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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, October 10, 1912, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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" .in i ,., I,,,, ',illf4t iTuZtlS". r. i iiii iniiiii 11111111 i-iumii tj., ., n 11 11 11 1 111 iji miiiumi mui'in Hi " "
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Voi, 2g?';:--ji )J'Mt-'. johns, apache go.. arizqnaJ October to, iffiz
f ' " ;immW.MMt 'J. ' i
to feet mst-' as-ee to tome into . this bank
and ask questions about the advantages ij
i: of having a bank -account for the care
money as you
rm in going into any store to ask S:
H about1 the "qtsality or: price of a piece ' of
NomTOiio your income a, &
batife' account8 will helflu. to take bet-
S rer; eare of ttf help' yoa, to- accumulate
MMwmpmm mm
t , t: -jl; i:- -
Unck Zsfce Hawkins Letter
Mr. Fditor;
Sav. but I ha.l tlie surprise. of;;
ray lite th other daV wi;rL-
saw HLmiups N lefeteb , f.iife"
HJ2RALD. You see l? n$ed feo
"know Hennery when be';:' ::waRia,
b03r, but had.heaid,notj?frQtiii
htm far . the pahb tern- ;;ars?;
Judging from his jrbaib' Fii0
prociivities, I .didn't know 'but
f.ht he had broken iiifeo the'
legislature or something: of. the
vsrQi't, If he should see this
'though. I ,want hiui to un:ei
statid'tti&t his. I'Jricle ;Zekei is
J. V i. J!UL UJU "IVUkyi,". -i-ifvaji yj - - iv- y.w felf
citizen. ; w - ,4?-?r
laaJJtlig fesfe.cked outfeel
V"fJV wMr, pppj.g'i
.vi .BnifciiE ant-'tQ correct He niieay
BCe' mad;eboie rather' unqpm'pjir
, maiitar; - i4emaife . about'
mrtiwKJ&i 1. .-r 1.1. J j irL.. r.irn ---
vQreete Se;n n esy . did n.eh
-ffiek -:afe "all: ... ' Tbbereisv
tiug on down la, '.town. ;That
accounts for the laokof &qsp:i talr;
iby shown him. 5To,w, to , proze
that, I am g'oing ro tell Vou, -
a)butIiow sociable and rieiidlv
part o'f , the dbtmtrya certain
farmer whd lives out of town a
-couple of miles came, into town
to buy some paris green' to1
sprinkle over his-alalfai hoping
that that would discourage the
worms." Well he went into - one
of theise club rooms, whi.cli were
formerly coiiducfced as .eneirlv
merchandise establishments, to
get the dope hutV whe'n lie g-ot
thare he found t;h manager and
the four ofn five cierks together
with .a:crowdot then who were
in there, testing busily t. engaged
in discussing thevrelatiyf GnpatiVe
properties 6f la$gr bee, n?eat
ancl .mdlt loipc l. Janjaica' ginger
and platii did sr$.df eB as a pans'
ac;ea for all ills Qf 'ftieumaH rape
and oJ ' e'ourse ..none of them
wxSpjL 'di-bp opt of such a.n ,irittr4
etnig-d&custon' b6 wa!i t tkpon
hfenV fell; Ee waited around a.
to pay his toes buittte tfm m
had turned the bilL ;ovet6iaV
lawyer for .coUectfoiit.Va . ;?
while atd iinH bet5vd.me interest .naKi.iiv WB.jgsmeajg.: :
clerk wti'.pnv Brhlie ' wfnt
lllie rR' " fhat''t he
jo r mS I ite u p.; all of h is
alfalffp'iySdrij: and isjty
:rods ojMid Mfefe.Efei . and:
Veii- ha1f wE.' through
w tl'e:on-e-0rfiilo4 hiswfell
Hk'S&BB. didni-niiad tte loss'
qtbfocenj a mighty
intefeti ng ti m e of ic . - w hil e he'
W;4 waiting r to be; waited
r Sqmet)f "trie people around Dry
Creek -here also tried: to make
taxes. By the time fiediaSV-g
someone to sell him t&e. mcDnr ; " f
petty .so he sent1 the moiif deii f -i
over to Jiolbrook tfo .-riav .mm- H
something vthat woulmafsfei
feelthut he was welt off,-way.-
Now, Mr. Editor I gat a-lftfe. ;
off the' track, f or I sfeaite-cT 'ih; .q";C:. ;,
tell ou abb'ut how Sociable ousf ?
peopte are b,rxjj as it is; Vfc
pretty near the end ofthQoMWf ( , r i.g
time. Anyway X wofadsorg , 1
; Hennery; t at rt .(iom; ;;:
qver-to Dry yreek m&
that h e; reaches okr iijpFIr ' "l
ciity.. t hat hWvH bQ-.iatiLlir ' ;,:P
S -'
Pncle 2eke Hawla.-
part uiiqer gu i ti vapra :;: rar . -
return home ffoafra
Ou'rlioTOffce a social, gathering 1 trP' to VOUW iNv ; M
;aitmot fell Mexico and m : JKaao:.
;iplaee.too bu that at tempt f
tQutf Qm He . reports &' IpfattlVS
:99tma'tfr said' ;k would Urip;.1' Whik ip -V1 -:'3ibV-" "I-
dautw or-vvpacties eaqip?d jiisWfi, -v,? "vr"5 av rt became somenaf acfliaifiafMt , . ?gy
taife ouigide ofto' a ;BSeQt business sp,he: aoped tbe' 'coadieiOa -'rM.
rassrsan bsv are carry ng-. il our iin- - -o-- ; - -r....T. -t;
iich u jvvay that it discdura gBs:j porta that neajdjf f
.ayfiing of the ,crfc. Ther Jelt for horj3 -py;
seieie is.-a v-ety siua vvyy rjejQa,0 PAe people
Jsoon asr.,t-pyse& anypne- Gm?i,
i?. citizens -are.
. .
nsftd'trr'hft ; .hnnt. '.vVW UAueTwuu duu-&W uwrB ,
IMeir thriine- s.ove Hn our Par" owi:wiSe;cWf; -; - - -ry , ,f;r
Piall of then: doing ' a- -good me we nupub pc; Jersey tiogone. year-ojwgg, -
rbut the ' great heed of
leveed' etc. old' mMI 1 places has J
nasa rigai jx imupixair-my
pedal extiem itif; r;rsituated
.ftarbe a,4isVancj.:mf my
repeating this w.itb,- ffffi:csMd;wiit; ',- - .;. '.' .Pi-?--'--.
(cahsed a number of them to
4i... who comes in tiiev nuessw
v v VMjr& 4.1, M
Tntfd- Sftllinff to thft second nlaCR: etl Ke.c.tiips l uvx .u , ,

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