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Volume XXXI Number 42.
Thursday October 17, 1918.
Punta Gorfla Lodge No. 115
Meets in Stat
ed Communi
cation second
Thursday in each month at
7:30 p. m. Special com
munications at call of W.M.
Members Urged to be Pres
; ent at all Meetings. Visiting
Brethren Always Welcome.
CAMP NO. 474
W. 0. W.
Charlotte Harbor, Ha.
Metis second and fourth Saturdays
In each month. Welcome given visit'
ing sovereigns tn good standing.
C. F. CURRY, Clerk. '
Subscribe for The Herald. ,
Small shipments of pineapples
and grapefruit go forward from
here daily.
All kinds of vegetables and
fruits fresh daily at R. JI. King's.
Have you tried Ryzon- "the
perfect" Baking Powder? On
sale exclusively at II. W. Smith's.
The town is suffering for tur
nip "greens." If any farmer
will bring in fifty "messes," he
can sell them in fifty minutes.
After a pleasant visit of several
days to her kindred here, Mrs. H.
McDaniel returned to her home
in Arcadia,' Tuesday evening
Nick Renses, who is helping
build the government nitrate
plant at Brunswick, Qa., came
home last week to answer the call
of the county draft board for an
examination. He went to Arca
dia Friday, and was examined,
with the result that, owing to de
fective" hearing, he will be given
deferred classification and, if
needed, will eventually be placed
in limited service. He will render
good service, wherever he may be
placed. Saturday night, he bought
a Liberty Bond and returned to
Brunswick, Sunday. , . ,
fihe ; x .
Wise Housewife
Patronizes Us
She knows that we are prepared to
Butter, Cheese , and Eggs,
Fresh and the Best In Town.
3". T. G-BIG-G-S
&if A m
Bonds Win Battles. Buy More
Bonds. !;'
. We carry a full line of quality
groceries.. Give usv a trial It.
W. Smith. : ; - : : ' 42tf
Hundreds of old newspapers
for sale at The Herald office for
10c. a hundred. ' '
. Better read that' " Classified ' '
column in this paper. LYoti -may
find in it just what you want.
We have everything you will
want when you go out for a pic
nic. Corned in and see our line.
Try t'Sa n d w i c h o I a." H. W,
Smith. ' . 42tf
Monday's south-bound mail
train due here at HtCO a. m. was
two hours late. The u : ! J y ori z'u
nated on the main fine north of
Lakeland. I . : -'i
Regular meeting of the Order
Eastern Star will be suspended
tomorrow (Friday) ni.:,ht. A can
meeting will be announced later.
By order of Worthy Natron,
During Mrs. IIanK"'i s absence
in Nashville. Tenn.! !' 'rs. C. Moger
I will have charge of lev millinery
goods and take pleasure m wan
ing on all customers who : may
call. 1 ' . f.:''
Influenza in Jacksonville, caus-
eA Opo W fJatewood to hurry
back from that city. He return
ed Monday nighi iis'dw"; i
good company feu,; said ; c"
pany being his wif j and dau ..Ur.
rr v M, Mnl!,' Ws. who is en-
joying a fine practice at By3
Grande, has come up here to neip
us,' in case the influenza . spreads.
He is making headquarters at the
Cochran drug store.
J. C. Matchett. heavy-weight
bond-holder and jolly fellow,, left
Tuesday evening, for his home at
St. Catherine's in Sumter county
He has been called for examina
tion by the county board at Bush-
nell. "
We are exclusive agents in Pum
ta Gorda for the celebrated line
of Chase & Sanborn's teas and
coffees. Then have been on the
market since 1864., Try them, once
and j'ou'li always buy them. II,
W. Smith. V.. '.-V; 42tf
Alee Whidden. who is serving
on a federal troop-ship, 'arrived
here Monday and, yesterday
morning, went down . by boat to
Useppa to' visit his,', father, Wil-
loughby AVhidden, We did not
learn how long he will be here. ''
P. A. Barker V little daughter
Lenett fell out of 1h1 one night
last week, and broke a bone in
her left shoulder. -A day or two
elapsed before it was discovered
what was the matter with her,
and then Dr. Boyle fixed up Jier
shoulder all right.,
If vou wish to escape influenza
and other ills, cometo Punta Gor
da and cat onions and fish, and
drink lime-ade and breathe , the
bracing, health-giving sea-breezes.
You will never die here as long as
you can ea$ plenty of onions and
oranges, fish and flap-jacks. ,
MabeL and Dribbrell Simmons,
children of Dr. and Mrs. , J.- A.
Simmons of Arcadia, after enjoy
ing a visit of several days here to
their grandmother, Mrs. Eliza
beth Turner, returned to their
home Tuesday evening. Their
mother has recovered from an at
tack of influenza.
It is reported here that, a lead
ing ' business man of Arcadia
'missed out" the - Liberty Loan
solicitors who entered his store
and asked him to subscribe for
linn d. A Punta Gorda friend of
that merchant says that he is sub
ject to "bug-house" attacks and
was evidently suffering from one
of these when he "blew up" the
bond solicitors.
Wliile their wives arc working
energetically and successfully ev
ery day to sell Liberty uonas,
Hewitt Brothers are supplements
ing their work by publishing in
this paper., a big." advertisement
calling upon people to put their
money in these splendid govern
ment securities and thereby help
conquer the ruthless Huns of Eu
rope. Hewitt lirotners are al
ways active in all matters per
taining to the, -public welfare;
and when it comes to practical
patriotism, 'they are in the front
ranks of the processiim. ij
have invested in all lour issues 01
Liberty Bonds. , AH . honpr to
them. '
Will Moger is said to be with
the American forces in Siberia.
If so, he is a long ways from
Immc and is sure to . find the
weather extra-chilly.
The condition of two or three of
c ar colored people who are down
Av ith pneumonia as a result of the
influenza, is said to be very seri
ous and the chances of recovery
are against 'ihemi ; v
Fred Kennedy; tirell ; known col
ored man, returned Jast week
froni Chester, Pa;;' where he has
been' working1 He 'brought with
him an attack of "flu," fr,om
which he speedily recovered. ,
A large lot of watermelons and
cantaloupes grown on one of the
neighboring . islands, was brought
here by boat Tuesday . night, and
next day placed on sale in X S.
Goff's grocery. . Thcso melons are
out of season, but they are said to
te'fine. ' ' "."":""'
that Gorge" Brown, the Cleveland
hoat-builder, is . out of danger
from tho attack of pneumonia
ft'ith which he is suffering. This
is an error of this reporter. . It
will be sevcral days yet before
George is out of danger.
Punta Gorda children as well
vn folks are as patriotic as
,est of us. For example: lit-
ucMary Ellen, daughter of Mr.
ikd Mrs. F, M. Glover, went into
the First National Bank, yester
day nxprning, and subscribed for
a Liberty Bond of the baby de
nomination. ; " '
A meeting of the Punta Gorda
chapter of the Red Cross is called
to be held at headquarters'at 3 :00
p. m. next Wednesday, 23rd inst.
All members "are urged to be
present as there will be election
of officers. This by authority of
the vice-president, Mrs. J. II.
Mrs. Sadie B. . Farringtcn and
her daughter, Misa Henrietta, of
Avon Park, spent several days
here last week visiting their kin
dred of the JDewey family. Mon
day morning. Cant. Dewey hitch
ed uphis auto and took them
back to Avon Park. He also took
along Mrs. Rogers and her daugh
ter, Mrs. 'A. F. Dewey; and next
day, accompanied by Mrs. , Dewey
and Miss. Henrietta, he motored
to Tampa to have some physic ad
ministered to his auto. ..' He will
return via Avon Park and bring
Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Dewey back
with him. If they did not return
last night, they may be expected
today. .. -.- . -
Our colored people are proving
their patriotism in , more ways
than one. They have contributed
liberally, to the Red Cross and to
Belgian relief; some of their best
men are in the , army and others
not fit for military service arc
working m ammunition- factories
"up north;" many of them are
buying Liberty Bonds, and now
comes St.., Mark's 'Progressive
Baptist church, of which Rev; M.
L. Cherry is pastor, and puts an
advertisement m this paper call
ing upon every body to buy Lib
erty Bonds. As long as we have
such people as these, there is no
doubt that we will beat the Huns,
"horse, foot, dragoons," kaiser
and all. . y.". -v'-: ' '
Marketing the Citrus Crop
A great deal ha's been said a-
bout the marketing of the citrus
crop this season, whether or not
good prices would prevail and if
transportation facilities would be
ample to get the fruit to the mar
kets. F. L. Skelly, who recently
made a trip through the East and
Central West, reports the outlook
very bright for good prices and
better "transportation this year
than last."
California has only 2,000 cars
of Navel oranges, says Mr. Skelly,
the crop being 65 per cent of that
of two years ago. Last season
they had only 15 per cent of the
crop of the preceding season, ror
to Rico, on account of the lack of
fertilizer, has only 50 per cent of
the' crop she had last season. He
believes that if the fruit is put on
the market at the proper 'time
satisfactory pri'ces will prevail
throughout the season.
1 When you can have your own
for instant use and with the
areatest .degree of personal
comfort". . . -V '
in great variety and atlprices to suit all.
: Cprne in and see them.
Dry Goods
tnnunmmmxnmnimu iiitiiuHiiiiiinuiiiiiiiuti mriuunitmniiinmminuniinuniwuiuiiuiiuiunnimnniinuunnunnmiuiituniuinmiiiumi
His Eighty-Seventh Birthday
"Grandpa" Phillip Blazer is
celebrating his 87th birthday to
day. He was born in Ohio 87
years ago. In 1859, he went to
California in search of gold, Lat
cr, "he moved to West Virginia
where he served several terms as
sheriff of Marion county .1 About
ten years ago, he . removed J to
Florida and the result has been a
renewal of his" youth. -J A- ;y :
He is living with the family of
his son, Harry B. Blazer, and they
are giving him an " elegant feist
today. His grandson, S. B. Blaz
er, and' his daughter, Mrs. Harri
son, both of whom are living at
Nocatee, are expected to join the
family here today in celebrating
this memorable anniversary. '
j. lie in ioiu juuu ( uituiua
Blazer's many friends in congrat
ulating him ori ! hiving , "reached
this stage on life's journey and in
hoping that ; all his remaining
years may be bright with' happi
ness. ; i -
Meeting Called Off
The town health;, authorities
met yesterday afternoon and is
sued orders prohibiting the hold
ing of public meetings of any
kind until further orders. The
religious services, therefore, an
nounced on another page of this
paper to be held at the bathing
pavilion on the town dock, ' will
not be held. !
Closed Season for Mullet
For the protection of the fishing
industry in Florida, and in order
that there be no ; misunderstand
ing as to the requirements of the
United States Food Administra
tion, sail persons engaged in fish
ing, or in the business of buying,
selling or shipping fish, are here
by notified that the following
special ruling has been approved '.
From November 25th to Decem
ber 20th, 1918 inclusive, -no fish
ing for mullet will be permitted
in the waters of the state of Flor
ida, nor will marketing or ship
ping of mullet from Florida
points be allowed.'
This ruling is effective during
the time specified in all waters of
the state of Florida, and viola
tions of this rule wi41 result in
such penalties as are or may be
provided by the United States
Food Administration.
This ruling does. ' not alter or
change- other General Rulings of
the United States Food Adminis
tration applying to tlje fishing in
dustry of Florida. BRAXTON
BEACHAM, Federal Food'. 'M
ministration; Florida. 1 ; u
The. schools of Pensacola have
been closed on account of the ep
idemic of Spanish Influenza.
E3 '
To Wear'
National Farmers' Congress Will
Meet in Jacksonville in
v- r
, JThe National Farmer's Conr
gress that meets in Jacksonville
Decl 3,4 and 5, will be attended
by many of the most distinguish
ed agriculturists in the United
States. This is a most important
coming event and problems of
deep intereset to Florida farmers
will come before the sessions.
Florida's agricultural develop-1
ment is practically in its infancy.
With resources and soil unsur
passed, this state should be . the
Nation's greatest and ' most pro
d uctiv.e garden.
The sessions being held during
the State Fair furnishes an oppor- .
tunity for visual impressions of
Florida's wonderful opportuni
ties -which will unquestionably a
rouse great interest, and, prove of
untold benefit to the state. ' Jack
sonville is already preparing for
great crowds 6f agriculturists and
Florida farmers should avail
themselves of this opportunity, to
see for, themselves the ', possibili
ties of the soil, and hear discus
sions that will advance alike the
individual and the Common-,-wealth's
interests. The congress
is National in its character, -but
Florida can derive untold bene
fits therefrom. - ,
Those in charge will use every'
effort to make the occasion a gi
gantic success, and B. K. Hana
fourde, director of the sessions,
is also the general-manager of the
State Fair, which insures an oc
casion that will eclipse anything
of its kind ever.hejd in Florida.
" AH you who have torpid liver, weak dl
pentlcm or constipate bowela loolc out for
chilla. fhe eaaon Is here and the air Is
full of the disease perms. The best thing
to do ta to re.t your liver in good condi
tion and purify the stomach and bowels.
Heroine is the right remedy, it answers
the purpose completely. Sold by 'all
IF -11 131 Your
OilO Order
r- The American Agricultur
al Chemical. Company will
soon have on hand in . Punta
Gorda an ample stock ot
Reliable Fertilizers
For Farm, Grove and Gar
den.. See
L; i Whitten, Agent

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