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Snips and the St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Ariz.) 1903-1905, October 17, 1903, Image 6

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn95060581/1903-10-17/ed-1/seq-6/

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A Million Every Month.
By manufacturing' and selling:
a million records every month
the Columbia Phonograph Co.
has achieved the end for which
it has long: been striving: the
reduction in the price of its
-... i",.. , : ? - r-yimgzf
which are certain to aSSu mfe CO n ve n i c fi t. to Mil ?t ifil ;pMá
bewildering- proportions, with be mailed, qh receipt oT'W
the reduction in the price. cents, to cover postage, and tile.
The. Columbia Phonograph ' information as to the type of,
Co., the pioneer and leader in the machine in use.
the talking machine art, was!
the first to furnish a real I v mcri-.
torious record
for iiftv cents
High Speed Moulded Cylindrical and while its records are fat
Wax records from fifty cents, Superior to those ot previous
each, to twenty-five cents. Sim- years, the fact is admitted, on
ultaneously with this reduction a sides, that Columbia records, ; mg is not enough." It is for
in a sta.írps n their na vi- n- : 1 11 10 lunuu luml um cue
- - - - - r- - - - ; 1
He. Learned a Great Truth.
It is said of John Wesley that
he once said to Mistress Wesley:
"Why do you tell that child the
same thing over and over again'-?
"John Wesley, because once tell-
in price a new record, greatly
superior to any that has ever
been offered for sale is being
furnished a black, superhard
ened record, both durable and
brilliant and combining sweet
ness and smoothness with re
markable volume. These re
cords will fit all talking mach
ines using cylindrical records and
the facilities" for manufactuaiiig
,them have been increased to an
extent that will enable the Col
umbia Phouograph Co. to pro
duce a practical limitless sup-
While improved processes of
' ment, have always been the
best that were made. And this
' is truer now than ever before.
While the superiority oí Col
1 umbia recoils would justify
'their sale, at a higher price
than that of any catnpeting
reiord, their reduced price means
that the purchaser is to have
the very best records ever
factured and to have two of them
at the 1 rice he formerly paid
for one
! Preparations have been made
with the utmost thoroughness to
meet the emerge icy which a
t told again and again that Chani
. berlain's Cough Remedy cures
; colds a nd grip; that it counter
acts anv v tendency uf these
; diseases to result in pneumonia,,
and that it is pleasant and safe
i to take. Por sale by St. Johns
' Driiir Co.
W A XT 15 D S E V IS K A h P KRSO XS O V C U A H -w;lcrunt
gooil reptu viion n ah -t ie (oiu in
unscouniy lvquin rt) to represent miki h(IvitIq
tnailU- 1 '.'n oltl exUibwhed wonlthy business hous of ol-
ui niiiincmi sihihimik. mury 521.(10 weoklv with
expenses M(ld it ional, all pavable in cish ejich
Wednesday direct .rom henil ofllcis. IIoie mid
arringe furnished when nectary . Referen
ce. Knelose self addressed envelope. Colon
n1, ffli l'-arlnni St .. Cii icago.
reduction in the price of,
nía. 11 ti 1 lw jl oiiu tut 01 in ji 1 1 j 1 iiji
of talking machine construction cylindrical records to twenty-iive .
have resulted in the price of cents eacn' was certain to,
Graphophones being reduced, precipitate. In anticipation of!
from time to time, until thev an unprecedented demand for
are now sold at figures that,the new a,ld Vastl-Nr improved
bring them within the reach of records, the factory of the Col-:
all, the price of cylinder records umDia -friono-rapn 00. is run.
-1 1 1 j 1
has. in thp rnp.anHmp. rpm;ii npfl nillg Clay
at fifty cents each. For many Pasible arrangement
ade to
onCCihlA until noa- fn reasonable promptness,
records at the popular price ! heavy those orders llla3' become,
that has finally been fixed fori To make better goods than its
them. But continued and un-! competitors and sell them at
ceasing improvement in Coluin-' PPular l)rices 1,as always been
Ki.. inrtiiJfJnt v,.JO f i..ef ithe aim or the
hrntio-Vit tVif niitnnr tn a nninl graph Lo
where it is possible to cut the
price in half while, instead of 'superior quality of this new pro
impairing the quality of the:f,Llct u oirers' ror a
oroduct to secure this end, a y'i tuy.vC 1 u-.w,
better article is to be furnished an'
ana nis"iit ana every.
has been
orders with
Thi Si g 1 nj family"
anas ror 3p
Columbia Phono-
Desirous that the pub
lic should test its claims as to the
than ever before. This could
only be done by increasing the
sales to the enormous figures
they have now reached and
li 111 i ted
free, to
user of a, talking machine
who will call at 1625 Lawrence
Street, Denver, CjIo., its store
and mention the type Of the ma
chine he is us'.ng, . If not
Kansas City '
Other points in proportion.
Ask Santa Fc Agents

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