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Seattle. Nov. If) It ’s estimated that at least 100 I. W. YVs. have
been arrested and jailed in this state as a result of the Centralia
horror of last Tuesday. The entire state is very bitter and all de
clare that there must not be a repetition of that affair.
Spokane Prepares for Eventualities
Spokane, Nov. In. 1’wo companies of the National Guard were
mobilized here today in order to prepare for any eventualities
which may occur as a result o| the Industrialists threat to release
the prisoners in the jails, [t is believed, however, that the mobil
ization of tlie troops has effectually checked any outbreaks.
Ex-Soldiers Raid industrialists’ Headquarters
Gos Angeles, Nov. lh. Last, night a party of e.x service men
raided slid completely demolished tin- Industrialists’ headquarters
in this city- The men went about the work of destruction with a
grim determination which showed their feeling.
Governor of Washington issues Proclamation
Olympia. Wash.. Nov. lf> -Governor Mart, acting under the
suggestions of 30 Seattle organizations, issued a proclamation call
ing upon the prosecuting attorneys, sheriffs and police in the state
to use every endeavor to stamp out the Bolsheviki, Industrialist,
and every other brand of anarchy.
Says Massacre Was Planned Weeks Ago
Centralia. Nov. 17. -Confessing that Industrialists had planned
1 he Centralia shooting three weeks before Armistice day was made
by Lauren Roberts, one of the members of that organization, who
surrendered himself at the close of the massacre.
Three Massacre Leaders Surrounded in Cabin
• Centralia, Nov 17.—Three leaders of the Armistice day massa
cre are surrounded b.v an American Legion posse at Hansen’s
Cabin, 24 miles northeast of Centralia, at the headwaters of Han
ford creek, where John A. Heney, a rancher and a member of the
American Legion posse, was killed in a battle last Saturday be
tween the posse and the outlaws. Tile second battle is hourly ex
pec-fed. There are also 40 armed woodsmen in the legion.
Industrialists Gather in Qutsktrts of Spokane
Spokane, Nov. 17.—The National Guard has been mobilized and
members of the American Legion sworn in as special policemen.
These precautions were taken against an anticipated invasion of
a thousand Industrialists who are gathering at the outskirts of
Spokane, and will attempt to rescue their leaders, who were ar
rested shortly after the Centralia outrage
many Hardware Stores Burglarized
Seattle, Nov. 18. Many hardware establishments throughout
the state are being broken into and rides and automatic revolvers
taken. The authorities say this is the work of Industrialists.
Supposed Leader of Massacre Captured
(Jentralia, Nov. 19. Bert Bland, the supposed leader of the
Armistice day massacre, was captured by a sheriff’s posse 14 miles
northwest of here. He came forward from a little shack where he
was hiding with hands upraised. He carried a small revolver and
his eyes were swollen and bloodshot from loss of sleep. Bland
escaped from Hansen's cabin. Ole Hansen and a man named Da
are still in the cabin, which is surrounded by an American L>
____ l an- I 1
Washington. Nor. 21.- An increase
in wages of 15 cents per ton, or 2d per
cent, over the existing scale, if the
miners would return to w»rk was of
fered by operators today. i'nc miners
declared that the increase was not
enough. _
Mrs. Luella Dunn, the Fiat <1 rv goods
dealer, has been very ill during the
present week, her condition causing
her friends much anxiety. Yesterday
a 'phone message said the patient had
passed a favorable night, and was con
s ide rah I y i tn pro vei 1.
Joe McDowell, that old reliable
“wheel-boss'’ of pioneering, left yester
day afternoon with a horse and heav
ily-laden double ender for McOrath, to
remain several months.
t.s ik.I umal ! '
St. Lot is, Nov. It) — t_ (
dollars per year for the a Citizen '
v*as aiioted today by i'
, * J ...tintlizar.ion pa
iuer> s Christian Temu u
1» to Abrahaiu
convention here, to h, , •> i *■
jo i 1ohours
purpose of 'vorld-wido r ,,, .,ia '
_ . _ . . . iinotis "Lost
Train Robbery in vU„
Cheyenne. Wyo., Nov. i, ^ ln '
bound Union Pacific train « )h hl.
near here last niofit, and the , . , s-i
robbed. _
John F. T. on the J'H’
; Valdez Miner, Sept. 30: •)
; Baird, of the Alaska Sea Food i
: pany, was a t hrough passenger U* °f 1
dovia from the States. Mr. Bair'vils. '
: a cannery crew with him and abo '
ions of freight.

Washington, Nov. 17. —Republican senators are prepared to
| Pass a concurrent resolution declaring the United States at
peace with Germany, in the event the President refuses to sub
mit to the Allied governments the resolution to the peace
treaty adopted by the Senate. The Senate has now adopted
10 reservations to the peace treaty, with two more to be voted
on today.
Peace Treaty to 3e Put in Force Regardless of America
1 :iris. Nov Is R 'ga r-dless of the American government's
attitude towards the peace treaty of Versailles, it will he put
into force, according to prevalent views here, following the re
ceipt ol the report that President Wilson might withdraw the
treaty from the Senate.
President Advises Administration Senators
Washington, Nov. 19.-A letter from President, Wilson ad
vising administration senator's to vote against the ratification
of the peace treaty with the Foreign Relations Committee res
ervations was laid before the conference of the administration
Senate forces today by Senator Hitchcock. The committee's 1
program, the President wrote, would provide not for i
ratification, but rather for the nullification of the treaty. The *
conference was called to decide niton final administration tac ]
tics in the fight fot* ratification, which is expected to come to i
an end today or tomorrow !
Senate Adjourned Without Ratifying Peace Treaty
Washington, Nov. 21.—The Senate adjourned last night with
I out ratifying the. peace treaty, leaving the United States tech
nically at war with Germany The treaty will he resubmitted
by the President at the opening of the December session of
Ratification to Be Big issue in 1920 Campaign
Washington, Nov. 21.—The ratification of the peace treaty
! will be the big issue in the Presidential election of 1920, and
[ party lines will be broken.
Archangel, Nov. 21.—Tne situation
in Soviet Russia is serious. The work
ers are without employment and being
desperately hungry, are revolting
against the Bolsheviki. Factories are
closed, and people are living on vege
j tables. Men are deserting from the
i army, and streams of fugitives are ar
| riving here barefooted and in rags.
London, Nov. 19. —An attempt, was
! made today to assassinate Admiral
Kolchak, the head of the Omsk gov
! ernraent, according to a Moscow dis
I patch. A hand grenade was thrown at
| him, killing si t4 soldiers,
avsnikine Make!*- ^ is .reported
den. Rcnikine, the anti-c^\sheVoViki
eader i.i Southern Russia, has cap- i
ured tli'1 MatY of (Ion. Petrula, the {
rkrainiau leader, according to a Mos
•f)w w irole^s message. ( «eo. Petrula is
Seattle, Nov. Is Snven Russians
•a rr\ in^ credentials from 1 dernier Le- -
nine, anil authorized to distribute? Ro’
■ilteviki propaganda, roTin; members ;
tnd collect funds for the soviet cau^. . ^
were an rs!ed by 'he police today.
Seattle, Nor. IS. — Steamship lines
were notified today that they must se
cure a permit from the Dominion go*
ernmenr at Ottawa for every snipe
of British Columbia coal for
^vhich means that the so
tv be shut off any day.
Washington, Nov. 10. — Speaking
with the authority of the cabinet. Fuel
Administrator Garfield told the repre
sentatives of coal operators and miners
here today that the people of the
: United States need, must have, ana
will have coal, and so long as the gov
; eminent stands, they will not. be pre
vented from gelling tit by anything the
operators or rninms may do.
St. Louis. Nov. 10. — Melting gold
coin for u>e in the art.-, to aid the gold
mining industry and help to preserve
n!vl^ Sold standard, was suggested b\
Huberts, vice president of the
'1'\UisK-m' \^-V Bank of New York ai d
account was

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