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I'unta. Gorda has more
improvements than an
other Florida town of its
size. Taved streets, side-,
walks, sewerage, electric
lights, waterworks, etc.
The 1915 census gave
I'uuta Gorda a population
of 1,772. It has grown
steadily since then and
the present population is
estimated at 2,000.
Punta Gorda, in Tropic 8o,thwert Florida, is Advantageously Located on Ctortott, Harbor, One of the Largest Land-Locked Bays on the Gulf of Mexico, and I. a Town with Bright Future, Commercially and Agriculturally
Volume XXAII Number 13.
Five Cents a Copy; 2.00 a Year.
is one of our prin-
Antla Will be Clever if They Create
Discoid in Hanks of United
Dig Majority Will Help Them in the
I legislature,
good highways
cipal needs.
"Because it is unfair to force resi
dents of remote sections of the coun
ty to travel long distances in order
to reach the county seat.
"Because division will increase
south Florida's representation in the
legislature, which is sorely needed by
the progressive section.
"I believe citizens generally real
ize the advisability of making the
division, and that a large majority
will support tire movement heartily
when all its phases are explained to
(17,000.00 OF THE
Stamm & Son's Bondsmen Agree to
Hay That Amount In Settlement
Of Disputed Claim.
The fight to
county and make
ties was opened
divide old DeSoto
of it lour new roun
at Wauchula Wed
nesday of last week, when delegates
from Punta 3orda, Moore Haven, Se
bring, Avon Park and Wauchula met
to plan the campaign that is expect
ed .to result in the creation of the
new counties.
An outstanding feature of the
meeting, which will carry with it no
satlsfactlotn to the anti-divisionists
of ' rcadla, was the complete har
mony and determination to stick to
gether shown by the delegates.
Various phases of the situation
that confront the divisionists were
carefully considered and there were
but few differences of opinion.
When such differences occured a corn-
was invariably reached and
meeting adjourned the com
mon? solidly united and
to wage a winning light
Juniors Entertained Seniors.
On the evening of March 17th, t.
Patrick's Day, at the home of Mrs.
Pcsrl Baldwin, the junior class of tho
Punta Gorda High School entertain
ed the senior of '20 at a delight
ful four-course dinner. The color
scheme, pink and green, senior class
colors, was carried out in the menu.
The guvsts began to assemble at
7:30 and were ushered Into the liv
ing room by Miss Hazel Baldwin,
who acted as hostess for the junior
class. A short musical program was
Think it Better to Accept 917,000
Than Haggle Over Matter,
impetus Added to Movement
Special Meeting of Commercial
club Tuesday Night.
Everyone Will be Given Opportunity
to Subscribe to stock.
of a patent medicine known as
Tanlac, for publishing an alleged
testimonial endorsement in his name
of the medicine. Acording to Norton's
attorney. Norton had no knowledge
of the testimonial being printed In
his name and had not authorized
such action. The advertisement con
tains the testimonial, which gave
Norton's initials as W. C. but refer
red to him as the presiding elder of
the Miami district, was headed
"Presiding Elder Norton Testifies."
The advertisement was not printed In
Miami but appeared in 'he Atlanta,
Jacksonville and Tampa papers.
District Headquarters Office Here
Will be Closed Next Wednesday
After Many Delays.
talented senior,
was announced
bia utifully deco:
propriate to the
favors were Iri
baskets filled Wl
A number i
The guests
s Annie Knight, a
after which dinner
The table was
ated with cclors ap
occasion, while the
h flsgs and green
;h salted peanuts,
clever toasts were given,
leparted at a late hour,
At a special meeting of the Board
.of County Commissioners held Mon
jday the United States Fidelity and
Guaranty Company, bondsmen of
' Frank J. Stamm & Ron, who de
faulted on their contract for tho con
struction of the Charlotte Harbor
bridge, were released as such bands
men In consideration of the sum of
117,000, their bond to the county,
conditioned upon the faithful per
formance of the Stamm contract,
being $33,000.
The following resolution, setting
reeling of the Comraer
hekl Tuesday night to
from the committee ap-
A special I
rial Club wa
hear a report
pointed to handle th
steps looking to the organization of a
stock company to finance the pro
posed golf course and country club,
and the result of the meeting, while
developing nothing definite, was to
add impetus to the movement to
secure the course and club.
Mr. Carrier, chairman of the com
mittee, reported that there were sev
eral tracts of land that were Ideally
John W. Burton Dead,
John W. Burton, a resident of De
Soto county tor the nast 20 vasih
and one of this section's most prom- !
inent citizens, died at his home in
Arcadia Monday night, following a
short illness from Influenza compli
cated with pneumonia. Attorney !
Burton was state's attorney lor this!
district, had served as mayor of Ar
cadia a number of terms and as a
member of the state democratic exe
cutive committee. His bodv will be
Supen Isor Surprised
One Florida
at Growth
Ton n.
The taking of the census
congressional district promise
finished this week and the
in this
s to be
shipped to Richmond, Va., for burial.
when t
deform I
than ever bef
As was re!
week, Ex-Sen
I'unta Gorda.
committee as
d in
for senator, and it
to all divisionicts
this selection they
tnd alw
this paper
F. M. Cooper, of
nominated by the
division candidate
will be gratifying
to know that in
have a man who
does and always lias stood lor divis
ion and that with the solid vote of
Manatee county his election is prac
tically certain, no matter who the
anti-divisionists may bring out for
the office. H. K. still of Crewoville,
was nominated as the division can
didate for representative, and while
little known in this end of the coun
ty, with the solid vote of Punta Gor
da and all other towns outside the
territory the divisionists have left to
"old DeSoto" his election Is practic
ally certain oven if a man is brought
out against him.
C. J. Carleton and A. G. Smith
represented Wauchula in the confer
ence; H. F. B. Beck, Avon Park;
Chester Blount. Punta Gorda; J
Messrs. McDonald, Harben and Wor- j
rell, Moore Haven; J. K. Graham,
T. V. Conway and P. A. Ruhl, Se-i
It was decided that the next meet
ing should be held at Moore Haven,
and delegates from all parts of the
county met there yesterday to fur
ther discuss plans for the campaign.
It is believed that if th( people of
DeSoto county rend to the legisla
ture representatives elected on a di
vision platform, thus giving indisput
able proof that the majority of the
I' the teritory effected want
iiv divided, the legislature
;ore the demand for division
this reason an effort will be
induce every man who can
o so to qualify and vote, thus
division candidate
ns niaiorilv. which v
trength to their represent
if elected by a small mar
tlic nking the junior class for the de
lightful evening thwy had arranged.
Among those present were Misses
Annie Knight, Theima Johnson,
Irene Gatewood. Ida Mae Huckeby,
IClfie Colliding, Olive Stevens, Bettie
Bawls, Hazel Baldwin, Mamie Burri
hr.m, Majorle Barnhill and Mrs.
Baldwin; Messrs. C. H. Allen, Vasco
Bawls, Kdga: Boberts. Frank Wald
en. Raymond Reed. Albert Bell and
Roosevelt Youn.ans.
Garage Man Renovating Home.
Proprl 'lor Calvin G. Page of the
I Dixie Highway Garage is renovating,
i remodeling and papering his home
(on Berry street. Orlando Silcox is
i doin gthe work.
Supply Light and Good Stuff is
Ing Easily at High Prices.
the co
and toi
made t
The New York Packer of the tilth
says that In New York most lines of
Florida vegetables this week were
light. Lettuce showed up slightly
burned, due to the effects of the re
cent frost and sold according to con
dition and quality from $1 to $3.50
per basket.
Tomatoes were In light offering
early In the week and niOBt of the
stock was green. Prices ranged from
$2.50 to $3 per carrier.
Cabbage was scarce and of fair
condition and quality, and sold gen
erally at $3(5 3.25 per basket.
Receipts of peppers were ligh!
tortn mo reasons lor tire commission- adapted to the purpose, but the rom-
the guaranty mittee had not had sufficient time to
ascertain what price would be asked
for these tracts. A map was display
ed and three tracts that the commit
tee thought were suited to the pur
pose were pointed out. One of these
lies along the river, another in tb
, same direction but still further re
moved, and the third a short distance
'in a southeasterly direction from
Mown. All three locations are thought
to have features to recommend them,
bin the general opinion seemed to be J
i that the tract first mentioned Is the
ideal one if some slight objections
;can be overcome. This tract is well j
drained by two large tide creeks and !
It was pointed out that either of these
might be dredged to a depth to allow !
ixu 10 oe urougni up tnem tor a
.considerable distance; the two hard
I roads and the railroad run through,
I the tract and offer advantages for
J advertising the course and town, and
here I't might be possible to secure a
waterfront location lor the club
house. .Nothing was decided as to
the location and nothing will be de
cided until the conimittee has an op
portunity to go into every detail and
decide which location is the best
(from the standpoint of price, conven
ience, adaptability and investment I
for it is planned to make stock In
the financing corporation a safe In
vestment to the subscribers.
The original committee of flvo was
continued to work out further de
tails and to solicit subscriptions to
stock. It is likely that the shares
will be of $10 denomination, thus
giving everyone who feols so dispos
ed an onnnrt unit v to become stnclt-
'the people of said county and district holder.. The nri.nr.Hnn will
capitalized at $25,000 and it will be
ers action in releasing
company, was passed:
Whereas, Frank J. Stamm and
j Frank J. Stamm, jr., trading as
Frank J. Stamm & Son, as principal,
and United States Fidelity and Guar
anty Company, as surety, executed a
certain bond to the Couniy of DeSo
to, Florida, in the sum of f 38,000. -00,
bearing date the 11th day of Nov
ember, A. D., lfUG, conditioned upon
the faithful performance of a certain
contract between said Frank .1.
Stamm & Son, and said DeSoto coun
ty, with respect to the construction
of certain bridge Improvements in
Charlotte Harbor Special Road and
Undge District ot DeSoto county,
which contract was made a part of
said bond; and,
Whereas, said contract was not
completed and both parties thereto
claiming a default on the part of 'he
other, and
Whereas, said surety does not ad
mit liability on said bond, but as a
matter of business and public policy
is willing to make a reasonable com
promise of the claim of said county
growing out of the alleged breach
! of said contract, and has agreed to
; pay said county the sum of $17,000,
' 00 in full settlement and compromise
of any and all liability and claim on
Or by reason of said bond; and
; Whereas, it will require a large
sum of money to complete the work
j contracted to be performed In said
; contract and much in excess of the
amount for which it was therein con
tracted to be performed; and
Whereas, in the judgment of this
board it is to the best interest of
O. A. Ricke;
Tampa, was a v
last week, bein
of his firm, th
of Boston. Mr
Still Selling Coffee.
the coffee man,
sitor to Punta Goi
here in the in ten
Martin i. Hall I
Rickey has been
the coffee business in Florida for 20
years and has developed what is prob
ably the largest business done by any
single concern operating in tho state,
and in speaking of the amounts he
had sold dining the past few months
mentioned astounding Quantities,
speaking in tons and not pounds.
Perpetuall) Young.
There are no women in Punta Gor
da more than forty-two years of age,
at least this is to be inferred from a
recent survey made of the people of
Punta Gorda by the Methodist
church in which the question as to
I age was one of a number propounded
to the individual. The oldest wom
an so recorded was forty-two years
! of age.
$55,000.00 ROAD BONDS
10 Votes Cast
in Favor of
But All
the quality and condition
iles ranged from $1
:ood .
t licit said bridge be promptly complet
ed and that by making said compro
mise with said surety the work can
be more speedily completed:
Be it resolved. That said couipro-
kel .
early in the
of Tel
week at
a n y
er bo accepted,
l of said sum
fidelity and 0
iall stand rele
and upon
said Un
ti a runty C
ised and
give more
at ion than
ii Id
and prices
any beans wet
ruled firm at
on what littK
The territory comprisim
counties would include the
groups of towns:
the new j rule,
following ! stoc
ry w i
6 (a $ 8 . 5 C
lock was
Green I
i, Lily,
and condition and moved out at $3
It 4 per standard crate.
Eggplants were in light supply and
ranged f ron
sound stock.
$4 to $0 per box for
i fancy beans would
much higher prices,
s the exception 10 the
vas in heavy receipt,
illy showed good quality
Wauchula. Bowling
Buchanan, Fort Green,
Rnrlaesi. Limestone. Cr
Torrey, Ona and Bridges.
Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor,
Grove City, Acline and Gilchrist.
Arcadia, Brownville, Nocatee. Fort
Ogden, Bunker, Owens, Pine Level,
Hull and Fort Winder.
Moore Haven and nearby
Sehrinc. Avon Park and
Among the reasons for the organi
zation's activities, as given by Mr.
rrlton. nresident of the executive
uimtntttae. are the following
are recognized by home people
mav hp of interest to the
unfamiliar with the ins and outs of
the situation :
"The wonderful development
our agricultural county, with Its
IpiI resources, warrants division.
the county's area is necessary for for the Improvement promised in the
. C . 1 . . ... . T , 1 t; , , Inn.. A
nmnnr pntorcement oi iuc iw, i uin ioouc
particularly in the matter of putting
on pnd to wire-cutting, attacks in the
ition laws.
"Division will give us five times as
irmph assistance in the matter of
rom any and all liability
land claims whatsoever, on or by rea
! son of said bond; and
Bi- it further resolved, that upon
I such payment, the chairman and
! clerk of this board shall endorse on
(said bond the fact that the same has
been cancelled and discharged, and
thereupon they shall deliver said
cancelled and discharged bond to said
SU rety.
Takes Thor Agency.
L. E. Robinson has secured the
local agency for the Thor vacuum
cleaner and his advertisement ap
pears in this issue of the Herald.
Mr. Robinson says that he selected J
the Thor as the best vacuum clean-!
er made, having had tlve choice of a
half dozen of the beat makes. His !
"Some" Fish and Fishermen.
Chalros Bodiford and L. B. Krepps
take first prize as champion flshor-
men during the past week. Satur
day they landed a jewfish weighing,
125 pounds; Sunday they landed;
another that weighed 400 pounds,
and Monday, when last heard from
they had enother that weighed 300
pounds. Mr. Krepps Is of the opin
ion that they caught enough fish in
three days to feed the entire popu
lace for three weeks. All the big
necessary to soeuio subscriptions to
at least $12,000 of the Htock before
work is started on the course, as it
will take at least this amount to buy
the land, prepare tho course and
build a clubhouse. The remainder
of the stock will be held In reserve
and sold later if necessary. As
soon as a sufficient amount of stock
is sold a meetins of the subscribers
will be called to organize and elect j
olficers to proceed Witll the incorpor-
There seems to be not the slightest
doubt in any quarter that the course
and club are assured things, every
one seeming to feel that a golf course j
is an actual necessity and must be
had without further delay. Noticing!
the movement for a golf course, Che
Florida Times-Union makes the fol-i
Towing editorial comment:
j "The move being made by Puntn
i Gorda folks Is excellent and they will
jfind that golf links pay in mot than
one way. This is only one of t!"
forward steps being taken in Punta
Gorda which is promising to be heard
from as a tourist town very scon."
Cnriwtrom Meld News.
"The boys" of Carlstrom field are
now issuing a bright little weekly
called tho Carlstrom Field News, the
var- j first Issue appearing last week. The
News is filled with
fellows were caught
lin off the city dock.
with hook and
advertisement states that he will be
glad to demonstrate the machine at
any time after office hours.
Making Additions to Home.
F. M. Coper is making alterations
and repairs to his home on south
east Taylor street that amount prac
tically to building a new house.
Another stnrv nnrt nnrchnu nnct-ilra
news of the camp anfi Hnwn win k .vi. .ui'
is also evident that decrease in ! and there seems to be but little room on.e of the handaonle8t' and mMl
At a special meeting of tho Board
of County Commissioners Monday re
turns from the special election held
at Palmdale and Lakeport on Mon
day, March 15th, to determine wheth
er a special road and bridge district
should be created and bonds in the
sum of $55,000 issued to build per
manent roads and bridges, were can
vassed and it was found that a total
of 10 votes were cast, all of which
were for bhe form at ion of tho special
road and bridge district and tb
Isuance of the bonds.
After canvassing the returns the
I commissioners adopted a resolution
declaring the creation of Palmdah
Special Bead and Bridge District and
(ordered thai tax be levied upon the
taxable property of the district to
I pay the annual interest and provide
; for a sinking fund.
I The bonds will be in denomina
tion of $500, will bear six percent
j Interest payable semi-annually and
the last bond will be due in 1950.
The money derived from the sale
I of bonds will be used for the con
struction of permanent bard-surfac-
led roads and bridges, and the amount jtbr
of this issue with that authorized! '
lor another district in the northern
part of the county will make avail
able for the improvement of the
county's good roads system $115,
000, which will be spent within the
next few months.
Headquarters office, located in Punfa
Gorda, will be closed next Wednes
day eveniim, March 31st. This in
formation was Kiven the ' Herald
Tuesday by District Supervisor Jor-
jdan, who also, in an interview with
j the editor, gave some interesting
facts about the census which is now
coming to an end.
While not permitted to give out
any figures, the supervisor said that
the returns of the enumerators work
ing under him showed a gratifying
increase in the population and farms
of this district. The director of the
census in Washington will soon pub-
nsn tne statistics of population
farms, as all returns will be In
hands by the end of next week.
"in, now-over, require several
to compile and tabulate the returns.
It cannot be claimed that the cen
sus is absolutely full and complete,
for, according to the supervisor, it
seems to be an ImpostblUty to find
and enroll, within the limit of the
tune allowed, every individual In the
country. But nearly, if not all or
the enumerators for this district have
doire their best to secure a complete
record; they have labored faithfully
and conscientiously and often under
discouraging difficulties. Some of
them have been extremely pains
taking, so much so that thoy were a
long time finishing their work. A
few, not over half a dozen, proved In
different, negligent or incompetent,
and their places were supplied with
capable enumerators of successful experience.
wwing to various causes,
enumerators were secured
1S6 enumeration districts
congressional district and
sequence was that a number
only 12 9
for the
in this
the con-
Of them
had to bo assigned to two or more
districts. Naturally this prolonged
the time of taking the census, which
should have been completed by Feb
ruary first. Indifference or incom
petence of a few enumerators and
sickness In ;ho families of others
were other causes contributing to
the delay, with the result that it will
be the end of this week before the
entire enumeration is flnishri t'n in
been re-
is- : Tuesday, there were ten
! from which no returns had
ceived. One of these is
and, in mentioning this
supervisor said that he
strenuous efforts to gel
turns from Tampa before
this month and send th
of the e
not finis
the past wvek.
The enumerator
have been sent to
paid promptly and
them appeared to
in Tampa:
fact, the
had made
in the re
i the first of
m to Wash-
to enable the director of the
to publish the total, but two
enumerators of that city did
their work until within
i whose returns
Washington were
practically all of
be satisfied with
Columbia College, at Lake City,
and enforcement of the prohib-i until recently operated as a denom
inational school, has been purchased
by the United States
comfortable homes
J. Harvey Miller is
on this street,
doing the work.
Clover Grows Here.
J. R. Smith, who resides outside
the city limits on the bayfront,
brought to the Herald office this
week a handful of what appeared to
be very fine clover, the stalks being
about two and one-half feet in
tengtn. Mr. Smith said that this
clover grew In his garden without
fertillz-er or any attention, which
leads him to believe that It miirht ho
grown with profit on nractieallv mv
of the lands nearby, thus sunnlvln 1 died Saturday and was burled
i the best kind of feed in plenty for
, all local demands.
Foot Expert Coming,
At considerable expense A. J.
Kinsel & Co., have secured the ser
vices of a foot expert who will be at
their store Tuesday and Wednesday,
April sixth and seventh for tho pur
pose of examining ailing feet and
giving advice for the correction of
foot troubles. No charge will be
made for his services. fvlnsel &
Co. 's announcement appears In this
issue of the Herald.
Forged Testimonial, Alleged.
The Miami Metropolis says that
the Rev. W. N. Norton, of that city,
presiding older of thp M tnmi Hiafrlnt
public health Monday morn in? at oirhl nVWlr nnH : of the Florida pnnfprsm-e nf iko
service through the treasury depart-;., nromiwed some rpni fun when m ' Methodist church, has lnti.i,laJ mm
highway building from the state and ment and will be converted into an u8e the words of a student,' the soph- j for damages of $50,000 against th
naticnal governments and more army hospital at an early date. ' omores will romp on the seniors. 1 Cooper Medicine Co., manufacturers
Sophs Will "Romp" on Seniors.
The public is invited to attend the
chapel exercises at the High School
J. H. Howell Head.
J. H. Howell, who has been 111 at
the sanitarium for several weeks
In the
city cemetery Sunday afternoon, Rev.
A. J. Holt conducting the services.
Mr. Howell prior to his death was a
resident of Punta Gorda. He was
about forty-five years old. He leaves
a wife and friends to mourn his loss.
Arcadia Enterprise, 19th.
i compensation received.
The supervisor mentioned an in
teresting incident of his work aris
ing from the fact that the returns
from one town in this district showed
a population Increase of nearly 300
percent. He was so surprised that
he made a careful inquiry as to the
correctness of the returns with the
result that he became convinced that
no "padding" of the rolls had been
done and that the returns wer nH
are correct. He declined to name
the town or the county in which It Is
In closing his work, the supervis
or speaks very highly of his offlc.
force: Mrs. Celia Wotitzky, stenog
rapher; Braxton B. Blount. Jr..
chief clerk; and Mrs. Mary Gauffer,
assistant clerk and stenographer.
He said that he is sure that no super
visor's office in the country had a
more loyal, efficient and agreeable
force of clerks than the First Dis
trict of Florida.
Nearly fifty thousand dollars
worth of stock has been sold for the
Interesting Tomato.
The Herald is indebted to Mrs.
Rutus Smith, of Solana, for a basket
of very fine tomatoes. Among the
many fine specimens was one Inter
esting becausv? of its unusual form.
This was large and ripe, while at the
lower or bloom end were three small
of a big, new nctel at Lake j green tomatoes protruding from an
v ' opening.

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