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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, September 05, 1912, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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UlW&P. i ' -. - -t'fvsw' !" 1-Httn. T ftnlfatt stwtot' several TnfiMcUk AjJ,; "
i r Jg? , . t . I w 1 7e4j wwi
ViJK l .. fc ft. k . . jl k til 1l ft ft "1". 1'a1v1 Ik w "17 H w "AT - JLW &
if? sf$ w?""- .1
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IS and prbtcctioEf)
7 a-, r .r . . r
ttt cami- -m it mm' vdii to zemMumt
14 .1.
v' Mad, and plenty of it.
V- -
k Recorder H. J. Piatt i have
I -jaatn erected m his loti; Mr. T.
Jrfehis ;tlie :contractbrr :'
' Ovoaa oupu: Isaac 'Isaacson m
biisy these days ufepn Athe- tUrn
apike on the ndrth
or town
'I .Misslice Berry Patterson 1 of
iStesa is visiting with ber patents.
tSSr. and Mrs. T. Wr Berry. ; :
David ChriStfensen is building
Mnew home .for- his-r-amtly-- it
Ipriearly cocdpleted..
ifPred T.CoHer 8DS?i&- theeit.vH
Ifis week. HSme ih On hjsj
E51 'car -
; .This office is busy these days
jttingtibe . Pci m&ryi. IfeQtion':
l hbk Phfifef he toji of
IJ)ringeryiile was fiere Sunday,
fe returned home Moftday,.; i
fe The ,Merchaihfe;;irof our city
" ' Jesusli ariiif' !f aWf re
mbved tStfbiicfho last week wlere
thy will make " their- honie;;
Their snug cozy cottage lierTife
fbivrentv. v: - v--. . t
Last week we' saia iWtr'.
Luther Uulsey wias here with
Mrs; ,Ji L. , Uulsey, when je
should hhy.& said -Mr. . Rufus
irlsey .who really Was tbeonfe
here. . ; - ; . .'. , . ; ;
f. ---si
' ': v . . j - . ? -
Dr. Wm. Mi Rudd, .prie of. jthe
veterans and pioneers .of ;'tis
county, passed through hjre
this week on. his way to his njew
home at Glendale..
.Stansel Greer has moVeofiis
amiivSt; ilhs ahcfcfslnli-
comfortably- locaited in ffie Didk
Greet House, vm understand
that.-Mri Greer Will .make- . St.
Johhsis permanent ho'tbe.
Attention. Schbof $6ys at .the
Arizona ;C. M.;L yOu will firfd
anything you wanjt pr need -inf ;
xns;cipDning nne, ana tor suits
wlekd-thena all 'Iniarfd
The Academy opnm Wfea,4 -
Han. F; T. Oolter spent several
irF to'tM iekj-T V4 on
pferlbhal bUsihessM6?ttsoal
ing co.eua;iiemens . a.ssciciactioBf
star ted out to organization , i
The tlephpe iiaes f romHol
brobSpfiriViil, iWoba-1
starts fiut witli 4nrallmeat 'J
4 which is as many its recrisfert
There are morestiiatn afriirxS
?qjery .4.v 4,nd th prpspocts, ja-
pep M9 f or ffitfpjpi.
th ,hun,$re"i marfe ffie
future Itispeccedihai,ther
;wsol tWlarfd- ; bei$fn W
Messrs. . Keteofc, Wbbd ' a'tbis; yer " ' ' ' " 'f
;Mnninff o? ;At&he Shd ; Navajo' Ls:S
VvllIJI Hill V . Will til I IUUH, UVBE ailM'll-? ' ' 2 II' ? Jr ' .
rrTT , . . r? ueeii s.ucesssjuiyn panning , iiQi
the othr propertrP -
land Company preferred to selli t WV rV
land. Company
the outlying 4ines"; Tne ifewl
management will greatly impfpielj
ihe ; property v bought' and viii
mafee.f4 till grefae cb&eiif.
en.ce up.e .pupAic ; ,
Antrony hptfgfe. E'sqvT dr
SpringeTville leas f or ra short
visit to'ilrelitbifiLtSi in: west-i
mf. Mbxpnj O. Ppulsbri
Hansen TfirecScfr nv;ManuM
som B6mesM:: f fC Int.
. . With tfils rceJIent core pf
instructors theJscn&)l '$uYis bfa
i ' 44. v - - 'if . jw
A letta frofm Rev; Father-F
Dmchmoht, .hbrihas hj&n visitr
in;- rJat5esfarjvv fronds ; in
Fane AH '-&t mmen . .tells? us'
thati he will start bck a bout the
4th instj; andwill -e?at 'homi
.here ftgainto shavkiR hian,dR fwiji
his mafiiyfrienWrout the 3tii
bfiQfetoben , 5s :vi, f': ;i
.acb -N. Buftesrvaccompahied
by Mrs. BtiltHtoWthiifi
wfelf, fte - jbroui 't)ver a big
fodd of w&t ef melons ' a8dj: e'arit;V
loupes fromHfeneh at GdriH'b.
fie'u'sed tb'be o'ne' the Cham;.
pion 'tater raisers of th" Grfee-r
COrnmunii bi?t h h rlow hurri
ed his' m&htfon id &VMi-jf.
rthfe Mrime;t8pfhom
lVithv; gteat 'stft&gss? - ?; W
. Apache CoCaMemen As-
Mr, febrge Babbit, "democrat
Presidenf fat elefctba 1rl:was in
towif tM.wMV7 Sk'fcl Is not
Miss GnevaV'Piulnb and lr.
lar quaVterly ,tfeacn'e'rfev
atibh;this'we'ek;wtiich SuptGrr
xM r. Lyhiah" 'S. &ambirn of
Eaerar was in town this w'eek arfd
brought down sbme'.' pupils fyti
the Academy. Mr. Hamblfn b
li ves in giving ffbbl Cnante M
all the the' jrbuths' tb get t4an
The puoiic 'Mobl in diktrfct
No. 1 will ' tfeih; its tariff nt
Mdhday, thtliingt. Pf(Sf."CrY.
fiKnat), tHfiricipafMlss
I&ith and' sir :1
dthr tbieKers'wiib will iistfifet '
thfe pnplls oi th6cli6riihis yfer,
are in town and; are ready td
gia ihfeir Jibo&riAtt .tf ft&ly
recbniriettdeil:as tfiotbughitbibc
and tHedhobl iindief Jthbft' caie
Will rbvJ to bb a .snccess 111
thi paf ehtfepf tfie ijhe istrJct
ouvuiu oi vv iv, .ucku (2,'x uuc
pflstterM feiuly Mm the
fesfc dkof ;tne'4irte aliythis
th;tti$I -yeBe.iii-Viictihi
'v ' 4 -
- Mr. Leotfardi-01on,j.the wfell
knownt - general .merchant .vfof
Sanders, .witoHvesteok interests
in thevcommunity who hds-'lfcecL
v ivor 4 the ijast isiste years1; in
-Apache1 County isJtmxtPtbis
week oh a business icsndof
r . pMnday by elbsinr iC yl'ke pr.c 'right . ; 'fstop half; way piiMA:- ;J t&he .nt.

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