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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, November 21, 1912, Image 2

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- - - - - - , i i I miMfc.iHiMMrttu-' ... .
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, r jr, r
aVPK CihKVI h NhWN Nil
Springer ville, Notf. 21, 1912.
County Surveyor, W. D. Renck
here attending to his official
work and is running lines .for .a
number of our citizens.
; G. E Greer, County Sup,t, of
schools has been visiting the var
ious schools of the South, end
,;andvreports the same to be in' a
most healthy condition.
U, R. Wiltbank has just come
fn from his ranch on. Beaver
creek 'with a load, of oats, which
he has raised on his new claim.
Una reports crops gopd in that
; .- newly settled country
- .
-Freighters are now rushing the
IV",; grain haul to Fort Apache on the
Becker grraln contract
f The Eagar ; Irrigation Co. now
tave a large crew of men 'and
1 Yearns repairing the 16.; 3V reseiv;
Hi at Greer, with J; R Rothlis--
'rg.er in charge.
;? Tntri Phpl-ns Ttn.Q. iirst. TinrT "hi
ftarge new home plastered and a
. fine piece of work has been turn-
fed off by Walter Young.; Tom
IjU' and Mrs. Phelps- feel that they
atfesafe in passing 'another win
1 ter with us."
Twelve autos have 'recently
passed through loaded with tour-
y is-ts bound; for Los Angeles. They
jwere most hJh .pleased- with
Nij Tour councrv ana aw claimed tnat
(;the Old 'Santa Fe Trail is the
most feasible and will soon be
S ' ithe permant route f oY the Nation
al Highway. ; .
Road work has again started
and a number of plow and scrap
per teams are now at work on the
; Springerville Fort Apache road
the work is being carefully sup-
fVerintended by Giistave Becker,
wnien means cnat we are soon to
nave a good roaa to uransporti.our
products to tne markets. : v v.
t: i?"B. W. Wiltbank has been Afisit
itmg ..iriends here the past "feV
t0s and returned to Sb Johns
iviib a load of oats and wrll 'ndfa
itise the same in pushing: thewor-k
-on the Lyman Irrigation Co's
j-'rcanai. iYir. wucoan is very
- : optomismc as tjo tne Tuture or tne
M.V, ' Oi. TT
new oc. jouns.
1? orest juara vv . w . luna nas
if just delivered five thousand lbs.
& .-of telephone wire' to Blue P. O.
f or the U. S. Forest Service. The
Goverment is expending' 'large
sums of monsy for telephones
believing . this ,to be the most
profitable and safest way of pre
, serving the vast forests of the
' southwest.
. Supervisor J. D! Guthrie has
": just finished a line from Greer to
" Reservation corral on Black river
r'tp connect there with the line
Syilt by .G. W. Crouse the Indian
aenfc from Whiledv.eo, JSeserV
if-. ,
vation corral, so ye are now con-
njected f r o nx Sprmgerille $o 'I
Whiteriyer Springerville to Nu-:
trioso,' Alpine, Luna, Reserve,
Blue, Alma, Mogollon, Silver city
and on to Fl . JPaso. So. we; are
nowxin touch with the world from
the south, we can call up Don
LuisTerrazas 4tthecow king of
the world' at Cnihuahua, Mexico
and find ou t the price of his three
year old steers, we canalso find
put the price of wool and stock
cattle when congress takes tariff
off next' year. We are now con
nected with the Ranger station
on the Blue range called Honey
moon land will in a short time be
connected Vith Clif ton , and M6
renci. I suppose the reason this
station is called S6neymo"6,ni :i's
that all Rangers when newly
wedded are compelled to take
their new wife.and Jive at this
station thirty cays which initiates
them into the Forest Service.-,
. . Dennis. '
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona."
November 12, 19J2
" NOTICE is hereby given thatMauricio
Chavez of Concho, Ariz., who on March 29, 19Q9
made Additional Homestead entry, No. 05425
lor S 1-2 SEf. Sec. 24, Township. 14 N , R. 26 E.'
G. & S. R. Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to imake Final Five year Protff.to establish
claim to the land above described, before B. T
Peterson, Clerk of the Superior Court; at St.
Johns, Ariz., on the 24th ay of December, 1912,
Claimant names as witnesses:
.IDesidcrio Smith, . : . ., 4
r, Tio'filo Sena, -
Filiciano Montoya,
rFfanlc A.Gallegos, all -of Concho, Ariz.
Frank H. Parkeri
ll-14-;i2; 19-12, 12J
Mrs. M. Deputy eD'tertained a
number of friends at her home
last Sunday, evening: -itli: a? card
party. ; ;
S-upt; of Rojds Tgaacson
will soon go up to. repair the
Rudd Greek bridge which is
verjr essential to. travel from
the southern part of vt h e
county. ; , ,7
' "J
Mrs. Emtoa J. SafTell and
her son RIem J. Saffell and
Mrs. Clem J. aaffell, of
Springerville, were in town
the first part ,bf the week,
attending to business matters.
J. R Armrjo!s new busi
ness block is completed and
tonight a grand ball will be,
given in it. before the. furni
ture is placed in it. This is
a fine business building, add
much to the good appearance
of Commercial St. .
Mr and Mrs. Qro ve C.
Udall .returned Tuesday from
Konevmeon, whieli was sp en t
at various potnts in Utah.
i ; s ; '
M. Alice Patterson and
Daughter of Concho were
visitors here last Saturday.
Mrs. Patterson is the - princi
pal in the Concho public
schbols. , ;
. , .
Bishap L. R Gibbons is at
his sh,eepi. camps his week
looking after his, sheep inter-
esfe. I
D(on7t forget 'the ball to
night, at tha;r J. R. Armiio
... TIOR
Department of the Interior. .
- U. S. Land Otfice at Phocuix, Arizona
r November 12, 1912; v
NOTICE is hexeby given that Lorenzo J.
Brown, of Eagarj, Arizona, who on ,May
6, 1907, maricH-omesteab! Entry No. 786 037t4,
for E y - NE H Sec 20 and W Y NW 1-4 Sec,211
Township 8 f. Range 29 E, G. & S. R. Meridian
hassled notice of intention to mke Final fiye
year' Proof to establish claim totht- la'nd above
described, before B.Y.Peterson, Clerk 6i the
Superior Court, at St. Johns, Arizona, on the.
24th day of Tecemher, li'12
Claimant names as witnesses :,. . - .7" ;
,B. J. Slade,
WEagar, -; . & '
' V. R. Eagar,
Da vid. 'ButlerVall of Eagaf, ' Arizona'.
; ' Erank H. Parker, , " - -
1 ' ' ' .'Reffistr.
' ii-14, --lg,-.'
MEAT y:: ):jm
Mutton ; R-'
Fresh --Beer and
on footqr ready to cook
Opposite Pdstoffice
..,C.0HJ.MN3. OF" tfiBj;
: : ; Department of the Inter or
HJS.JLand Offlce-at Phnenfx, Arizona,.
k' . November 12,1912;
NOTICE is hereby given that wniiflm Lund
of Kutrioso, Apache County, Ari., who on Ju'y
24, 190, made fTomestend entry No.. 0256, for
SW4 SE 1.4, SE 1-4 SW 1-4 Sec. 20; E NW 1-4.
Section 29, Township 7 N.. Range 39 East
G. & S. R. Meridian, has filed notice of
intenti6n to make Final Three Year Proof
to establish claim to the land above
described, before B-Y. Peterson, Clerk t of
the Superior Court at St. Johns, Arizona, on
the 23rd day of Dec; 192.' ,
Claimant names as witnesses:
David T.ovc, '. 5
Vaii Reaean,
. i i Sylvester Hulsey, ; '
Joseph Nelson, all of Nutr I qso, Arizona.
- Frank H. Parker,
. . . '11-14. 1219, '12)
Department of the Interior,
U . S. Land Ofiide at Phoenix,. Ar'zona. ;
November 12th., 1912. f-
.NOTICE is hereby given that Sylvester H.ulsey
of Springerville, Arizona, who, on July" 3rd.
1909 made Homestead entrj', No. 06382 for? E2t
NEl-4 and El-2 SEl-4i Section 9, Tov.nhip 7
Range 30E. ,G. S. R. Meridian, nas filed
notice of intention to make Final Three Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before B. Y. Peteson, Clerk of the
Fuperior Court, at, St. Johns, A ri zona, on the
23rd day of December, 1912, '
C'a'mantnames as witnesses:
Edward Miller, oSpringerviiie, Arizona.
Julius S Reagan, ' of
RufusHulsey, of " .
William W. Lund, Jr.of Nutrioso Artsone.
frank: h. pakker.
TFOE SALE 160-acre ranch
on the 'Little Colorado riyer?
part under cultivation, . Ene
stock waterand range around. J
See the Herald Nfewsf;.
Marinus Christcnsenf ,
WEST AVENUEr North o!s A; C- W
St iGhns,- - : Axbm
Hunters Point, -P.
G., St Michaels
OJd Style Navajo Blank
is, a Specialify
J. B.
: r Th . Tvl cfnn i7ra nt n or' Stmit?i v
General Merchandise, Wool, Pelt
Navajo Blankets a Spac-iaflty,
Prehistoric and Modern Pbtter'
St'. Michaels,

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