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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, October 19, 1911, Image 8

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;Dxt9 to a Variety of Causes, Soma f
Them Serious.
Bespiration in health and under
normal conditions of rest or mod
erate exercise is an unconscious act,
almost as much so as digestion or
the beating of the heart, but it is
very easily disturbed, even in
health, and in certain diseases itfl
disturbance is often one of the most
distressing symptoms. The 'short
breath following exertion, such as
running or hill climbing, is familial
to every one. It is due to the in
creased call for oxygenation of the
blood and the temporary inability
of the heart to pump the blood in
sufficient volume through the lungs;
When shortness of breath is
brought about by moderate exercise
or mental' excitement it is due to
some abnormal condition, , such as
anaemia, obesity, a weak heart or in
digestion. This tendency is relieved
by attention to the weak point,
whatever it may be, and a judicious
system of exercises a sort of modi
fied training.
Permanent shortness of breath,
or dyspnoae, as it is technically
called, is a more serious affair and
is usually due to some actual dis
ease. What the disease is of which
this dyspnoae is a symptom can
often be discovered only by a care
ful and thorough medical examina
faon of all the organs of the body.
It is often called asthma and
treated at home by inhaling the
fumes of burning niter paper or by
some other of the ordinary reme
dies. But asthma is a distinct dis
ease, although its true nature is not
yet definitely determined. It oc
curs in paroxysms, usually at night,
in the intervals of which the breath
ing is generally easy and quiet. Per
manent dyspnoea is another matter
and is an indication of something
It may be-due to a great variety
of causes, only a few of which can
be mentioned here. j
Anaemia, or poverty of blood,4 may
give rise to permanent dyspnoae as
well as to shortness of breath on
exertion. The symptom js a regu-
lar accompaniment of diminished
lung capacity, either through con
solidation or more or less of the
lunff tissue in tuberculosis or pneu
Jmonia or through compression ot
sthe lungs by an accumulation of
"fluid or air in the chest.
, Anything that interferes with the
.free action of the heart, such as
-weakness of the cardiac muscle or
disease of the valves of the hearty
pressure by fatty deposits, an en'
larged liver or gas in the stomach,
will produce shortness of breath.
, Short breath in children is com
monly the result of obstruction in
the air passages, caused by enlarged
tonsils, the presence of glandular
tissue in the pharynx, called ade
noids, or a swollen condition of the
. mucous membrane in the larvnx. '
Persistent shortness of breath is
a symptom that' should not be neg
lected. Youth's Companion.
" A Failure.
. "Well, Uncle Zeb," said his
neighbor, "your boy's come back
ifom college, and I reckon he's got
a good ejication."
"No," groaned Uncle Zeb. 'Them
Bjur years is plumb wasted. I tried
im on a railroad guide the other
tday, an' he couldn't make head ner
tail of it any more'n the rest of jam
qovld !" Chicago Tribune.
tWe are authorized to announce
H. D. ROSS, ofPrescott, a can-
, didate, on the democratic ticket,
for the office of Judge or the
uper visors' Npticf of
Whereas, The Secretary of Ar
izona has prepared and transmit
ted the undersigned, fee clerk of
the Board of Supervisors of Apa
che County, of Arizona Territory
a notice in writing designating,
the offices for which candidates
are, to be nominated at the ensu
ing primary :
Now, Therefore, A Primay B
lection is hereby called in the sev
eral Precincts of said County, un
der the provisions of the law re
lating to Primary Elections, to
wit: under the provisions of Chap
ter-24 of the Session Law of Ar
izona, of 1909, on the 24th of Oc
tober, 1911, for tke purpose of
voting for candidates for the sev
eral parties to nominated for
the following offices1
2 United States Senators (advi
sory.) 1 Eepresentativeto rGotigress.
.- -
Secretary of State. ?: 7
Stta Auditor.. . v ; .
State Treasurer, . j.
'Attorney 'General,- . r v ;
Superintendent of : Public in
struction. .
1 State Senator. :
1 State. Representative;. 'i
3 Corporation Commissioners.
Judge of the Superior :Oourt.'
Clerk of the Superior '.Court.-;'
Sheriff. C . -' ; .
Recorder. - 1
Treasurer. : '
School SuperinteMetit:J 1
County Attorney w '-:r; ."; '
County Superintendent of Roads
Surveyor. , - 1
3 Supervisors.
Party Precinct Committeemen
Da; eel the 27tb day -of Septem
ber, 1911. r '
O. U GaUegos, Clerk of
the, Board of Supervisors.
(28-9, 12-10, '11)
I will pay $5 per head for all
wild horses and mares over one
year, old, branded1 4 on left .thigh
delivered a t ConctecT'b r a t my
ranch on Miheta;l)j,4 '.: . "f
Chas. .Gillespie, Concho, Ariz;
Salt for Sale.
I have for sale good salt at
Salt Lake, N. M.; at 35 cents
per 100 lbs., from 16th day of
June until 16th day of August,
1911; it is well Known that it is
the besttsalt-in.the world.
J. Frank Romero.
Real Estate and
If you are
new home
We can
home for you
If you have a lot, farm
or ranch for sale
If sour bu
ness to fin
or you
RcprescntativcsVf the Cdrhf5ahy
ajt Ovc t Overson's Law Office
and Herald-News Office
or write
Northern Arizona Real
Estate and Investment
i Ovc E. Overson, Agent.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
jaickly ascertuln our opinion free wnetuer an
Invention is probably patentIe. Com raunicn-
4lon3 strictly conUdentlal. RAfiUUUUE on Patents
sent f roe. Oldest agency lor seeurir? patents.
Patents taken through Mium & Co. receive
tibial notice, w'thoat cbnrao, In the
tiemific iftnericam
A handsomely IllnRtrsted weekly. Iiarjrest c!r
cnlntlon of any sfieiitltlc lournaL Terms ?S a
year ; fonr months, f L Sold by all newsdealers
361Drodirty,HeVy 10
Ptfwjch 0S9. SU Washlnsttt. I- C
4 &
Take and read the Herald- ?f
News, and always be laappy:
Pass around some of tbe good X
things of life to the friend. M
In the District Court of the Four thJudl
cial District, Territory 0f Arizona!
ana tor Apacne County
Josefa M. Baca, plaintiff
vs. ;
Benito Baca, Defendant
Action brought in the District Court of ,
the 4th Judicial District of the TintoV
of Arizona.in and for the County of Am
paohe, and the complaint filed om tlief
office of the clerk of said district court" "
In the name of the Terriory o Arizona
to Benito Baca, defendant, greeting
You aro hereby summoned and required
to appear in an action brought against
you by the- above-named plainiff in the
district coiirt of the 4th judicial distuc
of the territory of Arizona, in and for A
pache County, and answer the complain,
therein filed with the clerk of this conrtt
at St. Johrufin said county, wihin tu-eu
ty day si after service upun you of thi
summons, if served in tins said county
or in all other ca$es within thirty dayV
thereafter, the times above mentioned
being exclusive, of the day of service, or
judgment by default will Betaken against .
Given ur r my hand and seal of saJH '
district court of the 4th Judicial district?
Territory ot Arizona, m and the fountv
of Apache this 19th day of Oe 1911
Gilhert Greer, Clerk q,f said
(?eal) district court . . v
: r . - J'
Tax Notice;-
Notice is hereby g-iven that
the duplicate assessment roTH 0t
Apache county for the year
is no win possession for collec
tion of tax levied. Taxes will
be delinquent T' on - the ;THIR
MONDAY pfi:le-e'm-er, nevfe.
and unless paid on or befpre, that ,
day five per cent will be add&d; '.
to the amotint thVeof vas petwM"
Taxei mav be pSrJ at mv ofS&
any time during office hours.1
t A. B. Candelaria, -
Tnasurer and Tax Collector..
, ' ' By Abel Ortega.
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