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Fiitlay, Apiil lt IMH
Volume XXXIV. Number 16 PUXTA GORDA HKKA1J), l'l'XTA (iOUDA. FUHtlliA , r
QHfg $Iunta tfinriia Hrralc
Weekly Friday
postollloe nt Puntn
Entered nt tli
tiorun, Klorld.i, as
Punt.i Gorctn Pub.
Paul K. Garrett
Adrian P. Jordan.
A. C. Jordan
. President
flfir'jr Trtwi
American Press Association, New
York, X. Y.. foreign Advertising
rt presentstlve
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notify office in writing, otherwise
it will be continued until notice
to i-top is received.
thai point he would- like to put us
out of business. Bystanders heard
the conversation. Bigger men than
the general have threatened lis and
on!' hair retains its original hue and
Hat. Th
te no mo',
ny of our r
deri are,
says he
d H
ijection. .
v. which
10 couldn't
d ;i low-nee
I guess, as
k drc
m to i
-s which
wore it
her Ma's
a n a mo
di zzy
in some instances and the people
fro HI other states have become good
citizens in some instances, and you
will find good and had citizens
among all of them, regardless f
where they came from and where
they co. It is high time the "native
son" bull was thrown in the barn
yard where it belongs, and all the
workers of the gag thrown wilh it
where they belong. Florida belongs
just as much to the man who comes
here from other states and behaves
himself and becomt
as it belongs to the
tion through the preservation and up
lift of others.
Search the world over, from the
North to the South, from the East to
the West and nowhere on the face of
the globe will a more ideal place be
found for the presence of friendly
towns. Nature has given us every
thing the heart can desire in this
respect. Happy environment has
been heaped upon us in Illimitable
abundance; everything is conducive;
it is but for us to build realities with
a good citizen i the mvriad-colored things of Imagina
ble!:" who sits, lion at our command.
o nowhar,
Display, r
bo set, Si".
each inti i
no type I
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I.: 17.
regular rati
Make Remittances payable to
Punta. Gorda Publishing Company
tinu mui iy inUIVIQUaiS,
Register before
your poll tax on or
and boost the new
April 30th; pay
before May 13th,
baseball assoeia-
The Fort Myers l'ress says there's
nothing in the story about Fort Myers
people getting losi on the Wilderness
Way, and quotes a member of the
party. The Herald got its informa
tion from a reliable source, so 'tis
evident someone handled the truth
A noted snake charmer recently
appeared at the fashionable Long
champs race track clad only in a hat
-and critics declare it modest more
modest than the cost nine of the
American tlapper, 'tis said. Draped
from the brim of the hat is yard af
ter yard of rich black lace, which
reached to the lady's ankles. "The
lesson," says the snake charmer, "is
one of simplicity." "1 step from my
bath, put on my hat and am com
pletely and comfortably dressed."
As we've remarked before, "the world
do move."
Without the doggone Lizzy
motored through the chill
without regard to season. . . .
didn't have no brains to span
never stopped to reason. . .
I last she got a sneeze an' cough
diiv her to a frenzy. The
Which they called n'Uit off. p
ed it lnfluenzy!
They put her in her lit
v tJtii pangs or n ngulni lil
Tv blnstod germs ilv. (o h
and mighty llenrly killed her. . . .,
Du( still the doctor liii':' red near
until he got 'em busted, and Mary's
low-necked dress, I hear, has made
him plumb disgusted, And now,,
When Mary's out nt highl, her .!-' I
lar-bone Is hidden, and little Mary .a
do'h delight to do as she is bidden. I
hi air,
. She
le bed,
ed her.'
v hi ad '
on the fence and whit tles a stick I Towns
with the idea that because he was while the
born her(. he is the supreme creature
and entitled to something more than
the common herd. It is hifih time
the people from other states asserted
themselves in Florida and told some
of the native, birds where io hoad in
San ford Herald.
a ii el
ly referred to as "civic spirits," they
are none the less distinctive and far-
have personalities,
e personalities are g
reaching as factors for development
development in the broadest sense of
the word.
Florida, a stale where friendly
town? abound.
What liner advertisement
statu huiiii for Itself, to bs:
Of tin genuine satisfaction ll
spread presence of these town
afford i be home folks?
Town-, smile; towns lalk
make fri 'lids; towns make en
just as human beings do,
It therefore becomes the
every town thai has V
coming great to smile in the most
pleasant sort of way, to talk as con
structively and intelligently as possi
ble, to make friends as every oppoi-
is ol
t unity and to mane nwwna
when ii is absolutely necessary
Enemies sometimes are as worth
while assets as friends. It all de-
nds upon the issue mvoivcu.
It Is a pleasant topic for specula -
this idea oi rnenaiy iown.-
one eousiueis i mo uiuiv
ppealing it is; for, after all, the
llsplays ot co-operation aau mu
tual advancement are conceived and
perpetuated In friendship.
We would like to Bee an organiza
Uon formed to be known as the
Florida League of Friendly Towns.
Eliminate politics and business eoni
netition; base membership entirely
upon good wi
Jacksonville Metro-
Ming, With I'ncle
'Vr the people of
the Cnited
Dine to a realization lhal they
afford to trifle with Uncle
In the matter of violating the
the rum
1 lo put
e land,
an tat
Uncle John.
The wireless telephone will soon
sound the death knell of religious in
intolerance, and will bring more sood
to the world than any force wrested
from nature since time began, and
the ministers are not slow to recog
nize the fact. Those of the clergy
who really think and are in intelli
gent contact with the men and women
of the world, have suddenly come to
see that it is not so much the
churches, as the things the churches
stand for and the manner of their
St 11 tea i
CD iinot
prohibition law of th
runner business will
lly ii Is a hurculi
a stop to booze smuggling but it can
be done provided there are enoug'h
men on the job and sufficient funds
to meet the payroll. Heretofore the
enforcement of the nineteenth amend
ment has been regarded as a joke but
lately the smile has begun to lade
away from the national countenance,
giving place to a more sober expres
sion. From a news standpoint the
story of the seizure of several car
loads of whiskey at Jacksonville and
down at Fort Pierce during the last
few days, is interesting because of
the cleverness and daring exhibited
by those who would break the law.
Iiut the prohibition officers are rapid
ly learning the tricks of the trade so
interpretation, that is going to count, that it becomes increasingly difficult
When sermons are broadcasted from to carry on smuggling operations suc-
peoplt; will SOOn cessfully and effectively. Hereafter
Old Marcus Aurelius Antonius may
have been a wonderful old boy In his
day, and sure he hits been press
agented as the greatest of the great
when it comes to philosophy, hut it's
doubtful if he'd fit in these times.
The splendors of a throne had no
fascination for him, the indulgence in
luxury he set aside. He found his
greatest joy In looking around him
and seeing the thinu's he could do
without. When others wanted this,
that or the other, worked and fought
lor it, old Marcus smiled and said to
himself, "Am l not blessed that i do
not need these- tilings?" Sounds kind
of good on the surface, but suppose
we all did It. We'd be back in caves
in five years. What would become of
the business structure. We might
get along without the packers' trust,
hut what about the fellow who makes
lollipops! Why old Marcus's plan
would even put Santa Clans out of
During the past few days, two au
to mobiles have narrowly missed be
ing wrecked and their drivers per
haps severly injured or killed out
right at the Marian avenue railroad
crossing. Many people have had
"close calls" at this crossing, and
some day maybe tomorrow there
will be a fatal accident there, unless,
some device or method or warning ol
coast to coast, the
come lo sense the true from the
false in religious leadership and to
Know wnere may host De lound actual
Christianity. No longer may the nar
row minded person stand as the law
and ihe prophets, infusing misleading
doctrine into simple minds under ihe
shadow of the cloth. Too many
creeds have suffered because of their
misinterpretation by little men deal
ing With the biggest of subjects.
Today the ministers' congregation is
the country, and soon it will be the
World, When this happens the dawn
of a real Christianity will have brok
en and a harmony between man and
his Maker develop to
(!od and the blessing
tu res.
every box of grapefruit, or of oranges
will be under suspicion of beine: con
traband. What groans and sighs
when the old toper reads that on Sat
Urday a freight car in Jacksonville
railroad yard yielded up five hundred
cases of high-grade whiskey, worth
close to $5(1,000 and that similar
seizures were made at other points
within a day or two of the Jackson
ville "event." It is estimated that
the value of booze discovered in Flor
ida last week alone will exceed $100,
000.00. So there is ample evidence
That the prohibition forces are not
asleep and lhat the government pro
file glory of i poses lo put a. stop to thi
His Crea
Don't argue over trifles. What's
the odds whether Rover died on Fri
day or Saturday?
Don't pry into people's business.
It isn't any picnic of yours where the
preacher's wife goi her new dress or
how much Mrs. Sparks paid for her
davenette or why Mr. Green calls at
the bank so often.
Don'i be a pack-horse for gossip.
If that bit of scandal is true why
si ir it about and keep the stench in
public nostrils? And If it isn't true
well, you ought to be shot for re
peating it.
Don't tie loo "sot" in your religious
belief. If you ever gel lo heaven you
will be plum surprised to see a lot of
people who never even saw the in
side of your church. Farm Life,
traffic once and for all time. It will
I be a great help if the individual can
attain that state of mind which will
permit him lo extend co-operation
to the point of ceasing to he a cus
tomer of the booze runner. The task
jot' making us good by process of lcg
istive enactment is rather difficult,
i If we are to have prohibition, ph ase
lei us have it. As things are now we
j reminded of the old trick practiced
back on the farm of tantalizing the
horse by tying a stick to the animal's
neck, suspending from the end of the
j stick an alluring wisp of fragrant
hay. It is time to break the stick -I
Lakeland Telegram.
Little Crowding
It has been
little Jostling or
that leads lo success.
remarked thai: "there'
crowding on the road
Whv not talie
advantage of a cleai
throttle- and
Open the
energy In
Five Percent
put on mote
Interest Paid on Savings
Fidelity to oraur Interests
ti. It. Dreggors, Prei
A. P. Hatch, V.
S. C. McCuUongh, V.-Pres.
.1. K. Skipper, Cashier
V AoAc
, . . . . .
the approach of train
bell or the swinging
crossings elsewhere
tion of both devices
railroad something
would make the cr
lively safe, and if i
do so the railroad
polled to providi one
some other means of
someone is killed I
s is provided. A
device used at
or a combina
would cost the
tn install, but
isMng compara
I is possible to
should be com
or the other or
warning. Aftet
here will be a
great hurrah and everyone will rise
lo declare "I told you so," but all
Ihe talk and good hindsight will not
restore breath lo lie dead or mend
broken tiones.
We've ret
our friend, (lie
They are not
says, but he has f
whoso names wei
the general mak
that if we don't
d two bf tors from
general, this week,
for publication, he
sent copies to friends
re not given. In one
s the gentle threat
lay off him he will
Support Your Trade Body
There are many people paying
taxes who have no children who
might ask: "What do I get out of the
But who wants to live in a city
wheie there areVio schools?
There are many people who never
go to church who might ask: "What
do I get out of the church?"
But who wants lo live in a city
when- there are no churches?
There are many people who can af
ford to be a member of a civic body
who might ask: "What do I get out
of the Chamber of Commerce?"
But who wants to live in a city
where there is no commercial organi
zation? You can no more measure the value
of a Chamber of Commerce by a yard
stick than you can measure the men
tal growth of a child, or the influence
of a church, or the development of
Ii is a sale assertion that a half
hour in the office of your Chamber of
Commerce will tell you its value to
the community and make you proud
if your citizenship of your city and
county. Kustis Lake Region.
League of Friendly Town
The Leesburg Commercial, one of
the livest twice-a-week newspapers
in Ihe State, attaches significance to
'the remark passed upon iis home
town recently by tin outside business
man who said: "Leesburg is such a
j friendly town."
Indeed (he opinion expressed by
the interested observer is signifi
cant. And Editor Leach is justified
in commenting on it, because friendly
towns, like friendly persons, always
attract strangers and after contact
soon share a spirit of good will with
Leesburg is a friendly town. There
are a number of other friendly towns
. ' :.jf SB 7
In the Statt
ing to have
tion when
known as
Towns ar
their eves.
, loo; and Florida is go
a more enviable reputa
it becomes generally
the Land of Friendly
attitudes towards life, tl
ances, just as individuals
known by the twinkle in
their handshakes, their
elr appear
and for, in
the real sense, a town is nothing
more than the Individual magnified.
It is impossible lor a town io be
greater than the average greatness of
its citizens.
It is impossibli
friendliness of its
It is impossible for
more beautiful I ban
to hi
lor a town
town io bi
the averagt
start another paper here. He seems
to have forgot', n that he told us this
in person on hit" recant visit here, and
that we invited him to go right ahead
and tendered our services in getting
him started, it should be understood
that the editor picked no quarrel with
the Eovernor. but on Ihe other
had the friendliest
when he stopped
street and
the other hand
feeling for him
th? edito" o.i the
started a row with him.
the main grievance at tnat time
seeming to be an interrogation point
that was used in a heading, ant. it
was then he said just because we used
Try This on Your Piano!
When we were a candidate for of
fice in this county we heard a lot
about the man who was not born in
Florida, and it makes us feel like
kicking the pants off every man in
this or an;- ether st:ito who stands
upon the platform of being the "na
tive sou." If the stale of Florida
was left to the native sons it would
be about the same kind of state it
was when it was discovered by the
people from other states. The na
tive sons have become good citizens
beauty of its homes and premises.
Since time Immemorial men hav
lived together in groups. The in-j
stinct io congregate is as oia as hu
man nature. But in the barbaric!
periods men clanned together for
mutual protection against enemiea of
their own kind and against the wild
beasts that roamed the fields. Some
slept while other watched, all part of
the plan of protection.
In this civilized age, however, men
live in communities together lor mu
tual benefit as well as for protection.
This is the difference between civili
zation and barbarism. The barbar
ian thinks of self -perse rvat ion; the
civilized unui thinks of self-protec-
! A
. 'X .SttStff SB.
.ihjsc -j.jwwd mm i
We also have a small line of nice PIECE GOODS
that must be sold, and we are offering men's and
women's HOSIERY at very low prices, some of
' which we give below. .
i Tissues at, per yd. . . . 42c j
! Imported Ginghams, yd. . 60c !
j Dress Ginghams, i 2c to . 20c
i Apron Check . . . . 1 0c
j Printed Batiste . . . . 45c J
; Dark Figured Voile . . 45c !
! Dotted Swiss .... 45c
Poneree. good grade . . . 4Sr !
Percale, good quality . . 16c !
Chambray, 10c to 20c '
Bungalow Aprons at. each .... 98c 1
i Ladies' Hosiery from 12c to . . . . $4.00 J
Men s Sox from 10c to 2 00
Dress Shirts from 98c lo 5 00
Continues through this
week. Many bargains
are offered, which thrif
ty people cannot afford
to overlook. Everything
clean stock.
and supply
. i i
can do
to hurry.
offered i s
new, fresh
Come in
lr 1 Y rccnr.
rui "ecus wmie VOLt
SO at a savina
i . O
i ou II have
Next to Fidelity Trust Co.

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