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Volume XXXI Number 42.
Thursday, October 17, 1918.
Lakeland Laundry Agency
At Phoenix Barber Shop
Basket closes 2 p. m. Wednesdays, ''returns Satur
day noon. -A trial will convince you' of superority '
of work. Leave your next bundle. :7 ,
For Cleaning,
Pressin g, Dyeing, Etc. ,
Steam Pressing Club.
For First-Clas3 '
'Tonsonal ,V6rk ; Try-
Phoenix Barbershop.
For" the Liberty Loan Turned in
at the First National Bank ,
Chadwick $50.00, Ray Chadwick
f0.0Of!lavL: Chadwick 450.00.
Beryl Chadwick $50.00, Chadwick
tt, t.mn rn "If! XT-.nl- if T"
qmsh $50.00, . James G. Cooper
'he following subscriptions $50.00, Manuel Hammond $50.00,
im-ise all that were handed iiV,I"' Flviuiixg $50.p0, Abe San-
from iders $100.00, Garrison L. Willis
to $50.00, Walter llowland $100.00,
jChas. . A. Dean $l,UUU.OO, JUrs.
., y. - ,., , ... (,.v.
To be Held in Arcadia on Satur
day Next -
A mammoth Liberty Loan rally
is scneauiea lor the city of Arca
dia Saturday morning, Oct, 19,
and the local committee is plan
ning lor a big occasion.1
The program will begin at 9 :30
in the morning withTa big" parade,
equal to a good-sized circus It
is the-desire of the committee to
have all the automobiles in the
city and surrounding country in
the procession. ; ; , V
The intention is to have the
giant army trucks from the avia
tion fields head the long prooes-
sion, ana it is expected that a
number pf airplanes will fly over
the ?ity and ; give exhibitions J in
iancy flying.'
The parade will take up at the:
court house square) where the
people of the city and visitors will
have an opportunity ';. of hearing
some of the best orators of South
Florida. Several out-of-town
sneakers are expected. T ' ; .
It is the intention of the local
committee to make this one of the
red letter days in Arcadia.
All the exercises - will be , con
ducted in the open air, and every
body is most cordially invited. '
quarters at Orlando in the event
tha t i h ey , do , no t r e ceiy e " a card
during the week o distribution.
Last Call for the Fourth Liberty
S I II ,.c f
To all Liberty Loan Committees :'
At the time tjiis is written, the
American Arm v in France is liv
ing a good account of itself, and
the results which they are obtain
ing are due in no small measure
to the patriotic response of : the
people of this country in sub
scribing to the Third Liberty
Loan'; but that loan was not anf.
ficient, and now the Government
calls on us tor another loan and
we have a personal resDonsihilitv
to carry ' bonds, just as our- sol
diers ha ve a personal responsibili
ty j.o carry their guns. -What
would you think of a soldier who
Ilaid down his; gun in this terrible
crisis' ; The Liberty Loan Com
mittee in your community needs
your full support. - '
Ixeneral 'Pershing sends this
commuse all that
to lb e First National Bank
the beginning of the drive up
-r u' . . tr rf.cn on Tir tiPnvn Pannnn &ZC HO Mrs M Jtt
Norma; McClelland . $50.00, Gus Gouldvng $50.00, JMary A. Blazer
Laurence; $50.00, James Roberts $oO.OU, Jno. U. Davis u.uu, n. u.
$50.00. Louis Roberts' $100.00. Hewitt $50.00, Mary ... M. Hewitt
Abraham -Arnold $50.00, Flusser $50.00, Mrs. JI. A. Boyle $200.00,
Manning Glover. $100.00, Joseph i William Olen Baggs $50.00, Ben
Pinknev - $50.00 Miss Martha H. - Boy kin $50.00. Wm. J. J. De-
Waltmire $50.00, Mrs. Julia Mea- Smidt $100.00, John Sands $50.00,
dows $50.00 .William Rrnwn iftfiO - Calvin Allie Stevens $50.00.Stenh-
00- Robert T. Williams $50.00. en C: Carter; $50.00. Sam Jordan
Samuel C. ! McCullouah $50.00. '$50.00, Jessie Galhgher $50.00,
Ethel Evans $50.00. Mrs. E. A. Robert - Earnest $50.00, Frank
Lowe $50.00, ' Mrs. J. Gleason ! Fulf ord $100.00, Victor Vernon
$100.00, Mrs.lW. E. Mobley $50.00 j Larrison , $50,00, Bryan Jones
$50,0U, It. Guthrie $1UU.UU, Mrs.
William M. Whitten' $500.00. C.
G.: Brown $50.00, Mrs. Laura
Reed $500.00. Edjrar W. Roun-
tree $50.00, T. C. Crosland $500.00
Petro Ritteni $100.00, Jordan
Roberts $50.00. , Robert Kirbv
Seward $50.00, Laura Seward
$50.00, Mary L. Sandlin $50.00,
Jas. K McClelland $50.00, W.
Bruce Jvirton $50.00. James J.
Thelma K. Robinson $50.00, Wil
liam Lamar Rdse $150.00, J. -T.
Swinney $100.00, Otho Roland
Hopper . $150.00; ' J. II. Hancock
$400.00, ' JVii-s. Emma Hancock
$100.00,, Belle McBean $50.00, B.
B. Cannon $50.00. Mrs. Etta Bar-
tholf $1,000.00,1 Amanda F. Gas
ton $100.00, Esther Oswald $50.00,
Buy them now. Seed crops
are short.
Ruby King Pepper
Ruby Giant Pepper i
Eggplants .
Livingston Globe Tomatoes
Black Valentine Beans
. 1000 to IBcons
Wax Beans
Longfellow Beans are
our leader at $u.oo per
bushel. These are the best
and most prolific of all.
We have all varieties of
English Peas.
Jones $50.00. Mrs. fitpllk AnnM Wm. M; Whlt.tfm ifcROO 00 Guv R
I$200.n0.' FJi0 V. Rl
'Clara V. Davis $100.00, Thomas '$100.00, 1-ank Gomes $50.00, J.
i uruer 9u.uu. ftvr vn a; vv niaaen mi . in. ti. ns.
Hedrick $50.00. Max Chas' Price-(ta O.C0. IbL.;Cdrrv $50.00. Mrs.
Home Cards for Kitchens
(yiesaage iv tue peouie 01 me umt-
1'Send us men;; guns and sup
plies and we will win the war in
1919." . : - j . , V,
I either these at home or those
abroad, fall short of their re
SDohsibilitv." dn IiaI
A.-P. JORDAN, County chairman
woman's L. U Comm.
Punta Gorda, Fla., Oct. 15, 1918.
Arrangements have been made
' for a generkl distribution of the
new Home Cards of the United
States Food Administration dur
ing the week of October 27th-No-.vember
2nd. Plans for the dis
tribution contemplate County
Food Administrator? of the ' reT
pective counties with their assist
ants putting irito effect a house to
house distribution. yarious pa
triotic organizations tave been en
listed for this work, and a special
effort is being given by the wo
men under the Department of Or
ganizations and ( Appeals. How
ever,' there is a possibility that
some households may not get a
card, which is to be hung in. the
kitchen, and which is to be the
guide for the housewife, during
the approaching months ,and pos
sibly to cover an entire year. ;
Those who do not receive a card
during. the" week of October 27th
are requested to write to' the Or
lando office and a card f will; be;
' sent them by mail. : ; ; f ,
Hotels and "public eating places
arc also invited to write to head-
Club Meeting
Mrs. L. M. AVhitten entertained
the Fortnightly Club .Thursday,
Oct. 10th. at the home of Mrs.; T.
C- Crosland." There was a good
attendance and the following in.
an.uuijt,vc program, was carried out
vim. eninusiasm; .
America's Waterways Mrs.
Clara Davis, f
Florida's need of waterways,
Mrs. Ethel MThitten. ' .
The respoAscs, '.'Florida's riv
ers;" were varied and interesting,
one of which, the Suwa
responded to by the singing of the
om song '"Suwannee River," by.
the club. This sonc is ih Flori
da. Federation club song, which
aaas to its importance.
The afternoon was vow niono.
antly and profitably spent, and,
after the business meeting, the
club adjourned to meet Oot VAth
the the home of x Mrs. . Mflrt.hu
Waltmire, at which time the elec
tion of officers for the coming
year will take place. Francis B.
Hewitt, Sec.
I School Clothes J
School days have arrived and the ques
tion of Clothes is confronting every
mother. A glance through our store
will help mother to solve the problem.
$3,000.00, Mary Jackson Price
$500.00, Anna Mae Sikes $50.00,
Mrs. Jno. E. Skipper $50.00, Mary
D. Price $1,000.00, T. P. Douglas
$100.00. Frank Toledo JfelOO.OO.
Gladys Martin $50.00, Mrs. J, E.
Brodie $100.00, Maive Amelia Mc
Cann -$50.00. Mrs. Marv Roe-era
$50.00, Mrs. Willie Schrieki $100.--
00, Francis B. Hewitt $50.00,
Garrett llowland $50.00, Chas.
Galligher $50.00,. Tom Earnest
$50.00, Alfred Whitehead $100.00
Chas. Harper $50.00 Isaac Waller
Lewis $50.00, William Thompson
ou.uu, Asa iictgar- Hall $200.00,
Walter Middleton $50.00. Richard
Lawson $50m Arthur Clentnn
Caldwell $50.00 Mrs. Nettie Johns
$50.00, Samuel Vassa Jones $50 .00
G. W. Quednau $50.00, Jno. A;
Welch $50.00, Mrs. Clay Chad
wick $250.00, Clay Chadwick
$250.00, Mrs. Laura Chadwiek
$250.00. SteDhen J. Chid
$250.00, Ruth Chadwick $50.00
Iris W. Chadwick $50.00. RalDh
Our Bread Is Wholesome
Gingliams of ail Doscriptiofi, Middies, Boy's
' Danto Chnno onrl tlnctnmr
1 I lUilldi UIIUCO UIIU llUOlUIJf.
.-. . - . -
. Don't throw away your old Shoes and Harness-
Marian Avenue
Wheo Our, Bread Is ON YOUR
We Have Everything In he
Baker'i Line.
F-1 o r I d .1 anH A. .te.n n . ...
Cnolc CUtt at orcvalllnn iu.li... c: w
nent cutter employed. -
smith's bakery
A,-Walls $50.0Q, IW. E. Mobley
$50.00, IL V. Smith $100.00, Mrs.
Cora .Lancaster $50.00, John S.
Gibson $50.00, Miss Willette
Mayes '$50.00, Mis Gillette
Mayes $50.00, J. M. Mayes $50.00,
Dannette R. Dreggors $100.00,
Howard R.Dreggors $100.00, Lou
ise R. Dreggors $100.00, Rigdon
II. Weeks $200.00, L. Geo. Ileus
ted $300.00. Punta Gorda Fish Co.
$1,500.00, Jno. T. Rose $500.00,
H. L. Blakley $100.00, Arthur St.
Clair $100.00. Eben A. Loimli
$50.00, James J. Jones , $50.00
Luther Scott $100.00, Mrs. L. C.
Goff $50,00, Edwin W. Smith $50.-
00, II. G. Harrison $50.00, Calvin
G. Page $200.00, James C. Mat
chatt $50.00. James P. CaDerfon
$50.00, Jno. W. Mann $50.00, Guy
13. Irving $50.00, James S. Lanier
$50.00, Walter B. Wachob $50.00.
Mrs. J. M. Lanier $50.00, Mrs. Ida
lluckeby $200.00, Ida Mae Huck
eby $100.00. .Mrs.' Samuel A. El-
well $500.00, Donald N. McQueen
$50.00, E. W. Smith. $100.00. E.
W. Smith $100.00, E. W.s Smith
$50.00, Mrs. E. W. Smith $50.00.
I Mrs. E. W. Smith $100.00. Mrs. E.
RV' Smith $100.00. Nathaniel TT
McQueen-$50.00, Dallie E. God
win' $50.00, Thos. Alexander Par-
kison $50.00.T6tal $2325.00.
notice op rt pr.Tinw
To the Sheriff of DeSoto County, of the
State of Florida:
. Be It Known, That I, H. CLAY CRAW
FORD, Secretary of State of the State
of Florida, do hereby give notice that a
GENERAL, ELECTION will be held in
DeSoto county, State of Florida, on Tues
day next succeeding the first Monday in
November, A. . D. 1918, the said Tuesday
being the fifth day of November for one
Representative of the First Congressional
DiBtrict of the State of Florida, In the
Sixty-sixth Congress of the United
For Attorney General of the State of
For two Justices of the Supreme Court
of the State of Florida.
For two Railroad Commissioners of
the State of Florida.
For one .Member of the House of Rep
resentatives olf the State of Florida.
For five County Commissioners. ,
For three Members of the County
Board of Public Instruction. ,
For Justice of the I'eace In and for
the following Justice districts, viz: .
No. 1. S. 4, 6. 6.
No. 8. 9. 10- 11 1!
No. 16, 16. 17, 18, 19.
No. 29, 21, 22. 24, 25.
No. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. J
No. 81, 32, 37.
; For Constable In and for the following
Justice Districts," viz:
No. 1, 3, 8, 4, 6.
No. 68, 9, 10, 11.
No. 12. 13, 14, 16, 16.
- No. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, ,
No. 22, 2f4, 25, 26, 27.
No. 28, 29, 30, 31, 37.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto
set ray hand and affixed the- Great
Seal of the State of Florida, at Talla-
hassee, the Capital, this the twenty
fourth day of August, A. D. 1918.
- ,' - Secretary of State.
rw.'., U Dl8hon8. Sheriff DeSoto
County. 3fi.td
An Excellent Opportunity to '-Show
What Farm And Ranch , Owner
Are Doing In Raising1 Of
Live Stock
Jacksonville. Cattlemen and hoz
raisers of Florida are beginning, to
take a lively Interest In the exhibits
which they propose to make at the
Florida ' State Fair and Exposition
which will be held here November ,21
to December 6, next. - Those of them
who attended the Florida State Fair
and Exposition last spring recall that
while the exhibits of hogs by Florida
breeders was most excellent as to num-
of Florida grown attle was extreme
ly limited. The many fine, animals
exhibited came mostly from without
the State and, of course, oarrled
away- the prizes, as they were justly
entuiea to do. This year exhibits of
cattle from. Florida farms and ranches
promises to be very much more ex
tensive and entirely creditable to the
Scattered throughout Florida am
many , excellent cattle, many or all
entitled to be entered In the prize
competition classes of the nmm
State Fair and Exposition and esDecial.
ly as this year there will be combined
with it the Pan-American Internation
al . Farm and Live Stock ExnoRltinn
Then, too, the Farmers' National Con
gress, with representative agricultur
ists and cattle breeders present. -s
delegates, from practically every state
or me union, wnat an opportunity to
show them and all other State Fair
visitors what - Florida breeders and
ranchmen are .. doing In tha cattu
A German owned shipyard in
Florida is now building ships for
the government, it being the yard
of the American Lumber
pany on St. Andrews Bay, at Mill
ville.; . - ' .
Cooperate with your neighbors
in planting truck crops to" insure
proaucnon in .carload - lots. It
will niinimize your transporta
tion problems. f
I Florida is assisting, in the gen
eral food supply , with jmmense
shipments of fish. With 1,100
miles of sea coast and thousands
of rivers artd lakes, this state is
some fishing ground. Times-Un-lon.
Those overseas caps are surely
, 4J JUU Viumyt uiame
Itlje girls so much for liking to
wear them. But Uncle Sam says
thoy must not lanri that cattle ;
For Mayor
We are auth orizorl t
- , - UiulU Uil vv
that b. P. J. Trabnn will o,
didate for re-election for Mayor
yi runta uorda at the approach
ing election in November.
ltKtS?h win 8ta,rts,in "Iwp. grinds
now whej Bleeping, picks at the
nnfVia.bad beath. ckle appetite,
v!- ? mplex,on nd 5nrlc rinjrs under the
cTear? X" Vhlte 8 Cream Vermifuge
stomach n 6K wo'. strengthens the
om bn t?i b2w.e!8 an'Pts the' little
neL si6 ;oadto health and cheerful
ness. Sold by aU Druggists.
Painting and decoratino- inter
ior and exterior work. I have had
years of experience and -wri'ii rr;-tr
you honest service at right prices
J. Harvey Miller, (adv.)
rranf6!1" hereby Ven at The Bocu
4th 1?1S at,S0, 9l- dated September
offlAi Za S fl,ed iald certiflcate in my
S2Sf'id has,made BPPlication for tax
itiA i2J!Sue.ln accordance with law.
22ri!S? Bcate embras the following
3. ei,Pr,ierty t"ted in DeSoto
county Florida, to-wit-
J.WP;.h' I2 E- the Mid Ia"d bein'
assessed at the date of the issuance of
,"V LC' "'"--aie in the name cf Unknown.
Unleps raid certiOcate shall be redeemed
according to law. tax deed will issue-
Dins n tbe 23rd day of Xovember- A
Witness my official signature and set
this the 12th day of October. A. D. 1918.
(Seal) A. L. DURRANCE, Clerk Circuit
Court of DeSoto County, Florida.
By L. M. HATS, D. C. 42-6t

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