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Bradford County telegraph. (Starke, Fla.) 1888-current, February 22, 1895, Image 2

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3 1h x s c v vt 81 S
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t4 t4I
t 5ft
I Ir tfr p I
t i1 i ml L11JlU ALMAE ALMAEijMt 1k E
< r t l
ijMt r PF Preachers f8 Sunday
N 1 1r
1 4t II IIz
z r t 1 1r
r 1 1t00
08talder 08taldert 08talderJbV8 OatiIaerProperty
h JbV8 Which to no
Tb = t8 t8w t8JioIt
pOi J Nllglon The Thethat e et
t t w ILaot1rDMfe Property that wo worvHij fieJ
J 1 rvHij adhaVeaUt he CBUiro afl t ourselves otUrelv It
t 4s kip 8AJ pk S t waleh wo may look JookYWi8h1hg
fteir y wishing that
Ia s4 3ee M t dwTand door and the tteri tho4Ilki
4Ilki ri riyMfcfrTjt PI k 1 and frufts in
iJi yMfcfrTjt OtgaM 1l It bthe bthec l liJi
f11ore41t1r4 < i r
U c 1 8f rywh h e there thoroare are arei
xMcio dO = i and 1Dc1gates gates that we W9ran weouatry wet
t ouatry chool choolowned
WMIZ ran ore 1 owned ownedgh
k7 JwwjMnj otgh gh h there thereIS
c p Iate It 1 acaying 1eciylngI acayingneer w wnever
I allow IS eI never nevertouch neert01tch
o touch tho fruit fruitof fruit1I
1I the M of a nature inner innernt5
mouril8t curi8t nt5 ts who ware ruined ruinedp ruinedn tUJ nod
p n loiae of at Invaded inYadedfotthoman
U l e t etxeathd 3fotlhoman 3fotlhomanGhriatlaa fotthomanre Tot the man
= re tlorftlt1ring reekious o Thg
aD anc1Ik d Ia V VAJI lIn Doys Doysr
1 I AJI My r r lU Mtfte40r to dog on o you
w then are Ghriatlaa men menchmrch
b chmrch under severe guard
Zq4 Jtlnthls Jt bithls In this orchard forttowhole forttowholeiy for the whole
b but t th iy have a rough and tin tinaS
flof Wa ofaeothg Ot1ng ouWdeISt oUt51dor M
uh th5y thad had 110 o bWne s hero hough
8wQN e Lj fr tI thm all t to ono nd tako
the1rgeR the 3arg and dJMl t fruit on the ptom1JC9
KITe yoaitea Webto11seYOl1 banoyo wore bapUed
at thtrt u aoitb 00th of aS age > and d becawo b you youttadet
J1anaU 2 fl mr Ufo W beck JtDd ttadet t hallowed In Inyou
1l acGIIItMtthflfG u lrtrO you O1 havo h TOa a right to tov
bI1w ss9tthb th Lords v n tab table nVl spreading lJi lJi3s
oeU t Ad takinjt up the entire room roomy
eana WI y ao Yof1ll Yoa wat to haul in your our
tbop o ataoa up O eltheraldoolyoo either aide of you
tht ffhOit ho yo R never expected wonld
thecetou tftIlaChrlt Ohrf3t A1f aal t to 1I1s 3s favored favoredo 1fouttt
JR9 X3 1o ilO so Ho SayS to o you an to toP
Rs4OtM iheep P 1 have whidtaronot whlciiaro not t of ofaieDpialoy
D1 D1S D1oset 1 n
S aieDpialoy ndtho8c nndtho8c the Scotchman Lo1unanhSf has four urorQ or flv
oset head wd of sheep Some of them are arai
brWaIgQLthe ajhehMU i heath heatheq trt rj some of them an anvv a areIc
bSiC Iyi 9rt d9WtUflthe < vv ncl the trees some of thoot the are
Jja Wiitd J7rdthcyare84attored yjS theyaresoaUerodnround thej ar aoatteiod around Ineighl in eight
r rl dIJt8rentpIaces places Cameronhlsneighbor Cameron hlsnelghllOr his neighbor
eOmlmoeranduys t QTer 5 and jwys III I lsooyou see you have thirty
Ic 1 I1IaY have hMojust just counted co i ed them themnIlN No f fI1i
L 0 ttjt MJ1MeDoia1d 1fcDo macDonald a1d 4II 1 have a great many more
weep Ih eheetbanthat ti UWI 1authat r hat Some are hereandsome Jlereandsomok
k ate wetoewhere They ey ate scattered all around
boat I bvo 4000 OOO or 6000 in my flocks
1t OOer er 1Sheep ieep I hava ha which aro not In this thisP thi
it P fold lolcw foldI
w I 10 O Christ says ys io o OUIJ m u Here Is a knot knotot ot otand
El amt1tD zriirL and there Ulete1sa Is a knot ot phrtetions phrtetionstnt
ftttb1makoup bit tky xnnko up a small part of of the flock flocktold OOL i I
H the zplscopal fold the Ye Yevtheraa
vtheraa GI the n
nal nalc
c lJyted r f haptlM and andhelifUifJM
helifUifJM l e only dIfference bo boaad80
0 oelag the mbdo ofsheop ofsheopwaku
aad80 O
t136 LL
waku 1ri 8 are scattered all over overjnrstatistics ovorJIIao overaze
JIIao aze so thf1Jrdtlstlcs eur < jnrstatistics s andsaytaoro andsaytaorofls say ore oreI
tnt I Chtiet fls chOfthoLord1I8hoop dsofthoLords of the Lords sheep
reepo reepogot
got Iot Ot wen 8eeflF4 more moreacwk din uNonX ItT Ho O no You MU MUn have haveone haveTJte1
acwk acwkUnfe n ee TJte1 am one out ot ollooo o 1000 UJV of My Myah uy
Otk ah I ttom 0iu rod all I over the L UO earth earthwhich edrthn UiMU1
002 n
kold which dro not of this thisaa thistenWU thisteit
Unfe tenWU teit was prophCl1ng theoon theoongett11s the theIaesi
Iaesi aa aaHe gettile with wttl18 as s much c6nO c6nOP c6nfiMIl c nfl nfllad <
MIl He 11 P ougi I they eyw werealrflftdyoonverted reA1re4dyoonvertedoW
io 077 In the words of my text to textag
ag the coming of a agreat reat multitude multitudethat multitudeem multitudethat
em that thatyou you never supposed would wouldTins wouldto wouldaiytng
aiytng Tins to you and aaying to mo moabeop mOt meJ
J abeop 1 I have which are not of this thisflret th1ist4t thisr
r t4t 1i the flirt place I i remark that the thearwly tho7iepherd
arwly 11 SHenherd f will find many of f HIs Hlaamoag Illseep
eep amoag thenonohurchgoers thenon hur hgoens Thorenra Thorenragatlon8 There are areOIPegftUonswhemtheyare
OIPegftUonswhemtheyare gatlon8 tlona where they are all Christiana O 1Ul3
r iH d ti tkey y seea to be completely finished and and9D
ifc 57 y red 9ne 9D ne of f the skeleton leaVoa leaYOISWhIch which
fcy c eMlmcal lcal nreparatloa havo had all tho thereen
gxeewiees reen and verdure taken off them and nndcold
re e leJt e cold aad d white and delicate nothing
ft waMtsg a 5jbot g but a glass 8 case to put over overUle
ttwai The ± Ule lio minister r of Christ has noth
lag to do with such Christians but to
a once K lieeek aad with ostrich
NIMr vdut dart off the awmmulatton O on of the theaiz
JMt jMff ax dBT day loTin Ioathg tBeia bright and
oryjialllne U71Z1Ine a u before Jut the other o utt kind of ofabwefafeiaamotTwiHi
a abwefafeiaamotTwiHi uek Is U QtlwUh perpetual sound soundering soundI
I ttnuaad fXLlraIadiIfegathoring KUlerlng ering rocrulVj for the thesmy
LoaI Locdofot otIOIt W S3 OILy to every appllcantt appUcnnhyo
ID Do yorn yo wntto bo boon on Gods aide sldatho the sat a aappy
M zttehppy bppy81de appy aide if soj so come In the thdt theand
ndget and get t equipped equJp Hero is a bath l > th In Inuchto ii iiCh
uchto Ch tOb0C10lU2d bo cleansed Hera He arc wmlals to
atTOoayoarfeet t 1IpODyon upon your feet Here Is a itamet I lmef for
yoat our arbrow1to brow Her Is a breastplnto b pl t for f rYOUl your
Atari 1IQCW Hwtlaaffirordfor 1 a sword for your right arm
and 4 yonaette is the tho thoe e battlefield Quit QuitwhoBsy your 01U
1 IMTPa1IkomerC Uke men
L I hen a1llIOme11ero ats iomciero whoBsy who say eel I I stopped stoppedwi mo stoi stoigoth e4
goth to cktMh 1 t ten n + or wi twenty ycarsRgo years ago agoI t tbrother1a
SlDgto iy brother brother1a la it not notBtraDgt strango that you should sho iil
be s the first man I should talk to toda today I
a jQsowAUywar bowaUnrc90 case I Ikno know1 know1troryweli It horyweU very well You Youvq
itiql vq it won n accustomed tocome to tocomolnto come Into rollg
Louis MBomblage but but I have a surprising on
BOttaoementtomakoto ouoement to makoto yon J uYO1 you are going ln
tt becOBje bco e ono of rtn th tlre Lords sh sheep epr 4TWia 4TWiaaroa Ah
Ill aroa tyOUi Baj tJ Jfat iLI ja Impossible Uh tffip o tb1e You dont know
Ittnrfar kbw bw fr ram from tromanythIng anything of that kind I
Jtmaw D9al1 ill about aboutfL It I have wandered up pand pandI and andH
dl the I toxI orid dlLt1ctI2lBdl and liiadezandour dohr all3 ca
I IbaYua a 1lYiJ1m9W iWl rnpre startling anno ennoincoment nC ment mente I
iO H ae O e ut tt1 kvgMvw regM to juu youyou jpu are not only
fcotag othg to bwomo on ol1of ot the Lords rdOb sobep p but butWtUooae
jywTJjflJWpaoonQtoraiy wUl WtUooae f oo OM tcM1ay You will Btay
Ithki afiartblsfwvto tent tobeUlkodwith to be tlk with about bo t your your5S youri ur
i 5S aouI ut K eop1o ° p1 of God VV for that m man °
gfetta ThMIs the only UM for you yo here I shall not not0111611 notI
esk It 0111611 effso BO mueh M 85a a CtUalb < tt b for or you on dhrls dhrlsrTathfeMrmonjforlamgoine
I tIaa tiaeta rTathfeMrmonjforlamgoine QdlCnnoD t sermon for lam I am goln going to b give
itaJl to the outsiders Other Oth r sheep I han
iklck Wlciareaotoftbjifold WlciareaotoftbjifoldJLtlanUc reBot are aet of th1 this fold foldt
t Wk WkLhciAUantIa JLtlanUc went ent to iitecea on STare r TB
roo the people clambered clatnbe clatnbeI clatnbellthO upon llthO the therhy
= jteacl Wh rhy did not that heroic minister I ttJr of ofdown
gospel I ol whorawe have baveallre all r d 4d eit down downat
at tatowro taie ta Gam of thoso mea on the beach beachiWraPplaWthem ch
Omppiagthem pplagthem Ifl 1a4anneJ flanneJi kindling ur fire for fort
Ithe UMOL swing t 1ngthat that they theygotpl got plenty Dtt of food
J lAb r 5 b1s know that h t there wore others othori1io othori1iowold who nh
1W TWowapothat wold 110 d th Ho says 1B Yonder are men menaaQ men menaad
aaQ W Women fom mfxBCKlnglnth6 tre fre TLng In th the rigging of that thatwreck thatreck
wreck Boys launch the boat And now
laeetneoftrblado I see the oarbldOJ oar b1do bond under the strong rong
I p lmtboforethay but b before oreht tbey reached I hed the rigging a awu
fomaa wu irozea and dead She Shejonger Tn5 ns
wd off Poor thIng But he says There
katHantosave maato Mr MrIt It and andbo he cries crIoeout oub hold
l i ave Iant utes longer lon aid aidsteady 1 will Mv savyou 10u
8eacb steady Otto me meyott meyo yoa hand leap Leap p
unto the llfeboAt Thank God Le boIs ssavedr saved
j 180 BO therjtfe th those tbosOhero hero today who are aroMfo nro0It aresak
Mfo oft o te e shore hor of OfGoclBmeror Gwia mercy J will not notay notaBTUn notPieid
Pieid aBTUn ay 7 time UmOw1tIL e with thota the at all jutlsco jutlscoaresomo ut I 500 500IthI5resomo
IthI5resomo aresomo reaomo who are freezing frtuIn In the rig
iag Ot 0 sin ioL I a surrounded uir unded by perilous
Morme DLPo1l Pull away rowaylDf my lads adL Let t us 15rcach reach reachUGB
UGB Abu A1u one Is b washed on and gone
There Is one more to be saved Let us push pushoBtJor pushout pushout
oBtJor out far that one Clutch the rope ro Ob ObMylngman
Mylngman 1d dyiiig man clntchlta3wlth cLutch it lta as With a death grip
I iJiewIya JBwaayJ now won on the slippery places Steady SteadyTOO
I There Thetesavej saved TOO saved Just as I thought thought7otr
fr Totfibrist orIjhxisthaedeelared rbt has declared that Iheroaro th are some sometlUtatlid somestiUla
uUa tlUtatlid th breakers who MalI come ashore ashoreCXb ashoreCXhwaJicop ashoreOhcS1aoop
CXb CXhwaJicop esoop I have which are nototthi nototthiOteistootnmaads not of thII thu
fQJd fQldw fQldwrOdSt
rOdSt a Oteistootnmaads OOtWnanM oot xnan His fllsmlnlster minister m1n 1It to bo boo boofl5 fish flehenaenuid fl5 fl5emQd fishem1ARd
enaenuid wheal henI go fishing f1 g I flo o not want wantto wantto
to go Among other church but into the theiwide thew1 thewId
< iwide w1 wId e world ir rld not sitting along Rohokus Hohokuscrwk RohokuseIl8k Rohokuscreek
creek eIl8k Where het cJghtor eight or ton tODother other persons era trorittlng eratdngwithh iroMttink
rittlng tdngwithh with book ho Jk and line but like the th itch fchrm thmea itchm
mea rm a of Netrfocndland NertoccdbndJWllnsofl Bailing Jiini off and anddropping anddropping
dropping J not ot a away outside forty or fifty fiftynlks
nlks l1e fromhorc r mJJ1ore Yes Yesthare there are noaohurch IUOnoaaburoilipm noaohurchcoiucln nonnhurthberebo
pm hereltl10 ill coiucln come in In Next ext Sabbath Sabbathba Sabbathwm SabbathoywI1l
oywI1l wm ba hero 1l1rer Ajolnor ruIn Jnotta or la i some someehurch bfl twtex twtexchurch l lchUrch
chUrch They Tho1nre are this thlstUQment moment being swept sweptInto sweptinto sweptlntoChrisdanassodntIon
lntoChrisdanassodntIon Into Christian associations Their yolco will willbe will1behe wiflbe
be heard In blpn public bUIJ prayer They T h ey will WI 11 die in inbed inCd Inr
r 1behe ee thOZr bed surrounded by Christian Christiandtobotjarriedout Ohrlslld ChristianIYtfr
IYtfr IM dtobotjarriedout d tooo to be bIUrl arried eel out by devout devoutand deoUlkhwrrlcd devoutbbried
khwrrlcd bbried and an lJOIl on their thc1r1rmCS groves raccs be beFrecfmts bei
i j 4 0orth ul Frecfmts f pt in the e sight S ht ol olAnd oJTAd cit
t TAd J de dei kof ol saia tho thoe And Andon AndonSTYpa nfi on onJ onII
STYpa < < J jT yp WIIT get up with the theve theiYe
iYe ve Already burl buried ed and andparfloto andOil
II I v Oil CkLMBa14I I parfloto JI8leDteP who wkohava lava already alreadyAaianthegrand
TW M4 Aaianthegrand Ami all the grand and andglor andglorJ glor glorOther glorida
J aIJl6lt rybe b UdlhOur this hour Other sheep sheept
I IheWb3ehareotofthIsfold IheWb3ehareotofthIsfoldIatkMin ftWILIMt8 t aro sot t of this fold foldnia oldeI
I IatkMin m nia the Heavenly Shepherd la late bP IsKobg
P ctio te > ifid bdagreat a great many of His ifis sheep sheepaIw
ftterar Qa fboM ltW feo O are posiUve po T8I rejectors of oti oft ofiztIaaItr
t i OhdMudQ iztIaaItr 1 do not aotboWkoW = ot know how you came cameto camoItYJiaT8
r to t OotetUKKy It ItYJiaT8 say have bjjen bjjeni
i neatlag 11 Xtepfcre Parkw Prj preaoli or oraft
ro J j h aft life of Jesus1 = or orfeM
1 tough uJd4el the la4eI talk ol osoe e7 Ug man manW manIt
feM t > f tdf ItmayluiWL It ay ebe4zrough through th the theprofed e
mttmr mttmri W I J tIt I P Jt profed Ckzit1an man
lIqI 7 11 n e Id 0 Ie not not9U o otjJ11 t
tjJ11 9U b beme f 1O1Jvt ao bt YOII yortM
1i t ta J do o lEJoct zejuctChrist
E l J eJfuf tCkrilt tCkriltt Christ ii iia
t a I zi
JliP JliPt
+ t t tjI
e t tI
I jI
i > fFS tt
t dlvin behi be1n8atthough i although you Admit Admitthat dIDUthat admitthat
that XL Be e was a very good dmnn man ron ou do dabot doho dolLot
bot ho MIeto that the Bible Lb1o wac w Inspired of ofQod orGod ofnod
nod God although you think there are some someVery someeryfinethIngain1t
Very 817 eryfinethIngain1t 1laethtnga fine things in miL It ToubollaTd You b UOT tht U1 U18orlPt11r theoilpt the theBoriptpral
Boriptpral oilpt 1 description of 0 Eden den TBS only an anblfog an1IttTh6re analhig9r
blfog 1IttTh6re ry There aro ro fifty things that I IUfUiat be beuetetHat
uetetHat 116 8that you ot do not beliore b Uove And yet you youaro youatO youare
are an aocommodating man Everybody
that bOWl you says that of you Iflshould IflshouldMkyouto If III I should shouJd14k should4kytrnto
Mkyouto 14k you to do a kindness S for forth0or mo or If any anyone anyone anyone
one elsi e1Bnhould should uk of you a kindness kIndn you youWould YOuouId youWonldd1t
Would Wonldd1t ds Q It Now NowIhayoakIndneto I havo a kindness to ask askol askof asko1yot
ol o1yot you yo today It u something that will cost costyou costIOU costyou
IOU you nothing J10 and d will give me great delight delightI deUghtwant
I want you yottby by experiment to try the power powerof powerofCbrlstsr4ugloL of ofChrists ofOhrists
Christs Cbrlstsr4ugloL NU NUglott on If 1t1 I should come to you youand youand younxid
and you 01 were rery Elck stekt and doctors had hodgiTenyouup hGdgiven hadgvon
giTenyouup given you on up p and said there tnereWI1I t6m was no chance chancefor ehancef chancefor
for f ro you and an I should take out a bottle and andgay andsay andsay
say Huro IfI3rO Is a medicine that will euro cureyou cureyouIt you youIt youIt
It has fcured fifty rty people p Ie and It will cura curayou curafYo curswon
you fYo you would 1fouldsay Bayt I haTe no confidence coalldcnceIn
Ini In 1 t f IwouldsayWoirt I would MY IW Woflt oItt you take It to tooblige tooblIge tooblige
oblige meV lne 1t WeD you would say Ulf if its itsany itsany Itsany
any accommodation to you Ill take It it My
friend wlIlrou will you be Just as accommodating n In lamatters Infttatte18 inflatters
matters of religion r Thereare some ot you youwhoharo youwho youwho
who whoharo hare found out that this world or1d cannot cannotsatisfy cannotMt1sf1 cannotsatisfy
satisfy your yottrsoul soul You are atellkothe like the man who whotold whotold whotold
told me one Sabbath after the jerrice was wasOvert wastJvert wasOvert
Overt eel I have tried this world and found it ittvu itn Itftn
tvu n insufficient InsufilcJentPortlon portion Tell me of some something sometl11ng something
thing bettor bettornyou You navecome to that You Youare Youire YouLire
are sick fbr the th need of divine medicament medicamentNow medlcamontNow
Now I come and tell you of a physician physicianwho physicianwho
who will euro you who has cured hundreds hundredsand
and nd hundreds who were as sick as you are aroOh areOh areOh
Oh you say UI I havo no confidence in iaHim inlIim inflim
Him Bat ButwttIyounttty willyomnVt will youJl try Him 1 Accom Accommodate AccommodAte Jccomtnodat ¬
modate me In 1nth18 this matter oblige mo In this thismatter thistt1 thismatter
matter tt1 tter just cry Him i aim very certain He HeWill HewItI Hewillouro
Will willouro care you You ou reply I havo no es especial egpoclnl ospedal ¬
pedal confidence conftd noo in Him bat ut II 1 you ask mo moas moB8 maas
as a matter of accommodation accommod ttoA Introduco introduceHim IntroducoHlmh introducoHim
Him Hlmh So o 1 introduce HimOhrist Him Christ the thePhysician thePhyiclnn thePhysician
Physician who has cured more blind eyes and andhealed andhealed andhealed
healed more ghastly wounds and bound up upmore upmore upmore
more broken brok hearts than all the doctors doctorsRince doctorsInce doctors1nco
Rince tho time of Esculapiua That Divine DlvinoPhysician DivinePhysician
Physician is here Are you uot ready to try
him Will you not as a pure matter of ex experiment experiment cxporiment ¬
periment try Him and stato your case be before before bcfore ¬
fore Him this hour Hold nothing back backfrom backfrom backfrom
from Him If you oU Cannot pray if you do donot donot donot
not know kno how to pray any other way say sayuO
uO 0 Lord Jesus Chat this Is a strange thing thingforme tWngfor thingfor
forme for me to do I know nothing about tho thoformulas thoformulaJ theformuIa3
formulas of religion Theso Christian peo people people peopie ¬
ple have been talking so long about what whatThou whatThou whatThou
Thou canst do for forne ne I am ready todo what whatever whatove whatover ¬
ever Thou oommandent ma m to do I am amwady amread7 amready
ready to take whatever Thoucommondestme Thoucommondestmeto Thou commnnde commandeatmeto t me meto
to take If I thero bo any power in religion oa oathesepeople D Dthese asthese
thesepeople these people say let me have the advantage of ofIt orit ofIt
It Will W1JIyoutrythat you try that experiment now I do donot donot donot
not at this point of my discourse say that thatthere thatthero thatthere
there is anything in religion but I simply simplycay simplyeay implyMY
cay try It it try it Do not take my counsel or orthe orthe orthe
the counsel of any an clergyman It you despise despiseclergymen despIsoclergym despiseclergymen
clergymen I1 Perhaps we may bo talking prole profosionaUy pro proregionally
regionally le perhaps we may bo prejudiced in inthe Inthe Inthe
the matter perhaps wo may be hypocritical hypocriticalIn
In oar utterances perhaps our advice is not notWorth notWorth notWorth
Worth taking Then take thecounselof thecouns the counsel counselvery ojaa ojaavery 1 1vary
very respectable rye bte to laymen laym Ia a Jn TrfrTymnn Tht 1lton lton the theSwUUamWilbflribroo therw theWilliam
rw SwUUamWilbflribroo llllam WII WlliQrfqrec etfcne tho stattwman stattwmanus t tl11 lD
us Isaac Kcwtoii the astronomer as Robert fiobertBoyle RobertDoyle RobertBoyle
Boyle the philosopher as Looke tho meta metaphysician metahnloiAn metaphysician ¬
physician They neverpreached never preached or protended protendedto
to preach and yet putting down downil ono his histelescope histeles histe1eseope
telescope teles ope and another his parliamentary parliamentaryscroll par amentsry amentsrycroU
scroll and another his electricians wire they theyall theyall
all declare tho adaptedness of Christ s re religion rfl rfllIgfon r rliglon
ligion to the wants and troubles of the world worldIf wi > rId rIdIf
If you will not nottake take the rocommeadation of ofministers Ofmlnistcrs f fmllWtc1s
ministers of tho gospel then take the recom recommendation recommendation recorntiendation ¬
mendation of highly respectable laymen laymenO
O men skeptical lkepti 1 and struck through with withunrest wIthunrcst withUnrt
unrest would you not like to have some of oftho oftho ofthe
tho peace which wWchbroods broods over our oursouls souls today
I know all about your doubts I havo been beenthrough beenthroust beenthrough
through them theIJ1tU alL U 1 have gone through nil niltho nIltho allthe
tho curriculum I have doubted whether whetherthoro Whetherthere whetherthere
there if a God whether Christ is God I havo havodoubted havodoubtctl havodoubted
doubted whether whethertho the Bible Diblewas was true I have havedoubted havedoubted havedoubted
doubted tho immortality of the soul I Ihave Ihave Ihave
have doubted my own existence I have havedoubtod hav8doubtod havedoubted
doubtod everything and yet out of that hot hotdesert hotQesert hotflesert
desert of doubt I have come into tho brand brandluxuriant brol1d1 broadluxuriant
luxuriant sunshiny land of gospel hope and andpeace nnupeaco and andpeace
peace and comfort and Ddso so I PAVO vu confidence confidencein
in preaching preoc 11J to you and asking ask1n you to come comein comem comein
in However often you may havo spoken ppokenagainst Pokenlnst spokenagalnst
against lnst tho Bible or however much you may
have caricatured religion stop ashore from fromthat fromthat fromthat
that rocking and tumultuous sea If you go gohomo gohomo gohome
homo today adhering to your infidelities infidelitiesyou
you will not sleep one wink You do not notWant notwant notwant
Want your children to t come up with your yourskepticism Jourskep yourskepticism
skepticism skep clsm You cannot afford to die In that thatmidnight tbatmidnight thatmidnight
midnight darkness can you If you do not notbolioto notbeUC101D notboliovo
bolioto In anything else you on believe In lovo lovoa
a fathers love a mothers love a wifes
love a childs love Then let me tell you youthat you youthat youthat
that God loves you more than them niL I Oh Ohyou Ohyou Ohyou
you must como in You will come in inl I The Thegreat 2bogreat ho hogrent
great hoart of Christ aches nch to have you come comeIn comein comeIn
In and an deads this very moment momentwhether momentwhetheryou whether whetheryou
you sit or stand staudIooks looks into your eyes and andSATS andap andsays
SATS Other sheep I have which are not of ofthis ofthb ofthis
this fold foldAgain foldAstnlnI foldAgain
Again I remark that tho Heavenly Shep ¬
herd is going to find a great many sheep sheepamong sheepromons sheepamong
among those who havo been flung UDb of ovil ovilhabits ovilhablt evilhablt
hablt It makes me sod to see Christian Christiante ChristianOOple Christianpeople
people ti18 te Up lpa pa a prodigal as 1 lost There are areIk arethoso arethose
those who DO talk Ik as though the g graco of God GodWere GodWera GodWere
Were a chain of f forty fort or fifty links U and after afterthey afterthey afterthey
they had run out there hero was nothing to touch touchthe touchthe touchthe
the depth of a very bad case If they were wcrohunting wcrehuntirig werehunting
hunting and got off tile track tm k of the deer deerthey deertba1 deerthej
they would look longer l nger among tho brakes brakesand bmkesand brakessad
and sad bashes for the lost game than they have havobeen h1eboon havebeen
been looking for that lost soul People Poo le tell tellus tellus
us that If a man have delirium tremens twice
ho cannot cnnn t be reclaimed that after a woman womanhas womanhas
has sacrificed her Integrity she cannot be re restored restored restored ¬
stored The Bible has distinctly intimated intimatedthat Intimatedthnt Intimatedthat
that the Lord Almighty Is ready to pardon
490 times Umestb4t that Is seventy times seven There Therearo
are men men before tho throne of God who have havowallotf havewalJoCJl havecaUoVeI
walJoCJl wallotf cd in every kind of sin but saved by
tho grace of Jesus and washed iu His blood bloodthey btoodthey bloodthey
they stand there radiant now Thiro are aretajee aretaJe6 aretA1JO
tajee who plunged Into the Tory lowest of ofU ofaU ofall
aU U the hells hellilin In New York who have for the
tenth time been bo6lrUfted lifted up and flnallyby the thograce thegra thegrace
grace gra of God they stand in heaven glor glorbusty ¬
iously rescued by the grace promised to the thochief t thechief e ech1et
chief of sinners I want to tell you ou that God Godloves Godlove Godlevee
loves to take hold of a very bad case When Whenthe WheetM Whenthe
the church casts you off and when tho club clubroom clubroom clubroom
room casts castltlou you off and when society costs costsyou crstsyou castsyou
you off and IUl when business associates casts castsyou lnstsyou castsyou
you off and when father casts you off and andwhen undWhen andwhen
when mother casts you off and when every ¬
body casts cas you off your first rst cry for forheip help will willbend wHlbend willbend
bend the eternal God clear own into the thoditch thuditch theditch
ditch of your suffering and nd shame shameThe si1ameThe sameThe
The Good Goo Tomplars cannot pave vo you al although nIthough although ¬
though they ore a grand institution The TheSons The80ns TheSons
Sons of Temperance cannot s fO vo you al although although aithough ¬
though they are mighty for good Signing SIgnlntho
the temperance pledge cannot save you yoaalthough youalthough youalthough
although I believe 1 In It Nothing but th thgrace thu thugmce
grace of the eternal God can savo you and andthat anIthat antithat I
that will If you will throw yourself yoursc f on it itThere itThere ItThere
There Is a man In this house who said to me meUnless meUnless meUnless
Unless God helps me I cannot be delivered deliveredI de1ive d dI
I have tried everything Fir but now I have havegot havegot havegot
got in the habit of prayer and when hen I como comoto cornto cometo
to a ndrlnldngsatoon drinking saloon I pray pmytbatGod that God will iIl takt taktme ta1me takrtao
me safe past IIILct and I pray until I am past lit lItdolS Hedoes litdoes
does help be p me For every mac given to tostrong tlstrong tostrong
strong drink them are scores ot o trnpa setond setondwhen 83tI11wheD sotan4when
when he goes out on business tomorrow toJm > rrow h hwill lrwill v vwill
will bo in infinite peril peril1nd and no one but tht thteverywhere thleverywhere theverywhere
everywhere present God can see that map mapthrough mapthrough matthrough
through Oh they th talk about the catacomb catacombof ctacomor
of Naples i1pI and the catacombs of o Rome wmot anc anctho omtho untithe
tho catacombs of o Egypt Eypttbo tho burial place placenndfirthe plac placundltt p1aceundcrthe
nndfirthe city where tho dust of a rent nt mul mulUtude mulUtud mulUtnde
Utude lies lIesbut but I tell you New York has Its Itscatacombs Itseataoomb Itscatacombs
catacombs and Boston its catacombs and aadPhiladelphia aldFhllade1p1 andPhiladelphia
Philadelphia Jo Its catacombs They are the un underground underground undergrvund ¬
derground restaurants full of dead mens mensbones menlIbones mensbones
bones and all unoleadliness unct unolthr arl11noos llness Youngmoc you youknow youknow youknow
know it God help you There Is no need of otgoing ofgoing ofgoing
going Into the art gallery to see Li t tho skill skillful sldll1ulsculpture skiliful ¬
ful 1ulsculpture sculpture that wonderful representation representationof
of a man and his sons sDSwound wound around with withserpents withserpents wltnserpents
serpents There are families represented In Inthis inthiS Inthis
this house that are wrapped in the 01 martyrdom martyrdomot om omof
of fang and scale BClo and venom venoma a living
Laocoon of ghostliness and horror What are aroyou atIoU areyou
you to do I am not speaking into the air airI airam airI
I IoU am talking to hundreds t of men who must mustbe DlStbe mustbe
be saved by Christs gospel or never saved at ata1
a1 1 What are you going to do doDo doDo doDo
Do not put putyonr your trust In broraiio of po potassium potasslum ¬
tassium or In Jamaica Jami a ginger or 0 anything
that apothecaries arles can mix Put your trust trustonly trustomy trustonly
only in the eternal God and He Hewill will see you youthrough youthrugh youthrugh
thrugh Some of you do not have tempta temptations temptations temptations ¬
tions every day It Is ft periodic temptation temptationthat
that comes every six wdeks or overy three threemonths threimontJl threemonthS
months when it seems as If the powers ot otdarkness 0 0dnrknCSS Odarkness
darkness kindle around about your tongue tonguethe
the fires of tho pit It is well enough at atsuch a a5uch asuch
such a time as same of you do to seek med medical m mcdIcal ¬
ical counsel but your first tlntand and most Impor Importunate Importunste importunate ¬
tunate cry must be to toGod God If the theflends theflendswill fiends fiendswill fiendswill
will drag you to the th6smughter slaughter make them themdo themdo themdo
do It on your knees kne o 0 God now ow that tho thoparoxysm thoparoxysm theparoxysm
paroxysm of thirst Is coming cozningagain again upon uponthat uponthat upouihat
that man help him I Fling back ba k into the pit pitof pitqf pitof
of hell helithe the fiend thnt assaults a his hI soul this thismoment thismoment thismoment
moment Oh Ohmy my heart aches to see men go goon goon goon
on in this fearful struggle without Christ ChristThere Christl1ien Christ1jerazeJnth1shonsetheeo
There 1jerazeJnth1shonsetheeo are Inlhls In 1IWr house those whoso hands handsso handao
so tremble treII1Wefrom from dissipation that they con conhardly an anhardlJt1lol4 anhardlcholda
hardly hardlcholda hold a book and yet I have to tell telyom tell1t tellthattky
hardlJt1lol4 yom 1t thatthsy tfey will wUyet yet preach the gospel and andS
on communion days carry around conse consecrated eo eocrated consecrated ¬
crated bread acceptable to everybody be because becauae because ¬
cause of their holy haJllfo hOI life and their consecrated consecratedbehavior consecratedbehaVior consecratedbehavior
behavior The Lord Is going to SaTO yon yonlour yonrout youtour
lour homo hip got to be rebuilt Your physi physical physical physiCal ¬
cal health has got to be restored Your Yourtrorldljr YourtTorldlt Yourrorldi
trorldljr rorldi business has got to bo reconstructed reconstructedTho
The church of God Is going lng to rejoice over overyour overTOur overyour
your discipleship dloolpl hlp Other sheer ah p I have havewhich havewhIeh havewhich
which are not of this fold foldWhile foldWhllo foldWhile
While I have hope for all prodigals there thereare thereare thereare
are some people in this house whom I give giveup giroup giveup
up I mean those th 86 who have been church churchgoers cl1urohgoers churchgeera ¬
goers all their lifo who have maintained out outWard out1a1d outWard
Ward morality but who notwithstanding notwithstandingtwenty notwithstandingtwenty notwithstandingtwenty
twenty thirty forty years e lt of Christian ad advantages advantagesLhavo advantages ¬
vantages vantagesLhavo have never yielded their heart to toChrist toCJhrit toChrist
Christ They h6Y are gospel hardened I could couldcall couldcaU couldcail
call their names now and If they would rise riseup riseup riseup
up they would rise up in scores Gospel Gospelhardened Gospelk3rdenedt Gospelkardenodi
hardened JL sermon has no more effect up upon upon upon ¬
on them Uioa the shining moon on the thetit thotit1 the1ty
tit tit1 pavement As Christ says The publi publicans pnbUCAIl5 pubilcans ¬
cans and harlots will go Into the th kingdom ot otGod orGod ofGod
God before them They r oy have rousted all alltho alltho allthoimportunity
tho Importunity of divino mercy and have havegone havegono havegone
gone during these thirty years through most mostpowerful mostpowerful mostpowerfuL
powerful earthquakes of religious feeling feelingand foolJngand feelingand
and they are farther away from rom God than thanever thanever thanever
ever After awhilo they will lie down sick sickand sloknnd sickand
and some day dallt it will be botold told that they are aredead nredead aredead
dead No hopel hopelBat hopelBut hopeBut
But I turn to outsiders with a hope that thatthrills thntthrllJa thatthrills
thrills through my body bodyand and soul sou Other Othersheep OtherJlheep Othersheep
sheep I have which are not of this fold foldYou loldYou foldYou
You are not gospel hardened You have not notheard notheard nothoard
heard or road many sermons during the last lastfew lastfow lastlow
few years As you came In today everything everythingwas
was novel and all the services are suggestive suggestiveof
of your early day How sweet the opening openingnymn opcnlnnymn openingnylnn
nymn sounaeu in your our ears ana now uiessoa uiessoais IJJ s Q
is this hour Everything suggestive of ofheaven ofheaven ofheaven
heaven You do not weep but the shower is isnot Isnot isnot
not far oft You sigh and you ou have noticed noticedthat notlcJthnt noticedthat
that there ia L always 111w a sigh in the wind before beforethe beforetho beforethe
the rain falls There are those here nero who whowould whowould whowould
would give anything if they could find nd ro roliof roUef rolie
lie in tears They Fay Oh my wasted wastedlife wasledlIre wastedlife
life I Oh the bitter past p t Oh the graves over overwhich overwWch overwhich
which I I have stumbled Whither shall shallI
I fly y Alas for the future Everything is isdark Is1rkso Isdarkso
dark 1rkso so dark so dark God help me God Godpity Godpity Godpity
pity me Thank the Lonl for that last uttemnce ut utterance utterance ¬
terance You have begun to pray and when whena
a man begins to petition that sets all heaven heavenflying heavenfiying heavenflying
flying this way and God bt bteps < 5psinnnd p3 in and beats beatsback bentsback heatsback
back tho hounds houn of temptation to their ken kenneb kennels kennels
nels and around about tho poor wounded woundedsoul woundedsoul woundedsoul
soul puts the cover of Ills pardoning mercy mercyHark mercyHnrk mercyHark
Hark I hear something somtthlngsometbing something fall fallWhat foUIWhat fallWhat
What was that It Is tho bars of thefenco thefencoaround the fence fencearound fencearound
around the sheopfold The shepherd lets letsthem letsthem letsthem
them down and tho hunted sheep of the themountain themountain themountain
mountain bound in some of them their theirfleece theircece theirfleece
fleece cece torn with tho thorn brambles some of them themtheir themtheir themtheir
their feet lame with the dogs but bounding boundingIn
In Thank God Other sheep Ihave lh ve which whichare wWehae whichare
are not of this fold foldFROM loldFRO foldFROM
Sayings and Doings of tho Official OfficialHeads OmolalI1catIs Officialhloads
Heads of the Government GovernmentTho
Tho senate has confirmed the nomi nomination nomination nomination ¬
nation of Brigadier General Thomas Thomastoward ThomasHoward ThomasHoward
Howard Ruger to bo major general generalThere generaLThere generaLThere
There wal vnso a good deal of excitement excitementin
in in tho house Thursday over tho situa situation situation sitnation ¬
tion The administration was V S both bothattacked bothaitacked bothattacked
attacked and defended for the lst lstjond 18tbond ketbond
bond contract contractTho contrnctTho contractThe
Tho senate finance committee has hasagreed hnsagreed hasagreed
agreed to report favorably tho house housebill houaobi1l housebill
bill repealing tho onetenth of a cent centdiscriminating centdiscriminating centdiscriminating
discriminating duty on sugar imported importedfrom
from bounty producing countries countriesTho
Tho naval medical board has reject rejected ¬
ed ec T A Janus appointed by the thepresident thelrcsident theresident
president resident and confirmed by the senate senateto
to be an assistant paymaster in the thenavy thenavy thenavy
navy Tho candidate who wh is a son of ofexSenator ofexSenator ofoxSenator
exSenator Jonas J onns of Louisiana and nndnephew a anephcvr anephew
nephew oi representative Moyer of ofthat ofthat ofthat
that state vas rejected r on account of ofuhveical ofuhvsical ofuhysical
uhveical infirmity
Agreement to Take the Bonds BondsUnless BondsUnless BondsUnless
Unless congress in ten days passes a alaw alaw alaw
law nuthorizingthe issue of gold bonds bondsbearing bondsbeor bondsbearing
bearing beor ng 3 per cent interest running runningthirty runningtbirty runningthirty
thirty years or otherwise relieves the thetreasury thetreasury thetreasury
treasury in tho replenishment of tho thogold thogold thegold
gold reserve Secretary Carlisle will willby willby willby
by direction of tho president sell sellper 4 4per 4per
per cent bonds to tho amount of
62400000 for gold Arrangements Arrangementswhereby Arrangementswhcreby Arrangementswhereby
whereby this can be done and 05
000000 in gold bo received for the thebonds thebonds thelOfltlS
bonds have been perfected and tho thocontingent thocontingent thecontingent
contingent contract was signed Satur Saturday Saturday Saturlay ¬
day This official memorandum m moran um of oftho oftho ofthe
tho transaction was made public at attho attho atthe
tho treasury It is as follows The Thecontract Thecontrnct Thecontract
contract was made with August Del Belmont Delmont Delmont
mont k Co of Now York on behalf behalfof
of Messrs I ssra N M Rothschild Roth Rothschildof child k Sons Sonsof SonRof
of London and J P Morgan Co Coof Coof Coof
of New York on behalf of J S Mor Morgan Morgan Morgan ¬
gan k Co of London and themselves themselvesand
and provides for the delivery to the theUnited theUnited theUnited
United States of 3600000 3 OO000 ounces oun es of ofstandard ofstandard ofstandard
standard gold coin of the United States Statesto
to be paid for in United States 4 per percent percent percent
cent bonds bondsA bondCIA
CIA A large number num er of other banfra banfraand banJraand baniraand
and financial institutions are inter interested interested interested ¬
ested in the transaction but their theirnames theirnam theirnames
names nam s are not mentioned in the con contract contract contract ¬
tract itself The department does not notknow notknow notknow
know in what proportion the various variousparties variousparties variousparties
parties are to furnish tho gold coin or orreive Drrcive orreive
reive the bonds as this is a matter for forarrangement forarrangement forarrangement
arrangement between themselves themselvesBy thomselvesUDy
By the terms of tho contract tho thoparties thoparties theparties
parties arc to bear all the expenses of ofbringing ofbringing ofbringing
bringing gold from abroad and they theyare
are so far as it lies in their power to toexert toexert toexert
exert their financial influence and make makeall makenU makeall
all legitimate ofiorts to protect the thotreasury thetreasury thetreasury
treasury against withdrawals of gold goldpending goldpending goldpending
pending the complete performance of oftho oftho ofthe
tho contract No bonds aro to be de delivered deliverecl delivered ¬
livered except in payment for gold ao actually aotuaHy aotually ¬
tually delivered In view of the pos possible possiblo possiblo ¬
siblo failure of legislation in congress congressnegotiations congressnegotiations congressnegotiations
negotiations have been pending for forsome forBome forsome
some time at Washington and abroad abroadand abroadnnd abroadand
and the terms of this contract aro the thobest thebest thebest
best that could be procured witha a coin coinbond coinbond coinbond
bond Tho contract was drawn up by
Attorney General Olnoy and secretary
Carlisle and submitted to J Lynde LyndeStetson LyndeStetson LyndeStetson
Stetson counsel for the bankers bankersFAVOlTuiMETTALlSM bankersFA bankersFAVOItBIMETTALISM
The Gorman Tielclistng ReIch stag on Interna International International Interimtional ¬
tional Monetary Conference ConferenceTho
Tho German reichstag debated l the thointerpellation theinterpellatiou theinterpellation
interpellation of tho government by
Count von Mirbach tho agrarian lead leader ¬
er urging tho government to call an aninternational aninternational aninternational
international monetary conference conferencewith o owith
with a view of remonetizing silver silverCount silverCount silverCount
Count von on Mirbach held that tho time timewas timewas timewas
was opportune for Germany to sum summon summon summon ¬
mon such a conference The trade of oftho oftho ofthe
tho world ho said was suffering from fromthe fromthe fromthe
the disordered state of o the currency currencyof
of tho varions countries and an international international inter international ¬
national agreement fixing the ratio of ofthe ofthe ofthe
the metals was the sole solution of the thedifficulty thediffictllty thedifficulty
difficulty difficultyAfter diffictlltyAftEr difficultyAfter
After full discussion the reichstag reichstagadopted reichstagadopted reichatagadopted
adopted the resolution by an over overwhelming overwhelmiugrnajorty ¬
whelming whelmiugrnajorty whelmiugrnajortyDamages majority majorityDamages majortyDamag I
Damages s Against tnp Cratnie CratnieTho cratnleTho CratmeTho
Tho North German Lloyds Steam Steamship Steamship ¬ I Iship
ship Company has biought an action actionat actionatRot
at atRot Rotterdam crdam against the owners of the theBritish theBritiih theBritiili
British steamer Crsthip Oxathio rathie for damages damagesfor damageslortholols
for lortholols the loss of oltha the Elbo
LiV8ry Sale and au Fond Stables StablosH
H i ffiftUt I FINEST FINI < ST TURNOUTS In the city cityREASONABLE cityfIj
I j fIj i Drnmmers Teams and Drayin a Spccialty SpccialtyProJnpt pcci1tyIrc
ProJnpt Irc it it4Ls A 1enti n nJ
J ul 4Ls ti tiJ tiStahles 1 i REASONABLE CHARGES CHARGESStables
J w v r rStables
Stables corner c rner Call and Thompson ThoD Thompsonstreets FOn streets one block from Cr Depot DepotMORGANBBOS Dep DepMORGAN DepotMORGAN
NEWSDEALERS SUBSCRIPTION AGENTS anti ancWholesale antiWholesale anWholesale >
Wholesale and Retail Stationers StationersDcnlcrs
Dealers in Musicnl Instruments anti Merchandise Wall Paper NovelticK etc etcPicture etclicturo etcPicture
Picture frames mndo to order orc cr Full lnlliinc line of School Books and Supplies SnpplusLegal SnpplilsLgal SuppliesL
Legal L egal Blimkp Orders for Printing received Christmas Christ mils goods in season seasonHodges scasonTISON seasonTISON
Hodges Block Stare S i arke Fla FlaHaVfl F1a F1aRave la
Rave the Finost llrjyi and auffRithn Ri ill HorsBs IIGentle II i the GUy GUyX OilyGent1e
< X lo loGentle
Gentle Horses Stylish Rigs RigsHorses
Horses Boarded at Reasonable Prices l > and Given nest Attention AttentionC Attentiunn AttentiunC AtteiitioiiCI
C M Spark Sparkmann S parkin 111 an ann n no CO COoDEALEUH CouDEALERS
Rye Whiskey uislwJ 2 to r gal Corn Whihker 2 to 250 lcr er gal Giut Oiursi
si 2 to 250 per gal Hum 2 to 2GO per Ilr gui Applo Brandy 2GO to toper
3 per gal Peach lach Brandy 20 to Sa w 3 Jer fc1 fc1Whiskey gal Vlnto Wheat WheatWhiskey YhpatWhiskc
Whiskey Whiskc 250 per girl Prompt attention paid to all orders ordersJUG or ortleisJUG 1e18 1e18JUG <
S1arke F1orida F1oridaA F1cxridA
Special attention given to repairing buggieswagons htlg ic wlgo a antI farming implements implementsing implcmentorscslOcin implementslEorseshociitg
lEorseshociitg orscslOcin ing done in the best of Style St1cStarka StylezirO
Starka zirO F1or1c1a
ji m
lL 112 112ai
ai I N NIT
Starke StaieIhysicians Flu FJno
o o oIbysicmus
Ibysicmus prescriptions cnrlful1ycOIDpJUuc1cl carefullyCOlfllJll1lILCl
compounded at nil hours hoursdny honrsany hours1ny
any or night nightA nightA nightAt
A Bailey BaileyS
STAliKE S AltIj FLA FLAFBESE FIJAWholosalu FLkVllo1esa1e
Wholosalu ann Retail RotailDoolor RetailBolo
Bolo BoloFRESH iu iuFRESH
Thy Syndicate Has hfasAiready Already Sent In InOver InOver inOver
Over Four Million Dollars DollarsThe Dol1arsTho DollarsThe
The official figures of the gold de deposits dep08itson dopositon ¬
posits p08itson on account of theBelmontMor theBelmontMorgnn the BelmontMorgan
gan bond syndicate show that 3840
000 has been deposited and SIO 1050000 1050000received 1050000received OOOO OOOOreceived
received niter hours on storage atoragemaking storagemaking storagemaking
making a total of 4390000 The
depositors aro tho Chase National
bank 500000 Park National 1
000000 Harvey Fish FishkSonB Sons 1640
000 Morton Blips Co 450000
Heidelbach Ickelheimer Co 300 300
000 j 0 E Gregory 500000 500000The 500000The 500000The
The assay assayoffice office has weighed 2890
000 coin which produces on actual actualweight actualweight actualweight
weight of 15522119 ounces oun C8 a loss of
11581 ounces or S215 2151 to the syndi syndicate syndicate syndicate ¬
cate caused by abrasion of tho coin
At this rate the government will make makeabout makeaboltt makeabont
about 50000 on the transaction as
the coin can be paid out at its face facevalue facevalne facevalue
value although received from the syn ¬
dicate at its bullion valuation
The subtreasury has issued certifi certificates certificates certificates ¬
cates for 2044000 gold weighed and andaccepted aRd aRdaccepted adaccepted
accepted at the assay office at the syli
dicate price of 1780 17801 per ounce
These certificates fire ro convertible into
4 per cent bonds at their face value valueIF valueIF
IF you would lefcrn the value of a adollar ac101l adollar
dollar c101l r obligato yourself to n friend for forthe fotthe forhe
the lonu of one
lJ 1
n Io
w wlIll
lIll lIllI H HPoor
I Poor PoorHealth PoorHealth
Health Healthmeans t
I means so o much more than thanyou thanyou thanYOU
you imagine imagineserious serious and andfatal andfatal andfatal
fatal diseases result from fromtrifling fromtrimng fromI
I trifling ailments neglected neglectedDont neglectedDont neglectedI
I Dont play playwith with Natures Natures1greatest Naturesgreatest NaturesI
I greatest gift gifthealth gifthealthIf health healthH
I H lfyou you ou are areCeeling areCeelingout feeling feelingout feelingoutof
out outof of sorts sortcweak sortcweakI weak weakand
I and generally ex exhausted exhlustcd cxhausted ¬
B hausted nervous nervoushave nervousj
j roms 1UyvII have no appetite appetiteand
and cant work workbegin workbegin workI
I begin at oncetak oncetakiiifj oncetakI oncezaking
iiifj ingthemostrelia ingthemostrelialion the most relia reliable reliable
I I ble strengtheningmcdicinewhichis strengtheningErowns strengthening
lion mcdicinewhichis mcdicinewhichisBrowns medlcmewhlchI
I Browns Iron Bit Bitters BllI Bitters ¬
ters A few fewI bot botties botties
I ties cure curebenefit curebenefitcomes benefit benefitcomes
I comes from the thevery
Bitters very first fi fgt fgtpleasant dose dosewont oseit oseitr
p l ZL wont Il1 ttaiit your yourteeth yD yDdll
teeth dll and its itspleasant i 1 5 5plC3Sa
pleasant t to take takeIt tlkcIt takeI
I It Cures CuresDyspepsia
Dyspepsia 3 Kidney and andI Liver LiverNeuralgia LiverI
I I Neuralgia Troubles TroublesI TroublesConstyatlon
I 1 Constipation Bad Blood BloodMalaria BloodMalaria BloodI
I Malaria Nervous ailments ailmentsWomens ailmentsWomens
Womens complaints complaintsGet
I I Get only ont the genuine genuineithascrossed it has crossed red
I I lines on the wrapper All others are sub substitutes substltutes substitutes
stitutes On receipt lof of two 2C stamps we wewill vewill
I will send set of Ten Beautiful Worlds WorldFair
Fair Views and book bookfree bookfreeBROWN bookfreeBROWN free freeBROWN
Dpors Sasb Blinds Blindsiiigi1 MonId MonIdJj
Jj MIS MISBuilders S Bniltlin MatofiaJ MatofiaJBu aleri aleriBu
Builders Bu ilders I 1 le us Hardware HardwareWindow HardvareYindo
Window WTjt Yindo and
Fincy Glass a aC aIn apl aS aIn
pl > idty idtyCh
Ch tJI ton S C cI
In Favor of Female Suffrage SuffrageThe SuffrageThe SulThageThe
I The committee on womans wom nssuffragE nssuffragEof auffragoftho
of oftho the Massachusetts legislature udecided l i idecided
decided to report 8 to 3 in favor ojmunicipal olmunicipa1
municipal suffrage 81 age for T W omen woment ment
t t
New Florida and Northern Air Line Lineand Lineand tt
and Florida Trunk Line LineTIME LineTIME
TIME TABLE IN EFFECT JAN 7 1895 1895N f fj ft
t t I g ci 7 I to = J j I
1M M Mc 1
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1J I I 001 > GOOp 415P8154 ii i LvJ i JackonvilcAr c tcAr 103 ¼ 7Op 955 055ai15p G
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to New York Dining Diniu car Through Tbr t1Jh sleeper l per Tampa to Now ew York YorkNu YorkNit YorkNo
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iucuftiuo Dining Dit njt car Pullman sleepers N New < nv York to Tampa TampxDining TampaDimog I IDiniDg
Dining cars between Charlotte to and dc Augustine AugustineCINCINNATIJACKSONVILE AU AuustitteCINOINNATIJACKSONVILB U5lillc U5lillcCIKCINNATIJACKSONVILE
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d g i Louisville LouisvilleNashville IU ill vii It > or o28 2 4 02am 403amAr Ar Atatita AtatitaBirmingham A Lr Lrll4p II 45po 45po2Mpm pna
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0 Indianapolis u s sLvJaclinVlo a 750pm 7 IIpHy IIsly735am1 Spunga SpungaS t 1ind 7 2Oa
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No 31 and 33 solid vcHttbulo to and from or Jacksonville kansas Oily OilySo OttyCiloinnati CityCiflciflflatiJackionvilieNoeSDand4OBoljii
Cincinnati CiflciflflatiJackionvilieNoeSDand4OBoljii Jacksonville Jack onvi1ll Xos N 8 39 and 40 solid solidtrain So i o S2 < I Missouri MssouriArknasIUlIaU Arkin8MInlian Arkin8MInlianl ArklOIM 1011ao No 31 ltfroa
from fre train Chattanooga C Cincinnati JackBonvillo Jac 6Qnvllto Slopera Slc llcns to tud u u l I Territory 1 I INo
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tJ3pm Ar rEvcrett Everett EverettAr Lv LvLv 7 2am 72aniNos 2am520am Qnt QntN09
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1000pm Ar ArAr ArMemphis Memphis MemphisSpringfield Lv LvLv LV52tbm LV52tbmAugustine 520am 520amG 520amSt
St Augustine and Palm Beach DcacllTratus Trains 915 I5m > m Ar ArAr F Springfield 8 rin tbI Mo MoAr ltJ Lv LvLv L G liipm 610pm51Oi liipmIffSfcm
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and ISil iS and andDaily 9 9Daily south and Went CHt Florida and andNcirOrlcnn ana M MDaily and uII10 uII10Dl 10 10Daily 10Daily
Dl NcirOrlcnn NcirOrlcnnLv New Orleans Daily Daily530pm
Daily ly Daily Daily Daily1055pm
9 OOain Lv Fornandina Ar ArLv 530pm 5
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74ipm 7 m 9 40ain Lv LvJacksonviIIoAr Jacksonville JacksnnvitlcAt Ar ArAr 7am 7amGOOaui 7 3 35pm J5 l5pnrS DI roo roo4O
S 4O n 10 40aro Ar Baldwin Baldwin112opm al win Lt L GOOaui GOOaui423am 6 2 51pm 21IpmIOOBpml1 51pm137pro 55pmj
j 10 IOOBpml1 08pm 11 1 uJarc Ja Ar ArStarko r Starko Starko1225pmUr Lv 423am 423am852am I 137pro 137pro10pm 1 Parlor Of
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G GOOpmrCedarKcyLf 00pm Ar ArCedsr Cednr Key Lv Lv126pm 74Gam 74Gim1125pm 4Usm4n = ParlorCars
4n 112opm 11 2prn 126pm 1 r Hawthorne Lv Lvr 3 30Samt225pm 30Samt225pm12rGam 08am 08am280am 12 2 25pm tweenJacksonville
12 12rGam C6am 1 57pm 57pm238pm r Citra lr Lv Lvr 280am 280am125am 200am1l57dm 200am1l57dm238pmrSilvfr 2 LI 1 57am 57amlllSim 57itmI
I 238pm 238pm85Spm 238pmrSilvfr r Silver Spring Lv Lvr lllSim lllSimLI Cars
i 1 25am 25amS 85Spm 85Spm5SOpm 2 r Ocna Lv Lvr 125am 125amr 1 11 05am 05amG30am O m Jacksonville Jacksonvilleand Carson IJ IJ550pmArHomoalwi
5SOpm 5SOpm353pm 550pmArHomoalwi 5 ArHomoasia r Homo < a a Lv Lvr G30am flOamS
11 S 15am 15am400am 353pm 353pm426pm 353pmrWiltlwo1Lv r Wild wood Lv Lvr 121510 12 l5an 100 1OOam 10 03 am rn rn928am 00 I Ir C
oo ootn 00 r 400am 4 426pm 426pm452pm 25pmAr r Lccsburg 8burg Lv Lvx LvlO 1055pm 1055pm952pm 10 S5pm pm 928am 928am900am 928mI 9 0 0biD on =
5 = tn I 4 37am 37amC 452pm 452pm620pm 4 62pndr ArTavares r Tivares Tllvar Lv LvAr 52pm 952pm73pm 9 OOam 900am785an 9 OOamo OOamC
o = C G45 45am 45amill m 620pm C Ar ArOrlando Orlando Lv LvAr 73pm 7 3 1pm 785an 15511tx1l23 7 5an 5anz onNos
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00 417am 417amG 4 l7am 4 59pni Ar ArLacoochcoLv Lacoochco h Lv LvAr 10 20pm 20pm35Spm 901am 901amiC 90 9 am JJ 0 0x
4 x 0 OOplAr 00 0j rTarpon Tarpon Springs SprlllgsLv Lv Lvi910pm OOam OOamc o dfL dfLrLl
rLl c i910pm o 10pm > Ar Arx93pm ArSlthcrJmdLv Sutherland 13itherlandLv Lv LvD IG42am iC 6 43am 43amx5 =
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rIO x08lJp 3Up 3Up510pm Ar ArAr AI8t St Petersburg PctlrburLv Lv LvDado x5 x525am x525am438am 25am 25am844am andT a
= 438am 4 510pm 5 Ar ArDade Dado oCilyLv City Lv LvAr 35Spm 35Spm842pm 9 844am 844am748im 8ibmo 8
o 546Jm 5 6 15pm 15pm710pm Ar Plant City Lv LvAr 842pm 842pm730pm 8 748im 748im700am 7 T OO3Ec p pE
Ec E i G 501m 710pm 710pm940am 7 Ar 1 Hninpa + Lv LvLv 730pm 7 700am 700am335pm 7 OOam OOam6S0pm andpa d
G SOprn SOprn836pm 940am 9iOamLvrac 9 Lv Jacksonville sonyUcAr Ar ArAr 8 80 05 05tm xm xm555am 335pm 3 = Q
4 836pm 836pm925pm 8 6pm 11 Mm M m Ar rLake LakoCity L kc City Lv LvL5vo 555am 555am509am 5 SD t 12 Upm UpmQ pa =
0 Q 925pm 925pm1028pm 92 9 > pm 12 1238pmArLIVo 38pm 38pm515pm L5vo Oak OakLv Lv Lv132pmAr 509am 509am110am 5 9am 11 11511111 50am 50am1045am pabe f f108pm
1028pm 1028pmIt 10 28pm 132pmAr 1 32pm Ar Madison 11111boDLv Lv LvAr lOam 4 10 1045am 1045amOlStm tO 45am 45amit be bex c c1155pm
1155pm It 55pm 55pm1230im 2 Wpm Ar ArMonticello tMonticcUoLv Monticcllo Lv LvAr 2 40tm OlStm OlStm840am 9 15tm i ¬
1230im 1230imllironRh 12 J0im Jm 33plJI S I Ar ArTtmllahas Tullahas TI I1aha oe Lv 2 15 ml ml117am7 n 840am 8 4Oarn1
4 32101 Qnincy Lv LvAr 117am7 117am 1
515pm 515pm1100pm 51 5 l pm Ar ArUierJuDcl irliiverjunctionLi lliver Junction on Lv Lvr 12 2 33am 33am725pm 3jnml S5auTThrough
Through l rouJth Pnllman PnllmanBlcepera Pull l1n 1100pm 11 OOpm r Pcnsacola PcnsacolaAr PcnRa la Jv 725pm 725pm3S5pu 7 25pmBleepcnI 25pniSleepers
Sleepers Jacksonville Jacksonvilleto fiO5am1ArMain Ar Mobio Mo t 0 Uu Lv Lv3wmAr 3S5pu 3S5pu1100am S S5pmI I
10 New Ne Orleans j3m 73mIArNew o55mIAr 3wmAr ArNrw Nrw Orlcam L Lv Lv1Ooam Lv1OoamI 1100am ltOOamx I
x Daily DailrcxceptSunaav except Sunday t Connection ut Tampa for St S Petersburg Manatee IlivtT and andKey ILndKey antiKey
Key West and Havana sicamew At Waldo Bcamr cam r for Melrose Connects at JI Talhhas TalhhasBCG
Bee for St Marks CarabeIlo and Apalachicola Connects Conu clsatRivcr at River Junction for Chatalioocheo Chatalioocheoriver Gh tahoocheo tahoocheoriTer
river steamers Connects at a Ocala for Homo ama C H BEERBOWERTicliot BEERBOWERTicket BEERBOWER EEnDOVERTic1ot
Ticket Agent 86 S West W t Bay street troo comer Hogan Jacksonville Fit FitN 111 111N PtaN
General Ias Pucngcr tas4engerAgent cngcr A gent gentTHE gentTHE j ji jTilE
The magnificent Steamships of this Lino are appointed to sail as follows followsCalling C followsCalling llowaCo1ling
Calling at Charleston S C both ways waysFromNew waysFrbm waysFrom
FromNew From New York Pier PIer29E 29 ER E R Standard Time TmcSttamer Steamer From Jacksonville Jack nvll1e Flu Flufor Ft F 0 0forCharJcton t tforCharleeton
for Charleston and Now owYork owYorkronday cwYorkMonday York Yorkat
Monday Jan 28 at 3 pm p m CHEROKEE Sunday Feb FebYEMASSEE 3 at 10 30 a ai aiat nVednesday atWednesday
Wednesday SO at 3 3pm pm YEMASSEE Tuesday TuC day 5 5in at 12 123 30 3 p m mAt mFriday mFriday l
Friday Fab 1 at 3 3pm pin ALGONQUIN Thursday 7 At 1 30 p m mat 1111londay inMonday
Monday h 4 at 31 3 1 m SEMINOLE Sunday in intO I at I C 00 a m mat mVedne6d mWednesday f
Wednesday Vedne6d Y O ot 3 pin p in IROQUOIS Tuesday tO 12at 12 at G 630 30 a m mCHEROKEE mFriday inFriday
Friday 8 at 3 pm p m CHEROKEE CIthROKEFThursday Thursday H at B 800 00 a m mat mMonda mMonday
Monday 11 at 3 pm p ut YEMASSEE YEl SI < E Sunday 17 at 11 00 G a m mnt mVcdncsdsy
Vctlne3ds 13 13 at 3 pm p in ALGONQUIN Tuesday 19 at 1 130 30 p I m mat mFrldftJ mFriday
Friday 1 15 at 311 3 p m SEMINOLE Thursday 21 21Ol at 1 3ft 3 p m mat m1lond inMonday
1lond Monday y 18 at 3 pm p Ut IROQUOIS Sunday Ol Ol2G 21 at C 00 a m mat mVcdne8dAY inWednesday
Wednesday 20 at 3 pm p m CHEROKEE Tuoi Tuoay < ay 2G c at 5 30 A ro roat inFriday
Friday 2 2 at 3p 3 p m YEMASSEE Thursday I 28 28Mar at 7 100 00 a m mat m1Ionda ntMonday
Monday 1 nt 311m 3 p in ALGONQUIN Sunday 8un a Mar Mar3 3 at S 30 a m mVednestlay inWednesday
Wednesday Zi at 3pm 3 p in SEMINOLE Tuesday 5 at 11 03 G am amPhiladelphia a in inPhiladelphia
Philadelphia and Jacksonville Lines LinesWeekly LinesVeekJy
Weekly service between Jacksonville and Philadelphia calllnc at Charleston S SThe C CThe CThe
The faBtfrelghtStenmihSps fast freight Stea1W Stenmhips > hips Oneida nnd Bowden arc appointed to sail as follows followsFrom fllOfSFrom uIIaWSFrom
From Philadelphia Phlladot hla Steamship From Jacksonville JacksonvilleSaturday JftcksInilieSaturdy JacksinviloSaturday
Saturday January 2Gth th ONEIDA O a IDA Friday Febraarylit FebraarylitSaturday locbrmry ht litSaturday
Saturday February 2nd BCWDEN WDJo Friday February StIr 8thSaturday 6thSaturday StIrSaturday
Saturday February F brutry9th Oth ONEIDA Friday February IMh IMhSaturday l IStitSaturday th
Saturday February ICrh BOAVDKX BOW D Friday February 2i 2 I ISaturday lSllturoarloebruary tSaturday
Saturday Sllturoarloebruary February 23d ONEIDA ridni Friday Fr d March Ilrch 1st 1stST LitST 1StST
For Sanford Entirprlsi and Intermediate Points on tha St Johns River RiverThe RivarThe
The elegant Iron Ir n SideWheel Steamers SteamersCITY SteamersCITY SteamersCITY
F EJ > H JelAB x xCapt Y
Capt T W LUND Jr JrAre JrAxe JrAre
Are appointed to sail from Jacksonville daily except Saturday at 3 30 p m mand mnnd mand
and from Sanford daily except Sunday Sun ay at 9 t 00 a m mSOUTHBOUND mSOUTHDOUND inSOUThBOUND
Leave 330 pm P mJackPOnIUe Jacksonville Arrive 330am 330 330am903pm ant
8 pm Palatka Leave 903pm 903pm300am 903 Im
1 300am 300 am Astor tor e 300pm 300pm430am 300 3 II m
430am 430 8tFrancIs Francis 130pm 130pmM 10 i so II m
M 4 030am 630 Bercsford sorti ord 1200 100nn 100nnArrive nn nnArrive DnAlvo
Arrive 830 am a mSanford Sanford 9aam 9aam925am 9 t n am amS m
S 925am 92 92 a mEnterpriso Enterprise 330am 330amGeneral 930 R m mCencral
General Passenger and Ticket Office 88 W Bay street t t Jacksonville JacksonvilleJohn
John L Howard Florida FloildaFreight Freight Agent F M Ironmonger cr Jr J Florida a PRSBcnzer Agent AgentW Ag Agotfoot t tfoot
foot Hogan street Jacksonville Fla sa W Hay 1 IY street Jacksonville i la IsM
M HClyae H Clyde A A T M A J Cole General Gencralla Passenccr Scnllcr Agent
fiBowllDgOrcenlIewYork Bowling Green New York fi Bowlinp olln Ore ireenN n X Y YT0
Thee T0 G EKerTrafflcManaKer Eger Trame Ian gcr j T A LcsUe isUSurintendent isUSurintendentbBowllng Sa uperintendent uperintendentftBowllnc rint60dent rint60dentBowllnl
ftBowllnc Green New York ork foot hogan street Jacksonville F Fb
D D I C MINK M1 K G F A 12 1 South Delaware Avenue Philadelphia PhiladelphiaWM PhiladelphIaWM Ia IaWM
WM P CLYDE ft t CO General Agents Agent9I
1 2 Sonib alla Deawar Dcfawarvp AT Philadelphia 3 notrllaz Oreeth reea New NetrAdvertise York YorkAdvertise Yorkr
r iJ iJAdvertise
Advertise Now
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