees. Albert W. Gilchrist.
Punta Gorda, Fla.
Wooster Summer School
Wooster, Ohio
The largest school in the state.
Work for all, no matter who or
what. May be not the best school
but good, and growing better.
Does not knowingly respond to en
cores when it makes mistakes.
The rainbow comes down in Woo
ster. 1194 students last summer.
85 instructors. 227 classes daily.
Eight grade to post-graduate, A
school of inspiration and of help
fulness. J. C. DICKASON,
Wooster, Ohio.
Dodson's Liver Tone Will Straighten
Ton Out By Morning Calomel May
Knock Yon Out of a Day's Work.
If you are a calotnel user, next
time you are tempted to buy it ask
your druggist If he can absolutely
guarantee the drug not to harm you.
He won't do it because he can't do it.
But here is a perfect substitute for
calomel which the druggist does guar
antee the famous Dodson's Diver
Tone. The Semlnqle Pharmacy will
refund your money without question
if you are not thoroughly satisfied.
Go to the Seminole Pharmacy whom
you are acquainted with and find
out about the great number of people
who are taking this remarkable rem
edy and feeling better, keener, health
ier, and better able to enjoy life than
they ever were when taking calomel.
Why? Because calomel is a poison
one that may stay in the system,
and while seeming to benefit you tem
porarily, may do harm in the end.
If you haven't felt these ill-effects
so far, it is because you are fortunate
enough to have a Btrong constitution.
Don't take the risk any longer. Get
a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone (50c)
and note how easily and naturally it
corrects all bilious conditions, how it
clears away that sick headache and
coated tongue, how it sets you right
without ache or gripe. The most won
derful thing in the world for consti
pation. All this without the slightest inter
ference with your regular habits.
Notice is hereby given that the name
of the DeSoto Manufacturine Co. has
been changed to the Punta Gorda Ice
Company. All outstanding obligations
of the DeSoto Manufacturing Company
will be met by Its successors the Pnnta
Gorua Ice Company, and all obligations
due the DeSoto Manufacturing Com
pany should be paid to the Punta Gorda
Ice Company,
Punta Gorda", Fla. ' J. N. S1KES,
Apr. 30, 1910. Local Mgr
The ART Store
Mrs. Stella B. McLane, Mgr
"at RtMlJtnca on Croat St."
Full line of art supplies,
notions, stamped linens,
needle work of all kinds,
eer instructions !i n
needle;work given at j
reasonable rates by?
Patronage oil all ladies solicited
Summer Citrus Fertilizing
Practically all erowers aeree that the "Fruit & Vine" type fer
tilizer makes the most desirable sized fruit and gives it the finest
flavor and highest quality. But there is a wide difference in opinion
as to what materials this fertilizer should be made from. This is due
largely to local conditions, character of soil, etc.
To meet these different requirements, we have prepared seven
different "Fruit & Vine" fertilizers in six different analyses; some
based on "animal" (or organic) materials some on "chemical" (or
inorganic) materials, and some combining the best qualities ,of both.
Our free booklet "Armour Fertilizers" contains a full descrip
tion of these different brands and a discussion of the merits of the
different materials.. Haye you got your copy?
Punta Gorda, Fla.
Armour Fertilizer Works, Jacksonville, Fla.
Guaranteed Pure by
Charlotte Harbor
Charlotte Harbor, May 12
Light thunder showers are passing
around; they're very much needed
in this section at this time.
Dr. l F. McAhann of Lake
City, accompanied by E. F. An-
aerson, is Hpenuiu AO,v unj .
unil urmind town. The doctor 18
a largo land owner and is working
up some sales.
J, O. McLaurin, railroad engi
neer on the Charlotte Harbor &
East Coast extension, has been
busily engaged for several days
with Mr. Tavlor in correcting the
lines for the railroad from Venice
to this place. He assures us of
the road into our town.
It seems to be an extremely
busy time in town today. Every
man has a job. Manual labur is at
a premium.
Mesdames T. S, Knight and 1.,
A. Stephens attended the Metho
dist conference in Arcadia last
Quite a number of fishermen
were home with their families Sat
urday and Sunday; business only
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Curry are
spending a few days at their home
place, looking after local affairs,
after which they will return to
Jame9 Mathews, an Irishman
employed on the railroad bridge
gang, was killed 1 Sunday near
Murdock by a southbound train
on the Charlotte Harbor & North
ern railway. He is said to have
left Murdock that morning for
Boyd's still in search of liquor;
and he is supposed to have been
drunk when he went to sleep on
the track. When the engineer dis
covered the man on the track he
nut on brakes stopping the wheels
a'most instantly, but the train was
moving so fast that it moyea on
dragging the wheels and doing its
fatal work. Old Timer.
Bairdville, May 18 Fine rains
this week make newly set fruit
trees and vegetables look fine.
Mrs. Collins and family and L.
E. Huffman and family took an
outing on Shell creek this week
and report a very enjoyable trip.
Philip Lewis recently visited
his mother Mrs. "VVm. Kennedy.
L. E. Huffman will complete
his house in a few days.
The recent rains will at least to
some extent stop the forest fires
which of late have been very de
structive. Arthur Kahl visited his parents
Toney Kudden of Willow Pens
visited at a number of places in
Bairdville this week.
Corn is looking fine. Sixty
days from date of planting; roast
ing ears are being gathered for
table use. Iowa or Illinois cau't
do better than the record made
Musk and water melons are mak
ing a good crop. Tomatoes, beans
and peas are doing nicely. Straw
berries have been continuously
bearing since last Christmas.
Dizziness, vertigo, (blind Btagger9)
sallow complexion, flatulence are
symptoms of a torpid liver. No olo
can teel well while the liver is in
active. Heroine is a powerful liver
stimulant. A dose or two will cause
all bilious symptoms to disappear.
Try it. Price 50c. Sold by all drug
Mrs. Marian A. McAdow of
this city, read before the Florida
State Horticultural Society at the
recent meeting in DeLand an in
teresting and exhaustive article
which she had prepared on the
"Tropical Possibilities of Florida
and How to Achieve Them." It
is a fine article, the length of
which we regret prevents us from
reprinting it in these columns, but
it is being given a publicity by
the state press that means that it
will be productive of wide-spread
good in enlisting efforts towards
making the various towns of Flor
ida more attractive to make our
state one of tropical verdure. In
the sense of the concluding para
graph, co-operation and a few
ideals will accomplish all that is
desired for our sunny Florida.
The Herald for Job Printing.
Notice of Application For Leave to Bell
Minor' Land
Notice is hereby given that on the 31st
dj of May. A. D. 1913, I will apply to
Honorable V. D.Bell, County Judge in
and for DeSoto County, State of Florida,
at his office in Arcadia, In MMd County, for
order authorizing me, as Gua?dian of the
person and estate of Havana Keen, miner
heir of Humphrey Keen, deceased, to
sell at private sale all the interest of said
minor in the following described prop
erty situate, lying and being in the
County ot DeSoto and State of Florida,
to wit: Lots two and three in block
three In A. S. Watson's addition to Ar
cadia, Florida.
This iqth day of April, 1913.
I7td J. E. Locklkar. Guardian. ,
No. 666
This ia a prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will break any case, and
if taken then aa a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acta on the liver better than
Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25c
For Something Interest
ing About Dry Goods
We are in business
to serve our needs
in ever ything in .
our line at most
Eeasonable Prices
Everything in Furnish'
ings for Men and Women
Mobley Dry Goods Co.,
successors to punta gorua dry GOODS CO.
B. H. Mobley, Mgr. Punta Oorda, Florida
If .you want to buy
Groceries, Feed, Dry Goods, Shoes,
Wagons, Harness, Stoves, Fertilizer, Tin
. Ware, Enamel Ware, Crockery Ware,
Hoes, Rakes, Shovels, Axes, Guns, and
Ammunition. :-: :.: :-: :-
Most Any Thing
Come see us before purchasing.
I buy in large quantities so as to
give you the best prices possible
and we can save you money on
your supplies. Every thing
guaranteed or money refunded.
Tour Stores
One 'Restaurant
One Livery Staple.
Punta Gorda, Fla.
ti fS
Send Your Mail Orders Now to
wb&js Sir

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