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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, December 05, 1912, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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-- 7
J f
-wv -r
f of Laving "baiik' aekmt;coi tfaeaisei J
J and protection of :OPRmoney-as you J
!f would feel 'ingoing -iritpanyi qi?e to,isk
-J abouPtnl' quality or price -oi a piece of Jj
-if. gobck " ., . ; ' " .
I Ho matter' howftinalWoilr' income a
il ter care of it, belpott to 'accumulate j
more ' !- - - -v--..;-. -c-. . : 'S:
jgTICE feer abjr ,gi ve n tbut. all
apIS56ns for pefrntts-to grrazef
"jicabbiaorses, hogs, sheep, .arid
TIAL FOREST during the
, . .
.&as6;irbf 1913 must be filed in
my Mfi6e at Springervilie, : Arjz
onaf ha or before. J ANU; A-RY i..
l9l Full iii formation in. regard,
to lg& grazing: fees to be charged
indpDiank forms to be used in jmak-ijtig-piicafcions
will beurntshed
? Forest Supervisors.'
Bouldki , receivejS a
eJbrato vMpnday-i from 5"hjs..
btthc, sayiii-g liat bi&'aed
4 miller was very ill, and not
exMcted tv li ve. Drr'Bquidin
IsW&i once for Ms old home,
hing- to again seeimbth.
'"JlheUi shiWleir ibeing fen
ofiplfrom . the Catholic Chttrch
bjffiflitiff and new ones are taking
V , f ; 1.
J. S. Burk and W-illis -Gribbons
-ere applicants at the Teachers
saminatior held by. Supt. G.R
t&reer this week.
:" . ' I r' : : : .
-Jotoi bherwood1 was in
town one' day'last week and
rhad Dr. Bouldin dress two
ofiiis fingers on the right
hand '"which;- we re badly
so;xne- pulleys at;his sawmill. -
f Go to a Warm Climate
i-f61 AcresVof'"land:,;one half
oBie uorthfM)f: puiican , :r:A ri-
zona, watered 'by the best
oaaaLon-the Gila river, abm
dael, of water. .40 acres in
gotd atate of "cultivation and
bb4esiniprqvements in district
,Wiil;,sell .the above land or
itpa&tef it-for latid close to St;
:jh4i6"-. AadressV P'OiBo'x 3
hper, one day last week, by a telte
gramisayingthat her . brother
l: ijs-j
Uncle Jke Hawkins Letter
Sir. Editer: . ' f V
O ver here in Dry Greek z are
j ust about to come to the , corf
elusion ttiattTiere is a whole btr
of truth in the oldi saving 1hat
have ust about recovered' fro'm
;the effects of the late electipify
iand were beginning to hope that
i ' 'l t ' 1 1 W V -I
we couia sn aown .m pedue emu.
enioyiour roast fchicken :.and
apple saiice Thanksgiving- day-.
But now,' just as wfr frevan ready
to be trulythankfuPrhere copies
another calamity -in our midst.
;This time it .seems" though w,e,
as apommunity, Vere going to
be reni ksunder vby :a squabble
over who is to beour 0osttriaster
during the next four ye&rs&
"Marcfrs Aurelius Ghristopher
ehinSfeyhas neld. down that
miptii't position for the last.
few.yeaisVnd sd, general thing
he haglen entire satis fa etiion.'
The otflyr possible ,, eomr a i4t
that has;peen .made.t was "on the
groundirthat possible some of the
Uohor'able Marcus' numerous
assiktaftts were not just as cour
teous, "accommodating - and at-
tntivev to buisness as- - they
might1 have been. Nobody has
blartne'd-the Honorabje Marfcus
foil . tliis . ho we ve c'. - No w, v o'f
course 'he is out for the job again.
In addition to this,-. there ape a
riuinbet of others in - the. field
The Honorable Solomon; Frak-
esteih', who has always been an
cratic cause, and whiwas one of
Mr" Wilson's most '-enthusiastic
workers, claims that he.- is-sthe
pgicarmatf for the; iob,- andsthat
his General merchand-ise store is
the'only logical plafeein our city
ior the location of the post-office..
? Th Honorable Charles Henry
Qhol'mondeiiey, lae subject of
the British Crown, but npw a
thoTbhghly reformed Ameridan.
insists that his recent- efforts on
bjetialf of the New Jersey Peda
gogue can be rewarded'-rinMno,
other possible way - .than by aiii
appxSihtmertt tothis' higjilyre-
tnunerative federal positition.
Mr.Cholmbtia'eHeyialso persists
tb at tiisbutchershop is - the only
place in our cioy whe,m.ithe citi
zens can call fdi their cMpntgpmV.
ry-Rbe'buck catalogues and. still-
Itje happy.
THeF are ais severiu. other
iterative aspirants-ox 4&i&om
IjBut V6ur Uncle Zteadpledgd
fidtfid divulge thefetfnames ntil'
they have so romtfeeL irfp ,lff.air county.
29 Y2 - No. i4f
- i? : j 1-,: :
forcesfj:h.at; they" can take he fe.fTrW.-
rjo&ing ciindid ates unawares. 1 , '
Npv, Vfthese' tfaha1i
port, and f aexjpfefetifafenta)
tvvO to do as as soon- agtfiew
.sober up a'little'bit. -iMsffe'as'ttaJn
toman, wnaii in une oaui jliii is s .
a fellow gping ; o Jdo under such , -circumstances.
f haven't got
heart"1 enough to ' refuse any of
them, when they ask me to: sign. '-T.. ;
their petition, fea, v up to date I .'V,
haye signed jffveanll have promis-
ed to; sisYi1 tiiree more. That's ttfoi-
the only way a felfow can do and -fk
still , keep his" f rjen'ds";. A , .
It's saci; top, tliat conditions '
."-- it .-..-. ......
should be. sucbV Still, it is nntSi .
Uy be wondered at that there
shbuldhesa many of our leading
citizens out after this office. for; 1.
it is a. Vii.orhltT ' 1Tirrn.f;ivfi nncifinn '
and, after it's once 'grabbed' the , f
successful aspirant can" go afiread
and ten to, Jiis other business a'rid ?ti
firm s iii 1 1 n r wi tvii i i firvwrsu, r.n p-.-
munificent salary
month,' Jdst the same.
Th is . A as entirely ruined the
narmonv .or our rhanksiviner;f
but we are hoping that matter? '
will be so adjusted that there wilW
be northreatening clouds on ther
. r .c" " cz 7
horizon to spoil the tasterof ourlf ; i
egg nog on Christmas. - ,1: .-t
Uncle Zeke Hawkins.'
Offieed? Gountv Tresurer of kl
: ' Apache Cojuntyll: .
-'3:Stf Jbhrns; Ariz-Dec 2nd 19124; '
Notice1 is hereby given that allf
outstanding cdunty warranll
dtan against the county Treasrf
urer of ApafchelCounty, Arizona
Snd; which haye been registered?, $
not paid 'for' want of funds, witff
be paid upon presentation at mfev
'J 'Ar;d'1srGTldE is further giveni.
ranfc frOm'and after this date.f ,
4 'MoniecT Garcia, Treasurt
HApache bounty. Arizona.
I Jtr B: -Bkrret was in Mm
hiranch one dav thrsweeir
atten.diPgto business matters.
, J. H.- MejOamant of Diitf-
tcail, Arizona, was in oif . ete
for a few davf ,thj traem;
locking oet conditions hgrV SfJ
if 13
- IS

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