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Vol. 7.
'When in Phoenix
Call on. th.e rg 33D8.gi.J3
£° r Diu<;s at Eight Trices, fresh and good.
Hear looks after you when in his store.
Bear fills prescriptions every di\y, too.
Remember JJear.
Opp. City Hall, 118 £. Washington St,, riioeiiix.
i m ~ '-- ' ' ■ ■ •• a 1
) We head,
Others Follow-
That old, reliable and popular house, the
If '* ■"y . i • >•• *' d
IZmiOWm laiioi
'w m I
» I
\ in the lejad as bargain-givera. Goo d goods and lovy
\ prices is our motto.
jPu Dry .Goods, Furnishing Goods, Dress Goods, Shoes,
Ilats, of best quality and np to date styles, we lead in
W gains for the people!
V^ T R GRQCERY DEPARTMENT is complete, and is
.always stocked with a full line of tresh goods.
Cp to tlia Co-Op. fox 3Baxgraln.fi
m i ins i
All Kinds. All Triers. Call and see them.
J.x~BßtTLyJblt ®.§e;
IBi9EI££S2SaM _
Full line of Cook Stoves and Heaters
Granite Ware.
Agents for tauten Clipper Plows and
Mitchel Wago-Jt.
Paints and Oil*
mesa Free Press.
w. n. MORTON. A.r.BltßWlfAW.
Advertising rates made known on im
T! p Globi*'Times of last week say«:
La*t Wedn> sdny, Nov. 30, the rail -
I road came crawlii gdown Pinnl creek,
«nd at precis-ly 10 o’clock the nose
cf tjie iirn horse entered the town
■ iti*.of G «bc.
Ko. near ly t wen y years the pecple
of Gita county had looked forward to
.that auspicious hour. Gray haired
; in"n had sunk into the grave, vainly
imping to see the sun rise on that
event*. 1 day Thousands in money
had been invested in that oue hope,
wbich hid mm t with disappointment
after disappointment. iwo of our
oldest eitiz- ns hud entered Ifie sleep
of death lut a few hours before, and
the ii'ogli of the iron horse fell vainly
upon i heir dead ears. Lut hope and
fait li and that invisible pluck for
which our frontier people are so dis
tinguish! d, held out ai d triumphed.
Old froi-tieism* n to whom a railroad
was only a ho\ hopd reminiscence,
were ihere to welcome it. jLiuld chil
dren, wl ose only impression of the
tailioad had been'gained from picture
hooks were tln re, swarming around
tin i« vebuion with wondering eyes.
v P« «*j le of eveiy age and color were
there vie wing this miracle of Ameri
can progress, the railroad. The old
h i s seemed to frown at the invasion
of iheir ancient, seclusion, but. every
cit'Z n of every cabin,’, and even the
J,ir.d ,n!d f. eight horses seemed to
welcome the s ; giit with j >y
| 1 resident Garland and J. 0. Hen
derson t lie lusty fprein in seined to
! vie-v tin* splendid work with rare sat
;sfact:on. 11. W. Clark the conduc
tor, seemed jdFoppointed that he
no more deserts to conquer. S. T.
A*k<‘lswho spurred the first irpn
horse into the. tnwnsite, along with
Coarley Rudolph his fireman, stood
grim and handsome at the throttle
G( o. Conley, who runs the coffee-mill
engine on the front car, remarked j
sadly, that lie would soon haye to put j
his engine in his overcoat pocket and
walk back toGeronimo,
The road is here—let us do the
The Catholic church seems to have
removed the ban from members of
secret societies, a papal decree re
cently issued nullifying the decree of
seven years ago, which, it is alleged,<
excommunicated hundreds of Catho
lics because cf their affiliation with
the Masons. A member of a secret
aocietv may now be buried in conac
crated ground. The decree is regard
id as a triumph for the liberal elemenj (
of the Catholic chnrch.
The Solcmcnville Bulletin reports j
the tale o*' the Ca’dincff mine, situat- j
ed in the Ojo district, Pima county, |
to A. •!. Shot well, of Denver, for*
18100,000. A forty-ton p’ant is to he
j i ret ted, which it is to he expected
will be gradually increased to a ca
pacity of 300 to, s a day. The ores
air-* copp« r and t-old, and said to lie
-tißieienily rich to justify the-erection
of a large plant.
The J/nhnve Miner says the con
tractors cn the Sacramento Valley
rniirn d I ave been granted until the
15th if D- r ember in which to begin
wotk on iln* io«d, and on their pert
the contraetc is agree to complete the
road to White Hills by the first day
of June, If£9 Tlie early completion
of this road is greatly to be desired by
t,h> nrne nwm rs of the West Side.
\Voik on improvements to the
H ighlui.d canal has been suspended
for the present. Tho improvements
were made by the farmers under the
r cpnnl and will add very materially to
the carrying v apacpy fl that v«ter
The Melbourne (Australia) Leader
confirms the news received hy cable
of the finding of a large gold nugget
St Kanowps. It is describedi os be
ing 15 inches long, 5 inches thick at
its deepest part, weighs 95 pounds,
and almost pure gold. At both ends
of it there is oxydized iron, and in
shape it resembles a sickle h 'ad. The
secret of the spot on which it was
found has been guarded carefully, no
ono knowing ; the place except the
miner wRo found it and the parish
priest to whom the miner brought it.
Taking the weight as reported (95 lbs)
and S2O an ounce as about the aver
age value of Australian gold, this
nugget would be worth $22,000, a
goodly amount, bi t a v< ry long way
from being the most valuable gold
nugget ever discovered.—Ex.
The question of storage reservoirs
'o supply water for the arid lands of
this county, is now receiving merited
attention. Afesa people and the Fkpb
Press, some years ego called atten
tion to the possible feasibility of
bonding the lands of the county for
the construction of storage reservoirs
and the matter was discussed at sev
eral meetiugs held in Phoenix. This
again seems to be the idea in the
consideration of the proposition Os
course there are some engineering
problems to be solved, but engineer
ing skill is such now that almost any
obstacle can be overcome..
* ► * • • ■■*»———
At its meeting Thursday of las!
week Afesa Camp Woodmen of the
W orld elected tin* following officers
to serve for the ensuing fruj: Con
sul Commander, A. C. McQueen, (re
elected); Advisor Lieutenant, W. A.
Kimball; Clerk, J. D. Loper, (re
elected); Banker, Clms. Mullen; Phys
ician, Dr. 0- F. Hawley; Watchman,
Everett Brizzee; Sentry, L. L. Loot ey;
Escort, Will Bow«*o; yjfi.na.ger, Tlios,
Miss Catherine D,er died in this
city Monday night. Thanksgiving
week she came up to Mesa from Phoe
nix to visit with friends and relatives
and ..on Thanksgiving day she was
taken down with typhoid and pueu-*
monia, and although everything that
medical skill and loving hands could
do was done, she continued to fail
until the end came. M iss Dyer was
held in high esteem by all who knew
her because cf her in ny noble woman
ly qualities.
S. Monte is busy harvesting the
crop from his twenty acre grove. He
will have over a hundred boxes rnoie
than he had estimated. A large part
of his grove is composed of navels,
and as they have proven shy bearers
in this valley, the output was not so
large as it would have been had the
grove been composed of other varie
ties, The oranges are fine ones, how
ever, ami Mr. Monte finds a ready
market for them at good prices,
Jtobt. Benta and family will move
shortly to Big Bug where they will
reside. In view of their intended
departure a large number of tlmir
j fiiends tendered them a farewell party
j Afonday night. M ueic and dancing
j and games and a sumptuous banquet
filled in the hours most pleasantly
until after midnight.
Our hotel proposition is beginning
to assume a most encouraging aspect.
I Several parties with afnplo means are
interesting thems'dyes in the matter
we hope in*the very near future
to he able to say that the erection of
a fine new hotel at this pluco is an
assured fact.—Tempe News.
Col. Murphy, son of Simon J. Mur
phy, of Detroit, came i u Monday
morning and remained a guest of Mr.
and J/rs. A. C. McQueen until Tues
day morning when he eparted for
his Detroit home. He had been at
tending the launching of the battle
ship Wisconsin at San Francisco.
Mr. Longmore and fi mily are now
down from the north and wjll make
th<ir home here. They have been
guests at the Alhambra, but Mr,
Lon go ore has s homo place here
vfhich they will occrpy.
Big danos at Lehi laM night,
The statement *as recently made
that there were five or six vote* in
the late county election, in Afesa pre
cinct, counted for Afurray for Sheriff
that fchould have bscn counted tor
Bark. The baldhearte.-i e litoc of this
great family journal was inspector ut
that election, and he takes this occa
sion to say that if nny man asserts
that there was any unfairness prac
ticed in the count of t!:e vote of the
Afesa preciriet, lie is a Har, The doors
of our den are always open.
Raining and snowing thra morning
with a health-giving north brffze
blowing. All the country is thor
oughly saturated with moistute, for
which duo thanks are rendered to
whom thanks are due The cloud-s aie
ctill dark and lowering, thank God. .
A large number of the fiiends ard
relatives of Uncle Gerogo Sirrine met
at his home Tuesday night to celebrate
his eightieth'birthday. Uncle George
is yet hale and hearty and has a pros
pect of a good many years yet to
Charley Hill who has had charge of
Dr. Chandler’s cattle ranches south of
town for the past four or five years,
now has charge of Dr. Chandler’s
home ranches. Jesse Hobson has
succeeded Charlie Hill as manager of
the ranches sc nth of town.
Passey & Meta’ fine new store rqpm
will bo ready for oecupancy in a ,few
days, They are receiving almost daily
invoices of fine furniture and when
the stock is all placed it will be the
finest furniture store on the southside.
•Mesa Lodge J, 0.0, F, last Sat
urday night elected the following of
ficers to serve for the term beginning
Jan Ist. Noble Grand, S. Moote; Vice
Grand. Ed. Bloomer; Secretary, W.
A. Burton; TreaEurer, J. H. Pomeroy,
\V T . W. Perkins, a prominent stock
man of the north has sold out his
interests and has come to Afesa, ar
riving lust Friday. He has many
frit nds here who would be glad to
welcome him a peru anent resident.
The Galloway cattle that AfcQueen
soli to W. IJ. Smith, the Prescott
butcher, were nineteen months old
and weighed a little over a thousand
pounds each. The tlnee months old
calf weighed three hundred und sixty
five pounds.
In the regular prosecution of his
business Sam Barnett has been acv
cepting tobacco tags for milk instead
of nickles. He has six cf them now
which he accepted on six successive
W. 11. Smith, the Prescott butcher,
always secures the beet beef to be had.
Monday he bought fourteen head of
'fine Gallaway beeves from tho fiue
stock ranch of A, 0. McQueen.
Go and see the fine line of new
dress goods, furnishing goods and
suits of all kinds at the Go-Op. A
large line of toys and Ci.nstmas fancy
goods will be displayed in a few days.
A shooting occurred in Globe last
week in which Charlie Edwards, son
of Judge E. J. Edwards, shot and
k lied Chas. Cadotte and accidentally
wounded AfiH Efrawley,
Van Wright’s barber shop is one
of the neatest establishments of the
kind in the territory. It has new
furniture throughout, new drapery,
new bath tubs, and new carpets.
Our hardware dealers have been
enjoying a tine trade nowadays. The
people from far and near come tc
trade with our nardware men.
Mrs. Annie McOomas and Miss
Nellie Clark successfully passed the
examination for teachers’ certificates
this week in Phoenir.
The Co-Op Ims a fine line of new
fall and winter dry goods and lurnish
ing goods besides a full liue of fresh
They say that a white cloth hang
ing is an indication that the weather
will not be oold enough to freeze
A game of base ball in Mesa last
Sunday between the Mesa and Tempe
Dines romited in « victory for the
2io. 13.
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum.
Alum halting powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day.
A Catholic fair wiil be held in
Tempe beginning on the 21st and
continuing for three days
Mrs. Burton, moth i cf Vv. A.
Burton is home from a visit of many
months in Salt Lake.
W H Smith the popular Prescott
bu'cher was in town Mouday He
was looking for fat cattle.
Capt. Porter. Superintendent of the
M. <fc P. M S, R. V., visited Mesa lust
Mesa has better hotel accommoda
tions than any other town of its size
on the coast,
Leads iu completeness of equip
ment, comfort of transport, prompt
ness of service, Fast and elegant
trains, with pititsch gas lights on all
cars. Dining cars on all limited trains.
The highest standard maintained all
tho year round. No snow blockades,
238 miles the shortest line to Los
Angeles, quickest time to all eastern
points. For further information cal
on or address, M. 0. BICKNELL
Beginning November Ist, the Phoenix
Short Line will place on sale at the low
rate of $35.61), tickets Phoenix to Guay
mas, Mt-x’C >, and return, with limit of
nxty days from date ot sale, Stop over
will b« allowed at Nogales aud all point*
in Sonora including Hermosillo, Santa
Atm, Magdalena and Torres. The sea
port ot Quaymas oi\ the Gulf of Cali
fornia is the most beautiful land-locked
harbors the we3t coast cf North Ameri
ca- The City has 10,000 population,
the climate is mild during the winter
months and is the pleasure and health
resort ot the Mexican west coast. For
information inquire of
G. P. A,
IF YOU WANT a Xmas Present
go to G. F. Lampey, 526 W. Wash
ington Street, Phoenix. Albums,
Dewey Rugs, Parlor Lamps, Clocks,
Rings, plain cr set, Silverware of all
ie going east, we will assist yon in
selecting a route and secure you the
best connection and accommodations.
If west, use the shortest and quickest
line for seaside points. For further
uformation call on or address,
M. O. Bicknell,
G. P. A., Phoenix,
»■♦<»•» -+ ■—
The Phoenix Short Line has reha
bilitated their Pullman service between
Phoenix and Maricopa; passengers cau
take the Pullman at seven o’clock in
the evening, remaining in it until six
o’clock the next raornirg, doing away
with the necessity of occupying rooms
at Maricopa.
The Sou’hern Pacific special fast
train between Chicago and the Pucitio
Coast, will make the first run about
November Ist, and thereafter twice a
week. Solid vestibuled Pullman
train throughout, dining service and
everything complete. Also twice a
week a special fast train between
New Orleans at d San Francisco con
necting with fast train for all Atlan
tic Coast points, The tintst and moet
complete n< rvic'' from coast to coast.
Four fit at trains east and west each
week from Maruopa \ia the Sunset
route. For further information con
cerning this unrivaled passenger ser
vice, call on or address
a, a bkxneu* o. p a

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