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The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Ariz.) 1917-1938, October 25, 1917, Image 1

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St Johns is having a healthy substantial growth. Lands are cheap but rapidly increasing in value.
Best climate on earth.
Bpaa i iiimimi in ii ii i in 1 1
Are you going to the girls dance
tomorrow night.
Wm. Lytle of Eagar was here
Mrs. Wm. Davie gave birth to
tig boy this a. m.
A. L. Truax, a cattleman of
Hunt spent Monday here.
Mrs. .Hyrum Lee of Nutrioso is
here visiting with sister Nell
Judge A. B. Candelaria and
Tomas Perez were over from Con
fiho and spent a day with friends.
Harry Colter accompanied by
others drove in from Springer
yille and back Tuesday.
Miss Annie Lamb is in the city
visiting with her sister, Mrs.
Joseph 0. Stradling, Jr.
Tom. and Nat Greer two of the
boys from Hunt are in the city
looking after their business inter
ests. James Shreeve has returned
home after spending several
weeks in the upper settlements
digging spuds.
Attorney Fred W. Nelson left
"Monday for Phoenix to attend to
sdme'matters of business in the
Capital city.
Adolf Schuster was.-in. the city
thh week attending to matters of
tftfeine'ss connected with the A.
&B.. Schuster Company store.
The Gibbons brothers are very
busy these days hauling chopped
wood for our townsmen. Wood
is,pringing a good price $5. per
W. W. Sherwood one of Hunt's
p osper jus farmers and cattlemen
was here on b- si 'ess Mon
day. He was accompanied by his
Bennie Pearson who has been
sojourning in and about St. Johns
for the past week or so left Mon
day to join his father in Los
Angeles, California.
Miss Erma Maxwell of Eagar
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Chas.
Maxwell enrolled Monday as a
student in the academy. The
school steadily grows.
Bishop Wm. D. Rancher has a
cane mill running at his home
and is making some good old
fashioned sorghum. It brings
to our remembrance doings of our
lrid days.
Dionicio Duran is spending a
few days in town. Dionicio is
suffering with a serious attack of
xheumatism, but is in hopes that
he will soon be able to resume his
liis duties at the ranch.
Some two weeks ago Martin
Jensen was hauling hay out of
the St. Johns field and had just
finished loading, he struck
match to light a cigarette, which
broke off and landed on the load
of hay, the fire spread rapidly
and hav and wagon was de-
A commercial Law Class is be
ing conducted at the academy
Tuesday and Thursday evening
of each week under the able man
agementof Geo. H. Cro by. Al
are invited to come and take part
iin the classes this winter. The
Dric'e 'charge for admission is
J, H. Greer and wife of Hunt
were attending to business at the
County seat for a few days this
Emmett Waite U. S. mail driv
er, plying daily between St. Johns
and Holbrook, has been confined
to his home for a few days with a
bad attack of the grippe.
Ermenio Garcia one of Apache
county's thriving cattlemen was
in from his ranch on the Zuni this
week. He says the cattle are
looking well.
Henry Barrett and Wm . Harris
have been holding down the Apa
che garage while the proprietor,
Elmer Mineer has been in the
mountains trying to find a deer.
Elmer has not reported his luck.
Two souls with but a single
thought" were made happy last
Monday morning at the Catholic
church when Father Derichemont
united in marriage Miss Pilar
Chavez and Juan Griego, both of
El Tule.
Judge and Mrs. George H
Crosby started for Eagar last
Saturday but after getting out on
the road a few miles their car
went bad and the Judge was
forced to postpone the trip until
some future time.
L. C. Updike and wife accamA
panied by his mother and sister,
Mrs. Hall arrived in the city last
week from Holbrook. After re
maining over aunday Mrs. Up
dike returned to Holbrook to join
her husband, who is running a
short order wagon there.
A great many of our town peo
ple went to Holbrook Tuesday to
be present at the-. Red Cross dance
Tuesday night for the benefit of
the soldier boys. From reports
we are informed that the dance
was a decided success and a that
a good sum of money was raised.
San Rafael Day was celebrated
at Concho in the usual manner by
the Spanish-American people.
Tuesday Vespers was held under
the direction of Father Deriche
montand Wednesday the usual
celebration was had. Many peo
ple from St. Johns and Springer-
ville were present to take part in
making the day a success.
John Greer, one of Uncle Sam's
drafted men, who has been given
a little time in which to arrange
his business, contemplates travel
line- considerable between now
and the time that he has to leave
for service. Tuesday morning
accompanied bv his wife and
mother-in-law, Mrs. J. H. Heap,
left for Ramah, N. M. for a few
davs visit. John has sold his
ranch at Vernon to his father, J.
H. Greer.
At the academy last Sunday
afternoon Song Services was held
at which time and place a very
beautiful musical program was
rendered, under the direction of
Prof. J. Alfred Anderson, consist
ing of Solos, Instrumental music
and concert singing by the choir
df 70 voices. Wm. S. Hamblin
delivered a short spicy speech,
which was timely and interesting.
The afternoon passed pleasantly.
Much credit is due Prof. Ander
son for the able manner in which
he conducted the program. A
great deal of praise is due the
academy students who were the
participants in the many parts.
Thos. Irwin and wife were in
town Monday and Tuesday to see
the doctor,- but the doctors were
all absent.
John P. Rothlisberger of Eagar
was here Monday with a load of
flour made at his mill. Mr. Chas.
Jarvis has it for sale at $6. 50 cwt
Sheriff E. W- Grimes spent
the better part of last week in
the upper country on official busi
ness. Mrs. Owen Gibbons has return
ed from Springerville where she
has spent the past ten days visiting-friends.
Walter McClaws came up from
Holbrook Tuesday and returned
the same evening. He was driv
ing his bigHayries.
Dr. and Mrs. Brown returned
Monday from Gldbe, where they
enjoy a short visit with John T.
Brown and family.
Dr. Bouldin left Monday for
the southern part of the state to
take the examination for an army
Matt Morgan a prominent young
farmer of Hunt was attending
to business here Monday and
Tom Tucker of the Tucker-
Church Cattle company was a
business visitor here Tuesday.
He says; that this, range is. rather
poor for winter.
Mrs. Hartley Greenwood re
turned Monday to her home in
Eagar after a pleasant visit with
her mother, Mrs. Julia Greer.
Thos. Jones has returned from
Thatcher where he has been for
the past few weeks with David;
his brother, who has been very ill
with typhoid. Tom says David
is improving rapidly.
Judge Crosby has been called
to Mohave county for next week
to try some cases in which Judge
Ellis is disaualified. He will be
gone the greater part of the
Conference of the St. Johns
State will be held here on the 3rd
and 4th of November. Word has
been received that Elder O. F,
Whitney of the Quorum of the
Twelve and Oscar A. Kirkham of
Y. M. M. I. A. will be in attend
Suuervisor W. A. Saunder re
turned from Fort Leon Springs.
Texas last Saturday, where has
been training for an officer in the
U. S. army. On account of ill
health he was forced to resign
his position and return home.
St. Johns has had ten days of
the curfew order and every night
at ten the academy bell has been
runer. The countv ofheers are
preparing to purchase a specia
curfew bell that will be keDt at
the home of the probation officer.
The result are entirely satis
factory up to date.
Misses Dell and Nell Harris
last spring took it upon them
selves to try and produce some
thing and decided upon raising a
crop of potatoes. They went to
Nutrioso and planted two-thirds
of an acre. Last week the crop
was harvested and they found
they had raised 4500 pounds of
nice marketable potatoes. This
is an example of what one can do
if they have pluck enough to try.
OCTOBER 25, 1917
The public- will kindly leave the
water in the City ditch alone as
there is only enough for stock
L. C. Updike says he is Fair
commissioner and is anxiously
awaiting your pleasure. Call on
or write him about your exhibits.
Last Friday the academy facul
ty and students took a hike to the
cedars south of town and enjoyed
a pleasant evening around the
camp fire telling stories and sing
ing songs afterwards returned to
the academy and enjoyed dancing
until 11:30 p. m.
Word has been received that a
son Mr. Peterson of Pinetop
who was at Camp Funston, died
there recently from complications
of being vaccinated. It is also
reported that Matt Stewart is ill
and that Delia C. Penrod is not
xepected to live. We are hoping
that the reports are not true.
Macedonio O. Chavez was ap
prehended in Springerville Mon
day with liquor on his person. On
Wednesday he pleaded guilty to
the charge in the superior court
and Judge Crosby fined him $150.
and gave him a suspended jail
sentence of one year.
Tuesday evening St Johns had
a patriotic bonfire arranged by
Joy B. Patterson and helpers on
the. hill south of town with an
address in English by Judge
Crosby and in Spanish by Court
Reporter Creg. Garcia. Yester
day the local business houses were
closed and the business men of
town were assisting in a liberty-
bond drive with W. P. Love and
Abel Ortega of the local bankers
on tho lead. All the results are
not in yet, but St Johns, with
the rest of Apache county is do
ing its share to raise money for
the nation in its need.
Paul Geary, State Tax Commis-
. . ii i
sioner, and pretty wen Known
all over the state of Arizona and
especially in Navajo and Apache
counties was up in the mountains
last week enjoying a few days
hunting. Wednesday morning
he arose rather early and shortly
afterwards left for the tall pines
no doubt having in his mind, de
termined to bag some big game
before returning to camp. He
remained out out all night having
lost his wav and his comrades
who were in camp became alarm
ed and hastily sent word to the
nearest telephone for help to
sparp.h forthe missincrman. The
search was taken up but without
success, but along about sundown
the next evening Mr. Geary
strolled into camp none the worst
for wear, with the exception of
being rather hungry.
Convention Notice.
The annual convention of the
Young People association of the
St. Johns stake will be held in
connection with the conference
November 3rd and 4th. There
will be officers meetings at 4:15
and 7:30 on Saturday and 9 a. m.
Sunday and a general public
meeting at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.
Oscar A. Kirkham of the Y. M.
M. I. A. board will be in attend
ance. The Y. L. M. I. A. visitor
is not yet announced,
George H. Crosby Jr.
Supt. Y. M. M. I. A
Margaret J. Overson,
Supt Y. L. M. I. A.
Concerning the,
Liberty Load.
From the Liberty Loan State
Central Committee, Phoenix,
There is now offered to the
American people a new issue of
$3,000,000,000 of bonds, known
as the Second Liberty Loan, for
purpose of providing the sinews
of war.
The Second Liberty Loan bonds
bear 4 interest. You are asked
to lend your money, upon the
soundest security in the world for
a period of ten to twenty-five
Your interest will be paid twice
a year, November 15th and May
No tax as long as you live on
any purchase not above $5,000.
Buyers of the first Liberty
Bonds began to draw interest on
June 15th.
Your bonds have not been de
livered because the Government
felt that you would wish a 4
bond, for unless your income is
over $100,000 per year, the new
fours are a more desirable invest
ment than the3J bonds of-the
first issue.
In. order to save money the
Government stopped printing the
3J bonds.
If you are absolutely sure you
want a 3& bond and not a 4,
ryomnanrwilF "get it for yon.
The 4- for which you exchange
the old 3h will be delivered
November 15th at no expense for
exchange, and without loss of in
The new 4 bonds in amounts
from $50 to $1000 will be delivered
October 15th.
Your bank will allow you to buy
bonds of small denominations up
on the installment basis; 10
down and 10 per month until
paid for.
The banks will buy and hold
these bonds for you until paid for
at 4 interest on unpaid balance.
This is the amount of interest
you are getting paid.
We fight for peace for just
and lasting peace.
To secure these ends we appeal
to every man and woman who re
sides upon the free soil of Ameri
ca to buy a Liberty Bond.
Miss Acosta Injured in Duke City
Henry Acosta, job man at the
Independent office spent over
Sunday in Albuquerque, N. M.
and was accompanied home Mon
day by his wife and daughters
who were visiting relatives there
during Patriotic week. -While
down on the thoroughfare on
Saturday their second oldest
daughter, Miss Tana, had the
misfortune to get struck with an
auto while crossing the street and
was rendered unconsicous for
two hours, but with immediate
medical attention, she is at this
time almost recovered from the
accident. The little Miss was
trying to overtake her oldest sis
ter who had just crossed the
street, and did not see the ap
proaching auto. The auto struck
her on the head, making a big
bruise. Miss Tana is four ani
one-half years of age, Gallup
October 22, Bob Fitzs?mmons
died at Chicago of double (Lobar)

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