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U f»i*AT. Jan, 1, *897.
Mr*. Mol ie Rogers will be home
ran Olobe next Sunday.
The farmers Exchange has just
*weeixed a fine tine ot trunks, valises,
* Mr Cetera of the late firm ot
■.Goldman Peters, was in town
Mas. H. W. Brizr.ee has been dan
f ,'roasly ill this week but is now at
1 ttle better.
A refreshing rain visited our valley
Mooaay night. It did much good to
yon ag grain.
Cttas. Barnett leaves for Phoenix
today to take his portion as deputy
eOOnt? Recorder
\ Vtllhtm rillinghsst. a former first
carpenter of Mesa, returneil last
afther two years absence -
J£r. Burrell, known everywhere a.«
‘Happv Tom,” was in town this
week. He has quit the Pr. Weekß
TF YOU WANT first dental
work done st reasonable rates, rail on
IV R. E. Holbrook. of Phoenix.
Dr. Ells P. Sumner, of Phoenix, J
will be at the Kimball House next
Tuesday. January 5 th. 1897. Treats
diseases of women and children. Con
saltation free.
Dr. Ella F. Sumner, of Phoenix,
will be at the Kimball House nextj
Tuesday, January sth, 1897. Treats
diseases of women and children. Con
saltation free.
Consumption, LaGrippe, Fnenmon j
and all throat and Lung diseases are j
•.ored by Shiloh’s Cure For sale b
_ J* W. Bailey.
l)r. Ella P. Snmner. of Phoenix,
Will he at the Kimball House on
> Tuesday, Jan. sth, 1897. Treats
diseases of women and children.
Consultation free.
Mrv will be a meetiry at ♦he j
r feafa#tt Hall. PstuHnv .Tanurtrv 9"‘l
at 7Jfi> n m. for *be purpose of orn-en
fain* 1 dancing school. Those infer
rated are cordially invited to attend
Wmf. O’Mailer.
Health and sweet hreath secured hv
jfijkflnli’a Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
*Mfla» Nwal Injection tre.e*-For sale
by J. W- Baiiev.
Geo. Aikirc junior member of
Alkire Co., the leaning mercantile
boose of Phoenix, was united in mar
riage the other day to Miss Mande
Brown, a most chamvng and estima
ble lady.
Constipation c«u«ps more than baly
the ill* of women. Karl’s Clover Root
Tea is a pleasant enre for Constipa
tion. For sal* by .T. W. Bailey*
James O Goodwin has applied for
a franchise for an electric road be
tween Mesa and Phoenix. When
Jimmie Goodwin makes a start npon
any proposition he generally pushes
things through.
CATARRH CURED, health and
•weot breath secured, by Shiloh’s Ca
tarrh Remedy, price 50 cents. Nasal
injector free. For sale by J W Bailer
The United Globe mines at G*ohe,
has doubled the capacity of its «»*ot
Globe is pushing alony and it will he
a ten strike for our section when we
get raiload communication with that
great cooper camp.
The Mean and Phoenix r.ire* met
i, on the diamond last Sundav in Phoe
aix. The result wss 18 to 19 in fa
yor Phoenix. The Mesa hoys have
aa Idea that there was a little side
play that chested them out of the
Karl’s Clover Root Tea i<* a «ure
cure for Headache and Nervous Di
seases. Nothing relieves so quickly-
For sale bv J* W. Bailey.
The trains from Mesa to Phoenix
have made a slight change of time.
They leave hera rt 7.50 in the morn
Ing as nsual. The afternoon train
leases here at 1.80 instead of at 2.
The morning train leaves phoenix for
Mesa at 9.50 instead of 9.
tyoot advice : Never leave home
m % fourney without a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale by all
Drsggtsfc Md Medicine dealers.
James Shaw a former result it o !
Mesa, met with a horrible strident a
week or ttvo ag» at Jerome, ii i arm
whs naught by an electric crr>ce and
he was drawn up ten or more feet
where he hunr suspended tor nearly
three hour.i by the tendons aud mus
cles of the arm before the doctor arj
rived to cut him down. His arm
was litterally torn from its socket and
he suffered excruciating agony. He
jis said to have displayed remarksble
j nerre and fortitude through all the
■ trying ordeal. He Is still alive, but
j there is little hope of bis recovery
lln Jerome Jimmie was known as a
steady, reliable boy
Many merchants * are well aware
that their costumers n»e th.-ir best
friends and take p eesure in supply- <
ing them with the bee’ goods obtain- i
able. As an instance we mention ;
Perry A Cameron, promineut drug
gists of Flushing Michigan' They
say: *'We have no he ilnfi-m in rec- 1
ommending Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to our customers, as ; t is the
best cough medicine we have ever
sold, and alwavs gives satisfaction.”
For sale at 25 and 50 cents per bottle
by Druggists and Medicine Dealers.
We e«l ! special attention to the
advertisen ent “Sheriff’s Sale,” in
(another column. The magnificent (
! stock ot goods of the Wih man Peters
1 |
I Goldman Co., of Tempe is be’rg sold
[ at absolute cost without reserve. This
| is a rare opportunity for bargains that (
; should not he neglected.
For a pain in the chest a piece of
flannel dampened with Chamberlain’s
Pain Balm and bound on over the
seat of the pain, and another on the
back between the shoulders, will af!*
ferd prompt relief, i bis is especially
valuable In cases where the pain is
caused by a cold and there is a ten
donry toward pneumonia. For sale
by Dru gists and Medicine Dealers.
Rev. Ann ie Wilder, phrenologist, c
physiologist and as truing ist tnd gen- j
eral prncticior.er, has rooms at the j
Alhambra where she would be pleas '
ed to meet all who want health re- r
stored or who want to know them- g
selves as they are. Slio stands very
high am mg tli >se Who have
sought her services. t
Not a few who r-a 1 whit Mr. Robt. I
Rovvls, of Holland. Va., has to say
below, will remember their own ex
ptrience nnder like circu r.stances
“Last wittier I had la grippe which
left me in a low state of t eallb. I
tiied numerous remedies, none ot c
which did me any good, until I was
induced to try a bottle of Chamber
lain’s Cough Remedy. The first bot *
tie of it so far relieved me that I was
enabled to attend to nty work, and I
the second bottle effected a erne.’ 1
For sale by Druggists and Medicine
The City Election will occur next i
Tuesday. There are two tickets in r
the field, both of whom have the same 1
candidate for Mayor, viz, James R.
Turman. For Councilinen the Tax
payers’ Ticket nominates liyrum 8.
Peterson and John H. Barnett for a
full term each, aud Phil Mets for the ,
unexpired term of E L Gray. The {
Independent Ticket nominates Ben (
F Leßaron and T E Pomeroy for the ,
long term, aud VVm. A. Kimball for
the short time. Undoubtedly a large
| vote will be polled a« the candidates
(all seem to be well supported. |
The Visiting Committee of the
Normal, consisting of Judge W M
Newell, Dr. Charles H Jones and
Mrs. A Stillwater, have lately made
their report. They find tbe School
in excellent shape, but it needs two
more rooms and at least two addi
tional teachers to assist in completing
the course. They recommend the
expenditure ot slo,ooU to improve
the building.
Thousands of cases of Consumption ,
Asthma, Coughs, Colds and Croup are
cured everyday by Bniloh’s i?or
sale by J, W* Bailey.
Bucklen’s Araica
The Best Salve in the world tot;
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Sait
1 ftheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped i
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all,
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures.
. Piles, or no pay re] tire l. Lt is < 1 1” .
anteed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
j box. FOR SALE BY J- H. Barnet^
» Chas Wing has bought the brick
, building adjoining the post office on
the east. It will be fittrd up at one *
for a bakery, restaurant and lunch
counter, which will be conducted by
Mrs. J B Elliott, who has made the
Hayden House in Tempe so popular,
jShehashad years of experience iu
the business, and w’ll no doubt meet
with success here.
Stands at the Head.
Aug. J. Bogel, the leading druggist
of Shreveport* La., says, “Dr. King’s
New Discovery is the only thing that
cures my cough, and it is the best
»eller I have.” J F Campbell, mer
chant of Safford, Ariz., writes, “Dr.
King’s New Discovery is all that is
claimed for it,“it never fails, and is a
sure cure for Consumption. Coughs
and Colds. I cannot say enough for
its merits.” Dr. King’s New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds is no experiment, It has been
i,ried for a quarter of a century, and
today stands at the head. It never
disappoints. Free trial bottles at J
H Barnett’s.
Prof. F. J, Ne herton, w T ho is ac
credited with having been the best
Temtorial Superintende.it of Schools
the Territory ever had, and who ha 3
met with pronounced success as the
principal ot the public schools of
Yuma, is now a full fledged attorney,
: having been admitted to the Supreme
Court in Phoenix this week.
Fief trie Bitters
Electr'c Bikers is a medicine sirt
ed for any seas' n, but perhaps more
generully needed when the languid,
exhausted feeling p-evails, when the
liver is torpid and sluggish and the
need of a tonic is felt, A promp) use
of this medicine has often averted
long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers.
No medicine will act more surely in
coun'eracting and freeing the system
from the malaria! poison. Headache,
Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness
yield to Electric Bitters. 50c. and $1
per bottle at J. H. Barnett’* Drug
“My husband had cramps in the
tomaoh, and he began taking Hood’s
Pills and Hood’s Sarsaparilla and be
has not been troubled since.” Mrs.
W. C. Norman, Winslow, Ariz.
- ► - ■■
The Ideal Panacea.
James Ii- Francis, Alderman, Chi
cago, says: “I regard Dr. King’s New
Discovery as an Tdeal Panacea for
Coughs, Colds, and Lung Complaints,
having used it in mv family for the
last five years, to the exclusion of
physician’s prescriptions or other
Out of Weakness comes strength
when the blood has been purified
enriched and vitalized, the appeti
restored and the system built up by
Hood’s Sarsaparilla.
On and after July i. my fare wil
remain the same as heretofore but
after I have succeeded in “knocking
out” the railroad they will not beadj
vanced. L. W. Collins.
Phoenix, Tempe & Mesa Stag.e
• _ _
Hood’s Pills cure nausea, sicks
headache, indigestion, biliousness
All druggists. 25c.
General practitioner.
Special attention paid to dis
eases of women and children. Office
and residence southwest corner Mon
roe and Third Streets. Office hours 10
to 12 am, Ito 2-30 and 6to 7.30 p m
Telephone 148.
United States Land office, Tucson, |
Arizona, November 5, 1896. I
Notice is hereby given that Joseph Hardy, o
| Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, has filed
notice of intention to make proof on his desert
j land claim no 1955, for the W* Seo 34, Tp 1 S. R
i 6 E, G & S R M, before the Clerk of the District
Court, at Phoenix, Marh-opa County, Arizona,
■ on Satutday, the 19th day of December, 1896
j He names th 5 ! following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation, and reclamation of
said land Hyrum S Peterson, Charles Pine,
. William m Newell and Charles Lewis, all of
Mesa, Arizona. Ecobne J Trippel,
'j First pub nov 13 Register
People often wonder why their nerves are
bo weak; why they get tired bo easily;
why they start at every Blight but
sudden Bound; why they do not sleep
naturally; why they have frequent
headaches, indigestion and nervous
The explanation iB simple. It is found in
that impure blood which is contin
ually feeding the nerves upon refuse
instead of the elements of strength and
vigor. In such condition opiate and
nerve compounds simply deaden and
do not cure. Hood’s Sarsaparilla feeds
the nerves pure, rich, red blood; gives
natural sleep, perfect digestion, is the
true remedy for all nervous troubles.
IB the One True Blood Purifier. $1 per bottle.
Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
*-¥ j» f'fc*ii cnre ver Ills; easy to
I”iOCU S rlllS take, easy to operate. 250.
Train leaves Phoenix at 8 p. m.
Arrives at Tempe at 8.30 p. m. ,
and at Maricopa -•*t- 9.30 p.rn.
Train leaves Murn opa at 5.45 a.
m. Arrive* at Tempe at G 45 a.m.
and at Phoenix at 7:15 a. in.
Close connections made with
Southern Pacific at Maricopa, r.lso •
at Tempe with stages for Goldfield.
Connection made at Piioeiiix with
S. F , P. i P. lor Prescott and
Leave Mesa at 7 :30 a in, arrive
Tempe 8 am, and Phoenix 8:30
a m.
Leave Mesa at 1.30 pm,arrive at
Tempe 2.00 pm, tnd at Phoenix
at 2.30 p m.
Leave Phoenix at 9.30 a m.arrive
at Tempe at 10:00 • m, arrive at
Mesa at 10.30 a m.
Leave Phoenix at 5 m, arrive
Tempe at 5.30 pm, uiive Mesa
at 6 p m.
AH trains run daily r.nd will
stop at any point on signal.
R. L. Blackman, Gen’l Supt
Gm’l Pass. Agt.
General Office, Phoenix.
Three trips a week. No night
travel. Stages stop over night at
Riverside Stages leave Mesa
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days at 5 am, and arrives at GV-be
at 6 tbe following day. Returning
leaves Globe at a m on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays, and
arrives in Mesa the following day
at 6 pm. C C Hocket, Frop’r.
Johnson Bros, agents at Mesa;
Louis Sultan, agent at Globe; D C
Stevens, agent at Florence. L W
Collins, agent at Phoenix.
In the D'f> t'ict Court of tbe Third Judici*
Diitrict of the Territory of Arizona, in and for
the County cf Maricopa.
Mary H Drenon, n • McLaren, by T A Mo-
Laren. her father, plaintiff, vb J M Drenon,
< lion brouiht in the District Court of the
Third Judicial Distiict of the Territory of Ari
zona, in and fer Maricopa County, and the
complaint filed in said Maricopa County, iu the
office of the Clerk of said D.eirict Court.
In the Name of the Territory of Arizona to
J M Drenon, defendant, greeting
You arc hereby summoned and required to
appear in an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff, in the District Court of
the Third Judicial District of the Territori of
Arizona, in and for Maricopa County, and
answer the complaint therein filed with the
Clerk ol this said Court, at Phoenix, in said
County, within ten days after the service upon
you of this summons, if served in this said
Couutv, or if served out of this said County
and within this said Judicial District, then
within twenty days there if ter, or in all other
cases wi'.hin thirty days thereafter, the times
above mentioned baing exclusive of the day of
service, or judgment by default will be taken
againzt you.
Given under my hand and seal of the District
Court of the Third Judicial District of the Ter
ritory of Arizona, in and for Maricopa county
this 30th day of Octeber, A D 1896.
(seal) Clerk of said District Court
F irst pub Nov 20
Still Coming!
Dry Goods. Dress Goods. Gents Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Boots and Shoes, Choice Groceries.
And all at Bed liock prices. Full particulars
by calling at
m ________
Wilful Piters Mm GO.
At Tempe, Ariz
Du Goofs, Mi’S FulSlilS,
Harlware, Farm Implements, Etc., Etc., Etc., is no*
olfered for sale
The above stock will be closed out without reserve
The Atlantic & Pacific
Loaves Ash Fork, west bound, at 16 a>
and 1 30 p m.
Leaves Ash Fork, east bound, at l4op m an
3 m
Arrives at Ash Fork, east hound, at 6 20 p m
and 40 a m
Arrives at Ash Fork, west bound, at 1 45 a m
n.l 7 40 pm
The Atlantic * P»ciflc is the O eat Middle
Route across the American Coniinept.
In connection with the railways of the Bsat
F«* P«ute.
Liberal Manageme
Superior Facilities
Picturesque Scenery
Excellent Accomodations
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, ’he mos
sublime of nature’s work on the Fsrth. indes
cribahle, can easily be reached via Flagstaff,
Willis ms or Peach Springs on this road. To
the Natural Bridge of Anrona and Monuruira
Well you can journey most directh by this lino
Observe the Ancient Indian Civiliwvtion of La
guna, or of Auonia, “The City of the Sky,
Visit the Petrified Forest near C'arriso. See
nd marvel at the freak of Canon Diablo. Take
a hunting trip in the magnificent pine forests
of the San Francisco Mountains. Find interest
in the ruins of the pre -historic Cave and Cliff
Dwellers. View the longest Cantilever bridge
n America across the Colorado River
Gon'l Passenger Agent,
Albuquerque, N. M
Feed & Livery Stable
P. METS, Proprietor
Dealer i n
Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.;
Perfumery, Fancy goods,
Stationery, Toilet Articles
and Tobacco.
Mesa. Arizona.
Undertaker’s supplies. Jmp’ted
coffins and gaskets always on bard
Coffins made to ordfcr oh r-h.-'rfc
Furniture repaired and job work
done at lire and let live priees.
Na t oor to Mesa Citv Bank
—— *
yv 1 yvwwwvM vvwvyvviwv
V. V. Wriflcht, Prop-
vinu H j net ti n '1 ' I 1 '
Mngn at'

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