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Advertising rates made known on
Friday, August 21, 1896.
The Mesa Populists were repre
sented at the Territorial Conven
tion by Brigg M. Johnson and Wm.
D. Mcßrayer. Bucky O’Neil was
nominated for Delegate.
The Spaniards in Cuba have a
hard time of it, between the har
rassing tactics of the Cubans and
the deadly ravages of the cholera
and yellow fever. There aie not
a few of the Spanish statesmen who
favor a cessation of the war.
Elsewhere we publish the card
of L. H. Orme, announcing himself
a candidate for the office of Sheriff,
subject to the decision of the Demo
cratic County Convention. Mr.
Orme is well and favorably known
to the electors of this county. He
has made an efficient and conscien
tious officer, and no doubt will re
ceive the unanimous nomination of
his party.
We publish this week the card
of J. W. Crenshaw, announcing
himself a candidate for the offiee of
District Attorney, subject to the
decision of the Democratic County
Convention. Judge Crenshaw is a
lawyer of ability and has held
several responsible offices, being
now United States Commissioner
He is a prominent Democrat and
is well known td our Mesa people.
No better choice could be made by
his party for this important office.
Arizona ought to be prosperous
the coming twelve months. The
abundant rains have put new life
into the stock business by clothing
hill and mountain and plain with
an abundance of rich grasses and
the * prices of cattle maintain at
least a fair average. The mining
industry especially in the line of
gold and copper, never manifested
greater activity, while the farming
interests promise to thrive under
the influence of a great sufficiency
of water for irrigation. Arizona
onght to prosper, and she will if
her people take hold of the oppor
tunities which nature has so kindly
placed before them.
The Denver Republican is
pleased to compliment us as fol
lows: “ The irrigation congress,
which will meet in Phoenix, Ariz.,
next December, will be well enter
tained by the people of that town.
They are wide awake and enter
prising and they will be glad of the
opportunity to show visitors their
valley and its wonderful orchards.
The subject of irrigation has been
allowed to drop out of sight in
many parts of the west, but in
terest in it will be revived by this
congress if a good session is held.
In Arizona much attention was
given to irrigation several years
ago, and a large area of good land
has been reclaimed. This is being
planted to orchards in the country
about Phoenix, and it is probable
that the same policy will be fol
lowed in other localities in the
southern part of the territory.
The tropical climate makes the
cultivation of fruit especially
It is safe to assume that the
wagon road from Mesa to Globe
will be opened at an early date.
Supervisors Priest and Kimball of
this county returned this week
from Globe, having traversed the
entire distance over the line of the
proposed road. The distance will
be about 85 miles, and about the
only work to be done over the
entire distance with the exception
of about 16 miles, will be to clear
off the' growths of light brush.
There will be about sixteen miles
of light grading, and when the
work is done it is said this will be
one of the best roads in the terri
tory. This county will be largely
benefitted by the construction of
this road, in the way of furnishing
a ready market for large quanti
ties of the product raised in this
valley Globe is already a large
consumer of produce and the
rapidity with which that camp is
again coming to the front is an
assurance that in future it will de
mand a far greater supply of food
for both man and beast, and Mesa
farmers and gardeners are amply
prepared to supply on short notice,
every demand.
The Populist County Convention
met this week at Phoenix and
nominated their county ticker.
Amongthe candidates nominated
we notice the names of three prom
inent citizens of Mesa and vicinity,
viz., Judge Woy, for the Council;
T. P. Banta, for County Recorder,
and C. O. Case for Probate Judge.
All of these gentlemen are well and
favorably known to our people.
The people of Mesa cannot too
highly appreciate the substantial
invulnerable headgate at the head
of their canal. With over 150,000
inches of water beating against
the solid masonry and timbers it
stands as firm as the rock of Gib
raltar. One attendant there is
able to work the monster gate so
as to permit any desired amount of
the flood to pass through.
To the voters of Maricopa Co. —I
hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the office of Sheriff of
Maricopa County at the ensuing
election, subject to the decision of
the Democratic County Conven
tion. Respectfully,
t. H. ORME.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the office of District
Attorney of Maricopa County,
subject to the action of the. Dem
ocratic County Convention. If
nominated and elected I promise to
discharge the duties of said office
to the best of my ability.
Articles of Incorporation
To Whom it May Concern: Be it known that
we, the undersigned, have associated ourselves
together as a corporation under the provisions
of Title XII, Corporations, Rfevised Statutes
1887, of the Territory of Arizona, and we
certif y
Ist. The names of the incorporators are O
D Merrill, Orlando Merrill, Lewis E Lamb,
Joseph A Morse, C R Hakes and WE Pomeroy.
2nd. The general nature of the business pro
posed to be transacted by said corporation is
the buying, selling, locating, leasing or other
wise acquiring mines and mining claims, opera
ting the same, milling and otherwise treating
all kinds of ore, constructing buying and
otherwise acquiring water power and l ights
canals, flumes and pipe lines and othor appur
tenances thereto for the development, diver
sion and application of water for the purpose
of power, domestic or agrioultura) uses, and
buying and selling real estate.
3rd. The amount ol the capital stock of the
corporation is one million dollars, divided into
shares of one dollar each, and is to be paid in
within 30 days after the acknowledgment of
these articles of incorporation in cash or in
property at a valuation to be agreed upon.
4th. The corporation is to commence upon
the signing and acknowledgment of these
articles, and shall terminate twenty-five years
sth: The affairs of said corporation are to
be managed by a Board of Directors tc consist
of three persons who shall each be a stockholder
The officers of this corporation shall be a Presi -
dent, Secretary and Treasurer and a Vice-
President. The directors shall be elected ati
nually on the Ist day of July. Until such elec
tion O D Merrill, C R Hakes and W E Pomeroy
shall constitute tho Board of Directors. The
offieers of the corporation shall be elected by
the Board of Directors at its annual meeting in
each year.
6th. The highest amount of indebtedness or
• 4
Our bnyers have started for the eastern markets to purchase our fall and winter stock. We will have
the finest lines of New Goods to arrive this season.
We will commence a Grand Sacrifice Sale about August Ist to clear our shelves of Sun mei Gcods. Etc,
make room for our New Stock. Our New Goods will begin to arrive August 20.
See this space for special announcement.
13 S. Center —3 and SE. Washington St. • Bargain Givers
liability to which the corporation is at any time
to subject itself is one hundred thousand
($100,000) dollars
7th. The private property of the stockholders
is to be exempt from corporate debts.
Bth The name of the corporation is The
Goidfield Milling and Mining Compauv. Its
principal place of business is at Mesa City, in
Maricopa County, Arizona
Witness our hands this 26th day of June,lß96.
O I) Merrill,
Orlando Merrill,
Lewis E Lamb,
C R Hakes
J R Morse,
W E Pomeroy
Territory of Arizona, |
County of Maricopa, j
Before me, T E Pomeroy, a Notary Public
in and for the County of Maricopa, on this day
personally appeared O D Merrill, Orlando Mer
rill, Lewis E Lamb, C R Hakes, J R Morse and
W E Pomeioy, known to me to be the persons
m hose names are subscribed to the foregoing
Inst rument, and acknowledged to me that they
executed the same for the purpose and con
sid ration therein expressed
Given under my hand >nd seal of office this
26ch day of June, A D 1896.
'T E Pomeroy,
(seal) Notary public.
At a regular meeting of the stockholders of
The Goldfield Milling and Mining Company
held at Mesa City, A T, at the office of Judge
Woy, on the 21st day of July, 1896, at which*
meeting representing a majority of the stock
holders of said Company, a majority of the
stock of said corporation were present, the fol
lowing amendment to the articles of incorpora
tion of said company were unanimously
adopted and by said meeting ordered recorded
and published
Amendment no 1 The namo of this company
shall be changed from The Goldfield Milling
and Mining Company to the Goldfield Gold
Mining Company
O D Merrill, W E Pomeroy,
President Secretary
Territory of Arizona |
County of Maricopa |
Before me, A P Shewman, a Notary Public in
and for said County and Territory, on this day
personally appeared G D Merrill and W E
Pomeroy, known to me to have been the Presi
dent and Secretary, respectively, of The Gold
field Milling and Mining Company, a corpora
tion organized under the laws of the Territory
o f Arizona, they being the persons whose names
as such president and secretary are subscribed
to the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged
to me that The Goldfield Milling and Mining
Company, and they as its President and Secre
tary, respectively executed the same for the
purpose and consideration therein expressed
Given under my hand and seal of offiee this.
21st day of July, 1896
(seal) Notary public
Territory of Arizona, |
County of Maricopa. | 8
I, J W Kincaid, County Recorder in for the
county and territory aforesaid, do hereby cer
tify that the within instrument was filed for re
cord at o’clock am, on this 23rd day of
July, 1896, and duly recorded in Book no
corporations, Records of Maricopa County,
Arizona, at page
Witness my hand and official seal the day and
year above written.
J W Kincaid,
(seal) county Recordei
Santa fe, Prescott & Plioenix
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
The Shortest
and Quickest Line
To all points EAST, and the only line having
through Pullman Palace Cav arrangements to
Chicago’ St. Louis, D nver and Kansas City.
The best route to California. The only line
from Southern Arizona to the
Grand Canon of the Colorado,
Petrified Forest,
I Cliff Dwellings,
Great Pine Forests,
And Numerous Other Points of Interest.
Beautifully Illustrated Book free on appli
cation. Tnrough tickets to all points in the
United States, Canada and Mexico.
Furnishes the best accommodations at the
lowest rates. Vigilant Management. Suuperior
Equipment. GEO. M.SARGENT, G.P A,
IRA F. SMITH, Phoenix, Arizona
Coml Agt, Phoenix, Arizona.
G. A., El Paso, Tex G.P.A,, Chicago
Mrs. E. I. Prop.
Nicely furnished rooms by the day,
week or month
Rates Reasonable.
Dealer i it
Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.;
Perfumery, Fancy goods,
Stationery, Toilet Articles
and Tobacco.
Mesa. Arizona.
jgyAlso Furniture and BaV y Carriages. At
606 West Washington Street.
. R. M. BOND.
Arizona. Notice is hereby given that pur
suant to instructions, and in accordance with
the directions of the Secretary of the Interior,
under the provisions of the third section < f the
Act of July 5, 1884(23 Stats., 103) the Govern
ment buildings on the Fort or Camp McDowell
abandoned military reservation, Arizona, situ
ated in Maricopa County, will be offered at
public sale on the grounds, commencing on the
22nd day of September, 1896, at 10 am, to the
highest bidder, at not less than the appraised
value thereof, the purchase money to he paid
at the time of the sale, the buildings to l,e re
moved from the reservation within ninety
days from the date of the sale, their retention
on the reservation after that time to be at the
risk of the purchasers. Eugene J Trripfkl,
Regis er. Edward R Monk, Receiver Ap
proved Wm II Sims, Acting Secretary.
Zenos Co-OueratiTe Institution
« \
is entitled to the Paticnage of the People.
Gri'O C eiie , We cairy the largest and Dry Goods,
Canned Goods Ulost com P lete linp of Clothing,
Grain, 1 if l l Shoes, Boots
Hay, General lerdianuise Hats,
Produce, Trunks,
r < To be found in this part of the .
11 ery, valley and sell at prices which W«lll Paper
Woodenware cannot be bettered. iNotioUS.
Goto tire Co-Op. for BargraArrs
o . *
Pipe, Pus and Fitting
Bed Rock: Prices.
® *
We have just received a consignment of Buggies
Hoad Wagons and two seated rigs, which we would like
to have you see before you buy.
Pumps of all sizes on hand. Get our prices.
Hardware !
—O —
Hnnsaker & Staple^
ILvdlesa, Clt37\,
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Wagon and Buggy Hardwood, Dry
Paints and Oils, and Lxtras for all
kinds of Mowing Machfnes, Single
and Double Harness at Lei-live prices.
Giant Powder and Miners' Supplies complete,
Terms, - - Strictly Cash

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