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mis a free press.
pcyUtoMo Every Thsiisday at
the Mesa Publishing Co.
W 0, mg.tTOM Editor.
■*■■ '-■ '..IT* -> ' ' *■' '**»■ 1 ' * ■ - ■
Subscription Rats*.
Mi via U.M
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twit «ioMtw» r»
ta variably in ulntw.
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Advertising rates made known on
Thursday, October 12, 1893.
The net expense of conducting
the Territorial Prison at Yuma for
the last quarter was $11,309.17.
During the first half of Septem
ber the Government expenditures
exceeded the receipts by $1,000,000.
Thru hundred feet on the west
,end of the Wolfley dam across the
Gila at Gila Bend, gave way during
the late rise in the Gila and Salt.
THE supervisors of Riverside
.County, Qil, have refused by or
dinance to allow saloons to be con
ducted within the county. The
ordinance went into effect
Wanted A new Governor
for Arizona. Apply to the genial
editor of the Gazotie. The balance
of the people are satisfied with
their present Governor.
The Florence Tribune remarks
that should Governor Hughes be
removed it will be taken as a no
tification that the Territorial De
mocracy has do place for excessiye
morality in its make-up.
The Gazette says the Free Press
is better than no organ. We can
not say as much for the Gazette.
That excelleut journal but weakens
the opposition to the administra
tion, i* indeed it were possible for
it to be any weaker than it is.
The woods hereabouts are full of
Jacksonian aud Jeffersonian Dem
ocrats. We haven’t found any J.
O. Dunbar Democrats yet. That
variety is an unknown quantity.
The equation has been solved and
the number of that variety is found
to be zero
The Chinese in California who
have refused to obey the Exclusion
Act in not registering are still re
ceiving cold comfort in court of
of U. S. District Judge E. M.
Row at Los Angeles. Judge Ross
is enforcing the law, notwithstand
ing the restrictions pot upon him by
the U. S. Attorney General.
The people throughout all this
section are pleased to learn that
Dr. Chandler is on tyis way home
from England and Scotland, where
he consummated all arrangements
for prosecuting vigorously the canal
work and water development in
- this valley and also the gigantic
reservoir at the Buttes, near Flor
ence. The Doctor is energetic and
progressive and does not propose to
allow any obstacle to circumvent
him in the consummation of his
It seams unfair for the Phoenix
Gaaette to talk so naughty about
Bruce. The accomplished
editor of that great family journal
cheated the Territory out of a good
Secretary when he refused to ac
oept the position, which according
to a dispatch in the Gazette was
unanimously offered to him while
he was back in Washington work
ing for the appointment of Foster
Dennis to the Governorship. The
Gaaette ought not to do so much
picking under those circumstances
Ilf 1m isae of the JQ'h iost.
the Phoenix GiZetto recites a little
•p l)ie that transpired in Washing
ton jult prior to Governor Hughes’
appointment to that position,
wiieiei i it is stated that L 0.
Hugh*** in the presence of the
editor of the Giz-*tco proposed to
Mark Smith that if he—Smith
would recommend him for Gover
nor, that he —Smith—might name
•very man to be Appointed in
Arizma. That wm s» infamous
proposition, as stated by the Ga
zette, and yet if it be true that
this infamous proposition were
made, we arraign John O. Dunbar,
the talented and genial editor of
the Gazette, before the bac of pub
lic opinion in this territory, as
being participes eritnini* , a p-»rty to
the inf mi >is p'opxitinn, because
that he did not at ooch himself
rese it the indignity offered to
political decency, by immediately
throwing the weight of his power
ful influence against the appoint
ment of Governor Hughes; because
that for these months he bias kept
ail this matter secret from the
people of this territory; and be
cause further that after his return
from Washington to Phoenix, when
charged by the editor of this paper
with having been false to the pledge
he m ide. to Governor Hughes, as a
member of the press association, lie
tol l the ei tor of this piper, in the
Assembly Chamber on the night on
which the last Legislature adjourn
ed, that “if it had not been for
me”—with the emphasis on me—
‘T<. 0, Htighes would not have re
ceived the appointment." And all
this after thb “infamous proposi
tion" episode. We really don’t
know where wo are at. Eithrr the
“infamous proposition," is a crea
ture of the imagination, or else
two men have been false as hell to
the people of this Territory in not
at once, aud on the spot exposing
the “infamous proposition.” 'Falk
about abusing the confidence of the
people. Bih ! ’Tis like listening
to a prostitute lecture on virtue.
We are not able to answer by
letter all the inquiries we receive
in regard to getting land at reason
able prices in this valley, but we
will say here, that if a man wants
to get a home in the best country
under the sun, at a reisouible
price, now is the time for him to
come to the Salt River valley.
We don’t as a rule nowadays hive
much to say about this magnificent
Qountry because those who are here
know about it, and there is not
enough of these papers sent out tq
the East and elsewhere by resi
dents here to pay for the weir and
tear on pencils in presenting the
advantages of the country. If a
few more hundred of the Mesa
Free Press were sent to Eistern
subscribers, we would then think
it worth while to talk. However,
we will say that right here on the
Mesa is the best place for a man
who wants to build up a home in
the'best climate in the world, with
richest soil and at the smallest
absolute cost to be found on the
Pacific slope. It don’t now, cost
a mm a fortune to secure ten,
twenty, or forty acres of as fine
land as ever was tickled by a plow
or a hoe, where everything can be
raised that a man wants to plant
and where a pleasant home can be
built up in a year. Time is not
far hence, however, when land will
be land and the mm wh> g-ts it
will have to pay for it. As the
preacher suys, “Nov/ is the accepted
time, now is the day of salvation,”
and if you want a home, cheap, in
the best country under the sun,
apply at once.
The Federal election repeal bill,
passed the House by a large major
Pi’.*att>jWT Cleveland deni-a
that be is a raonornetalList and de
clares that he is in favor of utiliz
ing silver so far as it can be done
with safety to a sound currency.
Well, we are all about the name
way. Bit we of the V/est have a
sort of a notion that free coinage
would be about the proper thing
just now. Os course the President
knows more than we do what is
best, but we will continue to think
as we please on the subj ct, never
The editor of the Free Press
unfortunately is not a Haxsaynmp-r
but is now a citizen of the Ter
ritory and the Free Press is a non
political paper. The editor of this
paper is not pwned by the present
administration, neither is the paper,
nor does the administration dictate
the policy of thia paper. But the
present administration is doing
good, hottest work for the Territory
and for good government, and in
common with nearly all, if not all
of the newspapers thvmj<Juut
the Territory, with ouo exception,
wh will support and defend the
cause of good government, admin
istered in the interest of the peo
ple. Should tins administration,
in onr owr. individual judgment
depart from its present admirable
course in administering the alfai s,
of the Territory, then we should
not hesitate to put on our war
paint. We shall he actuated at all
times by what, in our judgment, is
for the best interests of the whole
Feed & Livery Stable.
P. METS, Proprietor,
V - ’ Mill HO
S ’C •
2 2 £ Jr j
05 § 1
& «=-=> §ls
r uj 12
fc o “ .#
O .1 “
~ *‘ a r- > a?
=8 S J « s
i* £2 l.| 1
O§ w |
S- a! g i i
w (£\ 12
2 □ • _ .1 I .§
2 g 11, ! * 1
« O e : §
E— «§ -3 § *3
M E— -a § S
* w « d? £ B
i k- “ :■§ I I
r > -t §-is .a
>1 * a
O 2 f—-~i *si Fj
fcs IS -2 -t 0-j M
o=2 I'll H
?i ir
■ a § o'
w j=i
? fe--s ’ : q 1
- : .t-igwsßaL.-fg’^-ja.^.ii.imwat
« *' ''■ ■”' -■
Desirable GountryProperty
* *J- J.* ***' *, Iff* ‘
Also Several Desirable Bargains
“* :0: r- :
Correspondence Solicited,
Os (ice: Main Street, Opposite Post Oftica
A nd see us when you want
Builders Hardware, Mechanies Toole
Paints, Oils, or Class,
Talbot & Hubbard, Phoenix
—■,■■■■■■ ■ 1 "■ * l i"naeaa
Tobacco and Liquor Halits Eradicated
-r BY
Dr. ; Eiisor’s Vegetable Remedies, __
No Mineral for vd into the system that ail! k# karttfa) tn kaaltk. Tkk
Ensor Remedies :>re in vitiating Tonics that taaa ap and ttum tba eatifa
system, T!k' greatest biosing von can bestow apoa a friend la la fraa kiaß
trom his appetite for strong drink. The cart is Fort, g?ift sad ft*/s
AQFThe Institute in Phoenix is aaw *m« tad haa rnilufiffd mass
than thirty patients, "i
Institute in Gilson Block. Addrcas
Buiio*M Mtiigtr.
- - ' >
Fine Wines, Liquors and Clean.
Mesa Wines of all kinds
Suit] in your o**ders and gti a food pur#
fpr medical uge. bv the bottle or <*6s,
% . - * W'* * *

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