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Vol. 4.
Taken in KxchangQ for
Fresb, Staple anil Faney Groceries
At popular Free Silver Prices.
' 1
Reap * fall supply of Fresh Groceries constantly on hand which they are
•eiUnjratsmall margins.
ttoods delivered free. See our new line of Furnishing Goods which
has just arrived.
Sr# Kw, Phoenix, A
.winter strbe t. a x. fsaek
TSRS, Rooms 7 and 8, Flea,
ftl ok, Phoenix, Aricona.
PbyAiai «od Burgeon. Office and
taaidonce at the late roaidmae of >
/. L. Patterson, Mesa, A. T.
DUoassoof women and Obstetrics
n Specialty.
-tui* •-
Crags,fladicines. Chemicals,
ffgei. aradiM. Perfumery,] lie
vha auzova
S •lmM* Physician and Bnryeon
viu irmrp all calm promptly
WVknmi* 4fcMM *1 #omc* ft *p#cialtjr. JV
Office: Oaa deor North of Bee-
Hive Store
llffin. - - Arizona
*j| --- ■ - i- - , T - - ‘ 1
. . B DRANE.
#tiysfofan and Surgeon*
Ofice: One dour west of the
Pomeroy Block. Calls attended at
•U tines.
Phyaioian A Surgeon
Ofiw at residence, 3 uiles West
of If sea.
Attorney 8-at-Law,
Mbsa City, - Arizova.
Will parties IS rtlths Contte of *k«Terrtlorj
artmut land butnets a specialty. Col
mSm» prosper wade. cup Attorney*
Vfttasp PuMic is •Pc*. position* t»*«a aa<
pMMioar applied foe
AT Or»<e»-Ar»‘u*t<.ri BlceJMcptlty
Mesa Tree-Press.
N f#
Mrs. B. 1. Lwne, Frop.
Ninety famished rooms by the day,
week or months
Rates Reasonable.
Estimates Furnished on Short
MESA, - - Arir,
J fl. BARNETT, <
——Dealer ia
Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.;
Perfumery, Fancy goods.
Stationery, Toilet Articles
and Tobacco.
sewing mens
| '
l jpßAtoo Iha*llu*e anti Baby Oarriaut a. At
6Ctt West Washington Street.
. ,- x ,
old-time farmer is out oMtate./
Electricity, the master force,
which by the end of the cf^ur?
work and a'! tflo prowiito^
eo long baffled mankind, has
bewi enlisted ih the iHb«a esse»ifi#l
of mortal Oecwpafcioh—
The farming of the future isetQ
be done by electricity* UyauWoss
and wires will attend to the . Vd#* -
n«ss of the Mg farm. The sonorous
“gee ho.yy !” of the up-country Koft
tiller will be heard uo more, and
the farm hand who would keep bis
job will have to be thoroughly
acquainted with ohms, volts and
Edward At. Bently, of
York has just mad<3 a Long *top
toward the establish in unt u£ cdae
trlcitj as a hard-working Iso tor <vn
the farta. He hts patent'd an
electric plow, wiiioh runs b.uik is Aid.
forth across the held and t urns nt.
the soil m a fashion that would
hste made pioneer farmers of 100
years ago stand dumb with arnaeo
His invention call* into use tho
moat recent development in the
line of transmission of electric
power. A power house in a cen
trally located village can furnish
motive force for all th* farm work
♦■o be done within a radius of many
Along the two opposite sides of
a field poles and wires are put up,
and between these, stretching
directly across the field, is stretched
a third Wire, which servos as a trol
ley upou which the plow travels.
This wire is slack, so that it may
run through the plow oontrivanc®,
which lets out wire behind as it
progresses and winds it in at the
When the plow reaches the end
of a furrow the current is auto
matically revised, so as to start
the maebiua back again. Thus
the plow goes back and forth until
the whole field is traversed. The
eudi of the trollay wire, as th*
work progresses, travel along on
the wives strung along the field.
The railing stock tl German statu
railroad* has been provided with
an appliance which will enablo the
p&filetigers cm board a train to write
without difficulty and regardless of
the motion of (Jie train. The new
appliauee consists of a board sus
pended from the ceiling of the oar
by strofg but elastic cords, which
will prevent the vibration of the
•loving krai*. from interfering with
the writer. At the present time
only the firet class oompartments of
through trains are furnished with
this appliance, and a small charge
is made by the coadaetor for its
Thero is some talk of starting
another newspaper in Prescott;
rumor has it that it may be a
weekly and independent in politics,
If newspaper men were fixed like
Nebucednezzer, the move would be
a good eme, as grass is not quite so
short since thf reoent rains. Even
should there be a free coinage of
meal tickets at a ratio |of sixteen
tickets to one typo, the thing might
do. But, as neither of these much
to be desired conditions exist, there
will be a general tightening of belts
t to taka up the vs*cuutu in printing
office peoples’ broad basket* if the
third paper invade* tbit newspaper
j raage. —<3o»rier.
‘ Prof. Rockfollow o£ tie Gnf
vsnrity has met with unutoal suc
cess In bringing this territorial
educational institution before the
public. He has met the people In
GoohLso, Graham and Gila counting
this foatttutfeiof add ex
amined many applicants for admis
sioA with most flattering rsanlts.
From present indications tk<?
ber of students for uextjßpPge
year will bo over 150. m^XsMea, r
nothing was aocomplirheoitv this
lino until after August 20 yet the
attendance during r.he year was
brought up to more than double
thnt of the previous year. All of
u,hich bs ovidenco of the efficient
management of the university—
The lust of the troops which
have been chasing the reuagade
; Apaches hack and forth across the
► Mexican line in thti vicinity o? San
llnl-nardiuo ranch parsed through
v'Villeox yesterday on their way t.o
Fort Gronr-. The heavy rains in
the Sierra Madves have obliterated
all trails, reuderiog pursuit useless. 1
The officer in charge, has Income
convinced of cm« thing, and that is
than the Kid had not crossed the
Mexican line into Arizona within
the last four years. lie is said to
be living a comparatively inoffen
sive life among the Yaq\u».~*- Star.'
The I*amlo New* is responsible
for the statement that a great many
Mexicans living ou this side the
Rio Grande are taking advantage
of the liboral terms offered them
by the Mexican government and
aro now preparing to return in
large numbers to their native land.
Ift is ciftimacl that these poopla,
who after having bean out of Mexico
for many years, now long for their
mother country as the Israelites
longad for the land of promise.
An Oregon in von tor has con
structed a uiaoblne which digs,
sorts and sacks potatoes. With it
four horses and two men do as
much work .‘is GO men can do by
hand In the same time. This ma
chine will have to bn operated as
steam threshers are—driven from
farm to farm, working for so much
per bushel or per acre, as its cost
puts it beyond the reach of the in
dividual farmer.
Reliable information has been
received that construction work on
the Gilt Valley, Globe & Northern
railroad would be resumed very
soon and tiie road built to San
CUrlcs tbia fall. President Garland
and Secretary litird are both in
Los Angeles, whore the company
is erecting offices and arranging
for the early commencement of
construction work.
Miss Helen M. Gould has re
cently added to her
collection of raro palms a species
of that plant called the Ravenala
madagarvien. This palm is a little
over 33 feet in height and nearly
three times as many years old. The
price paid for it, ramor aay3, was
about $35,000.
Otto Mergenthaler, inventor of
the famous Megenthaler type set
ting machine, occupies a tent just
west of Prescott. He has been in
that section several reeks in quest
of health.
It in the opinion of Connecticut
exparts that morn than half tho
c(iU’*H sold in this country is a sham
and a s v indie.
Many ot theiftfcji who own farms
•nd are oonlipiallj cornels iuiiip at
their. in having a bal
ance'in (rfif last over at the end of
the harvest are too apt to p)%ce the
blaoidWr the result upon the sane
rather than where it belongs- upon
fcheniselves. According tto the
World, the farmer who does
not adopt the present daj methods
of raising his crops, bu', hangs on
to those which were in vogue when
his father was a bjy, oaunot ex
pect to be as fortunate in the re
sults of his work as his neighbor
who accepts the new aids to bw
occupation and puts them into use
on his fields. Neither cun the far
mer who does not exercise a watch
ful eye over his fields and the
laborers thereon expect to reap re
ward abut ooines to the one who
does. The farms ;hat gjve the
largest profit are those which re
ceive the labor of the farmer; that
is the farmer utilizes his capital in
the shape of labor rather taaa titan
to expend any sums for help. Labor
is so muoh capital to be applied.
and if the farmer does not utilize
it he keeps that much out of his
business which bhould be invested
in it.
A farm may pay and yet the far
mer receives hat a small sum
therefrom. It requires capital to
derive a profit, and unless the
capital is used the farm will not
produce more than the venture.
L%rge farms which are said to pay
do not always give move than a fair
percentage on the investment of
capital employed. A farm in
which $50,000 capital is invested
for kittd and labor, and which pro
daces SO,OOO per annum as profit,
yields a dividend of ten par oect,
while a small farm, in which only
a thousand dollars is employed,
may be claimed, to be unproduc
tive, if the profit is only S2QO, yet
the dividend therefrom ie twenty
per oeat or twice as mush as that
derived from the large farm pro
XL 3. Surveyor Gsnaval Rosk
rugs has issued a oall to his depu
ties for bids for the survey of tl»e
line segregating the Pinal county
coal fields from the San Carlos
Indian reservation. This marks an
era In the prosperity of our county,
as it mesua the building of rail
roads, the employment of hundrods
of men, and the adding of many
thousands of dollars to our taxable
wealth. No county in the terri
tory has a blighter outlook than
old Pinal .♦-Tribune,
There is a man in Ohio named
Jenkins, whose resemblance to
Abraham Lincoln is said lo be
wonderful. He is said to have
reoeited in hia time enough jail
sentences to found out an ordinary
life, and been in enough brawls and
accidents to kill a dozen ordinary
men. Yet, on account of his Like
ness to Lincoln, it i« asserted, he
gets all the free passes on the rail
roads that he wants, and almost
any favor that he neks for.
Babou Dourga Chorrsne Roquitte
a Bengali Frenchman of Chander
nagore has been made a Knigbt of
the Legion of Honor. He has made
himself very rich by trading in
Calcutta, and spent large sums of
mofcey for the improvement of his
yativeiown. He celebrated the re
ception of the decoration by a great
ball followed l»v a sapper to 20,000
bogg irs ou tlic banks of the Hoogli
| The titfures given out by lb<* ag
riculforai department for July it>-
dicate that the year 1896 will he s
reosnd breaker so far os crops art
concerned. Corn p omlsen 2,164,600
000 bushel this year, or 3,400,000
in excess of last year. Wheat is
figuered at bushels
against 467;102,947 last year. Cot
ton stands hotter, according to the
July estimate, thau in any year
since 1887; it is throe points high
er than in 1891 the year of t.be
largest crop ever grown. The con
dition of tobacco is giveu at 91.8
per cent, against 85.9 last year;
potatoes 99 per cent, against 91 5
I and oats and rye away above last
Insurance against non-employ
merit is an accomplished foot in
Cologne. Workingmen who hare
resided two years in that city aud
,over 18 years old can join the moi
ety. The duos are six couts per
week. If no employment can be
prooursd for a member during the
dull season, 50 cents per day are
paid to him if married, 38 cents if
single. The city has started a
guaranty laud for the society with
$6,000, to which 014,500 have
been added by subscription among
employers. The society hope* to
enroll enough members to ntoct. all
liabilities likely to occur.
Mr, T. Rudiroan Johnston, fellow
of the Royal Geographical society,
Is going to erect in London a twr
restial globe w hieh will show the
earth’s surface on a scale of abcufc
eight miles to the inch. This means
that the globe will have a diameter
of 80 feet, or about double that of
the Mg srlobe which was exhibited
at the Paris exposition in 1880.
Every geographical featoro of im
portance will be,shown unci named,
as well as every city and town hav
ing 500 inhabitants or more. Tb *
miniature world will be examine
from a spiral gallery, the glo«c
revolving slowly.
Every town, says ru> exchange,
has a liar, a sponger, a blatherskite
a smart Aleck, some pretty girls,
a girl who giggles, a weather proph
et, a neighborhood feud, a woman
who tattles, a man who knows it
all, a boom once in a while, one
Lincoln Republican, on* Jackson
Democrat, more loafers than it
needs, men who see every dog fight,
somebody that wants the earth, a
few meddlesome women that are
' 00l wanted ou earth, and a stfeet
tte,t could be Improved.
From Otoville, California, it is
reported tbit between firty and
fifty horses and mules have died
from excessive heat : xi the past ten
days in and around Grid ley, while
being worked on combined harvest
ers. One man had hinc mules die
in one clay On hia machine. Two
days the harvesters were compelled
to stop work on acoount of the
With political and commercial
combinations facing farmers on all
sides, they must learn to co-ope
rate and “pull together,” or suffer
the penalty of being “pinned closer
to the wall” than ever. They must
investigate, and study and analyse
for themselves everything that has
anything to do with thsir welfare.
Stork tuan.
There are 334,000 hairs on .ha
human body. FiXjf. Cbarlet S ew
(%rt, mu English scientist, *ayr lit
’.i** *otinted them.
INo. 45.

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