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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, February 27, 1913, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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A garden without water)
That is what "The Opin- J
ion Publica" of Albuquerque
calls the aoeminsrlv silent,
j j
Mexico of today.
Huerta is the name of the
3 Provisional President of Mex
ico now. If Mexico under
him. is to bo like a warden
. without water, there is not
much good to be expected of.
his attempt at government in I city .Saturday, and Sunday
Mexico. All of us hope Tori and attended the'L. P. S.
the beat for ail Mexicans and conference which convened
Americans and all foreign- at that time,
ers, and foreign interests, in
the land so badly torn by in- 0n account of the show
ternal dissensions now. But which fel1 Ui'1 Saturday the
i'la semilla sembrada ts attorneys who were on their
mala", the seed sown is bad va,y to attend Court at St.
we are in doubts. AnyjJohni' ere delayed and did
man so mad as to deliberate-1 not reFh 1,ore unlii Monday
ly htlp . destroy a beautiful i-evniiig, even then cou.it was
citvof his own native land
as Huerta seems to have done
to satisfy a mean personal
ambition, as he'seems to have!
done :and directly afterward
take prisoner, in traitorous
fashion, as he seems to have
done, the President under
whom he has just been serv
ing as General of the arm',
has b:.t little respect or confi
dence from the MEN OF
TURY and we believe all
look at the matter JUST SO.
We believe that the Monroe
Doct-ine should. prevail and
prevail quickly. L e t n o
' 'Huerta sin agua" prevail in
the beautiful land at our
Bishop Halves' of the Blue
water x ward was a conference
visitor here last week.
This offiice finished printing anc?
binding: the Superior Court Cal
endar for 1913 this'eelc,and ther
are now ready to be seen and read
at any time you wisli. 1
-The W.O. W. Lodge and ladies
were to invite their friends and
neishbors tov enjoy an evening at
the games in Armijo Hall last
Saturday, but the snow storm so
interferred that the event was
postponed till a later date.
Don't send away to get your
Blotters; get them at the Herald
News office. A fresh supply on
hand. -
Subscribe for the Herald
X H, fleap. is having a
jfme Dig barn built at his
j place.
Last Saturday about five
inches of snow fell here, at
Navajo there was- about 12
inches and at Holbrook 14
inches, Flagstaff reported 20
inches and Preseott two feet.
Bishop Joseph Udall and
Mrs. Udail of Eagar were in
acl.l 011 n,er' 1111111 Wednesday
morning ms some witnesses
had faiied to appear, perhaps
the fn0Tr had mething to
with thf.-ir brinr la'-c also.
Bishop J. E. Ashcroft of
flam ah, N. M. was here lo
attend conference Saturday
and Sunday, returning home
The Schuster Mercantile
Company have fenced the
3'ard on the s'baok of their
store and ware buildings and
have moved their lumberde
partrrent into the same.
Bi.-hop W. M.. Tenney of
the town of Alpine wa here!
to attend conference-held last
Oall in at the Hora Id-News offi
ce and samples of Letter
headst envelopes? ' etc. Vmo em
bossed printing can be furnished
at reasonable jDrices. All o ther
kinds neatlr printed- Giye us
r'our orders.
::.: ia sJii iM' 'S i'V ?;xj
YSv? ' Li-j sees-: suc-x-a l .v 7;
.ci-v-- JSi m vantiles In all.
v. o.v V- j. TO PLEASE.
' '.". 0 u j j ; .ii.-.stisn this Paper.
i - c -, pnstpnliJ. -'i-ir with iny big ,
j.m 1 .. i.ru: .rscEcwIe.PlintJ.ctc. &fl
.." . JOSS 5f5 ST?.EL7 . ftS
f : SAL I- PER:
' T"-'.:il ViTr I'.iElntt, A trl-zl will V1 J
r '.,' 'J.''''i-'C 17 varieties :ttt-v!
' - ' - vf - Btr, lSSinds: TeraatiiM, t
if If iif
E3S2K2T6oA if' Vl
Suite 21
February Trial Jury Sessicn
Oa Monda- morning, the Su
perior Court of Apache County,
cenvened at 10 o'clock, Julr
Ling presiding.
Case No. 8 of tne crimina. cal
endar, State of Arizona vs. Igna-
cio Lopez, was culled, after the
roll of trial jurors was -heard, in
the morning, and the defendant,
by his temporary counsel, r.ttorne?
Overson, moved the courD for a
contiiKauce till tlrj next jury
session, on account of the forced
absence of his attorney, Senator
JBarth, a.d the state nut opposing
the courtgranted it
The Court directed the cleric to
give notice of hearing petition of
Mrs Beatris Garcia lor Letters
of Guardianship.
The Court ordered notice ffivou
of hearing: the partition of N.
Gonzales to sell real estate bo
longing to his minor ward.
All other cases were coutiuued,
it being impos lible for either at
torneys, litigants or witnesses to
be present, on acc untof th se
vere storms, in some of the cases,
as was shown in court. Some of
the' parties in court 2natlers,ho-'-ever,.
battlrd their way into St.
Johns, at different times during
the th reft d?iv. Thp .Tnrv a':j
,1; . , w , 1 ' '
discharned on Wednesday . Cases!
not requiring iurijes were set for!
trial from Marcn 17th to 21st. j
Judge Perkins will hear some of I
these at that time.
h i if I rur Af pt
7 ttT!
1 AS r
'V 'V. V :A.C--
f, P
nJ I.
n h v 1. 'V w !i
ya h c n B a
r3 n
q trs
Phoenix National Bank ?oi!dia,
Justice of tho Peace J. B.
Gibbons -is.seriously ill will!
a bad case of pneumenia ut
his home here in town. Mr.
Gibbons went to Showflnko
recently for some of I heir
find seed wheat, he wa-- at
the time stifle ring from a ,
b;.-.d cold. He returned home
much worse ai:d has since
been-confined' to his home.
But at this time he eems to
be taking a turn much lor
the better.
No 1 ng.r will tin; .? mencm
chalk UAei depend upon the Mnt-
ish or Kt-t nch producer for chr.Mc.
C. H. Part c!c 1 . F 43 W. Va -hin-jr '
tbis r r is ;i ov-t c-- of c only
chalk quarry 'in "the continent of
North Amnc. nnd fur,tlor the
qnarry iV. located in Arizona a-'
bout two ntv mil o iroin Wia'tle
man. -Republican.,
' Tlie first ..'lection i 11 Ihe effort
being maJe in to provide a eom
ni'ssion form of government liere
will hi Ik? I :J ul Poi gf a Satnrd: y.
A. plan that w 11 probib'y dis
courage jail birds, will be out by
the board of Supervise rs as ?oon
as the rainy wheather is over.
A resolution has- recently ,beeu
psr.cd proriding that when four
or more prisoners are m the
County jail for comparatively
long terms, thry shall be given
a pick and shovel and set to work

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