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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, November 02, 1911, Image 2

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Tho Air In a Room.
Given a medium sized sitting
room with 'four people dnd.two gas
-jets, the air must be changed every
fifty minutes to keep it pure. As
air is heated it expands and becomes
lighter per cubic foot. If all the
air is heated equally it remains at
rest after expansion, but if hot air
is in the presence of cold air the
latter, by reason of its heaviness,
iorces its way down ana drives tne
hot air up. The moving force of
air currents is the greater weight
of the colder air. This, then, is the
-C - 1 1 - J X
lorce oy wmcn we are to arive oui,
foul air and put pure air in its place.
Pure external air will always drive
out foul air if you givejt a chance.
Saccharine Sarcasm.
They- were at luncheon. One had
a very sweet tooth. He was insert- f
, i . -i i J
in,g into his demi-tasse a surprising
number of lumps of sugar. His
companion watched the operation
quizzically. i
"Say," he observed at length,
"why don't you eat your sugar
straight instead of saturating it in
coffee? It's much-more-healthy."
He Was-Perfectly Willing.
. . Artemus Ward and a friend were
one day discussing sacrifices when
the friend asked the humorist,
"Don't you think, for instance, that
if a war should break out we should
be willing to sacrifice op relations
for the sake of our eouuirv?"
"Yes," said Ward. "Ml" be will
ing, for the sake of my cpimtry, to
saerifice all my wife's relations if
need be."
Casting 2cighbfc::.
. A question frsquently asked is in
Tegaf d to the method of producing
sleighbells containing1 iron balls 'lar
ger than the opening in the bells.
Previous to making a cast the mak
er of sleighbells puts an iron ball
inside a sand core, just the shape of
the inside of the bell. This sand
core, with the jinglet inside, is
nlanerl in f.hp mold of the outside
and the melted metal poured in,
wliich fills up the space between
the core and mold. ' The hot metal
burns the core so that it can be
shaken out, leaving the ball within,
the shell. Ball valves, swivel joints
and many other articles are cast in
the same manner.
After Her.
.' "Darling," said the count, "1
have loved you from the moment I
first feasted my. eyes upon you."
"Tt is very kind of you to say so,
replied the daughter of the Araeri-
can millionaire, "but I am compel- j
led to, inform you that T wouldn't 1
ive TO cents to become a count- j
"Well, please oon't engage your
self to anybody else until I can com
municate with my, brother, who is a
marquis. We must get you into out
family somehow." Chicago Kec-ord-Herald.
Not Exempt.
An evangelist was exhorting bis
X -d J XI. 1L J-
jieaieii, lu nee irum toe wratn io i
i warn you," ne trjunderea,
'there will be weeping and
wailing and gnashing of teeth.!'
At this moment an old ornaa ia !
the gallery stood up. "Sir,
shouted, 4 have no teeth.
"Madam," returned the evangel
ist severely, "teeth will be proriJ
ed,." Success Magazin.
Know All Men by These Presents:
That we, Edmund Nelson, Hyrum
Nelson. Joseph Nelson, Bniley Nelson
and David Nelson, all of Eagar, Apache
County, Arizona Territory, do hereby
voluntarily 'associate ourselves together
for the purpose of forming a corporation
under the provisions of sections 4 to 23,
Paragraphs -764 to 783 of Chapter 2, Title
13 of the Revisid Statutes of the territo
ry of Arizona for the year 1901 ; Acts
No. 29, 82 and 88 of the Session Laws of
the territory of Aaizona for the year
1903 ; and Chapter 38 of the.Sessioii Laws
of the territory of Arizona for the year
1907; or so much thereof as shall apply
f corporations of this nature. e do
- hoi,phvmal"P enhsif'rinft. n p.ftlarfi and nil O
, r i-
lish the following Articles of Incorpora
tion :1 y
: ' Article I.' ?
.The name of this corporation is and
shall be.ihe4 Kelson Keseryoik Compa
ny, arid the principal place ot. transact
ing business of this company is and
shall be in the town of Eagar, Apache
County, Arizona, Branch offices may be
established at such other place or places
.as the Hoard of Directors may designate,
at which place or places Corporation,
Stockholders and Directors meetings
may be held and all or part of this corpo
tion business may be transacted.
Article IL'
The pu rpose for which this corporation
is formed and the g'.'rieral nature of the
business proposed to be tra'nsactedjsio
construct and acquire irrigation systems
consisting of suitable reservoirs, canals
and ditches for the purpose of diverting'
storing and conservng the waters of the
Nutrioso Creek and its tributaries, and
the distribution of the same among its
stockholders and any other person or
persons the Board of Directors may de
sire to, for irrigation, stockraising and
domestic purposes. This corporation
shall have the power to do all things le
gally required to make contracts of all
kinds and to do all other thiugs in the
line of its business, to acquire by lease,
purchase, condemnation or otherwise,
such real estate,- water rights and per
sonal p.operty as may be useful, necessa
ry or convenient for its' needs, and to ac
quire shares of stock in other corpora
tions and the right to exchange the cap
ital ftock of this corporation for proper
ty, rights, privileges, franchises, labor,
services or anv other thing of value nec
9ssary or advantageous to its corporate
objects, and to purchase and acquire
from other corporations and individuals
the capital stock; bonds, and securities
of this corporation or any part thereof
and to hold; own or dispose of the same
in any manner the board of directors
, . . .
may deem nt.
To borrow money and execute corpo
? ate notes, bonds and other evidences of
indebtedness and to secure the same by
the hypothecation, pledge, mortgagn
I lien or sale of the real property or person I
al assets and property of this corpora
tion, and generally to do and perform
1 any act or thing necessasy or proper for
the carrying on and the engagtog in anjr
i;i10 nf hns:P(ia hhow nr i1(irA;n!1f
ter mentioned or that may be deemed
necessary, incident or advantageous
j thereto, and to do all other things that
may be legally done by individual enga-
ged in like business. To put out on loan
at interest any assets ofthe corporation
for such time and on such socurity aud
conditions as deemed proper by the
Board of Directors.
None of the objects andpurposes above
specifically enumerated shall be consid
ered as being in derogation of the gener
al rights conferred by law upon coepora
tions of this character, rjut this, corpora
tion shall have-all the rights and powers
benefits and privileges by law conferred
upon similar corporations, whether or
not the same have been hereinbefore or
J hereinafter set forth and described.
Article HI. . .
The capital stock of this corporation
shall be Ten Thousand ($10,000.00, Dol
lars, divided inte One Thousand (1.000)
Shares of Ten ($10.00 Dollars per share.
All or any of the Capital Stock may. be
issued in payment for real or personal
property, labor or services or other thing
of value, necessary or incidental to the
advancement of the purposes of the cor
poration, and ihe Board of Directors shall
be the sole judges of the time and upon
what conditions said Capital Stock shall
be paid in and the price at which said
Capital Stock shall be sold and the val
ue of any property, labor or services or
other thing which may Be accepted in ex
change therefor. Said Capital Stock
may be transterable in the mode describ
ed by the Board of Directors, but shall
he forever non-assessabla.
Iv. . ,
The term of existence of this Corpora
tion shall begin with the date d tiling of
these Articles of incorporation in the of
fice of the County Recorder of Apache
County, Arizona, atid a; Certified Copy
thereof in the Office of 'the Territorial
Auditor at Phoenix, Arizona, and the
termination shall be Twenty -five (25)
yeaVs thereafter.
-Article "V".
The affafrs of this Corporation shall
be conducted by a Board ' of Directors,
consisting of five stockholders, to be clec
ted-annually by the stockholders of the
Company, at a regular meeting which
shall beheld onthe first Saturday in No
vember of each "year. Until the first
annual meeting of said stockholders and
until their successors are elected and
qualified the following persons shall bom
prise the said Board of Directors: Ed
mund Nelson, Hyrum Nelson, Jo?eph
Nelson Baijey Nehon and ,Dav;d Nelson
Three members of said Board 'shall con
stitute a quorum to do business and a
majority vote of the Directors present
shall decide all matters. The officers of
The officers of corporation shall be a
President, Viee President, Secretar' and
Treasuier, two offices may be held by
ths same person, except the office of
President shall not be held in connsc
tion with any other office, all of which
shall be members of the Boat d, and
such other officers and agents as the
Board of Directors may provide for aud
appoint. Any vacancy in the Board p'
Directors may be filled by appointment
by the remaing members of the said
Article VI.
The board of d tractors is here
by authorized to adopt by-laws
and to alter and amend the same,
for the governing of the corpora
tion, and to make all needful
rules and regulations for the
management of the affairs of the
corporation and for the -guidance
and control of the officers thereof
The by-laws and regulations
must not conflict in any way or
be inconsistent with the Articles
of Incorporation, the constitution
of the United States and the laws
of the Territory of Arizoua.
Article VII.
The Board of Directors shall
have-power to sell, lease and oth
erwise dispose of anv of the prop
erty of this corporatiou in the
regular course- of busiuess, -when
in their judgment it may be deem
eft best to do so. To , encumber.
lease or otherwise nauuic a,u.
T V C TT"M I ILIT 1.1 111 111 1 I 7N 1 1 I 1 J . w -
to borrow money up to the a
mount hereinafter stipulated, a
to execute theiefor corporate,
notes, bonds or other evidences
of indebtededness, and to secure;
the same-by mortgage, lien, deed
of trust Or other methods as to
them shall seem advisable, on all
or arfv oortion of the property,
; interests, assets or resources of
(whatsoever nature belonging to
( this corporation, and to do and
I perform all acts, and things nec
; rA A on f-'i T tn
essary, reijuibiLt: ui juwwwi :
ling on of the business akd affairs.-
Ui. uiiid JyJi auiyj-L,
Arficlc VIIL v'
The higheslj amount of indebt-
eduess and liability, direct or in
direct' to which this corporaJFito
siiaii ai any ume-suujcoi ltou.-j
Five Thousand (.OOO-OCO Pol-
i ,
Article IX. t t
mi j j "i slr i.T-i r
officers and stockholders of this
corporation shall never be liaMe
for anv nf it. rlp.ht; nr li abi 1 i ties . 7
jlll vv iiucaa vv ucicuir erne juuw-
Til iri r'.' i urui m nu i i ii h ti ifir-i I I I . ivrr
a l- ? f- J! .1 ,
hereunto set their hands and seatfe 1
uiiis isd uay oc oepctiinuci ,
riy N -r- -l t -KT 1 f
(Seal) Hyrum Nelson
(Seal) Joseph Nelson
(Sealj Bailey Nelson
(Seal) David Nelson
Territory of Arizona, County
of Apache, ss.
Before me, W. B. Eagar, a No
tary Public in and for . the c6uutyy
of Attache, territorv of Arizona,.
on fhic: rta-c norenna 11 XT sirmPJirPfl
Joseoh Nelson. Bailv NeJsona.Mr
the persons whose names are sub ,
scibed to the foros:oing jnstrU'-
me that they executed the sanae.
for the purpose and considera-
Given under my hand and,ni& !
tarial seal., at my office in
town of 'Eagar, Apache Couniy-,
Arizona, this 1st dav ot Sept. 4
D. 1911. W. B. Eagrar,. Notary
Public. My commission expire
Sept. 2, 1912. (Seal) ;
Recorded at the request of
Nelson Reservoir uompany bew
et-Vi a n ion. of m -an a ml:
and duly recorded at Book No', p--'
ox Art. oi incorporamon, pa:e:,
96-100, records of Apache- cot
O, D Galletros. County Recofct&rt
G. K- Greer, Deputy Recorded "
(Seal) ' ;
ritorv of Arizona. Territory of -
Arizonfa, County of Apache, ss.
L Onofre D. Gallegos, county re
corder in and for the county of;' -Apache,
territory of Arizona, ajjfilO?
Jrt V l-TT lontifii f li n f T lin itn rJr in'n?
parea but? ayuve auu iui eguijjjg?
with the original Articles of Sab
corporation of the Nelson Reser
voir Company, recorded in-my oil;;
i j 1 . 1. Jl C .
nee on tne 5gm clay or bept.iA
D. 1911, at 10:00 o'clock a.
and that the same is a full. true ;
and correct copy of the said Ar
tides, of Incorporation and the "
whole thereof. x .
In Witness Whereof, I ihave
hereunto set my name ahd'ahfeed
my official seal ihis 5th- daf-pf
Sept. A. u. i9i t. u. I). c-al ieem
deputy recorder,1 ($e1&Jf;

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