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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, October 10, 1912, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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III lllllli 'III I III I MM 11:1 trUfl llliitwl iilii'lii Nil
When they're apt to
get up, close, slip in a
Pemington?UMG K
and make your choke bore
gungood in brush or thicket.
Arrow and Nitro Club steel lined
scatterload shot shells open up' your pattern so evenly that
your bird can neither get too much norytoo little.
A special system of wadding gives at 25 yds. a spread equal
to that ;of a standard shell at 40 yds. and with greater
penetration. A '
The steel lining gives the speed plus perfect pattern.
Get a box to-day. Your local dealer has them. . 1 "
Try them on a' paper target with your old duck gun.
Remington Arms -Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
299 Broadway ' 3" New York ity
. 1 TOM FLYNN'S 'SADDLES ''Best! an EaHh'
Tobias Younis of the wide- Hon. Fred T. .'foJt
awake firar of Younis, Bros. in from- Sprirfgeiwil :h$
of ' -Concho, was in town this! week, ' dCcompanid -'. M
week, representing the citi-.;atlier who is now sv
zens of -that thrivinir town be-f with' him a slm'rt time.
fore the Boa d of Supervisors. - . : ' .
and asking the Boaid fur iho-j ' Supervisor ArmijV;
Dravemmits- on i Ii p. .nublio- business boubP u
Ianything not bad.I I
4 v St. Johns Arizona.
October' 6.1912.
Notice is hereby g'wtn .that
fe-:! J. W. Waife arid Janii.lv
left Monday for Rattitfh, N.i the Board of Supervisors: Ap a-
51. They were acepmpa-hied :che County will in' the fature
:5 by Mrs - Beatrice Clark and -consid no claims against h$
lidUhter NaomU. - - ! County for supplies' lurnish-
a . , ed for Copnty iiSvj except when
iir tii.i: purchased bv ordf ol: the Clerk
tu i d ull ii xvwiiJUrtutJitJi. auuj
road fuorn .Uoncho on' south
side of the ri ver to'Woodruft,
or to the county line in - that
direction. Mr. Youiiis ob-.
tained'from t h,e Board, a
promise, t'o iook -well' after the
needs of that community.
'roofed tliese divs iijivtli; !:-t
lameus recnvotjciinngre an(
the roof will he aiTart1cr' -.1 . "N
one when fitfi-hed) tridmjl,
care . of ContiaQior liel-g,.
4 c o s i a , and a r u t t o 1' arr , .
tistic is got Jto be sn&f ng: . .
out of the uBival khvuL - "
Qiloe- Rogers "were .married
at Sa.lt Lake city, Tlur.sdtQy
k l-:bf last week. " " v r -V '
- The debate whiSh fjwa? to
'h'takiBi'la'Qri : Friday
r-V? ' -;;'.?v' ...7-"ni n nf-f-hft" vvoaIt will nf if."
irvlbllad until Friday Octcfber
25l1t The question that will
, be-up is Good Roads-.
of the Board ol .Supervisors.
This applies to all supplies except
those purchase:! unci er conlrrct.
;.JV K- Arm; jo,
Chairinaii of the Board of .Supervisors.
- i -V-
' Warren M. Ten trey of Al
;.pine was a business visitor in
our town thisvweek and while
here of course jooked in to
isee the nrinterman. Mr.
ti : x Tenneyis one of the citizens
u:i -t v-7 of our county who have h'elp
vj '-d in'a large way-in building
upr the commuriity an whiclil
s joe lives. He left a hearty ih
vitation ,with us to come up
- to his home and take turkey
Sheriff Pemlta left edns-
ay fosr-Las Vegas., N. ' MM
where he goes lo
who has been visiting rela meats all kinds nOw; uthiV
tives there, and. will 'acscoin--who wajt -soinethf n u0od if :;
panv Mrs. Feral ta-home. eat. ' x ' .
ga?-, N.; M. , ;; B. Y. Pe:ei'W it-'t
juin his .wife ke'l deal ' .out ci'uUc'e.ffiIif C;l'-":-3
C. R. Pacheo is aivins;
sheriff Peralta's residence a
new coat of cement plastering
whicli will improve the ap
pear a ri-ces an d add to .tl.i-e com
fort of rhe house.
$2000B00 Death Benefit
$15.00 Weekly Benefit for Ac
cident or Sickness; $1,000 fo loss
of;liinb or eyesight; 1100.00 for
Emeigency Relief Benefit. Cost
s $6 00 per yea l - No other Dues
nor Assessment. MEN and
WOMEN between ages 16 to 65
are accepted. Reliable Company
with $100,000.00 State Deposit
for the protection of Policy-hold
ers and to firuarantee the pay-i
and deer hunt, as' this is the nient of claims. Write for
4 pperi. s'eason and there is some' further information ' givng your j
-ii -i '-t . - age, sex and occupation. Ad .
Avila game around those parts, . -r. . iA, A . r
& . dress Dept. 441- American Ke-
good to eat. , Isfcry-Company,-Erie, Pa.
I had been troubled, a little,, for nearly 7 years, vnies ,
lM Mrs, L Finclier, in a letter from Peavy, Ala., but I was
m not taken down, untU .March, when I went to bed and had
w to have a doctor. He did all he could for me, but I got no
better. I' hurt all-over, and I could not rest. At last, I tried
1 Cardui, and soon, I began to improve. Now I am in very
W ood health, and ;able to do all my housework."
You may wonder why Cardui is so successful, after
ii other remedies have failed. The answer is that Cardui is
11 successful, because it is composed of scientific ingredients,
MM f hat act curatively on the womanly system. It is a medicine
for women, and for women only, it builds, strenginens, ana
restores weak and ailing women, to health and happiness.
If you suffer like Mrs. Fincher did, take Cardui. It
will surely do for you, what it did for her. At all druggists.
Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dept. Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.,
for Special Instnxtions, and 64-page book, "Home Treatment for Women," sent free. J GO
. t 15
Wf' K:
4- -m

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