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"Volume XXXI Number 42.
Thursday, October 17, 1918.
In gold 24-karat fine means' 100 per cent pure no alloy.
In land it means lands, in DeSoto County around Punta
Gorda and Charlotte Harbor. (
Such land as you want, among such neighbors as you
want to -associate with, we have and offer at the right price.
We have often said, and it is true, that that person who
will come and spend two days with us will buy nowhere else
in Florida. - i
Write us. " We can prove it in your case. Come, see us.
- If You Have Property For Sale List it With Us.
Commissioners' Meeting
The bounty commissioners met
in regular session in Arcadia, on
Monday, 7th inst. with Chairman
; W. G.' Welles presiding, and Com-
. missioners Whitten, Bullock and
AVhitehurst present. : .
It was moved and carried that
the petition of Marian Horwitz
O'Brien and 83 others, filed Oc
tober 5th, asking that certain ter
ritory in Townships 41 and 42,
South, be constituted into a spec
ial road and bridge district, be re
ferred to a committee to report at
present meeting of this Board.
The chairman named Commission
er Whitten the said committee..
T. B. Harrison of Bowling
Green, was committed to the
County Farm.
Notary public bond of John A,
Welch, with the Fidelity and de
posit Company of Maryland as
surety was approved. v
The clerk reported the comple
' 4ion of his fiscal report and that
"Tallahassee officials had reported
DeSoto county as being the first
county in the state to file such re-
nnrt. Said reDort ; showed thatt
the county had received $4,545.00
. i . -
interest on deposits. JtJy reason
of dispensing with trustees for
Ibond funds, trustees' commisaions
.as follows were saved:
McCall Road and Bridge Dis
trict, $18.14; Concrete Bridge No.
4, $200.60 ; Punta Gorda Road and
Bridge, $399.81; Special Road and
..Bridge No. 1, $386.41; Special
Hoad and Bridge No. 5, $655.03 ;
Special Road and Bridge No. 4,
$2,118,39 i Fort Ogden Drain, $17.
07; Punta , Gorda Drain, $35.95 j
Arcadia Drain, $72.39; Zolfo
Drain, $428.48 ; Murdock Drain,
$455.38. ; Total Trustees Commis
. sions saved, $4,787.65. s
Sheriff and tax collector pre
sented their reports. '
A report from Hon, Cade E.
Shackleford, complimenting ; the
DeSoto prison camps, was read
.-and filed. '.:".(. '::' ;
Tax Assessor Murphy presented
the tax assessment roll for 1918,
in ; triplicate. After being ex
amined and compared by the
board, same were accepted and
: approved. '.' ';.J .
Tuesday, October 8th
Commissioner (Whitten t moved
that:' .'. V.- ,."?. ;; '
Whereas: The State Road De
partment is receiving all automo
bile taxes in the various counties,
that they be requested to furnish
sign posts as set out in the resolu
tion of the said Florida State Au
tomobile Association. Carried.
Provision was made to build a
gap in the road to Carlstrom Field
that was left out of the plan of
'the State' Road Department.
The sum of $100.00 was appro
priated for prizes in the Boys' Pig
Club, contest, said amount to. be
spent under the supervision of
County Agent Sessomy.
County Agent Sessoms present
. fd his September report, showing
that there are five demonstrators
working in the county; 19 corn
club boys; 27 pig club boys; 12
visit were made to pig club boys
and 45 to farms conferred with
41 'farmers ; distributed. 56 bulle-
tions; wrote oos letters, mocuiai-
d 103 hogs; held 12
Cleveland Steam Marine Railway
Yacht and Boat Storage
Boots Built end Repaired. Build end Repair Barges
- and Dredges
Geo. Brown, Prop. aS,5!Mtif
. x
meetings, and traveled by team
and auto 680 miles.
The Clerk was instructed to is
sue E. V. Camp coupon form war
rants in lieu of the regular form
warrants held by said Camp, tak
ing up ana cancelling said regu
lar form warrants.
Game warden's report was pre
sented, showing three cases of
violations oi tne. law, in wmch
fines and costs aggregating $40.44
were levied. " ':
Commissioner Whitten reported
that the petition of the .Mayor of
Moore Haven and 83 others ask
ing for-the establishment of a
special r.oad and bridge district in
the Moore Haven section, was in
compliance with the law ; where
upon, all the legal preliminaries
were taken for the establishment
of said district, and an election
was ordered to be held in said dis
trict on Nov. 19th to decide the
question of issuing $90,000.00 of
bonds for the purpose of building
roads and bridges in said district.
Measures were adopted to build
a draw-bridge over the 3-mile
canal at Moore Haven. ' S
1U was moved bv Commissioner
pWhitehurst, seconded by Commis-
I 1TTL. 'ii 3 ,i
sioner Whitten, and carried, that
the, sum of $1,000.00 be, and is
hereby appropriated - from the
general funds of the county for
the? expenses of . the County Coun-
1 '' (ft t . 1 m
cn or rsationai uerense.
r A i communication was read
from the Farmers National Con
gress of the United States, re
questing that delegates be ap
pointed to said Congress, from
DeSoto county! to attend the said
Congress at Jacksonville, on Dec.
3rd, 4th and 5th. It is therefore
krequested that the farmers of De
Soto County i who will volunteer
to attend said congress at said
time, will notify the board at its
November meeting, and certifi
cates of appointment as delegates
will be given to them,
Upon motion of Commissioner
Whitten, seconded by Commis
sioner Avhitehurst, the clerk was
instructed to draw warrants to E
V. Camp for $10.00 per day from
April 1st to September 16th, to
the amount of $1,405.00 to be paid
from the fund of the Charlotte
Harbor Road and Bridge District,
ior engineering expenses.
lhe Tax Collector -presented
his final report for the collection
of 1918 taxes. Same was accept
ed and approved.
Board recessed until Oct. 17th
Hand the Flu a Lemon!
Spanish influenza doesn't like
lemons. Lemons are said to , be
flu foes.
European people, who first suf
fered flu attacks, resorted 'to the
lemon treatment. Italians took to
lemons sso readily that the muni
cipal government of Rome has had
to come to their aid by squelching
the lemon speculators who horded
these flu foes to boost the price.
Boston, instituted the lemon
cure when the epidemic hit Mas
sachusetts. Other flu stricken lo
calities have started taking the
lemon treatment. Unaccountable
barrels of hot lemonade have been
drunken to drown the flu germs.
farmersThis has 'caused a lemon shortage
j The lemon crop must be con
I served. Don't waste a lemon.
Savft 'em for the flu fight. .If you
are not a flu' victim deny y.ourselt
that glass of lemonade. : :, . . 4
p. S.-Spanish flu victims hare
made liberal use of the onion, and j
many -who have recovered from!
flu attacks have given credit to
their frequent eating of 'onions,
raw and "cooked. Palm Beach
Post. Limes are as good as lem
ons. : -'. '. ..;
I Brig. Gen. .. Charles - Richards,
medical corps, acting surgeon gen-,
eral of the United States army,
has embodied the following
twelve suggestions for avoiding
innuenza in a circular wmcji nas
been sent to all military units
throughout the country with a
request that ' they be given the
widest publicity: ' ; ,
' 1. Avoid needless crowding in
fluenza is a crowd disease. , j
2. Smother your coughs and ;
sneezes; others do not want the
germs which you .would throw
away: .- . - J
3. Your nose, not your mouth:
was made to breathe through,
get the habit. ,
4. Remember the three C 's a
clean mouth clean skin and clean
5. Try to keep cool when cu
walk and warm when you 't;1?
and sleep., V,'-;;" '-
6. Open the windows alwavt
at home at night; at the office
when practicable. ' :';Vv"' '
7. Food will win the war if you
give it a chance : help by choosing
and chewing your food well.
8,. Tour fate may A be in your
own hands; wash your hands be
fore eating. '. .. ; ' ..
9. Don't let the waste products
of digestion accumulate ; drink a
glass or two of water on getting
10. Don't use a napkin, towel.
spoon, fork, glass or cup which
has been used by another person
and not washed.
11. Avoid tight shoes, tight
clothes, tight gloves; seek to
make nature your ally, not your-
prisoner. ' N ""
12. When the air is pure.breathe
all of it you can; breathe deeply.
Misstatements Corrected
' ' (Paid Advertisement)
To the Fair-Minded Voters of De
Soto County:
I am not a mud-slinger, but feel
it my duty to correct some 'things
that have t; started since I an
nounced myself a candidate for
County Commissioner from Dis
trict No. 1 DeSoto County. '
First, I have not had the pleas
ure of . meeting the people
throughout the county as I wish T
could, but wish to give the people
some information as to who I am
and where I came from. I was
born and reared in Henderson
county, N. C." My father was al
so a native of that county; ' and
state. ' At the beginning of the
Civil War, my father volunteered
in the Southern Army and served
throughout the war in Co. II, 25th
N. C. Regiment. ! have been liv
ing in DeSoto county about seven
years. -
Some time before the Primary
election I was asked by some of
the best men of Bowling Green to
make the race for county commis
sioner for this , district, No. 1,
without being asked about my
politics or what I thought of
county division. . In National pol
itics I have always been a Repub
lican. In the . state, county : and
city, I have always stood for good
government and. have had' the
pleasure of voting for raanjr good
Democrats. I believe in fair play,
and don't wish to misrepresent
any one, and will not stand and
be silent while I am being put be
fore the people by one Of my op
ponents in the wrong, light. I
don't think the pot should call the
kettle black.
Mr. Sauls, my Bowling Green
opponent, says I am a Republican.
This I have never denied in Na
tional politics, but I am a white
one, and have my first time to
meet with a crowd of negroes.
This I will be able to prove before
the campaign is over. Mr. Sauls
says he is a Democrat. Let us
see. Something over two years
ae-o he was in a debate at the city
ball hi Bowling Green with Mr.
W. R. Minor, Mr. Sauls taking the
side that the Wilson administra
tion was a failure. Two years a
go he . was a delegate to the State
EepuMicarwConvention at Palat
kar Fla. and that convention had
some black faces in it. He came
back to Bowling Green and boast
ed on the streets of what a fine
speech he heard a negro make in
th'afe meeting '.-
Honest, Voter, if you doubt my
word,', come talk with the people
of Bowling Green. I can prove
my statements, t " :
He also made Kaiser Bill talks
011 the streets of. Bowling Green,
till .the 'Government got so hot af
ter slackers and slack talkers ;
then he turned his tune. '
I am not standing by our Gov
ernment and i President in this
great war for any other reason
than love for our flag and nation,
and I have stood there since mur
derous Gennahy and her allies be
gan to destroy j the innocent wo
men and children of our country.
Enough about that, as I have a
few more facts 1 wish to state to
the people of the county.
After, the Primary , Election,, I
asked the ' people of Bowling
Greenj if they so desif ed to eall an
other mass meeting, and if they
wanted to put scpip one else in the
field for , Comciissioner that I
would come doVjx I was told by
a large numher to stay in the race.
When I learned' Mr. Sauls was in
the race, I asked him to let us
have a mass meeting in Bowling
Green, and if the people wanted
him or some one else, I would
come down. This he refused to
do. ,'.' '' .'
I also offer to the people of De
Soto county that if I fail to carry
Bowling Green and the district in
which I am to serve, I will resign
in favor of the man who does car
ry the commissioner's district. I
mean by this, if I should be elect
ed by votes outside of the district.
. Mr. W. T. Sauls states in his an
nouncement that he fully realizes
the importance of the office and
the business qualifications of the
man to fill, the place. With four
candidates in the field, he must
think he is tU only "IT.", ,
I wish to' state for myself, I
have had business ability enough
to get through the world so far,
and can say I have always rnt my
fellow-man on the square, and
can say to the world I am not liv
ing off of something that justly
belongs to some one else. I mean
by this that from the cradle to
the present, I owe no man a bill I
don't pay when due or on de
mand. I wish I could see every
voter in DeSoto county and make
myself known to you.
' One thing comes to my mind,
that some one has started who is
measuring other people by what
could be done with them.
It is circulated that Mr. J. G.
Lewis and R. L. Croom were back
ing me as a candidate .for Com
missioner. I brand this as a ma
licious, known lie.
In the first place, Mr. Lewis
and Mr. Croom are men above
what was said to be their reasons
for doing so, namely, that they
could get the county convicts to
work turpentine. All of which is
false, and I wish to state I have
promised oio man or set of men
any favor in any way if elected.
Bowling Green, Fla.
,- (Paid Advertisement)
Mrs. Abigail E. Morgan has
been appointed carrier of rural
route No. 4 out of Tampa, being
the third woman rural mail car
rier in Tampa.
Southern Utilities Co.
J. N.SIKES, Local Manager.
Punta Gorda, Florida
FREE DELIVERY by wagon to retail trade within the city.. Whole
sale and out-of-town orders given prompt attention when received by man,,
telephone or telegraph.
From worry in case of
fire if you insure with one fci
of the large and just Fire
Insurance Companies jg?
which we represent in
Punta Gorda.
Nothing-is more certain $r?
ES and we might add the
payment of OUR INSUR- 3
ANCE Polices.
Ask us about the advan-
tage in taking your policy ew
with, v us. ' " si?
First National Bank ' Cjo
' H. A. BOYLE, M. D. .
Office on Taylor Street next to the Cooper
Hardware Company.
'Phone At Residence
Punta Gorda, ; Florida.
Punta Gorda, Florida.
Res. Phone No. 49 Office Phone No. 10
WPatlents from a distance would do
well to make appointments by mail a few
days previous to their arrival, to avoid
J. H. RASCH, Proprietor
Punta Gorda, Florida.
General Practice in all State and Federal
Punta Gorda, Florida.
Geo.W.Whltehurt Wilbur W. Whit ehunt
Whitehurrt & Whitehurst
Wauchula," Florida
Practice In alll State and Federal Courts
' Office in Smith Building
Punta Gorda, ; . "Florida.
Fort Ogden, Florida.
Will Practice in All Courts ,
Office in Smith Building. Room 4
Punta Gorda . . Florida.
Will Practice In all Courts
Tampa, Fla,
$9v.0O a year.
Besides All the News of the World and
the State. Gives Full Information About
the Fruit, Vegetable, Stock-Raising,
Manufacturing and Other Industries of
South Florida.
Our business Is in CREASING. .
Our need is more PRESSING
than ever.
And we are DYEING for your i
H. W. WALKER, Prop.

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