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VoL, s>,
0 -*. X,* M .; iv*' ' Ci . H -V.. *. • ■-* *-oV-iihl-< V2*l.' &• I+V ‘r ■ - '•' ' •
After Jan. 15,
Buss if Mi Wapns
Eye and Ear, Phaenix* *riz
r- , ~ ~~ • ■'
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Over - * Barnett’s Drug
{•tore, Maiu Street, Mesa City.
'• -• • - ' , ’ :r
pYERS, Rooms 7 and 8, Flero
ng Blork> Phoenix, Arizona.
Physician and Surgeon. Office and
residence at the late residence of
7. L. Patterson, Mesa, A. T
irL '• ■ . N
Diseases of women and Obstetrics
Specialty;' 7 ’
—dial •*.

Afrugs, [Medicines. Chemicals,
Kpoicrashes. me
*r. d. ioarox. a. p. shew man.
t« ‘ •
Mb City, ■* Arizona.
Wiir cliee in all the Cour of the Ter ritor
overn «11 land business specialty. Col
ctioa promptly • made. City Attorney
otary üblic in office. epoeitions taken an
ii it j applied for.
i>we»—Arlioxton Bloc City
« : ..i
Jolxngoii,Drew & Co,
Have placed an ordar for one of the largest and moss
complete threshing outfits that has ever been in the
valley and 3yill be ready to contract to do threshing in
£he best mannpr and at most customary rates.
The Company is a strong one and has had many
• experience in harvesting and threshing.
Mesa City Banl^
At Mesa, in the Territory of Arizona
at tbs Hose of* business December
26, 1896.
Loans an <1 Discounts, le»B due from
Directors ....#13,402 14
Due froVn Djre .-tors 028 82
Overdrafts 1,112 49
Due from Trust Companies, State an 4
National banks 1,107 20
Banking House, furniture and fixtures 2,887 75
Other Real Estato 6,060 00
Stock, Securities, Etc 4,434 84
Current Expenses and Taxes Paid.... 1,052 70
Specie 1,420 Os)
Leiral Tender and National Bank notes 1,128 00
Exchanges for Clearings 3111
Total $34,16511
Capital Stock paiil in.. J. $20,400 00
Profits 1,284 SO
Individual Deposits subject to check 11,394 40
Tipae Certificates of Deposit 1,086 •
Total $34,10511
' :-.t /
Territory of Arizona, County of Maricopa | ss
I, E W Wilbur, cashier of ! the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. K W yyiI.LUR Caslaer. '
' Subscribed And styorH to before me this 2sth
day of December, 1897
“• 1 ‘ T E Pomkroy, Notary rublic.
Corropt— Attest
Wm Chrisiy,
C W Croutk,
yyyyyyyyyyVV <*wywyyvyW vv W^w\»wy
V. "V. Wright, Prop*
i'iv 1 t 1C ct 'ig
■lrijjn «•
T— " -
For two months past our hotter
half and baby have visiting rela
tives, and we have been “keeping
house.” In our two month practice
ard study we have discovered that
women uselessly wear themselves
out keeping house. We find in
our experience that many dollars
ean be saved by judicious manage
ment. lq sleep in a bed for two
or three weeks without disturbing
it makes it conform to che natural
position of the body and sleep more
restful. Food is just as nutritious
and whqlfsome when eaten from,
the same dishes Several times as
when a half hour is spen- in wash
ing Uie.m after e-ch meal. We
find it suvr.s time to kick our old
papers under the b ft instead of
spending twenty minutes folding
them up and putting them in tne
paper ruck, it c hv s fuel \:j •. osl
oil to spend cur evenings down
town with ihe toys. We could go
en and enumerate e.iguy economic
al and time saving f. atures in the
matter of housekeeping, but will
save our new found theories on
practical liquaekeoppig for our yfife
when she returns.
Judge Knowles, in the United
States courLat Helena, his refused
to grant the temporary injunction
against the Montana Ore Purchas-
O f
ing Company asked oy the Boston
(k Montana Company in which it
was sought to stop the defendant
from working the Michael Devitt
and Pennsylvania claims. The
Western Mining World says: As
soon as these cases are decided it
is said that th3 Montana Ore Pur
chasing Company will at once be
gin an action against Boston <fc
Montana Company for damages
which will aggregate the largest
sum ever involved in a suit in the
State. This case will be instituted
for damages in the snm of $2,332,-
000, which it is claimed 13 the net
value of ore extracted by the Bos
ton & Montana Company through
the Mountein View sUsft from the
west 300 feet of the Rarus vein.
€►- v ◄
A western newspaper inaugu
rated a new system of reporting.
Every item was credited to the
person furnishing it. For instance,
if John Jones was arrested for
horse stealing the paragraph an
nouncing the fact would be pre
ceded by “Given us by Marshal
Johnson.” Other items were “Mar
shal Johnsou is a liar; furnished
by John Jones.” “Councilman
Brown was drunk last night; tur
nished us by the City Solicitor.”
This method was practiced about
two weefis, when the following
appeared .“We have two black
eyes, furnished by the general
public.” The editor was after
ward heard to express his thoro’
belief in impersonal journalism. -
There are now seven sugar-beet
factories in the United States in
} * •
successful operation, and four or
five more are either building or
have been projected. The fact
that so many new factories are to
be added to the li°t of those in
operation proves conclusively that
the beet-sugar industry has been
a success, and that capitalists are
now willing to invest mopey in ex
pensive plants.
According to Hon. J. J. Riggs.
as reported by a correspondent of
the Williams News, only thirteen
members of the late legislature
used the expression “have seed.”
There is nothing tbs mattpr with
the west, and the man vvhq says it
is down at ifie hip ii talking in his
sleep. It is to thq west that the
ambitious youth of the land must
ere long turn for those opportuni
ties in life which clay by day are
growing rarer and rarer in the
overcrowded east. .ft. is to the
; P ; '? ! )
west that the immigrant fropa the
old world must soon journey in
Order to find the home which he
seeks in the new. And in the near
'‘uture it is from the iireat west,
with its vast nref,| gs £epitqr.y,
*.vith its inexhaustible treasures of
gold, B’lver and copper, of lead and
coal and iron, with its great rivers
ant 1 , water power, and with ijts
w utlerfu! variety of soil and its
matchless climate, that must come
a very large share of the wealtfi
and resources which are to hold us
in the front rank as the richest and
most impregnable nation upoji the
face oi' the Earth. —Field and
. 1
F arm,
A Baltimore husband consulted
an astrologer as to the cause ot his
wife’s death, and found out that, “a
V >i; ti
scheme of the heavens takeyi for
that time shows the moan afflicted
by tiro opposition of the fiery
planet Mars. The planet Yenus
indicating the lady, puled the
ascendant, and was applying to the
evil semi-square of Jupiter, lord of
the eighth house, that oj death.
The moon had the evil sesqui-quad
rade of the sun, who was lord of
the fourth house, denoting the
grave. she sixth bouse always
sfiows the illness, and in this case
Venus ruled the sixth as well as
the first, indicating the Jady
was the cause of her own sickness
The family doctor said it was
cann ed lobster.
A worse blow to China than the
exclusion lay/ i$ to fall upon
that empire The denizens of Col
orado and Western Kausas have
learned that a good quality of tea
can be made from alfalfa leaves
and they are proposing to buijd up
a great home industry anj k p ep
the millions of taels we send to
the Flowery Kingdom each year
for tea at home . perhaps it will
not be long before chests of Mav
erick Oolong are on the market, or
Colorado Chop Chow, os Cimarron
Young Hysou.
The Arizona Pioneer Associa
tion will hold its annual picnic on
May 1. These annual gatherings
of the pioneers are enjoyable af
fairs. The children and relatives
are always present and the youth
and beauty of the younger genera
tion presents a great contrast to
the gatherings of Tucson in the
days when the brave and hardy
old fellows, who paved the way to
Arizona’s civilization, first came
“Have you noticed the nandsome
advertisement I had put on yender
fence?” inquired a merchant of one
of his customers recently. “No,,’
replied the latter, “but if you will
send £he fence to my house I will
take pleasure in riding it. I read
the newspapers aqd have no time
to run around and hunt up adver
tisements on the street corners.”
and the merchant scratched the
base of his head effectively.
A Kansas City woman sued for
a divorce and got it. When the
judge granted the decree the hus
band presented fii3 ex-wife with a
thousand dollars, so great was his
An old Dutchman had a .beau
tiful boy of whom he was very
proud, and he decided to find out
the hent of his mind. He adopted
a very novel method by which to
tes', him. Ffe slipped into the
little fellow’s room one morning
and placed on his table a Bible, a
bottf’e of whisky and a silver dollar.
“Now,” said he, “ven dot poy come
in, es he clakes dot dollar, he’s go
in* to tyift be**znis man; es he dakrg
dot Bible lie'll be a breachet; es
he dake-i dot whisky, h(i‘*ba;q.vgoot
—he‘s gqiu* to he a druenkart,”
and he hid behind the door to see
which his son would choose. In
came the boy whistling. He ran
up to the table and picked up the
dollar and put it in his pocket; he
picked up the Bible and put it un
der his arm; then he snatched up
the bottle of whisky and took two
or three drinks and went out
\ •
smacking his lips. The olq man
poked his head out from behind
the door and exclaimed; “Mine
Got—he‘s goin’ to he a bolitician.”
The Quegn of Rou mania has
given her royal approval of crema
tion as a method of disposing oT
the dead which she things is not
only hygienic but reasonable, but
she is pained to declare that the
method is very unpoetic and some
what conflicts wiifi the sentiment
conveyed in certain verses written
by her Majesty upon ope of the
numerous occasions when she courts
*vi ’ r
the rouse, In these verses she ex
presses tlie belief of the future life>
of the body as well as of the soul,
and s|ie cap see no cheer in ashes
which she declares are deaq lioth
• * i ■ C * • 1 r
in truth and in deqq.
The law proposed by a Kansas
woman, making it an offense £o
wear corsets intliat state, may be
made to work so far as women
resident in Kansas are concerned,
but how about those who pass thro’
on trains ? Now when trains ap
proach Kansas and waiters
from the dining cars go amqng the
passengers taking orders for liquors
which may be served but not or
dered' in those states. Will they,
under the new law, come down the
aisles with the rsquest to women,
“Remove yoiir corsets, please 1”
Frank Prothero has made a big
strike six miles from Adonde pump
this county, says the Yuma Senti
nel, and if surface indications count
for anything Frank has a rival for
the Short Horn mountains bonan
za. Twenty feet of shaft shows a
well defined ledge five feet wide,
ranging in value from $25 to $l5O
per ton free milling ore. Phoenix
parties are interested in the new
strike and a force of men will be
put on immediately to begin devel
oping the Yellow Log, the net rue of
the new strike.
The Range News, of Wiilcox,
says; “While nothing positive can
be stated, present conditions indi
cate that thequestion qf accepting
the survey of the line segregating
the San Carlos coal fields or order
ing a resurvey will be speedily de
cided by the interior department
and that the opening of this rich
mineral region will not be delayed
for more than Q 0 or 90 days.
Whet} completed the United
Verde Copper Oompanyq pmelter
will be the second largest produc
er in America, the of
Butte, Montana- bejng the largest
. . .... ... ,
The county treasurer has receiv
ed from Territorial Treasurer T. JjJ.
F.iriih a demand for the paym •> >'
pf the Normal ’School, U:iiv*rsi
and .Reform school taxes for » t *»
year 1896, for which our board of
| supervisors refused to make th*
levies. Suit is threatened units i
the several amounts are pail.
Treasurer Parish can commence
sgit whenever he has a mind to,
the taxpayers of county ar • of
one opinion on this matter. S-tis
j fi6d tfiat tfje pppropriatiom in 1 1t
I for the three institutions nam-1
are illegal, they strongly object to
paying any more money into their
coffers. If the territory win's to
test the constitutionality of ihe
law let it go ahead with the spit.
—-Silver B It.
The carriage iu which President
Brigham Young first rode into the
Salt Lake valley in 1847 and the
bass drum which was used by the
JfauvQo Legion in Nauvoo, will be
taken to Salt Lake cify as relics of
Pioneer days, to be used at the
coming festival, on .July 24th next.
The articles are both owi.ed in
Arizona, the carriage at St. Johns,
Apache county, and the drum at
Taylor, Navajo county. They will
probably be secured and preserved
by the society of pionscrs.^—Gra
haip {yuardi^n.
*!» * * f »
The contracts let by tlwv O d
; ' i
Dominion Gopper 00., for running
their saw null, furnishing wood,
and for building a new wood roa f
were not cancelled by the shut -*
down, but the quantity of lum*>er
and wood furnished will be reduc
ed. R. P. Pascoe has the saw mill
contract and Louis Sultan has the
contract for supplying wood. The
wood road will be complete l before
the end of the summer.—Belt.
Queen Victoria ha* begun to
prepare the program of the cere
monies which will celebrate the
sixtieth anniversary of her
sion to the throne, and although
these will not oocur until next
year, rents in London are said to
have risen already in anticipation
of the great" number of strangers
who will visit the city.
A special to the Tucson Star
from Globe says the Old Dominion
Copper company closed its mines
and smelters on the 20th for an
indefinite time. No reasons aae
.. y i
assigned for tire close-down. Up
wards qf three hundred men are
thrown out of employment. The
mines are in a splendid condition,
with an abundance of ore and si
large supply qf coke on hand.
An ordinary typographical error
Caused a Missouri editor to run his
proof reader put of town with a
shot pn, His description of a
stylish’wedding in the village came
out under the heading:' “Charming
Home Wedding. Pink and White
were fbe prevailing Tights.” The
ed itpr had written the Ja*t word
“Tints "
‘ } **•
Another attempt is being made
to prescribe exactly the kind of
food that children shall ea£, but as
long as the pantry door is left ajar
the old-fashioned kinds of cake and
jam will be able to hold theif own.
The Jerome Mining Neva says
the E}tta iqtne continues so give up
the yellow metal in paying quan
tities. Superintendent VV. Jy.
Riley took an eight poqntj bar tp
Prescott,, the result p.f one cleanup**
: v

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