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And when we are in a pleasure
seeking crowd, why do we in
variably throw caution to the
winds and proceed to do every
thing foolish that comes into our
slow-acting minds. Intoxicating
drinks are passed around, every
one is playing and meddling with
the operation of the automobile,
with the result that the pleasure
seeking crowd ends up on the slab
in the morgue rather than at the
picnic grounds. To profit by an
other’s mistake was very wisely
said. ’Tis far better for the pleas
lUre-seekers to really find their
pleasure than send sorrow to .the
hearts of those who love us. Drive
carefully; don’t partake of intoxi
cants, and leave the driver alone
and you’ll be a darn sight better
* * *
Purposeless Piffle: Whatever
happened to Clarence “Bing’ Cros
by? .. . And who saw “Green
Pastures?"’ Truly a picture worth
going to see . . . Kidnaping has de
clined to the petty class now. Not
the Hundred-Thousand type but
SSOO for the return of a colored
chap, William Rambo, who was
abducted by J. H. Willford at Tex
arkana, Tex. Really not worth the
trouble and risk ... If all the doc
tors continue ot close their offices
and sail off on much-needed va
cations, Phoenix is liable to find
herself short of medical attention,
and the darndest thing for a city
as large as Phoenix is the absence
of an all night drug store. Filling
station proprietors find is profit
able to remain open 24 hours and
anytipie a filling station is open,
there is certainly need for the
continuous operation of a (drug
store. They run hand in hand,
and so I reckon I better say
THAT’S THAT for this time.
Read the Gleam
Cash and Carry or Delivered.
18 years in this business in
22 E. Jefferson Phone 3-8594
504 E. Washington St.
We invite your patronage.
/.* ’’ *
Bess Equipped in Phoenix
Expert Workmanship Hot and Cold Baths
An award of $50.00 is made each year by the Founda- \ //
tion to the Negro or any Negro group for the best paper c vcC*'
submitted on an improved method of beauty culture. '
ST. LOUIS, Mo.—ln selecting
your shade of rouge, it is import
ant to remember that we want to
mimic nature as closely as pos
sible. When we are in the best of
physical condition, the blood cir
culating beneath the skin gives a
ruddy, healthy tint to our cheeks,
and it is this appearance we wish
to imitate when we apply makeup.
But this pink glow of health
has a slightly different tint in dif
ferent persons because of the va
riation in complexion shades. For
that reason, each woman must
carefully select the type of rouge
that will give her cheeks the same
color they have when the flow of
blood is stimulated by vigorous
In general, chose with the
darker complexions should use
the darker shades of rouge and
lipstick, the shades which appear
bright red before being placed on
the cheeks. Women w.th lighter
brown complexions can use lighter
shades, and very light complex
ions can take “natural” rouges, or
even those with a touch of orange
in them.
In our last column, we pointed
out that rouge should be applied
in such away that it creates an
appearance of natural beauty, in
stead of looking like a dab of col-
Temple Oil for Darkening the
Hair. Formerly East India’,
now Wild Rose.
Will promote a
full growth of
'• *22 ba * r * Will also
lllf restore the
fpl . Strength, Beauty
Jiiilil * ant * Vitality of
one JAR 50c
¥X<y i: ffl So,d bv a,]
418 N. Central, Oklahoma City,
Okla. E. B. LYONS
Send for wholesale prices.
or spread on the face. The same
thing is true, of course, about lip
stick. Carefully and correctly ap
plied, lipstick gives a soft, alluring
appearance to the lips. But when
it is put on carelessly, it gives our
mouth an artificial, “painted’
lodk that is anything but inviting.
Lipstick should be used sparing
ly, especially if the lips are large
and full. It should be applied
smoothly and evenly and rubbed
into the surface of the lips, never
smeared on in a thick layer.
Our shade of lipsticvk should be
selected with as much care as we
use in picking our rouge. Remem
ber that we want lipstick which
will give our lips the color that
naturally goes with our type of
complexion; And its color should
match our rouge as closely as pos
If the lips are extremely thin —
a mere straight line across the
sac should be used to
round them out and give them an
alluring curve. The upper lip
should be arched into a “Cupid’s,
A%m\ -ASm*
will he yjp&p
/ OflUf
was losing out on love, romance
—missing fun—all because ugly, gray
itrcr.kcd hair had dulled the charm of
her face—made her look years older.
But that was yesterday. Vera’s world is
different today—dates, dances, parties,
excitement. Wherever she goes, women
envy; men admire her beautiful hair,
flow did Vera make herself over? You’d
be surprised; A single, simple application
of Godefroy s Larieuse. And by using
Larieuse, you, too, can make xour hair
lovely—even though it is gray, or has
become streaky or oS'-color from the use
of hot ir jus.
As easy to use as shampoo. No fuss; no
If your dealer Q GODEFROY'S .
doesn't have mijj
direct to JBW Mff S& XmL
:french HAIR coloring
c £o larrv improved *
bow’ ’leaving a tiny triangle in
the center of the lip untouched,
and bringing the lipst.jk on each
side of it all the way up to the
line separating the lips from the
ordinary skin. It is never per
missable, of course, for lipstick
*to go beyond that line, no matter
how thin the lips may be.
Up-to-date beauty experts are
not making the Cupids bow of the
upper lip as pronounced as was
! formerly popular. In other words,
the line of lipstick is carried grad
ually downward toward the cor
ners of the mouth, instead of go
ing sharply downward near the
i ‘ ,
center of the mouth and leaving a
pronounced arch.
j On both the upper and lower lip,
the lipstick should be blended
gradually into the mucous mem
brane lining inside the lips. Un
less your mouth is very small,
j never apply lipstick all the way
out to the corner of the lips, as
this gives the mouth a wide, ugly
Even if the lips have an at
tractive shape, lipstick may be ap
plied lightly. It should follow the
1 natural line of the lips, not alter
ing their shape but giving them
an alluring color and texture.
Lipstick must be applied very
carefully if the lips are quite full.
It should never extend close to the
line separating the lips and skin,
but should form an arch well in
side the outer limits of the lips.
\ D° ntlet . ke ep him \
\ I-- F "°‘ > “s°LW ,EUS Li
bother. Just apply at home. In wanted
shades: Jet black, black; dark, medium
or light brown, or blonde. Will not rub
off or wash off and will last for six
months. If not satisfied, your dealer will
promptly refund your money.
Don’t let ugly hair rob you of youth, of
love, and romance. Get i bottle of
Larieuse —TODAY.
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