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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, October 26, 1911, Image 4

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That we, David K. Udall, Pearl Udall,-of Saint
Johns, Apache County, Arizona, Grover C
Udall, William W. Sherwood, Ashel H Smith,
of Hunt, Apache Couutj Arizona. David K.
Udall. Jr. and Levi S. Udall, of Saint Johns
' Apache County, Arizona, have this day, and do
heeby voluntarily associate ourselves togethei
for the purpose of forming a corporation under
the provisions of Sections 4 to 23, paragraphs
764 to 783 of Chapter 2. Title 13 of the Revised
Statutes of the Territory of Arizona for year
1901; Acts No. 29, 82 and 88 of the Session Laws
. of the Territory of Arizona for the year 1903,
and Chapter o. 38 of the Session Laws of the
Territory of Arizona for the year 1907; or so
much thereof as shall apply to corporation of
-this nature. We do hereby make, subscribe,
adopt, declare and publishthe following Ar
ticles of Incorporation:
The name of this Corporation is and shall be
PANY, and the principal place of transacting
Tussness of this company is and shall be, in
the town of Saint Johns, Apache County, Ari
zona. Branch Offices may be established at
such other place or places as the Board of Di
rectors may designate, at which place or places
Corporator's, Stockholder's and Director's
meetings my be held and all or pa,rt oi th
Corporation huness may bfe transacted.
The purpose for which this Corporation is
formed and the general nature of the busines
proposed to be transacted is to transform water
power into electricity, electric current, power
energy, light and heat, to engage in the busi
ness of supplying electric light, heat power and
current for domestic and all other useful, con
venient andbe.nificial pumoses and tn .i-?;
the same to the purchasers thereof and to suclP
ocner places as the Board of Directors may
deem proper by means of poles, cables, wires
conducts, subways and all other kinds of elec-
tncal appliances .and fixtures necessarv and
convenient either above or beneath the ground
and to establish, own, hold and maintain the
same To establish, own, hold, operate and
mamfain electric light lines systems, plauis,
meters, telegraph and telephone lines, systems,
plants, exchanges, reserve stadons, power
houses and all appurtenances and necessities
thereto, and to sell, gran:, lease, assign, bond
mortgage or otherwise handle the same. To
..purchasemanufacture, and otherwise acquire,
old, own and maintain all kinds of electrica
appliances and fixtures, patents, patentrights
and licenses and to sell, lease, rent, or other
wise dispose of the same.
JO?0Xi0n sh&U have power to do
all th ngs legally required to make contracts and
1 D, leS'rightf WQys' securities, privi
stnfk T Raises, and to acquire shares. ..i
ni rmieS' priviles and franchises,
of other Corporations, and to purchase and
otherwise acquire fWother corporations or
persons the capital stock, bonds and securities
of this corporation or any part thereof, afcdto
th '7rdsPose.of the me in anymanner
the Rorfrdof Directors shall deem proper To
sell or exchange the capital stock of this corpo
ration hereby obiained or otherwise created or
any part thereof for the capital stock of ether
v corpowtionaumd for such labor, propertv, pro
perty rights, interests and franchises is th
Hoard of Directors may deem advisable. To
acquire, own, aim hold real and personal pro
perty necessary, proper and convenient to the
cairymg on of any business-iu which this cor
porationmay engage. To locate, appropriate
claim, acquire, hold, control, secure oun
emoound, divert, utilize and maintain wafer
water stor, ges, reservoirs, waste-gates, waste
ways, water rights, water wheels, penstocks,
right of ways, dynamos, canals, ditches, flumes
pipes, pipelines, engines, aqueducts, water
ways, dams, levies, tunnels, viaducts, embank
ments, settling ponds, mill ponds, excavations
and all other necessities and conveniem-es
pertaining to this part of the corporation
business, to sell, lease
montgage or otherwise dispose of and h ndle so
much or all or any part of the same thus acquir
ed, secured, controlled and appropriated as
the Board of Directors of this corporation ma.
see fit to dispose of by contract or otherwise.
To raise, buy, own, sell, trade and deal in all
Jrindsfof grain and merchandise, to buy manu
facture and sell cereals and all kinds of break
fast foods, flour, graham, meal, brandchopped
feed and all other kinds of products made from
To buy, install, own, operate and maintain
such plants, mains, pipes, conducts, machinery,
apparatus and fixtures as may be necessary or
convenient in the manufacture and distribution
of gas and to manufacture, sell and distribute
the same for light, heat, power and all other
purposes upon any conditions the Board of
Directors of this corporation may see fit.
To purchase, install,, own, hold, operate and
maintain such plants, machinery, tanks, c Id
storages, boilers, apparatus and fixtures as may
b e necessary and convenient in the manufactu
re and distribution of ice and the running of a
steam laundiy, and to manufacture, sell, distri
bute and export ice and carry on a launarj
To borrow money and execute corporate notes
bonds and other evidences of indebtedness and
tb secure the same by the hypothecation,
pledge, mortgage, lien or sale of the real pro
perty or personal assets and property of this cor
poration, and generally to do and perforn any
actor tnmg necessary or proper iuj. iue
on and engaging m any line of business herein
before or hereinafter mentioned or that may be
deemed, necessary, incident or advantageous
thereto, and to do all other things that may be
legally d6ne by individuals engaged in lika
This corporation shall have the power to put
out on loan at interest any assets of the corpo
mHnn fnr snp.h time and on such security and
conditions as deemed proper by the Board of
None of the objects and purposes above spe
cifically enumeiated and setforth shall be con
sidered as being in derogation of the General
rights and privileges conferred by law upon
corporation of this character, but this corpo
ration shell-have all the right and powers
benefits and privileges by law conferred upon
similar corporations, whether or not the same
have been hereinbefore or hereinafter specifl
caliv set forth and described. -.
" ARTICLE 111. s
The capital stock of this corporation shall be
EIGHTY THOUSAND ($80,000.00) Dollars, divi
of Ten (10.00) Dollars per share. AU or any of
the capital stock may be issued in payment
for real or personal property, labor or service
or any other ii..htor thing of value, necessary
or incidental to the advancement of the purpo
ses of the corporation and the Board of Direc
ors shall be the sole judges of the time and
upon what conditions said capital stock shall
be paid in and the price at which .said- capital
stock shall be sold and the value of any pro
perty, labor or services or other thing vhich
may be accepted in exchange therefor. Said
capital stock may be transferable in the mode
perscribed by the Board oi Directors, but shall
beforever non-assessable. '
The term of existence of this corporation
shall begin with the date of filing oi these
Articles of IncorDoration in the Office of the
-County Recorder of Apache County, Arizona,
and a certified copy thereof m tlie oitice or tne
Territorial Auditor at Phoenix Arizona, and
the termination shall be Twentyfive (25) "years
. The affairs of this corporation shall becon
ductcd by a Board 61 Directors, consisting of
seven stockholders, to be elected .annually by,
the stockholders of the company, at a regular
meeting which shall be held on the first
Saturday in October of each year. Until the
first annual meeting of said stockholders and
until their, successors are elected aud qualified,
the following persons shall coaint-iae said
Board of Directors: David K. Udail, Pearl Udall
Grover C. Udall. William VV. Sherwood Ashel
H. Smith David K. Udall, Jr. Levi S. Udall.
Five members lof said Board shall constitute a
qiurum to tiaiisact business and a majority
voie of the Directors Present shall decide all
questions. The off icrs of this corporation shall
be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary
aiid a Trea:urer, who shf.li be members of the
Board, and such o ther officers and agents as
thf ttnjvrd of Directors may provide fur aud.
nDnoint. Any vacancy in the Board of Diree-
tors may be filled by appointment by
remaining membe. s of said Hoard.
'Che Board of Directors is hereby authorized
to adopt By Luvs aid lo alter or ameud the
same, for the governing of the c6rporation, to
make all ntediul rules and regulations for the
managment of the affair of the corporation,
a . d for the guidance and coi.trol of the of
ficers thereof. The By-Laws and regulations
must not conflict in any way or be inconsis
tent with the Articles of Incorporation, the
Constitution and laws of the United States and
the laws of the Territory of Arizona.
The Board of Directors shall have the powefi
to sell, lejise and otherwise dispose of any of the
property of this corporation in the regular
course of business, when in their judment it
may be deemed best to do so. To incumber,
lease or otherwise handle any of the property
of this corporation, To borrow money up to the
amount hereinafter stipulated, and to execute
therefore corporate notes, bonds or other evi
dences of indebtedness, and to secure the
payment of the same by mortgage,, lein,- Deed
of Trust or other methods, as to them shall
seem advisable, on all or any portion of the
property, interests, assets or resources ,of what
soever nature belonging to this corporation,
and to do and perform all acts, a nd things ne
cessary, requisite or incidental to the mailag
ment and the? carrying on of the business and
affairs of this corporation.
The highest amount of indebtedness and
i ability, direct or indirect, to which this corpo
ration shall at any time subject itself is Fifty
thousaqd ($50,000.00) Do'lars.
The Individual property of the Officers and
Stockholders of this corporation shall neverbe
liable for any of its debts or liabilities.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the incorporators
hereinbefore named have hereunto set their
hands and seals this 14th day of August, A,.Ds
1911. . ,
David K. Udall, (Seal).
Pearl Udall (Seal).
Orover C. Udall (Seal.
William W . Sherwood H (Seal).
Ashel H.Smith t . (Seal;.
David K. Udall (Seal).
Levi S Udall (Seal).
APACHE. ss. -
Before me Chais Jarvis, a Notary Plublic in
and'for the bounty of Apache Territory of Ar'i
zona oil this day personally appared, David -K.
Udall, Pearl Udall Grover c. Udail, William W.
Shurwodd. Ashel H. Smith, David K. Udall,
Jr. ana Levi c. Udall, Known to me to be the
persons whose names are subscribed to the lo-.
regoing instrument ami who acknowledged to
me lhat they executed the same lor the purpose
and consideration therein expressed, oivgn
-under my liand and notarial seal at my oftice
in the town of St. Johns, Arizoua, this 14th day
of August, A. D. 1911. -(Sea;
My commission expires Dec . 5 1913.
, Chus Jarvis.
Notary Public.
United States of America, Territory of Arizo
na ss. ' - -
Territory Of Irizana, County Of Apache, ss.
1 Ouoire baliegos,- County Reoruer in and
xor the County oi Apaciie, in the Territory of
Arizona aud cascodiuti ui tue rcorus thor ei'of,
do hereby certify that 1 have compaied the
above and foregoing, with the original Arti
cies of Incorporation of "NEBO ELECTRIC
LIGHT AND .POV.fc.R COMPANY", recorded in
my Uiiiee bii the loin day oi Aug, A.D. 1911, at
ii.Suo'eiok a.m., and mat the san.e is a lull,
true and correet copy of the said k i tides oi
Incorporation, and tne whole thereof
iN W'ir.Njiob WHERiiO, 1 have hereunto
set my naud and affixed official seat this 18th
d& Oi Aug. A. D. iO-ii. (aealj
O. U. Gallegos,
County Recorder. t
By G, E. Greer Deputy County Recorder.
Recdrded Ut the .itqticstot: Nebo Electric
Light And f'owe'r Company . August, i-i. A. D.
tall, at 11:80 o' cluck u.m., Qnd uly lecoideu at
BookNo,j.. of Art of Corporation, iagiib4-yi
Rc.corus of Apache Coanly, Atizona.
JJ. U. Gallegos, County liucoruer. (?eil)
ByG.E ureer Deputy County Recodcr.
Office of the Territoria. Auditor.
I, G.A. Mauk, Territorial Auditor of Ari
zona, do hereby eemiy, mat on tue 7th day ol
Sept A.D. lall, at 10 a in.r the Articles of In
corporation of N.fc.BO ELECTRIC LIGHT AND
POWER COMPANY" weie filed in this office.
In Testimony Wheieof, I have hereunto. set
my hand anil affixed my Official Seal, Doneat
the City of Pnoenix, the Capifcrl, this 7th day
of Sept. A. D. 191i: ,
(Seal) , G A. Mauk.
Territorial Auditor.
AH Orders Promptly Filled
. Johns
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