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St. Johns is having a healthy substantial growth. Lands arjs cheap but rapidly increasing in value. Best climate on earth.
NO. 10
The St. Johns
The deer hunting season closes
For Sale Bicycle. Call at the
Herald office.
Lee Rencher of Holbrook was
In town yesterday.
Jim Culleh a prosperous cattle
of Blanco is in the city today.
Mrs. Isaac Thomas is spending
a few weeks in Alpine with
Art Lyen had a good hunting
trip in the White mountains but
did not bag any game.
Hubert Day of Eagar was down
at the county seat Monday and
FOR RENT Room with or with
out board. Meals served.
. Mary W. Wilkins,- St. Johns, Az.
S. B. Booth the telephone doc
tor, was doing business here in
-our city this week.
Win. Speck one of Springerville's
enterprising merchants was in
town Monday evening.
J. C, White ef Vernon w? s
business visitor here for a couple
of days this week.
Prof.' Lawrence Sherwood of
Richville spent Saturday . and
Sunday in the city.
Mrs. H. A. dotting bas return
ed from Pringerville where she
spent a few days visiting among
Miss Joyce Udall, popular
daughter of bishop Udall of
Eagar is in the city visiting with
Miss Lael Berry.
Gustav Becker of the mountain
city and one-of Springerville's
and Apache County's main men
was at the county seat Sunday.
J. P. LeSueur proprietor of
the Saffell Hotel at Springesville
was a business visitor here Mon
day night. .
Prof. M. 0. Poulson and A. M.
McFate were out on a hunt Sat
urday and Sunday and were suc
cessful in killing a couple of
horned deer.
GfODge Wilhelm and sons of
Vernon came in Sunday evening
and are spending a few days in
town trying to enjoy city life
once more.
Mrs. Wiltbank and daughter of
Greer are in the city to attend
the wedding their son and broth
er, Marion Haws, to Miss Lael
Berry today.
At the Apache Theatre last
Saturday night "In The Struggle"
was presented and we must say
that it was sure some play and one
worthy of example.
The Arizona and New Mexico
soldier boys who were stationed
at Camp Funston, Kansas, have
been transferred to Camp Kear
ney, California, and passed thru
. Holbrook Monday morning.
WANTED One Sub-Agent in
each leading Arizona town to sell
the best all round, low priced
: -;auto 6b the market. Attractive
Proposition to- right party. Ad
dress. Metz Agency, Crown King,
. Arizona.
Mrs. Joseph Udall of Eagar is
in the city today. She came to
be present at the wedding of
Miss Lael Berry to Marion Haws.
, The married people's dance at
the Apiche. Theater last' night
was well attended and an enjoy
able time spent. If you missed
it you sure lost one privilege that
will not return.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Greer
accompanied by Byron and Den
nis Heap left today for California
where they will visit their broth
er, Parley Heap, who is serving
in the U. S. Army.
President David K. Udall left
Sunday evening for Holbrook to
see the soldier boys. He had re
cieved word from his son David
saying they would pass through
Holbrook Monday morning. .
C. H. Sharp was a business
visitor in the city from Nutrioso
Sunday. Hank is one of the old
lands marks of Apache county,
but we have known him for a
long time and he is the same old
Mrs. Joseph 0. Stradling, Jr.,
and her four children left last
Saturday for Blue water, N. M.
co join her husband who is run
ning, the lime kilns there. We
thought that they were going to
make St. Johns their home -Joe-said
"The -girls -dance iast Friday
nTght was the 'best ever' as
girls' doings always are. The
academy auditorium was beauti
fully decorated with black cats
and owls. The lights were
covered with some orange collor
ed paper whi;h. cast a feeling of
Ed Rothlisberger and daughter
Elda were, in from Vernon last,
Friday and Saturday attending
to some business matters., Ed
says that you can raise good gar
d ens at Vernon without water.
He raised cubumbers, melons and
3 or 4 thousand pounds , of bean
this year.
Dr. Bouldin returned Monday
from Fort Huachuca, Arizona,
where he took the examination
required for admittance as a
practitioner to the medical re
serve corps o f the army. In all
probability St. Johns will soon be
called on to part with Dr. Bouldin
as he was successful in passing
the examination and will likely
soon be called to service
Next' Sunday in the parent's
class of the St. Johns Sunday
School the subject "Conservation
of the Child Through Atheletics"
will be considered. This is a sub
ject of vital importance to the
parent of every child, it would be
well for you to be in attendance,
not just next Sunday, but every
Sunday as subjects are constant
ly being taught and discussed in
class that you (parents) should
become acquainted with. Come
out next Sunday.
We note by the Albuquerque
Herald that Fred Howard and
Miss Myrtle Heath both of Mc
Kinley county took out licenses
to wed in that city on Saturday.
Miss Heath is a Zuni Mountain
young' woman, while Howard is
a jrancher residing near Fort.
Wingate, N. M. He is a widow
er with three children. Gallup
This morning at 8:00 o'clock
Eulalia Berry tand Marion Haws
were married; at the home of the
bride's parents, President David
Tr TTJ-ii .sfi.i
Numerous friends and relatiyes
were present to witness the tying
of the matrimonial knot and wish
the happy cquple a safe journey
over the sea pf wedded bliss.
After the ceremony which was
sweet and impressive those as
sembled sat (Jown to the wedding
breakfast after an all night fast
the cooks were led. to believe
that they haj excelled themselves
because of . t h e quantities of
goodies that disappeared.
The bride is one our most pop
ular and beautiful young ladies
rand 'a daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
I Tir TTT T Oil 1 1
w. w. .Berry, one is wiaeiy ana
well known its a highly educated
young woman. Her sunny dis
position hag won her friends in ,
every part jjf the globe that she
has visited.
The groofpr-everybody knows
Marion is one of Apache coun
ty's pro perpus sheepmen and a
son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Haws,
Marion's acquaintances are his
After the. festivities were over
Mr. and Mrs. Hawswent to Greer
to spend a' day with Marion's
mother. TJiey will spend their
honeymoon in the .Salt River val-
ley. rf '
The Herald extends congratu
lations and wishes them peace
and prosperity thru life.
I had a dream; it was the cream,
I think of dream creations. I
saw Kaiser Bill &o forth to spill
his reign ov'r all the nations.
And the Belgian hares, like grizz
ly bears, stood bravely up, to
block him; while folks of France
threw shoes and pants and every
thing to knock him. The Cossack
braves, in tidal waves, came
charging on to meet him; and in
his face thrust lance and mace
'twas thus, that they did greet
him. The British reds leaped
out of their beds to pelt him on
the noodle. But Kaiser Bill got
not his nil not from this whole
caboodle. So he leaned beyond
tHe briny pond and peered among
the Yanks, then slapped their
chins and kicked their shins and
gouyed them in the flanks. The
Yanks got mad, and holy gad -twin
sister hurricanes! The sky
was thick as it would stick with
Yankee aeroplanes. The air was
full dense as the wool on Kaiser
Willie's goat of shot and shell
that downward fell and Kaiser
Willie smote, prayed and begged
and prayed, "Uncultured heath
ens, stop it! Keep der rest of
dot stuff mit you abuff for heav
en's sake don't drop it! Ve Ger
man guys are civilize; ve can't
stand human killing. If you will
cease, ve'll give you peace give
itdingbusted villing." The Yanks
replied with Yankee pride, "For
peace, the world is aching; we'll
secure it tight then take to flight,
a-bringing home the bacon." As
this they said, my visiohs fled; ho
bomb-shells had been dropping.
But peace, you bet, the ' Yanks
will get, ere they start homeward
Warren Coppock in Graham
Notice of Sale of Real Estate on
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
Babbitt Brothers, a Co-partner
ship, Plaintiffs,
D. B. Baca and wife Mary Baca,
Jose J. Baca, C. E. Wiltbank, and
Joseph K. Udall, Defendants.
Under and by virtue of an ex
ecutive and order of a sale, and
decree of foreclosure and sale,
issued out of the Superior Court
of the State of Arizona, in and
for the County of Apache, on the
26th day of October, 1917, in the
above entitled action, wherein
Babbitt Brothers, a Co-partner
ship, the above named plaintiff,
obtained a judgement and decree
of foreclosure and sale against D.
B. Baca and his wife Mary Baca,
on the third day of October, 1917,
for the sum of Fifteen hundred
dollars wit. . interest theron from
March 1st, 1916, until paid, less
$110.62, plus an attorneys fee
computed by taking ten per cent
of the principal and interest due
at date of judgment amounting to
$162.69 in money of the United
States, I am commanded to sell
all that certain piece or parcel of
land, situate, lying and being in
the County of Apache, State of
Arizona, and bounded and de
scribed as follows:; Two story
building located frr Springerville,
Apache County, on the east side
of road leading to Eagar and St.
Johns, together with stock, of
good contained inlaid building;
said property being 88-5 feet
northwest corner, then east south
of road 104-5 feetv north-east
corner of this tract, then south
124-9 feet, then west 103-5 feet,
Bounded west by public street,
North by road, East by land of
E. J. affel, South by land now
occupied by Catholic Church;
Said premises are a part of Lot
37, Block. 44of the town of
Springervijle, State of Arizona.
Public notice is hereby given
that on the 26th day of Novem
ber, 1917, at two o'clock P. M.
of that day, in front of the Court
House door of the County of
Apache, Arizona, I will in obedi
ence to said order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell
the above d--scribed property, or
so much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy said judgment,
with interest and costs, etc., to
the highest and best bidder for
Dated this 26th day of October,
E. W. Grimes, Sheriff.
To the Taxpayers of Apache Co.
The first Installment of the
1717 Taxes goes delinquent at 5
P. M. on Monday, November 5th.
1917, and notice is hereby given
that for a period of Ten Days
thereafter I will not receive any
payments on the 1917 Assessment
Roll. All Tax Payers lettiug their
taxes go delinquent will be
charged 4 penalty and 10
Interest per annum.
Joe Burgess,
Treasurer of Apache. County.
Nov. 1st and 8th.
FOR SALE Two horse colts, 3
years old, will weigh 1500 or more
when grown. For more particu
lars call or write the-. St.' Johns
Mrs. P. O. Stuchell Tells How
She Cured Her Son of a Cold
"When my son Ellis was sick
with a cold last winter I gave him
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It helped him at once and quickly
broke up his cold," writes Mrs,
P. O. Stuchell, Homer City, Pa.
This remedy, has been in use for
many years. Its good qualities
have been fully proven by many
thousands of people. It is pleas
ant and safe to take, . Adv.
$30,000,000 istheaveragaspent
daily by England in war.
Ah Old Man's Stomach.
As we grow older and less act
ive, less and less food is required
to meet the demands of our bod
ies. If too much is habitually
taken, the stomach will rebell.
When a man reaches the advanced
age of 85 or 90; you will find that
he is a light eater. Be as careful
as you will, however, you will oc
casionally eat more than you
should and will feel the need of
Chamberlain's Tablets to correct
the disorder. These tablets do
not contain pepsin, but strengh
the stomach and enable it to per
form its functions naturally.
They also cause a gentle move
ment of the bowels. Adv.
AmranasamesStandsiHigh on
the Shining Scroll of Liberty.
Certain Cure for Croup.
Mrs. Rose Middleton, of Green
ville, 111., has had. experience in
the treatment of this disease.
She says, "When my children
were small my son had croup fre
quently. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy always broke up these
attacks immediately, and I was
never without it in the house. 1
have tuken it myself for coughs
and colds with good results."
Ameircan Troops captured their
first pi isoner last Saturday night
in No Man's Land between the
opposing lines. He failed to halt
when commanded to and was
shot and died a few days later.
Valuable paper were found upon
For a Weak. Stomach.
As a general rule all you need
to do is to adopt a diet suited to
your age and accupation and keep
your bowels regular. When you
feel that you have eaten too much
and feel constipated, take one of
Chamberlain's Tablets. Advl
The foreign Minister says that
separate peace for .uussia is im
possible, i
Next Sunday is the" day set for
Sunday Read the Proclama
tion elsewhere in this week's is
sue of the Herald.. .
Don't forget Helen Holmes i
The Railroad Raiders at Apache
Theater tonight
Why not take advantage of our
combination subscription 'offer.

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