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Friday,, February Hid, lf2
'Volume XXXIV. Number 5
r ill
Wherein Mr. Bare Cu
board imd Handy Tele
phone are toiled at
running up expenses.
Cash and Carry
in Your Home
Means Thrift
1 iiwrxm n l i -
Next to Seminole
Pharmacy Sit
I General Revenue Fund $331.0t
Fine & Forfeiture Fund 120.38
Road Fund 481.67
School Fund 601.96
' Agricultural Fund HfcM
Punta Gord School sub.
No. 2 $143.67
1 Punta Gorda Sclicx.I Spec
ial No.
f 4T Advertisements inserted under this
head for 6 cent per line each insertion,
iz words counting a line.
FOR SALE One 3 s h. p. Palmer
launch and one cabin cruiser. Ap
ply to E. C. JACKSON at residence.
Punta Gorda, Florida. u-2t
2 143.67
Ft. Ogden Sub. School No
Cleveland Sub. School No.
21 23.07
Grove City Sub. scnooi
No. 22 - j
Charlotte Harbor School
Sub. No. 34
Waterworth, of Salem,
WANTED To borrow $1,000 for
five years at 6 per cent interest. Will
give mortgage on valuable business
lots in Punta Gorda and pay interest
quarterly or semi-annually. Address
P. O. BOX 657, Punta Gorda, Flori
da, adv.
fudge J
Boone, Mrs
FOR SALE Grove of splendid tne Misses
Bearing trees anu nne garaen ianu, 0njo arrived in Punta Gorda Friday their
fenced, 25 acres; small house and on vlglt to (heil. niece and nephew,
barn. Inquire HEWITT BROS. M. .,nd Mls xonilan c. Hewitt.
Hardware Store, Punta Gorda. 4-4t
. . I-. l in 1. 1 - V,rt.,,ii a ( II 1 1 f
ed to grow woise until December mere ne win b i
24th last, when he was sent to the;falo.
state hospital. As he has no rela- Born, in our City, reoruary ua, voi
lives here and no means of his own.jMr. and Mrs. W. H. Pomroy, a daugh-1 Fund N(,
he will be buried at Chattahoochee, ter. 17
annrA ,n h ..!,,-lv eiirhtv vears W. E. Bell, of Punta Gorda, was charlotte Harbor School
" ... . . rr, j... rt,,,l Nn. 34
C. Boone, the Misses old. mta 1,8 heiween trains i uesuay. ; -
William Waterworth andi I W. K. Bradley, of Boca Grande,,
C, which is known to was a business visitor at Gasparilla ,.untll Gorda Road B"K' s -0
tHW. IwSin HVill RoadBond.. 10.05
"BlOOdy Nine," met in their appoint-1 nerrinK leu suaunj u.
ed place on the bay front, Monday i home at Lakeland after visiting with
The B. N.
I Bridge
Harbor Road &
night, and enjoyed an oyster roast.
mi a . . . x f ; T ,. t
Tit o A TJ Tnitrne n n A u n 1 UUf WlV.lflll w n f . .uinnfa J'OPIC
FOR SALE Lots 1 and 2 in block children, Charlotte and Paul John,Lee Williams, Irene Gatewood and
43, Punta Gorda. by owner. GER- went to' Tampa, Wednesday night, Alolie Williams; and Messrs. Jack
TRUDE PORTER STAR KEY, Saint wn(.rP thev ioined Cantain Tucker Mayes- Rov Adams, Harry Blazer,
Petersburg, Florida. 4-5t and wjll remain jn that city, seeing
UrtTsights until tomorrow night, when
FOR SALE One and one-fourth they will return.
across mnrp or less with railroad
frontage, in Solana. Bargain. Easy: Frank Mosteller, a capable and
LOST-Reasonable reward for re- j B cox Fort Myer9 Flor. commercial traveler of Shar-
turn of valuable papers lost in public Wa 36, fl ohjo gon Qf the ,ate w jj
place last Monday. Papers not worth j Mogt(,.,er who UBe ,0 spend his win.
a cent to anyone except to the person I FOR SALE Redfish lodge build- te,.s hepe arrived here Tuesday on a
whose name appears on them, but re- , Upasnnahle terms. AodIv to .,::. u ; t f
---ct - - - huui I n l. xn. io a it,v v
ward will be paid,
235. Inquire of
Postmaster. W.
owner, MRS. SARAH ADAMS, at the Jack c waltmire.
Walter and Dan Whiteaker, Paul
Hert, P. Perkins and Senley. Club
members furnishing the feast were:
Paul Bryant C. Boddlford, Manly
Rogers and W. B. Lewis.
Isaac C. Coleman, a darkey, was
tried before County Judge Trabue,
Wednesday morning, and found guil
ty of drunkenness and disorderly con
duct, for which he drew a fine of
$100 and costs, with the alternative
of working six months on the county
An rirM acre m.ck The executive committee of the dg The alleged offence was com
An eignt-aere mien , ai.-i iiC!j-i ,in moot ... . .. . . . ....
rnB ijuusieaoiuuai " ...v.v jjx 1 1 ted on tne bin, out ine oneuuer
in Tampa at 2 p. m. today, to adopt avoided arrest until Tuesday night.
farm on Allapatchee river, beautiful
'water-front close to railroad and
... nioasures for holding the June DTI- i u i "mHo Mma'
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms grade, 2 M miles of Punta Gorda, 4- VyU,"lltt"
run nc.M i lumuueu ? , . mary to nominate a candidate tor 1nr nnirdv,. and made threats against
ii.hi hniiaolrppnini' l.isrht and o o m bungalow, flre-p.ace, out- J lor niuraei auu uiaut iuiww
" . . Iv .... f,;. t,o congress
a IV. -MRS. JI.IK Vilil 1-lll.NU. uuuoco, nuiv. naici, u,m iicco, l""
friends here the past week.
Mrs. A. B. Darling left Wednesday lpunta Gorda Drainage
for a short visit at Tampa to attend
the Gasparilla carnival.
W. B. Bughee came back last week
after a business visit to Arcadia.
A Message to
Tired, Sick Folks
Don't Drag Through Life Half Sick
and Half Well. Take this
Poll Taxes i222
License County -
Captain W. H. Johnson ! SnerifI Lipscomb, saying he would
for chickens and nee-culture. ' Apply wiU 'present Charlotte county at the'ep be arrested but he was.
HOUSEKBEPING rooms for rent, to EVELYN S.
Mrs F. D. Robinson. Goldstein ine, norma.
street. 52-tf
The man who doesn't know why he
knows things in a certain way is go
ing it blind.
Mr. and Mrs. Troup Clark ot Mill-
W. L. Koon, president of the Punta edgeville, Georgia, arrived in their
Gorda State Bank, accompanied by car Monday, and, next day, the for
Rmmeti Perkins, motored to Tamoa. i nier's nephew, Mr. Hudson, accom-
NAIL'S TRANSFER Always at' hist week, where they heard Sousa's ipanied by his wife and little son, ar-
Wani nnvihinc tf iband, saw tne Dig iair, ann nrougnr nveu iu unn e.n, aUU iu ...
I hack. Saturday night, an enthusiastic
account of matters in the metropolis
of the Gulf.
your service.
Correct Stationery
Your correspondents judge
you by the stationery you
use. Why not have it
.good? It costs very little
more than the poor. You'll
find good stationery here.
A real drug store
You'll find everything here
that you'd look for in a
drug store. Patent Medi
cines? Yes, a full line.
Come here for Dr. Miles'
Remedies. Our stock is
C. C. Caileton, the orange king of
,this place, has been running his pack-
in,r Viruuo in itc fQ Tin ! f V tllic u:noV
BE IT ENACTED BY THE l'EOPLE OK,'" """'v '"" , . " ' "
TlllO CITY of PUNTA GOHDA. I To date, he has picked, packed and
Se ction, 1, Th- Bre limit in the city of shipped three car-loads. His fruit is
Punta Oorda, Florida shall extend 180 amonggt tnP nm,st grown in the state
.fe't back from the building line on both , . . , ,
Uidei of Marian Avenue b.twn Harvey and it is netting him an average ot
Street and Nesbitt Street, also 180 ft'ct Uj ()( p,,r )10Xi
back from the building line on both side'
of King Street, between Marian and i
tilyniiiia Avenues, also ISii feet back . , , . , , .
from the Umidtng line on both sides of1 The drum and cornet corps ot the
Bbltt Struct from Marion Avenue to Georgia Industrial School, located at
Retta Esplanade and shall also include M roncerf in the hiuh
the balance of Block 4 not covered by Macon. at a cone, n in tnt nign
the foregoing description. school auditorium, Wednesday night,
Section. 2. The above Are limits shall which was enjoyed by a large audi-
bo divided into two zones as follows. Ypsterdav morninir the bovs
The whole block 4 shall be included In ( ncv?- Yestei(ia morning, me ooys
the first tire zone; the first 90 feet back of the corps marched to the corner
from the above described building lines. f Xnv,.ir .free and Marian avenue.
I.J. . . I. .1 .1, .ii he kiuiwii
the first nre zone, within which zone all where they serenaded the town to the
(buildings shall have Masonry or other (Qelsht of the crowds on the Streets.
wholly incombustible walls and metal or i
other roofing given a si-nilar rating by j
the National Board of Flic T'mlcrwriters. , ,
" . . . . Among he visitors to l'unta Gorda
Section. 3. The second 9" feet back I
from the above described building lines, ; Monday were Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
'outside of block 4, shall be known as the linger and babv, Irene; Otto Gott
iSecond Fire Zone within which zone all . .
jbuildings shall have metal or other roof- fried and slater, Miss Anna Gottfried,
ling, given a similar rating by the National Elmer White, Stanley White and
lf,S?..0J " tyXSUSSl k:ZL7 daughter. Florence, and Mrs' Julia
Section, 4. This the above set forth, White all of the Englewood-Lemon
shall be known and recognized as the Fire Bay section of Charlotte county. All
lEimit within the City of Punta Gorda, I
Section, 5
Cochran Drug Co.
of these good people are citizens of
All ordinances and parts of (Charlotte county and proud of the
ordinances in conflict with this ordin- fact.
ance be, and the same are, hereby re-
pealed. This ordinance shall take effect
upon its passage, approval and leal pub- ,.,.. . ,
ilication J lliiau, awkBi no i fliiii: uciv
I Ordered and enacted into law by the from Holland over twenty years ago
ICittr i V ,i , , , i , t .o, .1 1 ,,f the l"it- nf PlllltJl om.I lln lt t. noct nlr' tnirn
' . i ci.,un Ui tUiA ,kf Ton,,-
died yesterday morning in the state
occupying rooms in the residence of
Frank R. Blount on the corner of
Cross street and Ketta Esplanate.
Mrs. Clark is a daughter of the late
Rev. W. P. Head, a former beloved
pastor of our Baptist church. Mr.
Hudson owns a ten-acre tract of ex
cellent orange land adjoining the
Sutherland place on Alligator creek
that Rev. W. N. Swain bought this
week, and he intends planting an or
ange grove and building a winter res
idence thereon.
Dr. W. S. Turner of Captiva, chair
man of Lee county commissioners,
spent several hours here, Monday
morning, during which he talked
public road matters with leading citi
zens and with our board of commis
sioners. Early in the morning, ht
was taken oul in a car over the pro
posed short road from here to Fort
Myers, after which he expressed him
self as much pleased with what had
been done on the road by our com
missioners and said that his board
could now be relied on to do their
part towards promptly beginning and
finishing the work on the Lee county-
end . Dr. Turner and the writer
hereof have been warm friends for
over forty years.
Go to your druggist and ask him
for Gude's Pepto-Mangan and take
it with your meals for a few weeks
and see how your health improves.
If you are pale, tired, lack am
bition and vigor, you know yourself
that if you had plenty of red blood
that you would not feel tired and half
sick all the time. The only sure
foundation of permanent health is
good blood. Gude's Pepto-Mangan I
builds nn vour blood with a form of
iron that gets into your system quick
ly. It is wonderful. You will like
it and it will make you feel so well
and strong. Life will be worth liv
ing again. Try it and you will thank
us for telling you about it. Drug
gists sell Gude's Pepto-Mangan in
both liquid and tablet form. adv.
Total Received for the County
Taxes J..)75.67
Total Received for the State
724 29
Respectfully submitted this, the 6th day
of February. 1922. R. C. BLOUNT,
6-lt (Seal) Clerk Ct. Ct.
.. ... CtiRnitl A
x vr - -n ann du.it oiumut; wwa
X Built and Repaired Building and
X Repair arges and Dredges y
GEORGE BROWN, - - Proprietor r
Y Cleveland, Fla. Near Punta Gorda
Gorda, Florida on this third day of Janu
ary, 1922. C. C. CARLETON, Mayor.
Attest. L. E. ROBINSON, City Clerk.
Approved on this third day of January,
922. C. C. CARLETON, Mayor.
The foregoing Ordinance is approved by
tne. (Seal) J. H. HANCOCK,
3-lt City Attorney.
hospital at Chattahoochee. His mind
failing over a year ago, and continu-
Tax Deed Notice
Missouri Lady Suffered Until She
Tried Cardui. Says "Result
Was Surprising." Got Along
Fine, Became Normal
and Healthy.
Notice is hereby given that Joel
Bishop purchaser of Tax certificate No.
242, dated the 4th day of September
A. D. 1116, has tiled said certificate In
mv office and has made aoolication for
In circuit Court. 12th Judicial Circuit of tax deed to Issue Jn accordance with
Florida, in and tor Charlotte County,
Florida. In Chancery
law. Said certificate embraces the fol
lowing rescribel property situated. In
Charlotte County, Florda, to-w1t:
Southeast Quarter (Vi) of Northeast
Quarter (U) Section 23, Township 41
South, Range 23 East.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the issuance of such eertifieate
in the name of Mrs. C. H. Wlkle.
I Unless said certificate shall be re-
Bass Whidden, of Englewood. was
a business visitor at Gasparilla Satur
day, February 4th.
Miss Miapah Lowe left Tuesday for
Jacksonville after spending the holi
days with relatives here.
Lee Downing left Tuesday for
Miami where he will spend a while
wiln relatives.
Mrs. B. G. Bradley, of Boca
Grande, is visiting with relatives
H. Lautenschlaeger left Wednes
day to spend a visit at Tampa. From
Anna Houston
R. G. Houston
To R. G. Houston, the defendant In the
above entitled cause.
I V nrvtiH,.,) ti,t n l,iii ,,f
complaint has b.-en filed against you In , deemed , accordnK to law tax deed Will
! , yt' V. to -id hill at ary A. IX IMS. R. C BI.OUNT.
. i y-ii !.... uot4-a Clerk tif ('ti'oii t fTotlft lin r 1 ii 1 1 f Pmin-
BpHngfield MO. "My baCK WU BO p..nta Oordn. Florida, on the 0th ty.
weak I could hardly stand up, ana I aay March, A. I). 1922. and In default
WOUld have bearing-down pains and ,,f your appearance, a decree pro confesso
... II n, ...... " aava Mm will bo etUered nuninst VoU.
D"v"wiUUm;: WU. 71 wejeanowa I .WITNESS my hand and oftu,,, sea, on ;-cC.r7 gHefflft
etSnnaacd & to
go 10 Dea, conuuues Jr. ruumu j,. .,. Spence, Complainant Attorney. Virginia T. Trabue and J. Lesley Taylor
Wallace Ch adman,
describing the troubles from which
be obtained relief through the use of
Cardui. "My husband, having heard
of Cardui, proposed getting It for me.
"I saw after taking some Cardui
. . . that I was
was surprising. I felt like a different
"Later I suffered from weakness
and weak back, and. felt all run-down.
I did not rest well at night, I was so
nervous and cross. My husband said
he would get me some Cardui, which
he did. It strengthened me . . . My
doctor said I got along fine. I was in
good healthy condition. I cannot
aay too much for it
Sheriff Sale
Issued out of and under
Under and by virtue of a final decree
granted by Geo. W. Whitchurst. Judgi
ol sulo. court. In tne anove stat-l cause
and hy virtue or nn execution on the 2nd day of February 1922. I have
file seal ol tile levied liootl :illd Will offer for sale to the
mniu& Dun vxuua . . ... ... . .... , ... -
, " , tv. MDlt ircult fourt ol ( iiariotte ounty, Mori- inchest and best ladder for cash at the
,u,i"" ."S "?.:"": da, in . :,se tho City of Punta Gorda. a front door of the Court House In Punt:.
M-nOtpai corporation, vs. H. r.. Join s, Uorda, Florida, during the legal hours fur
tlateu tne .'ttn iay Ol January i;. I sale, on the First Monday in March 1922
have levied upon and will offer for sale same belli the 6th dav of said month
to the highest and best bidder for cash the following described property tO-wlt:
in ine iroiii ioor oi me court nouse in jne Wist half of block (14) west half of
i-unia ..orua, rionua, u urine me legal MOCK (2t) West half of block (22) west
nours oi sine on ine nisi .ionnay in nair of D IOC II (541 west half of block (17)
March, 1922, same being the sixth day and lot (1) In block (24) and lot (17) in
of said month, the following described block (11) and lots (J) (Kl (L) (M)
land to-wit: Lot three in Block 12 in the (N), (O) and (K) of block (26) and lots
City of l'unta Gorda. Florida, according 1(B) and (F) and west half of lot (A) in
to the original survey said City and said block (27). blocks (128) and (13') and
plat duly recorded in tin- Clerk's office at nui ,! n i.i ,ici f.,, i . ..
Thousands Of women have Suffered Arcadia, Florida Said property levied avenue in block 7l facing Marian j, venue
rars. Williams describes, until tney "' " '.; ,l" r: r' l' . . U,H "u ana extetuiing ha, k (9n) feet to an all
found relief from the use of Cardui.
I , Ven unoer mv ian,t anil Kenl on Ihla ' i . . . .
.1 II. UPSCOMB, Sheriff of Charlotte Kehnun-v IBM ir r cpl-voi-
(TflimtV Florida t K. .,,' . . . !
i i inwwr " "l "'"''. special Master in
... ..... xv, a minim nuynii') . j
since U has helped so many, yon
should not hesitate to try Cardui tf
troubled with womanly ailments.
For sale every where. K.S3
T ,i . V 7 cAieouoig oaen (jn) reet to an alley
and will be sold to satisfy said execution Said property will be sold to satisfy said
and cost, the purchaser to pay for deed, llnnl decree and all costs.
Tax Assessor Hagan to Start on Rounds
February Sixth
Notice, Is hereby given that I will be at
tho following places at time and place
designated for the purpose of taking tax
returns for 1922 tax roll.
1 wish to impress on all property own
ers, both real and personal, the impor
tance of seeing me In order that we may
get your property properly assessed.
Rertnont. Precinct No. 1 Feb. 6. 1922
Spnrknian P. O., No. I. Feb. 7, 1922
Kerniont vicinity. No. 1 Feb. 8, 1922
Cleveland, No. 2 Feb. 9-10, 1922
Willow Pens Section Feb. 11, 1922
Gasparilla. No. 4 Feb. 13, 1922
t'laciaa, ino. 4 Feb 14 19'2
McCall, No. 6 Feb. 15, 1922
i.enion ay uuo uoiunea a
.. Feb. 16, ,922
Murdock, No. 3 Feb. 17 1922
Charlotte Harbor. No. 5 Feb. 18 1922
Punta Gorda. assessor's office, for Pre
cints 7 and 8. February 2oth and balance
of month. JOHN HAGAN, Tax Asses
sor, Charlotte County, Fla. 3-7t
v .. ......... - -
Since club work was started in
Florida, about five years ago, a hun
dred thousand dollars have been
spent by boys and girls for purebred
pigs. That partly accounts for the
fact that Florida is rapidly becoming
a great hog-raising state.
Punta Gordo, Florida
SWs All Run Down!
Needs attention! Take her to
Jones He can make
her tick!
X I am now located on Oak street in bigger, more convenient quar- )t
ters Where I am better prepared than ever to serve my customers. J
t i
I F W I0NFS jeweler... I
I TT . J VllLiiJ Arcadia, Plorida i
mxxX"XX'':''Xxkoo))0 m
Hancock, Compt's. Sol't. 6-6t
"Cold la the Head"
Is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Per
sons who are subject to frequent "colds
l5.r .,n'd nnd that toe use of
SI! ,,Pt ,,n,s'9te'n. cleanse the Blood
and render them less liable to colds
Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may
lead to Chronic Catarrh. ala"n may
en Internally and acts through the Blood
nn the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
!i ruB"8'' 75c. Testimonials free.
1100.00 fnr nv nn d il.i
F. 1, Cheney ft Co., Toledo. Ohio.
Ihe L. C. Smith Brothers Typewriter combines all of the good fea
tures of other standard machines and bai -i number of . xclus ve
features that entitle it to place at the ton ..f the list of good ma
chines. One of these is the decimal tabulator, which is a standard
feature of all models and is furnished at no extra cost; another Is
he Jll -bearing construction, which makes it the lightest operat
ing and i.iost durable machine on the market. The L. C Smith
has been adopted by the Hoard of County Commissioners of Chat
lotte county. There is a model for every purpose. Let us show
yon. Kasy payments may be arranged if desired.
Punta Gorda Publishing Co.
I mi
ill i

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