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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, October 03, 1912, Image 1

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f!?vv' '. and Anache News ' Ai
P '"'"' m minium mr-mmnrr- m'nw ? ni'my .i ' ' niiiiiii 11 ni iiMmnjium ' iim' m i miii'iiii nil in n iinniiiii n 111 11 i i' ? mm i f7i ' ...i. iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiu-ijijuj. - ---r-rT-rririarrfrr-Tm- L , flfi
Vol, 29.
No. 5
' ' '
1t Vl! dl d 44!A d Wd dd d '
3j to feel just as ire to come mto this bank j
j! and ask questions about tke advantages '&
: of having a bank account for ; 4tBe Icare $
ana protection oi i puix mgney-as you &
would teeLm.gomg into. any sjore tp .ask
about the qmfitybE -Mce; ofc ,.pkc of t:
L7f ) KIN.
income a
No matter how sma
fe'r care of it help -yoa t(acctjmttlate
frfe ' S No matter how small y bar
llvi' vv, ANYTHING NOf 'BADi
Jose J...Rubi is. overt fr,om
xS!y ' ?;Kns'low this yeek on a visit
J- 'f:-:4SH relatives an'd frieintl!
i v, V " H;eFe. ' His fainerann rhofcher.,;
V,-.;.. O r - veGompany bim hom .where
v i$Le$ will spend the winter.
J. W.'Waite aix ehildrcn
are in the city this wepk from
amah, N. M. , Will is an
&.old hindin the printshop and
(j rld eoellent service on 'the;
'. Herald last wi n ter: He will
r.ejira to is,.hoffle in a e.wj
- a Ti ' V ? f
:u"oF"j5iie passt
TQiaiiher way tocher foorheh Sm
Aas been visiting with iier
: A. Jersey Hog: For" Sale.
A Jersey7 flog one year old
weight abo'nt- six hundred
Meld at Ramah for thfetoasi pounds. , Call -at tlXejiterald
' FOR SALE-r-1 60-acre fanch
on tll'e'pfttlB . Colorado river,
part rfnder cultivation, fine
s tcck wa t er. an 6, range aroAin d ;
Seethe,, Herd'd-News-1
tin a . ,,i i
. ; JJaa. Eli S. Eeirkiosof Pres
cott is spending a few days5 iri
town on busines's tfiis Hvek
Mr. Perkins is interested ' ill
iifeal fields in thd trallup'eoun-:
try and has a good proposi-
tioA on the , fuel question.
For some .years he hasvbeen-
figh tin' g shy of n ewspaperdato
Uiid pblrtics;rtlle"fwdo'f liich
formerly engaged jliis fit'ten
tion, and his many fneads in
this part of his ol.d: tanpj;ng:
grounds are glad''to ee tliat
he is making good fn theWal
femiiiwdfWr1 r
few weekg.-;
Uncle2eke FJawfeins,i tetter.
J Mr. Editor rV'-' '
. .. ...
k I was in St. Joins one, da last
week, and. while hanging around
;"I-.iOverhearfl-a, reniak that, took
about seventeen hundred percentJ
ef. ithe conceit ouit- p t Qftr-: Uinole
EzekjeL ,' L5xSatidhig on'; the1
fp.anch of onecQf your, business
bouse, when a, tnaan anpLeialong
wit.b asGOpy' of the HERALD:. in
his hand. He remarked 4; an
ptberj'eltow tt; was.. standing
there: Iwoner whq . bhis fellow
is. that calls: b.im,self -tTJn.cleiZeke,,3J
fVOfc he's jus& some (iurned- f pol
that ai n't got arching t o do ,lxut
stan.d around ani.kndck on other j
people, an,4 the blamed, idiot
;doe!n,t..-.tein' to Ga'rej-who., he
throws it into,, either Th pn
of-agun hnd the ggjl. to .throw it
into,mer-the: other :day,?. Now
would n'frlhata-ttfew you?, JSIpw.
I hadn't mentioned his ntne at
all but is seems that Ih,ad made
some remark that ifittecl .him
pretty" -well and he-ha; oonid.er-
ed .it. -as a,, peron -.feat3t'e 1
Qip.n) t t; ver aia vt? iiiffv m miuu.
but siuce he called my , attention
to.U. 1 will remember1 hisi at
someilater date.. t. . . ,."'
I goto bunch ofjfine ideas
while over in your metropolis
and am 6ing to ;use. Isome of
them, in my future, ?letter: but in;
this one, I want to say that Sp,
Johns is wakijng up to the
fact that sjie .is actually alive.!
'This was my first trip since lasii
J.urie,. and if it hadnr, . been jforj
the same old crowd hang;ing
aroungr in-front of the post-officer
I would hardly hay,et knpwn,, the
place.. . ,v . , f j
.The first; : radical ,,p,hange. Ji
noticed in the appearance ofj
things was tii at new house thai!
Jake Armijo is building... rThat'
sure going to .be avdaytidyr wheri
it's finished,, and if yo.u peQplej
were on to your-job H ryou7d voce
Jake a brass 'medal. He seems
to he abbutthe only , ,pbusiness
man in town that has a ny con
fidence in the "ribwth ",bf ;St
'John's" for hels puting up a.'build-1
ing that would fyk a"' credit 'id
Pry. Creek even. ' You'll see; 'too;
that if! will be a- paying inves
inent for Mm' for to a man up a"
ti;ee, iu iooks his ujuuu wicic
was goingf 'to be a mighty big
dematid for such property as that
house",' and Jake will.be drawing
good rent while some of the fst
fot another pne? when the opd"'.r s :v.
gets there and you firrmt-tbat ;
such a, place is .ajmighty gpod
Thn, as .-I went Qntdownjtthe.
street, Imet with another shock.
Yqu couldjbiarvef kpo.oked ni Hyes.
opc- with ,va f enc. pqst b:Iw
hrQillvercroshe djtch. in,
frntpf , .Sa .rigt'sbab
sfiop. , How;didyop ver .hogpen?
tp.oit? k J?ho is! the- ma.$at
is responsible for any ,such;rX
Jrayagant outlay of(paslas that
culvert required? etainy
pugjit to bjsrinv.estigated, i nd if
you can findiout wiio he isKManii
he happen to be an? officer he
certainly ought tp. be Recalled .
for such an unheard p;f jeinddr
ture, ,lt .yftu people. dpn do"
"somethinjg of the t sort, tiprfirt
"tiling you kaowtnre -'4illlbe;a" "
other culvert put in aroundthr
somewhere, . , and then... vou . i wll v
? ioi j v lo. ci,v4. uurwyA4. ouuyi ct.lyj.vjix.
in the ma,tter- ,. . ; A v :
Then, going stUl father,! yas ;
surprised to see the., new Knigfc
building, ! b.elieye they calV U;
'That to is almighty fine .pj:ppsi
tiony. a;ndVjustbtwet you ad
one of tjhe; firms that isoccupjflg; u
it ought "to be considered as the
most progressive. , b u s.Je s s
establishment in the County. tfee
Parks. Transportation ppnp.any.
has deqe. W,ore-t0 eYi.PvP-
Johns thanaiiy other dpzem men.
nave uone m .me last . x,weBBy
years, inow tna-o's .raiiae-K a
that's .rati
strong statemetit, but it . i,ytg.e'-:7
,ust the same.
1 ' - i
1 . 1 1 rio'thmli, about figuring ;oh 'plans '
WJiile- hauling, around dayi 'H
ttiere last weeir, i neaci morej&naM
one' loafer kicking becausev'feh(
in ail happen tp ftp late occari
i t ; ni l' 'i ' s . I
any. uaaii goes bo snow nosv
mucjh .cpnideration m there. ?fe in,
the make-up of lots of rpeonle.
The next time some pf youtfel-
lows are inclined tojKiGK ecuge
the lOorsep' Aon'ttge(b ia ptime-
,3 usu stop and- think for a -mirmtei.
that stage and mail ponmpda-
toins from the railroad, .are a
a.iarnea signp, ;pew,. tjtifte
used to be, and that y
4blamed7stighst better than rthey
wouia ever uave.Deen lineydiaa
t waited oryou .tp.improYe -them.
-tiblZeke HawMns.'"'
Wm. Jones andMr? Jbnfes
of SkfferdVArioaaTCfe
spending ;2L6f fiy: vMg
with .parent?7reatives
r"iW. airsi
we jpe J o rnOre r I-3I' rd eia,cSi.
em. j
i fill? "
4 , r
5 - r

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