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Yol-:vc XXXI V. Somber 41
Fridiijr, October Uotli. 1
fflp Jiiittla (fiitrfta Hrralii
IViWuih.-d Weekly Friday
ntsrsd M ihe postofRca al Punta
Gordo, Florida, n? second-class
- to forego in wages will help pay th Inewspap er or attempt to manage from " mlth up to
j salaries of the numerous experts of lone: It takes vaster quantities of exceeding 1" mills.
tits Gorda Pub
.1 K. Qarretl
rian p. Jordan
C. .Terdan
Vici i-Pre.
i-i ioan Press Association, New
rk, N. v. foreign Advertising
Subscription Rates:
yen. 12: six uuinlhs. $1 2S:
months "5c: in advance.
Ittaneef should be made by
k. postal or express money
r or registered letter. Stamps
small amounts, in
iane of address, give
new address. Sub
as subscription dls-
Dtinued at expiration sleuiM
ify otiice in writing, otherwise
will be continued until notice
J sVecepted fer
I ordering chai
old u well st
ine t . s. snipping Hoard, even if th
subsidy hill is delayed for a fei
j months longer. The necessity fo
ihis reduction oi ihe pay roll of th
Bureau of Engraving becomes appar
ent the minute it is known that o
the several hundred officials of th-
Shipping Hoard forty-seven alone re-1 could do a nnin
celve an aggregate of $599, tOO a year than is being done as mattei
as salaiies. They get an average of at ranged now. What does
nearly i3.ofto a piece, or nearly Crane mean, anyway? Courag
Doin courage an tact man i possess.
What a queer man this Dr. Frank
Crane must be, to confess that he
iark.i capacity to run a newspaper.
Most people seem to think that run-
nlng a newspaper is just the easiest special school tax lor that school
thing: they tirmlv believe that they trlct. It is all In the hands of
; V
an !
twice as much as a senator or repre
sentative, several hundred dollars
more than a member of the cabinet
and almost as much as an associate
justice of the I". S. Supreme Court.
The Bureau of Engraving and Print
ing is one of the Government plants
for making money. Just why the
Harding administration doesn't k-ep
it going at full pressure while the
Shipping Board needs so manv mil-
In each special tax school district
everv two-years, there is held
election to choose the trustees for the
for the district. Al the same time
the people are called upon to fix the
)f it people, themselves, within the limits,
are stated; noi less than r. mills and not
Pr. more than 10 mills can be Imposed
and if this proposed amendment is adopt- .
Harold Hume,
Wm. P. Simmons
l. Morrison, jr.,
Ask your neighbor He knows
E. 0. PAINTER FERTILIZER CO.. Jacksonville. Fla. i
tact what have they cot
running n newspaper?
must be kidding us. s
do with ed.
Reapportionment Sun- to Come
Advertising Rifs
lay. run of paper, matter to
't. .5e per single column Inch,
Insertion: plate matter, with
ype to be set. 26c per Inrb.
donnl rharae fer preferred
pot. 'l 'lis. Locals mx W'-lds to ft
the line, 10c per lin-. Classlned, f
1 i word. Legal advertising at j
r&:.s fixed by law. Carjs cf f
formal deatii notices, f
ns, e t e . , 75c each. f
r.f entertainments, where !
c; Lrges are made, and articles in
tvr r-s if of money-making enter- X
prises, at regular rates. I
Make Remittance! payable to j
P--n Gorda Publishing Company
and nM to Individuals I
for salaiies is not explained.
ITS "IT TO" i s
B": ve us, things are stirring in
and f;-ot:nl Milton, the county seat
of fitsta Ro.-it county, these days.
.-day of tn-t week, according to
iispatches, a great big black
a tremendous wildcat, a huge
noecasin and an eight foot 'ga
re chased, caught anil killed In
f the town.
W n
tor w.
or n i
Somebody had better look after
thof - pioneers of Wauchula. They
appear to be getting too pay and fes
tive. A headline in last week's W'au
chttlii Advocate reports one of them
as "celebrating his fifty-fourth weil
dinc.'' Seems as If any man ought
to b satisfied with twelve or fifteen
wedciir.es, at the most.
a Gorda and Charlotte county
lore titan a fair share oi na
tural advantages that have been be
stowed upon Florida generally. This
is an undisputed and Indisputable
fact, but Ptinta Gorda and Charlotte
county have not grown and are not
growing as are other town., and coun
ties with no more if as many advan
tages. That Is another undisputed
and Indisputable fact, and the sooner
we recognize it and face It, the soon
er will this town and this cotin'y be
gin to develop as they have a rii'ht
to by reason of their location and
advantages. There Is a reason or
reasons tor everything. What is the
reason or reasons loi our failure to
develop as rapidly as other sections?
What is the reason or reasons for the
ph' nomi nal development of these
other towns and counties?
Less than eight years a';0,
dow looked upon as the most
essive and rapidly developing conn
Wh ther you vote for or against
the proposed constitutional amend
ment prov Ul i tiu for reapportionment,
it you are interested in the schools,
vote for the amendment authorising
the voters of special tax school dis
tricts 10 increase me millage that
may be levied within the districts for
the benefit of their schools. To vote
for adoption of this amendment is nol
to vote for an increase In taxes. It
the a: tendment la adopted, there can
be no increase In taxes unless a ma
jority of th freeholders of the special
stricts vote for an increase,
proposed amendment merely
the taxpayers the right to pay
axes if they decide it is neces
r desirable so to do.
t.. in the state, had about the same
poj illation to the square mile but a
relatively smaller assessed value than
Charlotte county. The two principal
towns of that county had been drag
glng alon1: for nearly a quarter of a
century, one o;' them growing a little
each year and the other one growing
a little one year and sometimes losing
the next. The whole outlook- for T
that section at that time was a bone- multiplies- of amendment
less one to most people. Every- voters will have to consld
Governor Cary A. Hardee has so
far fulfilled practically every pledge
he made to the people of Florida
when he made his campaign for the
State's chief executive. Governor
Hardee Is not a disappointment to his
'friends and he has had a difficult task
at Tallahassee in trying to make the
feople of Florida and of the United
States forget his predecessor In office
Anions the pledges made was one
which slated in effect that he would
(do everything within his power to
secure for Florida a proper and a
just reapportionment of representa
tion In the stale legislature. Ho is
tremendously sincere in his advocacy
Of the amendment to the State con
stitution to be voted on at the gener
al election on November 14, whieh
amendment provides for reapportion
ment on a basis that Is meeting with
determined opposition In many sec
tions of South Florida. It may be a
I losing fight for amendment advocates
land winning flu lit for the opposition
but there Is this much that is very
clear and decidedly positive the
governor will not allow the matter to n"'1"
drop hut will use his best endeavors
I to net before the Florida legislature
e . . i . ... !!:
nai ;i reapportionment measure that will
ro- pass the gauntlet of both the upper
and lower houses. Governor Hardee
is not a quitter and in this Instance
he is undoubtedly determined to see
that justice Is done to all parts of
Florida in the matter of representa
tion in the legislature Lakeland
rane n is a singular thins' that the cou
Clty stitution of the state makes no limi
tation oa the amount that the people
may tax themselves for any put pose.
except maintenance ol public schools
Just why the original f camera of the
constitution thought the people were
not to be trusted in the management
of their most important affair, is not
known. I!ut they did limit it and th.
proposed amendment is one of t!ie
movements tending to enlarge the
liberties of the people in saying what
they will and what they will not do
in educating their children.
Dade county not only needs the ad-!
dittonal money that would arise in 1
this increase of taxation, if the dis
tticts vote the maximum limit, hut it
is one of the foremost counties in the
stat In usiiiL; every means to advance
the interests of the public schools.1
It may be assumed, therefore, that
the people of this county will r.p-!
prove this proposed amendment by a
large majority.
The Herald hopes to report that;
they did, the morning after the elec
tion. The same necessity exists in all the
counties of the state, and The Times
joins with the Herald in urging the;
adoption of the school tax amend-j
Tampa runes.
Building Your
The name of I lie bank with which JfOU (1
business is one of the best references you
ield you momentary returns, but it re
yield you monetary returns, but it re
turns also a dividend in good reputation.
Member of the Federal Reserve System
It is with a great deal of pride that we
regularly call your attention to our mem
bership in the Federal Reserve system of
Banking. II insures our beiutt able to
meet all proper demands ol lxili deposi
tors and borrowers.
First National Bank
of Punta Gorda, Florida
s, huoi Ta Amendment
is some danger that in the
tax i
W'ui!e the scientists are tormenting
us with countless repetitions of the
charv that the mosquito is the sole
Conveyor of malaria, they oughi to
tell us where the mosquito gets the
malaria, and why one kind of mo
squito can get it where they get it
and other kinds ol mosquitoes, built
by the same model and fitted with
the same accessories, can't get it at
the same place. An old man living
here says that lie had chills and fever
all during the years 1877 and 1S78.
anil, during that time and since, dis
covered positively that malaria orig
inate! in rolling vegetation and tim
ber, lie says that If this rotting stuff
is destroyed the mosquito will have
no malaria to distribute, and there
to!' need not be feared.
A few days ago the DeSoto County
News took to task one or two other
papers tor crediting to the News
tatements made In other papers
Now. unless we are mistaken, the
New-, i- itself guilty of this offense.
It says; " -We believe.' opines the
Punts Gorda Herald, 'thai Senator
Etoeredge, In advocating the adop
tion of the proposed constitutional
amendment for reapportionment will
iind a is not in accord with a bl
majority of his constituents,' " Sen
ator Etheredge may find this to be
the case, and he may not. Anyway,
the Herald did not make the state-
mnt '
in a
aboul as S
be be
edited lo it. unless it slipped
,i "filler." The Herald takes
the same view of the matter
ator Etheredge and Governor
and will vote for the amend
ll it is defeated it will not
inse of any logical, convincing
at advanced by the press, but
because of confusion created in the
minds of the voters by its clamor,
which will cause many people to pass
up th.- amendment proposition with
out voting either wav.
To furnish the basis for a boast
aboul further "economy" and "sav
ings" in tin expenses of the Govern
ment, the new director of the Bureau
of Engraving and Printing at Wash
ington requires the employes of th.
phuit. men and women, married or
Single, to take a vacation of one or
two days a week, without pay. This
plan, its author lias announced, will
"save"a couple of hundred thousand
dollars in the course of a year.
What these employes are compelled
body, or nearly everybody, seemed to
have a hopeless case of blues, so far
as any expectation of the country
ever amounting to anything was con
cerned. But i here, ns almost every
where, were a few men and women
who had faith In theirtowns and their
county. They saw possibilities that
others could not see, and in spite of
the general indifference, preached
progress at every opportunity. Good
roads, they said, was the thins need
ed to develop the country; p;r..'d
streets, sewers, lights, and other mod
ern improvements the things needed
to devlop the towns, and good schools
to develop both towns and country.
Finally an election was called and
a small bond issue for roads voted.
It was soon evident that the few
miles of good roads built with the
first bond issue were not enough, so
more bonds were issued and more
roads built, By this time the county
had begun to attract the attention of
bomeseekers and investors, and the
people generally came to see that
their money had been well spent.
More roads were limit and stUI more.
the towns were paved, sewers were
installed, schoolhouses built, while
settlers of the best class poured In
by the thousands from every section
of the country, and they are still
coming and will continue to come.
Before this era of development and
progress began, mention of bonds for
any purpose was the signal lor a
chorus of despairing groans from an
element of the population. " They
a'e fixing to tax us to death and
Danarupi tne country, tncj moaneu. i
Instead of the country being bank
rupt, property in that county i worth
Ave and ten limes as much as n was
worth elghi years ago: thai county's
bonds are in demand by all bond buy
ers at par or better and as evidence
that the people are not being taxed
to death for all the Improvements
tlial have been made, a newspaper
calls attention to the fact that it has
rot published an average of more
than one sheriff sale notice a year
for the past six years.
The things that have transformed
this county and these towns and
many others In Florida good
good schools, good streets, s
and other modern I in provem
are the things that an needed ami
tile things that we must provide if
we expect this town and this county
to develop as they should. Our fail
ure to provide them is the answer
lo the question asked in the beginning.
which the
r at the
coming election the school tax amend
ment may be slighted and overlooked,
and so meet with defeat. It would
be a calamity if that should happen.
The .Miami Herald does well to call
attention lo the importance of this
amendment, and clear up any misap
prehension that may exist in the
minds of tie- voters regarding its
scope and purposes.
It says in a recent issue.
Strenuous opposition to the adop
tiou of the proposed amendment pro
viding lor a new reapportionment oi X
the representation in the state leis- v
lature, should not create any confu-
siou In the public mind as to the ad- !j!
visability of supporting the amend-;!:
titent, to be voted upoi al the same T
i v
time wllieti will n..t,tii, ...... 1 t-.v 1 -.
.. .V .. K. .... I I Ol tlUI I V-.-
i , j. , . . o
seuooi oisiricis 10 impose a tax ol
It) mills upon the dollar of valuation,
instead of, ? mills as at present.
There is some misapprehension as
to the effect of this amendment if
adopted. It does not, as some sup
pose, impose a tax of 10 mills upon
anybody. li simply permits special
tax school districts to vote upon a
proposition to increase the millage
I v
Mr. and Mrs. Readei
When iui pick up a copy of your home paper llo you ivc any
ibcitielii bow it was prtxl.iceil, or the money that is s)enl to print it and il--liver
it at vonr home?
The newspaper of today, no matter
would be the cheapest thing; you bought.
it SSif eeuts a cop.v was charged,
in the firsl plaee it represents an investment in plain ami equipment
ul man,! thousands of dollars.
Its editor ami staff work (llllgentl.v day in and da.v out to ftatlic
ell the neus and present it to yon in readable fashion. It aim. ; keep rou
Informed on all (be news that's "lit lor Ink."
With the nveruge paper, the price you pay u- subscription !oes nol
.ever the cos ,. WHIT Is PAPHlt.
Yes. (he
I ook il over,
largest returns.
newspapet i- the cheapest thing yon buy. Think it over.
Ii's the best in vestment you can make, foe il brings the
Ills -
Are we going to progress? Do Wl
WANT to progress? The way ii
clear. Nature has done her shun
and it's up to us.
Cra ne.
forbid." says
that I should
own a
Punta Gorda and Charlotte County "on the Tropical Southwest Coast,
in the Land of Sunshine and Flowers."
Punta Gorda and Charlotte county offer a wealth of op
portunities to those who have the energy and vision to
take advantage of them - and these are the kind of people
most wanted and needed here, iu a comparatively new
country. Lands may yet be had at low prices, but this
condition will not last long alter the completion of a good
roads building program that is uow getting under wav.
Blessed with good lands, suitable for nearly anything that
can be grown anywhere in Florida, climatic conditions that
exist nowheres else in the state, being very favorable lo
u nit growing and market gardening and making this a sec-
. iciiHrnw nealthl illness, with the building of good
rs are sure to witness remarkable
roads, the next few y
progress. Booklet on
M. C. Price, Secretary
Ptinta Gorda
taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa l.m.v..vhv-.---.............. . . . r . ft ft ftaioaao gj
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