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130 0 $a Weekly true Democrat (Tallahassee, Fla. : 1905)
222 4 $a The weekly true Democrat $b (Tallahassee, Fla. 1905)
245 14 $a The weekly true Democrat.
260 $a Tallahassee, Fla. : $b John G. Collins, $c 1905-1912.
300 $a 7 v.
310 $a Weekly
362 0 $a Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 3, 1905)-v. 7, no. 52 (Feb. 16, 1912).
520 1 $a Established in Tallahassee, Florida, the state's capital, on March 3, 1905, by John G. Collins as the Weekly True Democrat [LCCN: sn95047417], Milton A. Smith bought the newspaper in 1908. A weekly, the newspaper published under that name until mid-February, 1912, when it began publishing as the Semi- weekly True Democrat [LCCN: sn95047418]. In 1913, it reverted to a weekly again under the title the Weekly True Democrat [LCCN: sn95047419]. On April 6, 1915, when the newspaper began daily publication, its name changed again, this time simply to the Daily Democrat [LCCN sn96027226]. The new name lasted only for a brief time. Frequency of publication would yet again dictate a change of title. So, in 1915 as well, the newspaper became the Weekly Democrat [LCCN: sn95047420]. Sometime thereafter, exact dates are not known, the newspaper became the paper of record for the state's capital and the title changed yet again briefly to reflect. Now the newspaper carried the title, the Weekly Democrat and Florida Record [LCCN: not known to exist]. If ever it was a record for Florida, it would have been a digest as both the Florida House and Senate have maintained continuous and detailed recordings of their deliberations. Lloyd C. Griscom, became owner in 1929, when again the newspaper became known as the Daily Democrat [LCCN sn96027229]. The newspaper retained this title for twenty years. In 1949, it became the Tallahassee (FL) Democrat [LCCN sn83005708]. And on March 1, 1965, the Tallahassee Democrat was purchased by Knight Newspapers, Inc. The newspaper retains the title Tallahassee Democrat to this day (ca. 2008). All of this might have been simplified had the newspaper stuck to the alternate title that it used in Volume 1, Issue number 1. The "True Democrat", as it then briefly called itself, explained that its name showed dedication to "true and tried doctrines of The Old Time Democracy ... as distinguished from ... mischievous fads and fallacies of the day." Though not intended, never more true words have been spoken on newspaper title changes! The True Democrat, whatever its name, would come to influence, and some might argue, make mischief with, the State of Florida's democratic processes and the deliberations of the legislature. While it may have shown leanings toward one party or another throughout its history, the newspaper has been affiliated with neither the Democratic nor Republican party but can be said to have exerted its opinions on each. Because Tallahassee is the seat of Florida's state government, the True Democrat has been quoted copiously in many journal articles and theses. Of particular note is its usefulness in tracking Jim Crow behaviors in the early 20th century. During this period the Black population in Leon County was about 80% and the white supremacists felt threatened. Three works lend themselves to such analyses: Ortiz, Paul. Emancipation Betrayed: The Hidden History of Black Organizing and White Violence from Reconstruction to the Bloody Election of 1920. American Crossroads Series. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2005. Willis, Lee L. The Road to Prohibition: Religion and Political Culture in Middle Florida, 1821-1920. Dissertation. Florida State University, 2006. Kennedy, Arthur. "The Democrat" [Tallahassee newspaper]. Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 37, no. 2 (Oct. 1958), pp. 150-155.--E. Kesse, University of Florida Digital Library Center.
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