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Fkidat, May 7, *897.
Council met last night.
The grand jury met this week.,
Mike Forster has gone north Again.
Tempe ha* a well conducted read
ing room.
Main -treet is kept pretty well
Quicksilver shows an npward ten
dency these days.
W. A. Burton is home irom his
visit to Kansas City -
F. M. Vernon ia expected homo
th : s week frovn Kansas.
The Buli Dog mine is now run
ning a force of fifteen men.
The W. C. T. U. of Tempe visited
Mesa W. C. T. U. Tuesday.
The new school land lease law is
causing c>m d <r*'il« i iq »try.
The large steam thresher of John
son, Drew A Co., arrived Tuesdaiy.
Brig. M Johnson and Hon Stew
art are off on a visit to Kansas City.
Utider&Aeriff Henry U. Onne was
Mesa Wednesday after grandjury-
Mrs. Mattie Cober and mother,
t Mrs. Petersen, arrived Tuesday from
Plasterers are at work on the brick j
residences ot Walter and Malen
Morris, Macdonald A Co.’s new
warehouse is progressing to com
Fine Sunday dinners are becoming
a popular feature at the Blue Front
Peterson, Atkins & Chandler’s new
steam thresher is expected to arrive
this week.
Jack Haberkorn was down from
Goldfield this week. He says the
camp is booming-
Rev. Henry P. Aulick succeeds
Rev. A. B. Tomlinson as pastor of
the Baptist church.
J. H. Barnett’s basement proves to
be the boss contrivance for keeping
goodsin first class shape-. , .
Kid Thompson, the train robber
captured by Billy Mcore, is serving
life sentence at Folsom, Cal.
Simon J. Murphy and wife have
been ia the vallev a few days the
gytesis of Mr. and Mrs. McQueen.
(Considerable complaint is being
made by our people that the town
Wtipfefly filling up with Mexicans.
[ A. St. John Gaylord is at the
j head of the Highland Canal super
intending the turking of some im
The Mesa Restaurant is the popular
I place for fine Sunday dinners. Ice
I cream, strawberries, and chicken are
I on the bill of fare.
[ Abell & Wilbur received this week
I a large steam thresher with traction
I engine. It was at once soldto Mr,
I Darlington of this city.
I A number of Globe miners, who
I are out of work by reason of the
I late shut-down at Glolie, passed
I through here this week.
I Horace Greeley don’t live in Mesa,
I but .that old saying of his, “does your
I-mother know you are out?” is as
I poetical as if he were right with us.
I W. P. Dunham an JG. A- Wbite-
I ford, miuing men of Chicago have
I been in Mesa this’ week. They have
ft some mining property over near to
ft Riverside, Pinal county.
I 'Twa* rumored that. there was to be
ft warding in town soon, but we have i
I probed the matter and we think there
■ w not much in it but starlight walks !
I a flash and lonely hours.
| Weilie Richins has been transfer
fft red by the government . from the
HQueen Creek reservoir site to the
I Salt and Verde. His duty is to take
laud record measurements of the wa er
gs The following are the shipments to
■ and from Mesa during the month of
9 April* Received, 23 cars merchan
■ dise. 10 cars lumber, 1 car harvesting
■machinery, 1 car coal, lcar wigons,
Hi car stackers, and 1 car fencing ma
Hterial. Shipped from Mesa: 5 cars
H wheat, 3 cars hay, 2 cars barley, 6
H sars cattle, 186 cars sheep.
L<*uis Sultan, Os Globe, manager ot
the Multan Mercantile Joinpmy, died
at bis home in that citv on April 2*
ot bron hi d pneu nonia, resulting
from the grippe eoutraote l while he
was attehdihg the Grand Lodge ol
Odd Fe’.lows in Phoeoik. Ma Sultan
had been in business in Globe to 1
many year-, and was Well known
hroughont the territory. He Was
held in the highest esteem by all
who knew him. He was a gonial,
big hearted, whole smiled gentleman,
was generous to a fault and always
ready to lend a helping h ind to those
who needed help. He will be sadly
missed by the people among whom
he lived and by a .large circlt of
warm friends throughout the territory.
At the last session of the Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows he was elected
Grand Warden and in due time
would have succeeded to tbe highest
office in the gift of that Order in tlie
territory. He leaves a wife and four
sons in sorrow, besides brothers in]
California They all have the sincere
sympathy oi all in the great bereave
ment that has come upon them.
Our old friend, Frank O blanker
of Pomona. Cal. has well e\rued the
title of the hero of Pomona, in the
capture of Juan Lugo, a desperulo,
wanted in three counties lor murder, j
Frauk lay in waite in an old barn at!
night, and when the tell >w earae in,
a knife in one hand and n pistol in
! the other. Frank tackled him', 'fee
i fight was hand to hand in the dark.
| until finaliv the nervy constable got
j in a stunning blow on the iesperad >’s
j head and settled the fight. Frank
| -danker has been in office continu
l ously in that town lor sixteen years
and he has a life job if he wants it.
Like a good many democrats who are
still voting tor General Jackson, a
good many people will vote for Frank
Blanker long after he is dead. No
better officer ever wielded a piir of
nippers. He never fails to wear a
broad smile while exchanging emir
tesies in the way of pistol shots with a
Those who failed to attend the
entertainment given by the local
dramatic company Wednesday night
missed a rare treat. That neat and
popular little character drama.
‘ Sweet Briar, or the Flower Girl of
New York ” was on the boards, and
the Company exceeded all its for met
work. Every character was well sus
tained and eaeh member of th9 Com
pany was warmly complimented by
the audience. So well pleased was
the audienee that by request the play
is to be repeated tonight. Be there.
Our local talent deserves encourage
ment. especially when they so well
merit it as does the Mesa Dramatic
May Day was celebiated in an
appropriate manner in Mesa. The
exercises were held in the large Bow
ery which was filled with people and
beautifully decorated with evergreens
and flowers. The Queen and her
maids were dressed in white and
tastefully decked’with ffowers. The
coronation was beautifully done by
maids of honor and the Quaen deliv
ered her speech in a clear, well-mod
ulated tone of voice. An interesting
program was rendered and everybody
enjoyed the occasion the fullest ex
Frank Mortime*-at the entertain
ment at Social Hall Wednesday night
did some of the cleverest jugglery we
have ever seen. We have seen many
juggler* and many who handle more
objects, but none who* did the work
so gracefully and so rapidly. He is
a young man and will eventually
take first place as a juggler.
Preaching at 11 am., Young Peo
ple’s Meeting at 7 p. in.. Sunday
School at 9.45. at the Baptist church.
All are invited.
This is the time to give attention to
your ohysioal condition.
The warmer weather which will
come with the approaching spring
months should find you strong and in
robust health, your blood pure artd
your appetite good. Otherwise you
will be in danger of serious illness.
Purity and enrich your blood with
Hood’s Sarsaparilla and thus “pre
pare for spring.” This medicine
makes rich, red blood and gives vig
or and vitality. It will guard you
against danger from the changes that
will soon take place.
Judge Hakes brought into our
office :his week :» bunch of club
wheat, a sample of twenty-five s’.cres
wbu-h he has on lit* plaee. It standi
about five feet high and the heads
are large and are filling out plump.
Rumor has it that our old friend
Frauk 0. Thompson, who is now
located in San Bernardino County,
California, is about to take unto
himself a wife in the person of a
charming young schoolman). We
extend congratulations.
room sot, table, two mattresses and
two pair springs several chairs, one
bureau, and several other small ar
ticles Apply at residence of T. P.
Banta. one mile northeast of Mesa.
IF YOU WANT first-class denta
work done at reasonable rates, call on
Dr. R. K. Holorook. of Phoenix.
Excursion tickets from Phoenix
to Yosemite and return and also
from Phoenix to Wawona and to
Mariposa Grove of Big trees in the
Yosemite Vaiiey, have been placed
on sale at the Maricopa & Phoenix
office. These tickets will be good to
return including November 30th.
Persons desiring to take aid vantage of
a visit to this vallev should make
application Jor rates and other inl'or
ma'ion, at the above named office.
Opt of Weakness come-, strength
when the blood has been purified
enriched- and vitalized, the appeti
restored aud the system built up by
Hood’s Sarsaparilla.
“My wile has been in poor health
for a long time, but since taking a
few bottles of Hood’s Sarsaparilla she
is better and is able to do her work.”
Gabriel Grago, St John’s, Ariz.
Hood’s Fills are prompt and efficient,
easy to take, easy to operate.
Hood’s Pills cure nausea, sicks
headache, indigestion, biliousness
AM druggists. 25c.
► *m «
On and after July 1. my fare wil
remaip the sam« as heretofore but
after I have succeeded in ‘‘knocking
out” the railroad they will not be adj
vanced. L. W. Collins.
Phoenix, Tempe. & Mesa Stage
Estate of John Graves, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
Administratrix of the Estate of John
Graves, deceased, to <he creditors of and all
persons having claims against ♦he said deceased
to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers,
within four roa nths after.the first publication
of this notice to the arid Administratrix, at the
law office ot Morton A Shew man, in the Ar
lington block. Mesa, Ancona, the same being
the place for the transaction of thebusinees of
•aid estate in said Comity of Maricopa.
Administratrix of the Estate of John Grayes,
Dated at Mesa, Arizona this isth day of
April. 1897.
Train leaves Phoenix at 8 p. in
Arrives at Tetupc at 8.30 p. m.
and at Maricopa at 9.30 p. m.
Train leaves Maricopa at 5.45 a.
m. Arrives at Tempe at 643a m.
and ui Phoenix at 7:15 a. m.
Close connections made with
Southern Pacific at Maricopa, also
at Tempe with stages for Goldfield,
jtoimection made at Phoenix, with
0. F, P. A P. for Prescott and
Leave Mesa at 7 :30 a in, arrive
Tempt: 8 am, and Phoenix 8:30
a In.
Leave Mesa at 1.30 pm,arrive at
Tempo 2.00 p m, and at Phoenix
at 2 30p in.
Leave Phoenix at 9.30 a m.airive
at Tempe at 10:00 a in, arrive at
Mesa at 10 30 a m.
Leave Phoenix at x s pm, arrive
Tempe at 5.30 pm, arrive Mesa
at 6 p hi.
All trains run daily c.nd wil
stop at anv pcint cn signal.
0. C. McNEIL,
F. D. Sanford, Gen’l Supt
Gen’l Pass. Agt.
General Oflicr. Phoenix.
Liver and Kidneys
Pronounced incurable, but AdvEed
to try Hood’* Sarsaparilla Now
Entirety Cured and Able to Work.
“I was greatly troubled with liver and
kidney difficulties (or many years. 1 was
pronounced incurable by my physician.
A neighbor advised hie to get a few bot
tles of Hood’s ftaraftparilla. I sent and
got six bottles and before I had taken
three of them, I was cured Os my kidney
trouble. lam now able to work, although
before taking Hood’s Sarsaparilla I was
almost helpless. lam able to walk three
or four miles a day and feel none the
worse for it.” Seth B. Stan Ton, Wlnn
▼iew, Oklahoma.
Gov. Renfrow of Oklahoma says:
“ From its general reputation, I know of
none that I would prefer to Hood’s Sar
saparilla If we Should need a blood purifier
or for general debility.”
Hood’s *^“ia
Is the Best— tn fact the One True Blood Puri
fier. Be sure to get Hood’s. Price fit. Six for $5.
u -a* ntaa cure Liver Rl*: easy to
MOCK! S-r'IIIS take, easy to
Strayed from the ranch < f Frank
Barkley, two imported Billy goat*.
Mark, crop off right oar and lead
breeders’ tag in right under ear, let
ters J I* Bailey. Finder .report to
Frank Barkley 4 miles southeast of
.’ ' P
Dealer in
Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.;
Per f umery, Fancy goods.
Stationery, Toilet Articles
aud Tobacco.
Mrs a. aiuzona.
■’ \
For Fresh G rnceries
Fruit, Tobacco, Cigars ai d
and Confectionery
ICE Cold Soda, Lemonade
and Milk Shake.
Fresh Bread every Day
From the M esa Bakery.
Passey B’ock
trvvrwir/vwv c
W »vvy W W /V
w .'WWVVV /V wW.iruwww.
/vwwvvw wwfewwvvw ewwy
V. V. Wright, Prop
C-sT • t .1 , i : f ooifii.-
shi'.i : .
vvr* vvvvwwyvvv
jrvvj yy -v-yv-vy - wvvvv^.
The Mesa Restaurant
This Restaurant under its New
Management gives the best meals
in the city. Table* supplied with
the best in the Market. C nisi tie
under the direct charge of the
Re member the place, Ponoroy
glock, Mesa City, Arizona.

Still Coming!
Dry Goods, Dress Goods. Gents Furnishing Goods
Hats, Boots and Shoes, Choice Groceries.
And ail at Bed Bock prices. Full particular
by calling at
—AND —
Blue Front Restaurant
Meals at All Hours
> .91
Druggist, Chemist, Apothecary and dealer in 33£%
Pun Mile, Fancy MicH Mmy and Sklionery
Doctor’s Prescriptions Carefully Compounded

* m m im
Full 1 ine of
Beet Mutton, Pork, Veal anil Sausage
Fresh Fish and Oysters
Every Friday,
Terms: Chickens, Eggs, Butter or (’ash.
Remember the Place. First East of Mesa
Restaurant, Main Street, Mesa City
('HAS. \\ LNG,

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