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Jf£s/ ffl££ press.
hnuumm* Thursday by
ra* Mma Publibhinq Co.
\ rasa
► TbuudaV October 12, 1893.
■fc — ... ..
We don’t. need money
men and printers never do, 'but we
.were educated for a preacher and we
.don’t want to tee any one go to bell
for not paying the printer. We are
idown to caeca now, having tried to
ran this paper ..on dimate for some
time, and all who know themselves to
be indebted to this, office, either on
subscription or otherwise, would do
well tocxd on u* at once, else op.
devil, or our collector will be abroad
in the land.. “Let us dwell together
in unity,'* was the first text we preach
ed from when we .entered the ministry,
and wa strongly urged upon our small
congregation the importance of pat
k rooicing and prompt’y paying the
printer. Let us bear from you, gentle
man in a substantial way before an*
other sun eats.
Prat Caee wait h> Phoenix Satur
day. m y
The sprinkling cert is again on
Ur*. Jessie Pomeroy is steadily im
Dr. Sabin is in possession of a fine
gold nugget.
H. McComas went to Phoenix
on business Tuesday.
Did you note the partial eclipse of
-the sun on Monday ?
Now is the time for bargains at B.
F. Johnsog, Sofia k Co.
Superintendent Ketherton went to
Phoenix on bnainese Monday.
Dr. Chandler ia expected home
ekortly from bis European trip.
purr Bxos Phoenix— Will take
.your old school books.
Thoro are thirty-six more boy* than
jglrla in the Lehi school district.
Now ia a good time to renew your
*tbecription to the Free Press.
p Xrr Stormanl spent la t Saturday
wnd Sunday at her home in Tempe. .
Ona hundred more -übsCribers to
the Free Press are wanted at once.
B. F. Johnson, Sons A Co. will sell
you anything from a pin to a form.
We ace aorry to lean that Mrs.
Long of the Alhambra, has been quite
sick this week.
Have you seen the magnificent
stock of staple and fancy groceries at
B. F. Johnson Sons k Co* ?
A. 8t John Gaylord contemplates
Abe erection of a handsome residence
ia town fa the near future.
Mr. Stevens, who has been dan
gerously ill with typhoid fever, is
jiew beginningfto improve.
Miss Knelt will give lessons on the
piano and In painting in Mesa and
’wiemity. Inqaire at Pomeroy Block.
D. E. Falconer received the sad
intelligence Tuesday of the death of
bia father, whose home was in Oregon.
Lewis Bros-' thresher pulled in for
the season last Saturday, having been
continuously at work for three months.
Don’t Forget to bring your old
pebool books to Pratt Pros., they will
take them. 8-17-8 t
Mias Etta Btrrine arrived home on
Bandar tabrnlng from Sam Francisco
where she has been on an extended
Every land owner in the valley
should this season plant out from five
to twenty acres to some kind of stan
dard fruit.
Jndge Hakes has taken the con
tract for doing the development work
inn the two mines which be bonded to
M. E. Collins.
Don’t forget that tor every dollar’s
worth of goods you buy of B. F. John
oon Bone k Co, you get a chance for
fbefine organ.
Winters' store building is decorated
with signs announcing that be will
(open hie branch store here on Nov.
f let with an immense stock
W* 8. Johnson's elegant new brick
ieeaideaee ia this city is now about
ready for occupancy. It is one of the
handsomest residences in town.
The heading of the canal which was
washed out by the storm of two weeki
MO line been completely repaired and
|pir mtdhee are again fell of water.
j The firs grand ball given by Mesa
I Lodge N<». 14 I. O. 0 F., on Thur*-
• j *
• day night ot last week, was the bail
! par excellence of the Salt River
valley, Every arrangement bad been
• made to render the occasion pleasant
and enjoyable to the guests, and the
effort was a brilliant success. The
Hall bad been beautifully decorated j
and the sidewalk leading to the Run- j
bull Home was illuminated with *
Chine-e lanterns as was also the I
grounds around the Hall. Over the j
entrance from the sidewalk to the i
Hall was a large arch romp wed of
' palm leaves, evergreens and illumi
nated with lanterns. There were
! eighty couple present and from eight
o’cioek p. in. to four a. m- the merry
guests enjoyed the mazy dance. At
12 o J clock a banquet was served at the
Kimball House that would have done
credit to the banquet hall of a princ \
The music furnished by Arriola’s
orchestra of Phoenix, was all that
could have been desired Those who
were preseut are unanimous in saying
that this was the best ball yet given
in the Salt River valley- A number
weie in attendance from Terape and
And now the musical ladies of Mesa
are not to be outdone by any of our
suburban towns, because our prosper
ous city has as fine musical talent »«
there is in the territory. The ladies
are to meet Saturday night to organ
ize a cornet band. The citizens of
Mesa ought to give every encourage
ment to this laudable undertaking,
seeing th*it the boys of Mesa b ind did
not possess cohesive power enough to
keep up their organization. The Free
Press commends the lad : es for this !
undertaking, and we believe that ere
long our Ladies’ band will be second
to no band in the territory. A part,
at least, of the instruments belonging
to the defunct band belong to the city,
and these onght to be turned to the
ladies, and the citizens ought to pro
curesuch other instruments as may be
needed. Geo. Emmett, who teaches
the Tempe ladies band, will be the
teacher here He is a competent i
musician and in the not long hence |
our crystal air will pulsate wiih dulcet j
harmony from the fair cornetists of
We are in receipt of a circular from
our old friend J* E. Bettler who is ;
now assoc a'ed w,;fh his son in. prac
tical horticultural and tree pi inling,
J. E. Settler A Son are planters for
Farrington A Co’s nurseries at Phoe
nix. Joe Bettler planted a great part
of the magnificent orange and deeid
ttous orchards at Ontario, California,
understands his business better than
any man in the territory. If you
want tree* planted with an assurance
that they will grow call uyon Bettler
A Son to plant them and care for
We are glad to say that work is
shortly to begin on the new head of
the Mesa canal. One hundred thou
sand feet of lumber is now on the cars
at Tempe with which to construct the
mammoth dredger for the work and
the other machinery has been tele
• graphed for and will be here in few
days. The Consolidated Company are
in position, on the arrival of Dr.
Chandler, to push operations with
more vigor than ever. When the
njew head of the Mesa Canal is com
pleted, washouts will be a thing ot
the past.
j -l
Mr. Phillips a confidential agent of
the Hudson Reservoir Co. - informs us
that Judge Hendershott. who is now
in New York, has secured capital
ample to begin the constructionbf the
immense reservoir in Tonto Basin.
There is no question but that the
gigantic scheme will eventually he
( carried through, and when it is the
several million acres of land between
here and Yuma will be made to blos
som as the rosa and support thousands
. of prosperous people.
j, In all onr experience in fruit rais
. iug sections of the Pacific '•oast, we
have never yet seen a finer young
orchard than that of the Mesa Im
provement Company west of town.
• peaches, apricots, almonds and Prnnuf?
e Simoni in about equal proportions.
The orchard is kept at afi times since
s its planting last spring, in the very
• highest state of cultivation, and the
d effect of this good care is shown in
marvelous growth of trunk and limb.
j f
I Now, the oeople ot Southern Ari-J
zona are enjoying the delight of,
climate which is typical ot this part of]
the const for at nine rnonihs tu !
.the y c ar.
The family of J. L. Putter*on have
returned from Goldfield to their home
in this city. .1* L. remains in the
j mines developing some valuable prop
j erties which he has there.
The door-vard of every home in
j Mesa ought to be a bower of fl >ral
j wealth. There is no place on earth
where flowers are mire fragrant an 1
beautiful than they are here.
What has become of the Military
Company that was going to he organ
ized in Mesa, but which has not
materialized yet? Keep the ball
rolling gentlemen.
We have a complete assortment of
school books. Second hand book**
bought. Old books taken at regular
exchange price*.
The Irvine- Co. Phoeniz, Ariz.
The amateur bisebnll club of Me*a
and the Tempe nine played the first
of the series of three games at Tempe
last S i*nr lav. The Temoe bovs won
by a score of 10 to 7. The next two
games will he played in Mesa.
We acknowledge the receipt of an
invita’ion and complimentary tickets
to the first annual hall of the Tempe
Guards at Diggs’ Hall, Tempe, to
morrow night. It. promises to he a
grand affair find all who attend are
assured of a most enjoyable time-
The Alma school opened a week
ago last Monday with a large fttten
j dance. Prof. W* G. Gilmore is prin
cipal, Mis Josephine Frankenberg,
teacher of the intremediate depart
ment and G* P. Dykes teacher of the
Frank Ttaplev is still at work on
his desert well between here and the
m ; nes. He is now down one hundred
and eightv feet w th hut little indi
cations of water. Frank says he will
strike it, if he has to go a thousand
feet further.
At a late business meeting of the
Stringtown baseball club. Orlev Stan
ley, Wm* Ttiggs and Wiley Simkins
withdrew from the club on account of
net being able to devote time to ball
plaving. Their places not filled
but will be at the next meeting.
The dance given at Alma on Mon
day night, for the benefit of the Y. L.
M. I. A. was a'brilliant success in
everv wav. There werj about forty
couple present and. dancing was kent
up until one o’clock. Mesa was well
We notice our friend Will S. John
son going around with a high stand
ing col’ar on. That new hoy that his
wife presented him with la«t Friday
is only a seven pounder hut. W. S. is
just as proud of it as if it were a twelve
pound nugger of gold.
M. E. Collins was up to the Super
stition mines last week. He was en
thusiastic over the outloog for th-*
camp. Asa result of his visit and
investigations, he bonded two mines
from Judge Hakes (or sixty thousand
R. M. Wallace of La Grwnge, Mo.,
brother of our citizen W. H. Wallace,
has been vis'ting Imre for some davs.
He owns a fine 320 acre tract near
town and expects to he out here with
in a vear to make, this his home. He
left for the east Tuesday night.
John Canevno, now of California,
formerly Superintendent of the Globe
sme’tets, was in Mesa Inst, week and
in com pan v with Ed. Jones, visited
the Superstition mines He believes
the Superstition district is one of the
richest, gold districts on the coast.
The Lehi schools opened a. week
ago last Mondav with 108 children
in attendance. Prof. Ch is. Ronh is
principal and Mrs. Varnnm has
charge of tho primary department,
The school honse and the grounds
arounfi it been fitted up in a
most attractive manner.
California or Florida would be
searched in vain for a fine*" young or
ange grove than that of Mrs. A. B.
Pritchard west of town. In the tract
are fifteen acres of orange trees and
five of lemon and they are making a
magnificent growth,/ They were plant
-1 ed out a year ago last spring and
stood the last winter without reoeiv- j
log a blemish,
j Our iieiftUb miy settlement at Lehi
jiniu mmy ways re uark ibic. Its soil
ji« ferule Mini prolific to oegin with,
I ind then the c tizmn of that pleasant
settlement are tlirlio and enterpris
ing There is an t ,g'r v acre tract
over there which stinpuris in aban
iJauce two families having a/ aggre
gate of nineteen boys.
The following eloquent perora
tion closed the speech ou ihe
Silver question, delivered by Sen
ator Mitchell of Oregon in the
Senate the other day: ‘‘Demon
etize and utterly destroy silver as
a money metal, as ia proposed by
the pending hill, aud the record on
history’s page of the disgraceful
scramble among the nations, that
must ineviubly follow, for the
possession of the world’s supply of
gold will be a dark and ineffaceable
blot on the civilization of the age.
Then each of the great powers,
like ihe miserable miser in the
Chimes of Normandy, will cry,
“Gold ! Go’d !G >M !’’ and to ob
tain it no sacrifice of either interest
or honor wdl he too great, not even
the reduction of the people to a
system of peonage or serfdom. Jjet
this he done, tiicn the little less
than four thousand millions of gold
of the world will become the
mighty and attractive jack-pot for
the posse*siau of which the dice of
the nations will he thrown. And
pending that great international
game, in which nations will he the
gamblers, the best interests, the
most sacred rights, the brightest
hopes, the highest aspirations of
the great masses «f the people will,
it >s feared, go down forever in
impenetrablc'darkm;Eß and irretriev
able ruin.”
Undertakers’ suppl es always on
F'uimitvire re
paired and job
w Drlc don-1
Motto —“Live and Let Live.”
Give me a call.
MAIN STREET. - Mesa. Ariz
TTmtkd Statfs Land Office. [
To :SOS, Awzon*, Oct. 4th 18*3. |
Not:os Uhareby irivnn that Andrew W, lmrie,
of Datroit, Michigan, ha< file 1 notice of inten
tion to make proof on his draert-land claim No
16U.forthewholeofSec.fi, To 8, S. R, & E,
before the Clerk of the District Court at Phoe
nix, Ariz >ua on Saturday the 18th day of No
vember 1898*
He names the following witnesses to prove
the co uplete irrigation and reclamation of said
l n,i, Oeorj;i Ande soa, Linwoo i Salter, Oarlos
T. Prall aud William H. uode ail of Mesa, Aris.
SI,OOO Reward...
Proclamation By the
Territory of Arizona, ExßCtmva
To all to Whom These Presents Shall
Come, Greeting,
Whereas, Information from au*-
thentic sources has been received by
me that Frank W. Ourv, a Citizen of
Tucson, Pima County, was murdered
at Arivaca, in the said county, on the
19th of September, 1893, by some
person or 'persons unknown;
Now, therefore, I, Charles M. Bruce
A 3ti ng Governor of Arizona, by virtue
of the power and authority in me
vested, do hereby offer a reward of
one th'*usatid dollars for the arrest and
conviction of the person or persons
who committed the aforesaid murder.
In Witness Whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and caused the
i Great Seal of the Territory to be
Done at Phoenix, the capital, this
twenty-first day of September ,A. D.
1898. ~
(seal) Attest: CHAS. M. BHrtJCE
| F- B. Devereux, Acting Gov’or.
Ass’t Secretary of Arizona
jGilmi Bro’s. itti Sore,
We are the Boys to Trade With
(Ming for Men, Devs and Children!
We Paralyze 0 ouSfiw %m '
Dou’t miss our Store, but be sure you Mad the
sign insi *e the door.
We have added a
IF’xqq Eraplcyment •A.g-’xxey
For the Benefit of all Laborers
Mil Bra’S- Mil Stem.
V. as. Tofh.»u A-
Mesa Real Estate
T 1 . ' '
A he Choice Fruit, Orange, Almond and AlfaMW
Lands are on the Mesa, tinder canals where you are tb«
owner of yonr water.
We sell at the Owners Price $25.00 td $50.00 per
acre with water. Relinquishments SSOO to SIOOO p#r
one-qnarter section 2 to 4 miles from Mesa.
Loans placed on first mortgage Security,
Correspondence SdiciUd
Office in Hotel Hakes, Mesa City. Arizona,
Jones National Deadlock Fence!
We have received the sole agency for this avstefe
of fence, and can now offer the same free of all chargto
for farm rights—in other words, we sell you the material
and nay for your license to use the'same ourselves.
Adapted to either barb or smooth wire. Protect yo«r
Qau on us for prices on all kinds el' itfcting-

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