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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, October 26, 1911, Image 2

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y said County Supt. of roads.
F. W. Nelson; district attorney
ffas granted a 20 day leave of ab-
trioso, precinct, Alex J. McKay,
inspector, Brown Ruth, judge,
T. R. Lee, judge, William Lund.
sence irom the County and Ter- clerk, Orson Wilkins, clerk, Mar
rritory during this quarter. , cellus Hulsey, marshal; the poll
In the matter of the two claims ing place in Nutrioso shall be at
of Ed Miller as deputy Ranger, the district school house. Greer
the same is hereby rejected, and precinct, Sylvester Hale, inspec
iihe Board instructed entered on tor, H. P. Hobson, judge, Mike
its minutes the following order: Hale, judge, John Butler, clerk,
-That no deputy ofany officer has Geo, Wiltbank, clerk. Isaac Hale
S any standing before this Board J marshal; the polling place at said
x,and should any bill accrue, the ' precinct shall be at the school
.same shall be presented in the j house. Eagar precinct Joe
name of the principal who ap- Pearce, inspector, G. F. Shoop,
points the saidVdeputy. ' j judge, J S-Burk, judge, U. R.
- The three petitions of residents Wiltbank, cFk, P.P. Rencher, cl'k
and taxpayers of El Tule Pre
cinct praying for the establish
ment of a school district at El
Tule, were now taken up and it
appearing that each of the sev
eral petitions had the necessary
qualifications as prescribed by
law . in such cases: Now, it is
therefore ordered, that the peti
tion as the boundary following
appears was temporarily estab
lished, to-wit The south boun
dary line to be the same as the
north boundary line of the Sprin
gerville school district and the
Concho school d. strict, the west
boundary line to be the same as
the east boundary line of the St.
Johns and Concho public school
districts, and the north boundary
line to be the same as the south
"boundary line of the 'oncho and
St. Johns public school districts,
and the east boundary to be the
Arizona-New Mexico Territorial
line. This petition is further
designated as the one presented
by Bernardo Gonzales, Juan Girl
ego, et als, and the said district
is to be temporarily established
for the present at the old place
where No 5 has been maintained
heretofore. The other two pe
titions were by the Board rejec
ted. Upon motion duly made and
carried' as, follows, Colter and ti
dal! for and Ortega against, the
salary of the county road super
intendent was raised from seventy-five
to one hundred dollars dol
lars per month, beginning with
the first day of September, 1911,
The Board now took recess un
til 1:30 p. m. j
The Board resumed the morn
ing's session pursuant to recess
last taken.
The following officers were ap
pointed to se&ve on the primary
election boards for the election to
be held on October 24th, 1911,
and the Board designated the
following voting: places where
the said elections are to be held
in the several precincts: Alpine,
Oscar Jepson, inspector, Ben
Standifird, judge, Warren Ten
ney, judge, Brastus Skousen,
clerk, Oscar Hamblin, clerk, R,
J, Young, marshal; the polling
place in said p&ecinct shall be at
the district school house. Nu
Geo. Winsor, marshal; the poll
ing place in said precinct shalj.
be at the school house. Spring
erville. Gregorio Baca inspector,
J. J. Sanchez, judge, Elisha Av
erette, judge, Eyaristo Silva,
clerk, Wm. Leslie ur.: Jr , clerk,
Juan Candelaria, marshal; the
polling place in said precinct
shall be at the district school
house. El Tule, Frank Baca, in.
spector, Nicolas Chavez, judge,
J. M. Richey, judge, Manue
Gonzalez,, clerk, Thos Irwin,
clerk, Timoteo Garcia, marshal;
the polling place in said precinct
shall be at the school -house.
St. Johns, Luis Lucero, inspec
tor, Felipe Saiazarr judge, Mar
tin Jensen, judge, Tiodoro Gom
zales, clerk, S. C -Thompson,
clerk, Sam Wright, marshal; the
polling place in said precinct
shall be at the court house. Con
cho, Juan E. Padilla inspector,
Benito Baca, judge, Joseph Kemp
judge, Klias Sandoval, clerk, Da
vid Pulsipher, clerk, Jose Sando
val, marshal; the polling place
shall be at school house in dis
trict 6- Hunt, Asahel bmith, in
spector, William W. Sherwood,
judge, Jasqer Harris, judge, I
Isaacson, Jr., clerk, JohnH Udall
clerk, Lorin M. Farr, marsh all;
the polling place in sail precinct
shall be in or at the Udall Hotel.
Chambers, Geo. S. Woods, in
spector, J. F.. McCarroil, judge,
S. B. Garrard, judge, John W.
Garrard, clerk, O. L. Hathorn,
clerk, Frank Daly, marshal.
Adamana, A. E. Henning, in
spector, Bud Howell, judge, Al
Stevenson, judge, George Jensen,
clerk, James Donohoe, clerk, Or
yille Martin, marshal; the voting
place shall be at the school house
St. Michaels, S. E. Day, Sr , in
spector, Walter E. Colexiso, judge
A, M. Wiggles worth, judge, An
selm Webber, clerk, A. M. Wood
gate, clerk, William A. Worley,
marchal; the voting place in said
precinct shall be at the residence
of S. E. Day, Sr.
The following claims were ex
amined found correct and approv
ed and ordered paid out of the
expense fund, vlz?
J. S. Gibbons, Justice fees, 5.65
Sylvester Peralta, sheriff
fees, ' 160-0
72. oo
C, BL Shinn,' bounty, wild
Chas. Jarvis, telephone
rent, '.
Sylvester-Peralfa, sheriff
H. H. McNeil Co., offide
supplies, '
H.H. McNeil Co., office
Sylvester Peralta, , meals
to prisoners,
W. I. Kobinson,, overpaid
taxes c ,
The following c&ims were ex
amined, found correct and order
ed approved and paid out of the
Eoad fund, as follows:
Fred T, Colter, road work, 146. o
Fred T. Colter road, work 71.39
Chas. Jarvis, road work. 14.oo
Tnati Can del arm. r. W. 2.50
J. S, Gibbons, r. w., 166.25
In the matter of the printing
of supplies for the Primary Elec
tion, same not being included in
the former bid, and Herald-News
Reamer Ling, publisher, offering
to supply the same under like
rates for not more than the ag
gregate sum of three hundred and
seventy-five dollars, after due
consideration was by the Board
The outdoor relief was ordered
paid monthly as heretofore, in
cluding, however, Francisco Nu
anes for $10 per month. s
There being no further busi
ness the Board now adjourned to;
meet October 10, 1911.
Attest: O. D. Gal legos, clerk.
Joseph Udall, chairman.
FOR SAiLE-Twen feres oi
land, one mile east of prinfg
erville, worth $12.00 an 'acre
will sell for $6.00 an acre if
taken at 'once. Northern
Arizona Real Estate and In
vestment Co., Ove E. Over-
son, Agent.
Estate Paulita P., Ortega de
ceased. NOTICE is hereby gfiven by
the undersigned, Administrator
of the Estate of Paulita P. Ortesra
deceased, to the creditors of and
all persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vou
chers, within three months after
e first publication of this notice
to. 'the said Administrator at
Concho, Apache County, Arizona,
the same being the place for the
transaction of the business of said
estate, in said County of Apache.
A. B. Candelaria, Administrator
of Paulita P. Ortega deceased.
Dated at St. Johns, this 28 day
of September 1911.
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