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St. Johns herald and Apache news. [volume] (St. Johns, Apache Co., Ariz.) 1905-1917, March 06, 1913, Image 1

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and Apache News
Vol, 29
No. 27
We Want
jf to feel just as free to.
and ask Questions about the. advantages & :
' "
of having a bank account for the, care
lg and protection of YOUR money as you
3 would feel in going into any store to ask
3$ about the; quality or price of a piece of gj
No matter how
bank account will help you to take bet- jfj
5 ter care of it; help you, to accumulate
z more
St. Johns, Arizona &
The musical "B lbul,"
given by the Student B dy
of the St.Joh s Aradom v last
Thurndav, Friday and Salur
dav evenings, deserves the
very highest praise. The
production as staged here,rtP,v to my recent, outburst ot
ill -i !. . I
wouia nave done creaii tor
many professional road corn
panics. Particularly w o r thy o f
"praise was tbe performance
of W i 1 ford BrinkerhofT,
Miss Gwen Tenny,Miss Thur
za Browj and Alfred Ander
son. All parts we'e played in
a professional manner. Pro
fessor Johnson has been com
plimented by every person
who saw the show and the
Compliments weTe all merit
ed. Tomasita Jaramillo, who
was lately adjudged insane
and sent to the asylum, died
in the asylum on the 25 tb of
February, of neuritis.
come into this bank fj
O ' ;
- 5;
small your income a &
Mr. Geo- 5. Waiter '
Dear Sir:
I read with much in
terest, some chagrin and a great
deal of self pity, Day id Eagar's
irn nra n pp. and with nil r1n rp.
-7. 7
pect to ivi . r.agar :itid an otnerj?;oiue rioDon wnicn we supposed
concerned, the writer can not re-
, . , , .I, , n ,.,
f rain from further exposure of took them like little geatlernen
such colossal lack of intelligence, j
Let me sav at the beginning.
however, that I feel no sense of t
shame. My only feeling is one!
of commiseration for myself.
You know we should not be
blamed for circumstances over
which we have no control and
when E was a kid I was denied
the advantages of attending the
lwcal academy, or any other for!
that matter. Hence I can not
help being just a plain, common,
field variety of ignoramus. I
would ask any who criticise this
aad my former effusion to mix
their censure with a little pity,
and I promiso that if I ever have
any children of my own they
shall attend the academv, so that
they can not have it thrown up
to them that they are so uaqual-i
ifiedly ignorant.
I found this statement in Mr.
Eagar's letter; "The money ob
tamed at tnis little snow was
used co buy athletic goods for
the academy" and also this one
"The organization which gave
the little show ,vhich was at
tacked so severely has given twice
as many free entertainments as
those at which admittance has
teen charged, now, i am ex-
nr'PCiiinnr -1 rt Ar ovnrnoo ill mr
letter of some two week ago not
alone my personal opinions, but
also those of a great manv others
in town. Then, as my opinions
represent many of those of other
citizens, possibly my experience
has also been the same as that of
many others, and for that reason
I tiive it.
At least two different times
during the past eight months, t
have had a subscription list pre
sented to me, asking for dona
tions .o assist the athletic organ
ization of tbe academy. On
every occasion that has presented
itself I have gladly and willingly
donated a dollar, and will con
t nue to do so. Immediately after
one such donation, I with a party
of friends, attended a ball game
on the academy grounds. Seats
were at a premium and s'andins
rpoin inside tue enclosure was
scarce. For that reason, it was
necessary for us to stand on the
outside and w- could have
v ewed the gine just as well
from the middle of the main
street . We had hardly selected
a position when a couple of the
Kmco rme nrmitirl with hitfinf:
r, .77 -7 7
represented Heat checks. We
and ladies and dug up two bits
apiece. Later on two of our
. .
party saw some unoccupied seats
inside of the enclosure and took
them and it wasn't two minutes ! Wong Foo and the tax as
before a 'ticket seller came andjsessor wno is also personal
asked them to dig up two bits nrnnort fo- 11M-nr rh'rln't
more. We didn't kick though.
for at least we got a semblance of
our money's worth.
Further, the writer and a num-
ber of his friends, have never at-1
tended a free entertainment giren;
by the student body and wlm is
more, they have made an effort
to attend every one where ad
mission has been charged. They
have done everything in their
power to assist the student body
and will always be glad to keep
it up. They hare no objection
whatever to helping out in a le
gitimate way, but they are law-abiding-
citizens and strenously
object to 'hold-ups'. That's the
reason we kicked about the.'Cir-.
ens' that the student body gave.
Probably we can not appreciate
real true humor. If that show
was Mr. Eagar's or anybody
else's idea of 'real true humor'
we are mighty glad that we are
of English decent and can't ap
preciate it. We called it real
true grat.
The writer has many very good
friends among: the student body,
ami it is not his intention to wil
lingly hurt the feelings of any
of them. . Nevertheless, that
should be no reason for his not
expressing an opinion in regard
to things in general- Had the
student body not received the
cooperation of the citizens of St,
Johns, then they might have had
some excuse for palming off such
a fraud on the people, but they
have always been generously
supported and to a man up a tree
it looks just a little bit as though
that show might give some peo
ple the idea that the originators
were not overstocked with gr'ati
tude. ,
Now, I would like to say to
Mr. Eagar that 1 have no desire
to regain the four bits or so that
I spent at that show. If how
ever, you really do care to square
thiKgs though, I and -a great
many others will appreciate it
very much if you will come
around and tell us when you are
going to have another such a
show and we will gladly buy
tickets to everything you have to
show, put up for all the icecream
- ; , .,
unn Vi a-rr rn oil. hnv s rlo-fn
, , . ,
pnotograpns apiece ann tnen
i , ,
f . , . ,
worth than we would get if we
ucdiri KCLL111& uui ixiuuey a
have any fight, but Wong
Foo -agreed to terms as pro
posed by the collector, as stny
good taxpayer will do.
happened some time ago, but
we didn't have room to tell
about it.
Hon. Gustav Becker of
Springerville is. in Washing
ton City, boosting "Good
Roads'" legislation. -
Hl .nB

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